Nov 30, 2010

Fail Compilation: November

A ton of fails from our partner Twister on Youtube.


We like sushi.  We also enjoy cupcakes.  But... but... We're not too sure about sushi inspired cupcakes.  Yeah, it's just frosting cleverly designed to resemble fish (raw and otherwise).  But STILL...  Whatever, we'd still try one.  Mind over matter, right?  Right?

I Just Made The Best Sloppy Joes


Samurai Trike

That's how you roll in feudal Japan.

Interpretive Seal Dance

The grace, the beauty... We were moved.

Super Street Fighter 4 : Pixel Edition

An awesome mockup for gameboy/NES versions of all the Super Street Fighter 4 cast.

Nov 29, 2010

Did You Enjoy Your Thanksgiving Leftovers?

These kitties sure did!

Yo Mama, HP-style

Oh no you di'nt!

MiniMe Drunk

Verne Troyer (aka MiniMe) drunk out of his damn mind, mumbling nonsense.  We'll give you 20 monopoly dollars if you can figure out what he's saying.


Mmmm, yes.... Quite so....

Kitty Yoga

Flexible cat is flexible.  Lets not forget adorable.

Nov 28, 2010

Will Someone Please...

...fetch him a cup of tea?

Beer Slingshot Fail

Doesn't it just suck when that 80mph beer can gets flung right back at your dumb redneck face?

The Council

We hereby call this meeting of the Sodium Noodle Council to order.

Booba And His New Shoes

We guess Booba the Shih-tzu really doesn't care for his snazzy new yellow shoes.

Nov 27, 2010

Dolls To Love & Terrify

Terror in a bag for everyone in the family to enjoy!

Awesome Hula Stunt

The best hula stunt we've ever seen.

Classy Parenting

We see an Ivy League future for this unborn one.

Never Play With Matches

NEVER.  After watching this, we need a fluffy blanket, cup o' cocoa, and some cute kitties and/or puppies.  Or something like that.

Nov 26, 2010

Can We Still Have....

....Trashed Tuesdays?

Seattle Drivers Hate Snow

From this years Seattle snow storm, this proves that Seattle drivers are hopelessly clueless when it comes to snow.

To Infinity And 'Beyond'

Buzz would like you to touch his Woody.

Nov 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving From AwesomeRobo!

To celebrate, we present you guys with the TurkeyEpic..Turkey, Duck, Chicken, Cornish Hen, Quail, Pig, Bacon, Sausage, and a few pounds of stuffing.  80,000 CALORIES OF DELICIOUSNESS!  Happy holidays from the team.

Nov 24, 2010

Melting Rocks With The Sun

Forget melting ants with a magnifying glass, this is the grown up version that will make rocks combust like cheap balsa wood.  This is from a British show called 'Bang Goes The Theory.'  Kind of sounds like a gentleman's way of saying Mythbusters.  Enjoy the sun powered insanity.

Mario Murders The Turtles

"I'm-a sorry Splinter, I-a couldn't help it."

Kinect Is Awesome

Man, I'm glad the Kinect only costs $150.  This is everything wrong with gaming in one video.

Cupcake Dog And Cake Cop

Was cupcake dog seperated from its real owner, pie cop?  You make the call.

Nov 23, 2010

Sexy Sax Man Serenade

These up and coming pranksters are on a mission to spread George Michael love around the area.  Awesome.

Nov 22, 2010

FPS Games Now

Two images that kind of ring true as to how FPS games are now.  We feel that over time games have actually become way more dumbed down, rather than progressing the genre.  Heavy on cut scenes and linearity, light on content and exploration.  When will this trend end?  This is a curse that consoles seem to have brought on the genre.

Ryu: Then And Now

Ryu remembers the good ole' days.  Poor Ryu.

C3PO Unmasked

The face behind C3PO looks quite charming under that gold dome.

Nov 21, 2010

Fat Crackhead Rolls Around

Crack is one hell of a drug.

Soup Of The Day

Nothing like a warm bowl of Whiskey to heat things up.

Nov 20, 2010

Wasabi Rollercoaster

Not sure if this guy is screaming because of the rollercoaster or the mouthful of lava.

This Guy Is Having A Great Time

Seems like he got a bit overly excited.

Via Buzzhunt

Nov 18, 2010

Insanely Fast RC Jet

This little jet hits 400mph, no sweat. Not filmed: The fiery explosion of a landing.

Michael Jackson And Freddy Mercury

Michael Jackson And Freddy Mercury crossed paths at some point.  You guys are missed.

Nov 17, 2010

The McRushmore

An artery clogging monstrosity comprised of.
 -1 McRib
-1 Filet O' Fish
-1 Chicken Sandwich
-1 Angus Third Pounder

The resulting abomination after assembly.  Enjoy your food hangover. ;)

Via Gavon Laessig

DJ Technorch

Awesome track by a Japanese DJ/Artist who goes by the name of DJ Technorch. Really awesome music accompanied by great visuals. Check out this sample track, "Straight." We haven't typically heard this type of sound from Japanese underground artists. We love it.

Album Cover by  Arma Eater

Album on

Paper Tiger

Have you ever looked in the mirror and been terrified by what you saw looking back at you?

Green Lantern Trailer

Hm...We don't know just yet. Green Lantern is kind of a more obscure character. This could either repopularize him or go the way of the Hulk movies. At least it seems pretty faithful to the Hal Jordan universe and his origin. Enjoy.

Nov 16, 2010

Epic Lawnmower Of Majesty

This lawnmower will go to places you never imagined were possible.


Its...its beautiful.

Nov 15, 2010

RoboDan Review: Def Jam Rapstar

Hello! As a new feature of AwesomeRobo, we'll have reviews every once in a while by RoboDan. In this first attempt at doing reviews, RoboDan covers Def Jam Rapstar...for the Wii.  Lets just say the game has some issues. :)  Enjoy, and leave us some comments!

Samuel L. Jackson Gets His Nose Picked

Some fans just can't resist.

35 Car Porn Specimens

So, are you at work enjoying your 9-5?  How about a few drool inducing cars to take you somewhere more happy?  Here are 35 examples we compiled over the weekend for you guys to enjoy.

This list is also on our Buzzfeed account. :)

The list is after the jump!

Tommorow's Monday?!


Nov 14, 2010

Which Phone Grills Faster

The result may surprise you.  However, it seems some people have a lot of extra money lying around.  Damn.

Nov 13, 2010

Its True

Love hurts.

Words To Live By

Sometimes we forget the simple things.  Courtesy of Megatron and Optimus Prime.

Nov 12, 2010

Maru Loves Every Box

In this test, the owner of the now infamous Maru tests out weird shapes boxes on this box addicted cat.  The results are hilarious.

Silent Evolution

An absolutely amazing project by Spanish sculptor Jason De Caires Taylor .  The artist created 400 very lifelike human sculptures and submerged them in the ocean to create a future artificial coral reef.

The best part is thinking about the future, when these sculptures will be long forgotten, the artist no longer remembered.  What will people think when they stumble into this collection of people a few hundred years in the future?  Time will tell.  Check out the really inspiring video.

Via io9

Soccer Fisting

We cannot wrap our heads around these images.

Via The Spoiler

The Best Unicorn

You will see in your lifetime, guaranteed.

Nov 11, 2010

Dust Storm

A few pictures from the dust storm in Australia that turned everything back in late 2009.  Pretty surreal stuff.

8 Of The Most F***''ed Channels On Youtube

Get ready to crap your pants. This is what nightmares are made of, set to pleasant French music.

Marko's VHS collection, set to Terminator 2 music and other epic masterpieces. And oh god, that hair is absolutely awesome.

American cars

This man likes his American cars, but he enjoys pronouncing their names even more. CHEVVVRROLLLEEETTTTT-UHH, CHEVVVROLLETTTTT-UH!

This man loves to be a pretty Unicorn, and a tiger, a pony, and so on. This might be considered terrifying, or awesome depending on your tastes.

This man has uploaded 2,540 videos of himself smoking pipes in various outfits and hats. There's not much else that needs to be said.

This Australian woman should have never been allowed to discover 3d, much less synthesizers. Prepare for your ears to get violated.

Fred and Sharon enjoy the company of digital Mel Gibson. There is no way to even describe what is going on here.

This British chap definitely should try different methods for getting a date. He sure loves those images

Nov 10, 2010


A great piece by Daniel Lieske

100 By Sugimoto Kosuke

Sugimoto Kosuke is relatively unknown on youtube, but he's released some really out of the box music videos for his electric tracks.  His most recent vid is '100.'  Catchy, short and visually cool.  Check it out.

His older video was called "The TV show."  Featuring a bunch of channels on a TV screen that start off all seperate, but eventually all intertwine when shit hits the fan.  This guy needs more love!

Cat Gif Wednesday

A few cat gifs to make the middle of the week a little more fun, and a little more cute.

Apocalyptic Hail Storm

This end of the world worthy event went down in Georgia on October 25th.  Unbelievable.

Nov 9, 2010

If Inception Was One Minute Long...

Well, that sums it up!  BWOOOOOOOMMMMMM.

Via Somethingawful

The Good Old Days Of Lucas

These are a few images we scrounged up from the original Star Wars sets.  With the announcement of more remakes of the classics, let us mourn the loss of Lucas' sanity.  The brain parasites have finally become fully active, warranting 6 3d remakes and an original trilogy that takes place after the events of the first 6 movies.

Seriously, Lucas?  We'd rather buy the original, unedited, unmodified releases of the original trilogy..Not the shit laden visual FX diarrhea of the re-releases and new trilogy.  Let us remember a simpler time.

Pogo: Wishery

Pogo has gained quite a bit of fame for his sampling and remixing of Disney classics.  His latest: Snow White.  Love the sound. 

Jack Nicholson

Old school Jack Nicholson was a master of the rape face.  A face that could make you feel violated with your clothes on.  We dug up a few gifs for you guys to check out here.  Lets see if you agree with us.

Jack acknowledges the rape that is about to be delivered.

"You love lap rides?  Yeah? Well boy do I have a surprise for you!"

"Its Uncle Jack. Let me in, I've got a few pant tricks to show you."