Mar 31, 2011

Woodkid: Iron

Woodkid - Iron from WOODKID on Vimeo.

Simply beautiful.  Its been a long time since I've seen a music video that gave off such an epic vibe. Its a visual feast that will put you in a trance, and the song itself is awesome too.  The instrumental array they chose just amplified the feeling of grandeur, with the use of heavy drums and trumpets.  The interesting thing about this music video is that the frontman of Woodkid himself, Yoanne Lemoine directed this. Fantastic stuff.

Donate To Japan And Get EarthBound

It looks like the music and game festival MAGFest is feeling more than a little charitable. The group is selling a near mint condition copy of EarthBound and strategy guide over on eBay, giving all proceeds to the Red Cross. The sale comes fully loaded with the game, near-mint box with instructions, and the strategy guide which also happens to have the scratch and sniff stickers still intact. If you're interested in getting such a rare commodity while also donating to an extremely good cause, I suggest you hop on over here!

Tone For Two

Does anyone else want to watch The Muppets after this? I know I do. This short by Alfa Primo is all the things right when it comes to dark comedy. I think I'm in love.

Wonder Woman's Magnificent Costume change

Remember the Wonder Woman costume I posted a while back? The producers heard our cry, and made the suit look far better. It's less based off her pant-suit look and go towards something more akin to her original and most famous costume.

Still, I can't help but think; the costume is improved but did they still want the boobs nearly popping out? As impractical as the previous costume looked, you have to wonder if there intention was to have a Janet Jackson type slip for Adrianne Palicki.

Either way, check out some new shots after the jump.

Song Of Storms Cover

The group known as Amazing Brand did an awesome job on adding lyrics and rocking out to the classic Ocarina Of Time track. In 2 minutes you'll experience a few genres in this odd hybrid, but overall its a fun little track.

Enjoy the warmth, little kitty

This kitty embodies how I'm feeling right about now:  Tired, but enjoying the sunshine.  Just a little cute pick-me-up to get us through Thursday.  (Via)

Mar 30, 2011

Whip My Hair (Cover)

A while back I dogged on Willow Smith for putting out a music video that was so horrendous, it made herpes look more desirable in comparison. Well James Vincent McMorrow was able to look past the detritus and saw some semblance of potential in it. At least, enough to have recorded this wonderfully smooth and mellow cover of it. Seriously, I think he may have sold his soul to the devil to have salvaged anything from that song. Or if not to salvage the song, to have been given that beautiful voice. Seriously, McMorrow could sing the instructions of microwavable macaroni and make it sound amazing.

Check out the original song, or sing along with the lyrics after the jump!

New Hawken Trailer Appears!

I think the game I've been wanting to play for all my life is coming soon.  Featuring the art of renown concept artist Khang Le the game is being developed by Adhesive Games, the team that was originally working on Project Offset before they got shut down by Intel.  Tecatezilla posted about the initial reveal a little bit ago.

For an indie game its looking bloody amazing.  The first person trailer makes it look even better, with gorgeously detailed cockpits and some pretty hair firefights.  My question is, what system will we see a game like this on? As of now details are scant, but I'm looking forward to more details as they leak.  Its always inspiring when an independent team manages to make a game that looks just as as good, is more creative, and manages to be more exciting than a 50 million dollar sequel to a stale franchise.

Wallpaper after the jump!  Check out for more details.

Doctor Who: Time, Space And Two Amy's

I am a huge Doctor Who fan, though it should come as no surprise. I'm British, how could I not? It's basically a law that we are born watching it from the womb, and I was brought up in a family of nerds, so I had no chance.

The show has had an amazing start, and season 6 starts real soon. But it's still a few weeks away, so the wait is killer. But ease the pain with two short specials that really show how much the new show has evolved, even after 1 season of new staff members.

This Red Nose Day, Steven Moffat wrote two mini specials. These clips are now officially up on youtube, and you can watch the clips after the jump. If you enjoy it, please remember who it was created for in the first place and donate.

Unicorn Pool Slide

Oh dear lord, I NEED THIS!!!!  Ahhh!!!  Minus the yucky chain link fence though.  Surely a majestic pool slide such as this warrants a nicer fence.  Come on.  (Via)

This Skittles Commercial Makes Me Feel Weird

Put your goddamn finger on your computer screen, I don't care if it smudges, this is f***ing brilliant. The ad campaign for Skittles has managed to 1-up itself once again with this one. Although this time it makes me feel more than just giggly(I don't feel comfortable getting into the logistics). That final gaze, it's just too damn much.

Crocodile Dentist For Masochists

Now this is the manliest way to play Crocodile Dentist ever devised. The only problem is that in a group session this is the equivalent of playing a game of share the used needle. This is the first video I've spent the entire duration cringing at. Ouch.

40 Awful Stock Photos

A collection of 40 unfortunate stock photos that are completely bizarre and unexplainable. Who on earth would be so inclined to use images like these?  Prepare for some weapons grade wtf material after the jump.  Thanks to Awkward Stock Photos for the images!

Mar 29, 2011

Broken Bells: The Ghost Inside

A great music video: sweet music, cute girl, and cyborg moral of the story. They also made it using retro tech, filming models instead of CG. Twice as beautiful for the old school love. Watch a making of video after the jump.

The Vines' New Music Video Seems A Bit Familiar (In the best way possible)

Scott Pilgrim remains one of my all time favorite graphic novels/movies, so it should be no surprise why I'm enjoying this music video so much. The consistant homage to Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World fits so incredibly well with The Vines' garageband-esque rock that I'm almost surprised Beck was Edgar Wright's initial choice. Than again, I never imagined Sex Bob-Omb's Stephen Stills to have such a harsh Australian accent. The single, Gimme Love is one of 3 tracks that were previously performed by The Vines in June. 

The band has continued to impress me, despite their subpar album, Melodia. Scott Pilgrim homages and this song are making me relatively excited for their fifth album, Future Primitive which is due out June 3rd. Although, that may be my immense amount of fanboy-ism kicking in. 

Thumb-Sucking Wallaby

"Oh my, I'm so terribly upset!  There are cameras, and I-  I-  I just can't deal with it.  Happy place, I'm going to my happy!"  Via Cute Overload

Aperture Investment Opportunity #2: “Bot Trust”

FACT: Robots are more trustworthy than humans. It's why we didn't call the site "Awesome-Human".

Portal 2 will be released on the PS3, PC and the Xbox 360 in North America on April 19th, Australia on April 21st and Europe on April 22nd.

Tonight I ordered Dominos

If you didn't know, Dominos allows you to make requests when ordering a pizza online. Tonight I asked for a drawing of Yoda riding a Tauntaun. Ask and ye shall receive.

Mar 28, 2011


Aside from barking at every mere hint of an backyard intruder (i.e. friendly squirrels and various birds) and giving me a reason to vacuum the carpet regularly, my dog isn't that versatile around the house. That's not to say I don't love my dog, she's the apple of my eye, but there are times when I'm taking her out for a walk when I just yearn for something more. Turns out, Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert share my plight, and they've invented Dogboarding.

If you're a student of viral video culture, this is a prime example. Featuring adorable pups, slick visuals, goofy special effects and a hip soundtrack, it's a love letter to skateboarding and canine enthusiasts like myself.

Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair's Poster Is Bloody Amazing

As you may or may not know, yesterday (March 27th) was Quentin Tarantino's 48th birthday. To celebrate the acclaimed filmmakers day of birthing, Tarantino screened both Kill Bill movies in their intended entirety, titled Kill Bill: The Whole Bloody Affair. In conjunction with the full release, artist Tyler Stout created this amazing alternative movie poster to be sold (nearly) exclusively at the screening. It's f***ing brilliant, and once again I'm foaming at the mouth for one. I might do anything for a copy.

Luckily, 600 of the limited posters were made and it's rumored only about 100 were sold at the event. Later this week the rest will be selling over at Mondo for $50. You can follow @MondoNews to get an update on the selling date for these. Also, I take back the "do anything for a copy" comment, I almost forgot I was on the internet. (via /Film)

A Welcomed Return?

Another appearance from the elusive third roomate in this week's new Get Job. Check out this comic and more at our blog! Get Job

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My love for Nesquik is quite similar to this commercial.

"Lois Lane's" Last Letter To Time Warner

Deadline has posted the last letter of Joanne Siegel, the wife of Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel and the original model for Lois Lane. She died at the age of 93 of heart failure. It saddens me as a comic fan that this letter is not one of hope or love, but one of defence of her name, and how ruthless the lawyers behind a major case of a franchise can be. The heart-breaking piece can be seen after the jump.

AwesomeRobo: Nintendo 3ds Unboxing!

I picked up the Nintendo 3ds today after a battle over whether to drop the money and a short hunt for a place that still had them in stock, and man..I do not regret it. Having kept myself in suspense about all the extra features, I was amazed at some of the features that Nintendo crammed into the system.

One of my favorite surprises came later, when I messed around with the AG(Augmented reality) feature that turned your desk into an archery range, among other things. The potential of this technology in itself has some amazing potential for creative developers.

Despite the slightly weak lineup of launch titles, there are plenty of amazing titles on the horizon for the system. Super Street Fighter IV convinced me to pick this up on launch day, and I have to say that after a few hours of online play, the purchase was worth it. I look forward to seeing what other titles Nintendo has up their sleeves to show off the potential of the 3ds.  Did you get a 3ds?  Leave your initial impressions or come discuss it on our forums!

Catfish Cat

"Wait-- Is this-- Is this all MINE?!" O.O

Star Wars Uncut

Star Wars Uncut "The Escape" from Casey Pugh.

Now this is an awesome project by the people over at Star Wars Uncut.  Their mission is to recreate all the Star Wars movies via user created scenes.  Each volunteer gets a shot to recreate and its all edited together into a complete fan made tribute to the original trilogy.  The video above features the entire escape scene from  "The Empire Strikes Back."  Kudos to these guys for creating such an awesome collaborative project in which people from all backgrounds can participate. Can't wait to see these all finished.

Mar 27, 2011

O.M.G. Call C.P.S.

Rebecca Black was nothing new when it came to prepubescent girls reaching viral stardom with their uncomfortably terrible music videos. You can see examples of this here, here and here. Rebecca Black merely blew up because, more so than her contemporaries, Friday was an unprecedented cesspool of auditory and visual cacophony. 

It wasn't very long ago that Jenna Rose, a 12-year old aspiring pop songstress, held the title of "Worst Musician Ever" that Rebecca Black now so dubiously cherishes. Jenna's video My Jeans was, in comparison to Friday, a relatively meager viral success, but for those of us who were keeping score, an unforgivable blight upon the music profession. With Jenna's title relinquished, and Rebecca Black still reveling in all of the attention and fame, it was finally time to step out from behind the rafters and debut a new video to reclaim her former "glory."

Unfortunately, what resulted wasn't something hilariously awful, it ended up being just plain awful for all the wrong reasons. While My Jeans was cute and silly and ultimately ridiculous, O.M.G. ends up being creepy and sexually disturbing. Whereas Friday was the perfect cesspool of everything children shouldn't be doing, O.M.G. is the perfect cesspool of what child musicians shouldn't be doing. That is to say, they shouldn't be dressing up like reject Cyndi Lauper backup dancers or Victoria's Secret angels while singing about how "boom boom" their bodies are. Never since Stephanie's adventures in LazyTown has anything been so intricately crafted to appeal to pedophiles. 

Dog Muzzle, The Hannibal Lecter Edition

I wouldn't be worried that this dog needs this mask because he might eat you.  He needs this mask so he doesn't kiss you to death. 

No Funny Business

So, what you're saying is, she can't be on top?  And since there's a no dog sign as well, I'm assuming that means no doggy style either?  The taxi company is just making things unnecessarily difficult. 


Actress Veena Malik spoke my mind on the subject of being singled out in the media for trivial things she did on a reality show. Facing condemnation from a surprise interview featuring a religious figure who didn't even bother to get context about the show, she did the opposite of what they would have expected. She put up a solid argument and turned the tables on the people interviewing her. You have to respect someone who can deliver such a coherent barrage of truth right back at her antagonizers. This gets a standing ovation from me.

Geoff Johns Aquaman Series Confirmed!

Aquaman is one of the most underrated, mocked characters in the DC Universe. His return in Brightest Day showed how good the character can be, and how much life he still has in him, and how many stories can be told. So fans of the hero were hoping that Aquaman would be getting a new series once Brightest Day was finished. Well, their prayers have been answered.

Announced at a DC panel during Orlando's MegaCon and later confirmed via Geoff John's Twitter, DC's post-Brightest Day landscape will include an Aquaman series. About time, the last Aquaman ongoing series, Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis, was canceled in 2007 after 57 issues. No word yet on the artist, or if the series will be on-going.

Dance Assassin

I applaud this guy for taking the average scare prank to the next level by adding a second layer of wtf, in the form of dance pranking.

Pre-Order Tyler, The Creator's new album "GOBLIN"

As it was announced through this site (and with a preview of Tron Cat) we were given a release date for Odd Future head honcho, Tyler, The Creator's new album on XL Recordings. It wasn't too long after that that Tyler went on to Twitter to confirm a preliminary track list.

While searching the Beggar's Group online store I came across the pre-order for Goblin. As expected Tyler's second album will be released on CD and Double LP. There also will be a Deluxe CD which will come with alternate artwork, poster, and three additional tracks. No word if these tracks will appear on the vinyl or not (although none will feature Odd Future's missing man Earl Sweatshirt.)

Hit the jump for the track list and the video for lead single, Yonkers.

(via One Thirty BPM)

Mar 26, 2011

10 Things I Learned About the Sea

Check out this slow and haunting video by filmmaker Lorenzo Fonda, who traveled aboard a trading vessel, the Portland Senator, on a trip from L.A. to Shanghai. The imagery of the ocean is documented beautifully, and conveys its embedded majesty and mystery with a patient eye. Coupled with the really quite remarkable imagery are little poetic snippets of poignant observations about the sea. It's clear that the majority of the footage captured was done handheld or on tripods, and I giddily imagine what everything would look like had the filmmaker had access to other resources like dollies, stedicams, and crane rigs.

If you've got ten minutes, throw on a good pair of headphones, and watch it in full screen HD. It's the perfect quiet, calming antidote for a busy work week.

(via The Fox Is Black)

Kubrick & The Web - Online Art Project

The Cinematheque Francaise put together this comprehensive and awesome Stanley Kubrick inspired art show. It's definitely worth checking out, there are tons of great posters. Check it out here. There are some fantastic pieces that will just blow you away.


Stay strong, Japan.

(via DeviantArt)

Guided Relaxation

Jay Garderis is one of those dancers that has mastered pop lock dancing, especially in the realm of dubstep.  This seems like quite an accomplishment because from what I've witnessed, dubstep is not the easiest music to dance to due to the genres sparse usage of rythms and overly bassy sound.

Seamlessly flowing between mechanical and fluid states, he delivers a well coordinated spectacle that embodies how far he can push his body to stay in sync with the music.  Another cool performance by the dancer after the jump.

Game Deaths

This nostalgic video made me reminisce about all those late nights spent dying over and over again in various games over the last 13 years or so.  There's something cathartic about reliving the deaths of all these videogame protagonists, thinking about the insurmountable odds they faced in their quests and journeys.  Videogame deaths back then just had so much more weight, and with good reason.  A death meant restarting a level again, or if you were low on lives, the entire damn game!

What have checkpoints, regenerating health bars, and overly scripted games done for us as of late?  This video is set to an awesome 8-bit midi version of Mad World, the song that made that one Gears of War ad an instant classic.

Mar 25, 2011

Matta "Release the Freq"

I would characterize my opinions on dubstep as undecided (the same goes for dogstep). I've yet to reach a consensus on whether or not this newly-popular genre is gimmicky and annoying, or a legitimate musical force here to stay. For every catchy and unique dubstep remix I've heard, there exists the inverse uninspired and insipid track. 

Luckily, Matta is inching me closer to the favorable side of the fence with their new music video shown above.  Whatever your opinions are on dubstep, techno, electronica or whatever related sub-genre, I highly recommend you check this out. The pulsating, rhythmic beats mesh well with the synchronized and naturalistic movements of the deer. Even the footage itself looks stunning, as if it were captured by a nature documentarian, and run through a gamut of washed-out filters and color correction. Another highlight includes the Fight Club-esque iconography, which is also slickly incorporated, as if the deer are being seen "through the eyes of a hungry dubstep monster."

Eden Wood "Cutie Patootie"

The video above is an edited version of the original which aired on CBS' daytime talk show "The Talk," where Eden Wood, an up-and-coming pageant star, performs an original song. What was supposed to be cute and adorable backfired hilariously into a pompous, fructose-marinated mess of unintelligible slurring. Somebody took it upon themselves to slow the video down in order to salvage whatever words were actually spoken, but instead what resulted was a frightening Barbie doll version of Twin Peaks' evil dwarf. Amidst a sea of petulant stares and uncomfortable glances (among both the show's hosts and audience), Eden's mother (in the middle) remains the solitary island of amusement. Why is there still a market for this kind of stuff?

The Ultimate War Of The Green Lantern Guide

The war of the Green Lanterns begins! Find out about the up-and-coming issues, the currently released issues and future issues right here! The ultimate guide, from us to you, is after the jump.

Epic Kitty Belly Rub

This is the most bizarre best reaction I've EVER witnessed.  (Insert p**sy joke here).

Android Malfunction

The closest thing we'll probably see in our lifetime to a glitchy, b-boy dance robot.  Due to the odd shape of the suit, the movements end up being so hilariously unnatural that you just can't stop watching. 

A Night At The Movies with Tobacco: The Human Centipede (2010)

Let's be clear about The Human Centipede (First Sequence): It's not quality cinema. If you're looking for something to hit you with artistry, go watch The King's Speech (or Inception if P.E. was your best topic in High School). 

This being said, Human Centipede allows us to sit back an enjoy a completely ridiculous journey. The basic concept is that a mad surgeon (with mostly unknown motives) decides he should sew three people together...ass-to-mouth. Clearly this option is seems quite crazy but, YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO SEE IT. 


Sparth, aka Nicolas Bouvier has been a great inspiration to an entire generation of artists in the digital age.  Since his debut in 1996, he has had the chance to work on some of the best titles and companies in the game industry, contributing his unique architecture-centric vision to the masses.

I've always admired his bold shapes and futuristic landscapes.  This recent piece, showcasing a scifi museum in an unestablished point int he future excels in delivering plenty of visual information with a perfect balance of detail, believable lighting, and implied shapes. A style uniquely his own, and imitated by many others.  Check out more of his work on his blog, Sparth Construct.

A Brief History of Title Design

If you're like me, the opening titles of a film or television show can be just as memorable and exciting as any set piece or exchange of dialog in the feature. A great opening title can be an extension of the narrative, a thesis for the style or theme in the upcoming events, or it can set the pace and mood for what's to follow. 

Ian Albinson put together this compilation for 2011's SXSW festival, which offers a very brief chronology of significant movie and television opening title sequences. I suggest watching the video before going through the cheat sheet (in the video description) that lists all of the movies featured. See how many you recognize and can name; some of the later ones aren't immediately obvious.

Mar 24, 2011

DELS "Shapeshift"

I received a lovely little gift in my inbox the other day, that being this creatively put together music video for hip-hop musician DELS from the UK. With hip-hop and rap these days being inundated with crass and comically narcissistic lyrical "virtuosos," it was refreshing to see a music video and hear a track that avoids the smarmy tropes that put so many people (like myself) off of the genre. While I'm no hip-hop historian, I do understand that there's a public symposium revolving around who will come out as the proverbial "return to classic hip-hop."

Gaka Does Analog Special effects

Who needs computer editing tools when you have the ability to slow down time? 16-piece band Gaka made an incredible music video that even OK Go should be jealous of. The slow-motion bits during the race were amazing looking, I've gone back and watched them at least five times.

Pica Pic is retro handheld awesomeness

There used to be an age when 3D handhelds were pure science fiction and handheld developers took a much simpler approach. I distinctly remember playing a Sonic The Hedgehog game, similar to the bonus levels in Sonic 2, on a road trip, wearing out the batteries time and time again.

Pica Pic takes you back to the olden days where Tiger Electronics ruled supreme with their lo-fi electronic LCD games. Check out the site where you can play these charming retro classics inside your browser. One of my favorites that I recommend is The Terminator game by Tiger.

One Man Disney Musical

You may or may not remember a post RoboBrain did a while ago featuring this guy, Nick Pitera (you can find the post here).  I only have one word to sum this guy up: AMAZING!  His voice, his range is incredible. Plus, he covers Disney movies, which are near-and-dear to my heart.  Enjoy!

The 'Captain America: The First Avenger' Trailer Has Arrived

Not much I can say, the trailer is out and has a bunch of ass kicking, patriotic footage. Catch wimpy Steve Rogers become a real man and fighting Nazi/Hydra soldiers and some awesome shield throwing action. They should make this into a comic.

Captain America: The First Avenger stars Chris Evans, Hugo Weaving, Tommy Lee Jones, Hayley Atwell and Sebastian Stan and opens July 22.

Resident Evil 4 And Code: Veronica Get Hd Remasters!

I swear, I have at least 2 copies of Resident Evil 4 already (3 if you include the Iphone port). Lets not talk about how many versions of Code: Veronica I have, it's depressing. But the reason I'm excited for these two releases is simply this; they are two of the best games in the series, and Resident Evil 4 is in my top 5 games of all time.

Being able to play them clearer than ever is something that appeals to me, especially as my AV wire for my Dreamcast is dead, my PS2 died years ago and the Wii has become my parent's favourite plaything, I may be 21 and it may be my console but when they want to play Wii fit they'll be playing Wii fit. I should have never introduced them to the system.

So, after the jump, check out the first shots of the games and weep. Resident Evil 4 had some of the best graphics on the Gamecube, and still rivals most new releases today. Giving it a HD upgrade is like giving Nemesis infinite health and a licence to kill.

The Art Of Qian Yi

I recently stumbled upon the work of Qian Yi, a Chinese conceptual artist, and instantly fell in love. Vibrant colors, awesome usage of interesting organic shapes, and a whole lot of personality to his work. A style distinctly his own. I really enjoy Chinese and Korean conceptual artists because they tend to blend a mix of Japanese and European aesthetics into something completely their own.

But enough art babble, more images after the jump! Check out his blog titled The New Boy.

Miniature Nice And Tilt Shift

Nissa Miniatura from Pan Bagnat on Vimeo.

This video of Nice was captured using a technique known as tilt shifting, which creates the illusion that you're looking at a miniature set.  Using overly saturated colors, strategically placed blurs and depth of field, the world through the lens is turned into something resembling a toy set.

A different tilshift of Disneyland Paris after the jump!


This sprite just made my year.  Theres nothing I love more than the nostalgia of the giant brick Gameboy, my companion on so many roadtrips I was younger, and bouncy boobs.  Life is good.

This gif was brought to you by the awesome folks over at Lulinternet!

Mar 23, 2011

Planet Of The Apes Reboot "Rises" To Earlier Release Date

Fox is moving Rise of the Apes, a reimagined "origin story" for its fabled Planet of the Apes series, from its previously scheduled November release date. It now has a summer release of August 5th of this year.

I'm interested to see how they handle this remake/reboot. I hope they handle it better than the Tim Burton "Planet of the Apes" remake. It was heartless and the first nail in the coffin Tim Burton's career took (but that's a whole different article in itself).

Rocket Poppeteers is actually going somewhere?!

It's no mystery that Super 8 looks goddamn incredible (at least from what we've seen in the newest trailer). On the other hand the viral campaign, Rocket Poppeteers, became an huge disappointment incredibly fast. Originally visiting major U.S. cities and passing out popsicles, the campaign began to set it's roots on the website Rocket Poppeteers. Being the ARG lover I am, I decided to jump on board expecting a beautiful Cloverfield-esque mystery to unfold.

Instead a got a sh**ty certificate in the mail with a code. What's worse is that it was a code that I couldn't even use until the website was fully operational, which it still is not. It is almost as bad as being denied sex at the just after copious amounts of foreplay because your girlfriend is too interested in Jersey Shore. 

Thankfully, I received an e-mail today stating, "Answer these questions successfully to add points to you and your Fleet’s total and improve your chances of earning the designation: Rocket Poppeteers Astronaut! Fleets with high scores earn extra responsibility within the Poppeteers family. You may even receive special recognition from Captain Cooper himself!"

Then I visit the link:

F*** this, I quit.

Capsule: Episode 3

Yasutaka Nakata founded the electropop group known as Capsule back in 1997, and has since been producing creative audiovisual experiences as well as remixes for more mainstream artists.

This recent series known as the 'Space Station' series is comprised of 4 episodes, on the most part presented in a really beautiful hand animated style. The above episode deals with a girl and her jelly robot finding love in the unlikeliest of places, set to really smooth electropop. Its colorful and uplifting, and the perfect video for the middle of the week.

Baby Elephant Bath Time

Rub a dub dub, cutie pie elephants in the tub!  Or blow up kiddie pool.  Whatever works.

Flying Lotus - MmmHmm featuring Thundercat

Flying Lotus released Cosmogramma last year on Warp Records to very mixed reception. Most critics seemed to have a full hard-on for his third release, even going as far to get crazy pretentious to call FlyLo the next Sun Ra. Fans seemed mixed, with most negative criticisms saying the album was too dense and layered. I personally enjoyed the album (although Los Angeles was supremely better) and MmmHmm is a major point for Cosmogramma. Go ahead watch this on acid or DMT (not that I condone drug usage of course) and try not to flip shit.

Move Over Maru

Another box lovin' cat has just arrived in town.

Mar 22, 2011

Black Friday

Death metal makes everything better. Rebecca Black included.

The Slasher Hunter: The Entire Season

This is it, Slasher Hunter has found Frank. But is he too late? All 6 parts of the Slasher Hunter, available to watch on Awesome-Robo! Check it out after the jump!

Check out the official site here.

Akira Adaptation Couldn't Be More American

Another classic ruined by someone who failed to read/watch the original source material?
Harry Partridge released an American Akira parody trailer  back in 2008, in response to the rumours of the rumours of an American Akira adaptation. 3 Years later, and this clip has never been more relevent. Because news of Akira's American live-action adaptation have come forward, and it's already sounding like a piece of s***.

Snack Attack Ep. 5: Big League Chew Challenge

In this special Snack Attack installment, I decided to review ten bags of Big League Chew.  Much to my disappointment, I couldn't get all 10 bags in my mouth at the same time and savor all that pink nastiness at the same time.  The obvious next step was to simply make sure I ate all the bags over time, which in retrospect I have no idea what made me think that was a good idea.  The consistency after a few bags started to feel like Staypuft had taken a crap inside my mouth.

Oh god.
The results speak for themselves. Thanks to RoboGal for standing  by as the medic for the copious amounts of dry heaving that resulted from attempting to enjoy this big league pile of crap.  Let us know what you thought about me removing baby sized wads of gum from my mouth.

Wacky Races Forever

An interesting pilot that would have brought the Wacky Races franchise back to a 21st century audience. The fresh visual style full of references to the original source material was great. But I couldn't help but feel like the pacing of the episode kept getting broken up by redundant conversations about 16 million dollar snake bridges. What could have been.

Mega64: Heavy Rain

Heavy Rain turned out to be quite possibly the easiest to parody for the Mega64 crew. Takes me back to the good old days of their Shenmue Parody. JASON!

Rawr Buddies

"I'm gonna rawr at you!"
"Nooo, I'm gonna rawr at YOU!"
"I know, let's rawr TOGETHER!"

Mar 21, 2011

Get Job: Spider-Man: Leave the Darkness On

We took a little time to investigate the on going troubles that seem to be plaguing the Spider-Man musical. We're mostly just curious there is such a dedication to making sure this show goes on. Check out the comic by clicking the image above or going to our blog to see this comic and our other ones here! Get Job.

Pride and Obliviousness: An America's Greatest Otaku Recap

Editor's Note: This article was co-written by Nathan Evers and Rezz. A special thanks to guest contributers J. Bena and William F. Fox V. 

As I sat at my desk, cursor trembling over the "play" button, and coma-inducing sugar snacks and cyanide pills strewn across my desk, I quickly re-examined my life decisions that lead me to this lowest point of my life. Was I really going to do this? Wasn't one episode enough? No -- these people deserve better; I must remain valiant and strong, and spread the word about this sham of a show. Hit the jump and join me as I examine the second episode of America's Greatest Otaku.

Reading/Leeds 2011 Line-Up Leaked Early (UK)

I have it on VERY good authority from a few of my sources that this is the official Reading/Leeds Line-Up that will be announced at 7:00PM GMT. Tickets will be available at 7:15PM GMT (So in 45 minutes!), and if the last few years are any indicator you might want to grab them straight away. 

Last year tickets sold out in a matter of minutes. I have mine already (year in advance sale), but I might be selling it for a Friday ticket; apart from a few bands here and there, the only bands I want to see are on Friday.

UPDATE:  Like my sources confirmed, this line-up is official. Tickets, as of writing are still available. If you are planning on buying tickets, please buy it from official sources and not just sites randomly found on google like 


With Christian Bale's debut within the Terminator-verse and a handful of other sub-par robot movies being less than amazing, it became about time for a new robot to take charge. That robot happens to be horrifyingly adorable Blinky™. With it's non-stop smile and constant need to "be your friend" there's not much else in the world of robotics that can live up to Blinky's awesomeness.

Director, Ruairi Robinson created this 13-minute minute story, telling the tale of a robot within a broken family. It's an incredible piece of work, one which I expect to spawn an incredible sci-fi filled career for Mr. Robinson.

Salsa Pup

I would adopt this pup in a second. His hips don't lie.

Seeing Benders

In this double post we check out two awesome Bender related items.  Adorable yet blinding, this Bender crochet hat was spotted on Reddit.  On the right, an awesome head erected on the AwesomeRobo Minecraft server by one of our regulars called Itsgotmetoo.  If you haven't had a chance to take advantage of our free servers, check out our Minecraft server post for all the details you need!

Panyee FC

A really cool short based on a true story.  Panyee FC deals with a conundrum that a floating island in Thailand dealt with back in 1986, involving trying to put together a soccer team in the most unlikely of places.  What they did to achieve this goal might surprise you.

Mar 20, 2011

Brightest Day Batman & The Flash Figures Look Bright As Day

At this year’s C2E2 and WonderCon 1000 action figures of White Lantern: The Flash and White Lantern: Batman will be made available. Sold exclusively through Graphitti Designs (Booth 717 at C2E2 and Booth 201 at WonderCon), White Lantern: The Flash and White Lantern: Batman are figures I want but I will never own. Damn me being on British soil...... Check out the figures after the jump.

Minecraft Update Will Bring Wolves

As confirmed by Markus Persson, creator of Minecraft. Wolves will be coming as packs. But that's not all....
"Wolves will be a new mob within the game," He said on his official blog. "You can tame it and order it to follow you around, and it'll work as a pet. They're fairly rare, but they won't despawn once you've tamed them."
Pretty cool. But whilst waiting for the update, you should hang about on the Awesome Robo Minecraft server and talk about it on the Awesome-Robo forums.

United We Rise

A wonderful little video showing that wisdom from the past still applies today.  Charlie Chaplin delivers an amazing speech about everything wrong with humanity right now...Its remains beautifully relevant in a time of unrest in the world, where people have chosen to fight the dictators, the greedy and the corrupt.  70 years later this monologue still rings hauntingly true, and it makes me worried.  With a new war erupting today in Libya to topple yet another dictatorship, it really makes you wonder.  Nonetheless, a great video to reflect on.

Pedobear Hat

If you're on the hunt for a look that's both cute and creepy, you need go no further than the Pedobear hat.  Keeping you warm and cozy, while you go trolling for others to keep warm... and "cozy" (giggity).  Available at Catch Kuma for $24.99.  Thanks to reader Katie for the tip!


Ever been in that situation where everyone is trying to help, but ultimately end up making matters ten times worse?  This poor patient finds himself in that predicament, big time.  This short by Jeffrey Thompson turned out awesome.

Mar 19, 2011

First Photo of Adrianne Palicki As Wonder Woman

I really hate the costume, but what do I know? I'm not a designer, I'm just someone who writes about comics and TV shows for a living. But here you go, from The Source: The Official DC Comics blog comes the first shot of Adrianne Palicki as Wonder Woman.
The costume certainly has two things going for it; the colouring and the impracticality. But face it, there is one reason the costume was designed this way, and it certainly wasn't designed for the female audience.

The new NBC pilot “Wonder Woman” is being helmed by executive producer David E. Kelley (“Boston Legal,” “Ally McBeal,” NBC’s “Harry’s Law”). The pilot was written by Kelley, who also serves as executive producer with Bill D’Elia (“Boston Legal,” “The Practice,” NBC’s “Harry’s Law”). Jeffrey Reiner (“The Event”) is directing. Wonder Woman will be played by Adrianne Palicki. Based upon DC Comics characters, “Wonder Woman” is from David E. Kelley Productions and Warner Bros. Television.

Villain For The Amazing Spider-Man Confirmed?

Spoilers for people who don't want to know, but the villain of the next Spider-Man film has just been confirmed. Who is it? Find out after the jump!

Who's that Pokemon Takes A Turn For The Worse

Comedy trio The Busted Pixel answers the question, "Who's that Pokemon?" in the harshest way possible.

Mickey Mouse: Runaway Brain

I just wanted to talk about a very interesting short that I remember from back in 1995. The short was deemed incredibly controversial by the people at Disney, and it is rumored that everyone who was involved with the project was fired. Why? The short features a darker side to Mickey Mouse, as he becomes an experiment for a scientist in order to raise some money for a Hawaii trip for himself and Minnie.

The short was originally released as a tie in to a few films of the time, including Pocahontas and A Kid In King Arthur's Court. Shortly after some higher ups caught wind of the short, despite the acclaim it released, it was discontinued from all movie screenings and the short was buried. At 7 minutes, you'll see Mickey playing a Mortal Kombat style game with the Seven Dwarves beating each other up, a tribute to the classic Exorcist poster at 1:53 (Compare to this), a monstrous version of Mickey, and a more modern take on the classic Mouse.

From what I understood, a scene involving Mickey holding a mop and cocking it like a pump action shotgun is what caused the internal backlash against the short, as it was never the intention to show Mickey off as a violent character. It's pretty fascinating how Disney refuses to acknowledge the existence of certain works from their past (Black Cauldron). I always wished they had taken Mickey more in this direction.

My Little Pony: Vintage Terrifying Comic Edition

A fantastic mockup of a Jack Kirby-esque take on our favorite eighties (and as of late rebooted) My Little Ponies. Sporting wild eyes and battle armor, they charge ahead in their battle to keep Ponyville legit. The cute factor must have been lost in translation here.

Zombie Catpocalypse

An oldie but a goldie.  Let the zombie kitten horde overrun it all. ^-.-^  

Mar 18, 2011

Jamie Hewlett Inspired Demon Lamp Is Awesome

I love the Gorillaz, they've remained my favorite band since I was young. So it should be no surprise that I love this lamp inspired by the artwork of Jamie Hewlett. For only about $105 (£65 to be exact) you can light your house with it's Nickelodeon-esque glow, sexy!

Check out the lamp over at

Red Nose Day 2011: Donate Right Now!

So, it's a British comedy charity appeal, but it's pretty cool. Even if you don't fancy watching 7 hours of British jokes on the BBC, all the money will go to amazing causes, but you can read about it on the site. They help causes not only across the ocean, but here in Britain. Children across the world are suffering, and they need your help.

I applaud you, from the bottom of my heart, to donate. I have. You can save a life today, and even the smallest amount can be the difference from life or death. It's not a choice to help, it's an obligation.

Please, give generously.

Hip-Hop Making It's Mainstream Return (NSFW video)

Over the past 10 years, mainstream Hip-Hop has degenerated into the retarded step-child of what it once was. Instead of creating music from life experiences, fun times, and ill rhymes, it has become a race to see who could feature the most artists, show off the most money, and rhyme the word truck with another truck (that rhyme is fresh, son). It's f***ing stupid. What was worse, is that that these mainstream artists began to believe that they were the best of Hip-Hop (I'm looking at you Lil' Wayne).

While I can't deny the catchiness of the music, it isn't Hip-Hop it's over-hyped Pop music with enough auto-tune to give a robot an erection. Yes, this same rant has been made for years and years, but there happens to be a light at the end of the tunnel. It seems the music industry is finally starting to recognize the artists that have stuck with classic Hip-Hop. With the recent mainstream interest in Odd Future and Childish Gambino, there's still hope! Now it's up to you, listener, to prove that this style of Hip-Hop is still a valid form of mainstream music.

With that aside, the new Childish Gambino video above is freakin' rad.

Stream The New Panic! At The Disco Album!

Love them or loathe them, Panic! At The Disco are here to stay. The new album takes a page from the original album, which was more electronic and less like the Beatles.

You can stream the new album here. Also, check out two bonus tracks here. It's free, so what have you got to lose?

Mass Effect: Arrival Arrives!

Mass Effect 2 has officially dated and detailed it's final DLC at last. Mass Effect: Arrival will have Commander Shepard and his crew sent to rescue an undercover operative who may have information about an imminent Reaper invasion. Also making a return is Admiral Hackett, who will be playing a key role in the mission's story.

In a statement from Bioware's Casey Hudson, the executive producer of the Mass Effect series:
"All year, we have been extremely honored and humbled by the reception we have received for Mass Effect 2 from players around the world, including our post release DLC. Mass Effect: Arrival is an exciting extension to Mass Effect 2 and will show players just how close the Reapers are to returning and completing their deadly harvest."
Mass Effect: Arrival will launch on March 29, 2011 for 560 Microsoft Points, $6.99 on PlayStation Network, and on PC for 560 BioWare Points.

Bullying Angel

A historical manuscript containing the origins of 'stop hitting yourself' was recently unearthed from a tomb in Jordan.  This confirms my theory that whoever invented this was sent from the heavens. Stop hitting yourself.

First Person Mario

Another great video by FreddieW, showing off what a first person Mario might look like if given the Call Of Duty treatment. Can't wait to get first plumber prestige.

Mar 17, 2011

Ipod Killed The Zune Star

According to CNN, Bloomberg has released a report stating that Microsoft will cease development of its family of Zune-branded music players due to weak demand and a desire to focus on its smartphone platform.

Zune will live on as a software and services platform, according to Bloomberg's source. Windows Phone 7 embeds the Zune player for media playback on the phone, uses the Zune Marketplace for online music sales, and the Zune PC software for media syncing and firmware updates.

Looks like you win again, Apple.

See And Meet Awesome Bands, Help Japan!

In order to aid Japan, Starlight Ballroom are auctioning off multiple tickets with meets & greets for a multitude of bands, including Coheed And Cambria, My Chemical Romance and Deftones.

Check it out here!

Now Thats Clever

Germany design agency, Jung von Matt AG, created these awesome corporate designs for Germany's NBC horror and suspense channel 13th Street. These are some of the coolest use of staples and three-ringed binders I have ever seen, although that may or may not stem for my unsurprising enjoyment of all things zombie.

Hit the jump to check out more!

The Guiltiest Dog Ever

This is why I love dogs. 

RIP: Michael Gough

You may know him as Alfred from the first four Batman films, but for me he will always be the Toymaker in Doctor Who's "The Celestial Toymaker." Either way, he will be missed. Aged 94, Michael lived a good life and had a very prolific acting career appearing in more than 150 films and TV shows during his 65-year career. The actor had not been well for the past year and passed away at home surrounded by family. He will be missed.

Our Opinions on Battle: Los Angeles

The answer may surprise you....
What did the Awesome Robo! crew think of the highly anticipated Battle: Los Angeles?