Aug 17, 2012

Tobi - The Art Of Japanese Construction Wear

On first glance, the pair above might look like they could be mech pilots or characters in a scifi film, but it turns out that this photo series by the clothing company known as 'Tobi' is simply covering modern Japanese construction workers. Tobi is in reference to tobi pants, a type of baggy pants typically worn by 'Tobi Shokunin,' high altitude construction workers in Japan.

The photo series was created by a clothing company specializing in premium Japanese construction wear, seeing that these construction crews take great pride in their profession, as reflected by their heavily customized and personalized clothing. Have you ever seen construction workers look this badass, or so full of personality? This photo series is an incredible look into a subculture I'd never heard about before, with a visual style that's unlike anything I've witnessed in 5 years of trawling for interesting fashion reference online. For somebody who works in the entertainment industry, I can say that this series is a veritable goldmine for anyone looking for clothing that would fit perfectly in a scifi setting. Check out a dozen more incredible photos of 'Tobi Shokunin' after the break!

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