May 31, 2011

Batman Has a Conversation With Himself

A quick flash from one of the best shows of all time (IMO). Scenes like these are why I grew to love the 60's Batman series. I'd love to see Bale pull of a conversation with himself in such a cool, nonchalant fashion. This only goes to further prove that Adam West is truly an acting God walking this earth.

Activision Introduces Modern Warfare 3: Elite; The Call of Duty Subscription Service Begins

NOPE. NOPE. NOPE. F*** everything about this. Earlier yesterday, Wall Street Journal revealed Activision's (ActiBlizzion?) plans for a subscription for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and all future titles. While I was hoping all rumors were leading to a big fat "no", something deep within told me it was going to happen(that or this interview). Now, the talk has been proven true as seen by the above trailer for Call of Duty Elite.

While Call of Duty Elite looks to be nothing more than a subscription based with exclusive DLC sprinkled in, we're still treated with a more than reasonable predicted-price of $7.99 per month. And yes, that fee is on top of whatever fees you might currently be paying. Essentially this will require you to rent map packs on a month-by-month basis and allow access to the same type of system Bungie has been offering for free.

Honestly, I'm not really sure what pisses me off more in this situation. It might be the fact that Activision is introducing one of the most corporate-based decisions I have ever witnessed within the video game industry, or it might also be how hard this trailer tries to appeal to gamers. I had the toughest f***ing time getting past even the first 3 minutes. I'm not really sure Activision knows which group of gamers to market this for.

Internet meme references? Check. Overly-excited "bro" gamer? Check, and bonus points for coming off as that Dad who desperately strives to be seen as cool by his 13-year-old son's friends. BABIES WITH FLAMETHROWER JOKES LOL? Holy f***ing sh**, are you serious?

Does anyone plan to pay for this?

70 Bootleg Movie Posters

These movie posters were all created by artists in Ghana to promote traveling movie shows and sell tickets to bootleg screenings of various western and local movies. These posters range from quirky recreations of the original movies to WTF inducing paintings with imagery completely unrelated to the original content. Get ready to experience a rollercoaster of different movie posters butchered, masterfully recreated, and mashed up as you've never seen it. 69 more bizzare bootleg movies posters after the jump!

White Cat & The Bean Bag

Oh, to be a cat.  They really have it made.  I wanna lay in a bean bag chair all day!  "Come here, you little pink paw, I'm-a get you!"  *sigh*  Three day weekends are awesome, guess it's time to head back to work today.  No bean bag chairs for me.

May 30, 2011

Meta-Score Meta-Games

Witcher 2 and Meta-Critic tomfoolery
For months I was waiting for The Witcher2: Assassins of Kings to come out.  I jumped on Metacritic to check the scores and reviews.  The critics were rating the game nicely, but as I don't always get along with professional critics, I was more interested in the user scores.

To my great surprise, many of them were 0's!  I soon discovered why.  The reviews bashed Witcher2 and spammed/plugged/hyped Dragon Age II.  Very Curious.

More Metacritic controversy after the jump

MCM Expo In Pictures

I would like to thank EVERYONE involved with the MCM Expo this weekend! The staff were fantastic, and the people were awesome. I thought I would start the festivities with some photos taken by me on Saturday.

Check after the jump for my selection of pictures.

Woman Arrested For Indecent Exposure...Wait

Something is wrong here.....she doesn't seem like a natural blonde.



A singularity is the center of a black hole, where the curvature of space time is maximal. No solid object can survive being inside a singularity. This visualization of this ambient/noise track by Kattoo turned out really cool, showing off Edgar Davey's interpretation of an invasion of various singularities in real life. An invasion of chaotic, abstract shapes would scare the crap out of me.

The Cult Of Apple


Living close to Cupertino, the HQ of Apple...This image is not that far off from reality regarding what happens when any new Apple product is released. The hordes find themselves gravitating towards those sterile, inoffensive stores for the latest in trendy tech. Resistance is futile.



This video was put together in the same way that a viral ARG might be presented, showing the discovery of something odd at a location that quickly spirals out of control. It does a great job of presenting the bare minimum, and leaving the mind to wonder what the hell is going on. I'm just guessing that its a test in doing viral style work, but it could actually be some sort of teaser for something else. Who knows?

Win/Fail Compilation: May

As May comes to a close, and summer closes in...Its time to look at some of the biggest fails and wins from May, compiled and submitted to us by Youtube user Twistednederland. Why make 40 posts when you can edit all the stupidity and genius into two easily consumed videos? Enjoy this look back at all the best and worst moments of May. May Win compilation after the break!

Retro Snake Wrestling Fail

I think it's safe to say that if you haven't seen Animal Planet, or a National Geographic special, you're probably living under a rock.  But have you seen a super-retro, 50's animal special?  Well, maybe you have.  But just in case, take a gander.  Wresting an anaconda? A creature consisting of a few hundred pounds of muscle? Underwater?  I'll pass, thanks.

May 29, 2011

MCM Expo: Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters Breaks The Mold Of Video Game Movies

Lets face it. These days, movie Video Game tie-ins are notorious for being cheap cash-ins, with poor gameplay and even worse graphics. I've seen the best and the worst, but they tend to be medocre products not worthy of gamers time and money. So when the Rise of the Manhunters was announced I had conflicting feelings: I'm a huge Green Lantern but I was worried the product just wouldn't stand up to the challenge. After playing it at MCM Expo, I can confirm that Rise of the Manhunters is, in fact, one of the best tie-ins I've played in years.

A**hole Jedi's Would Make For Great Reality Television

FreddieW continues his streak of YouTube gold with a Star Wars themed entry. A couple of Jedi with a knack for being a**holes makes for great entertainment. I wouldn't mind reality television if it were in the same vein. Honestly, if the cast of Jersey Shore had access to the force, I might contemplate watching them. As for now, the only force present in Jersey Shore is date rape.

L.A. Noire, In Five Seconds

Whilst writing up articles about the MCM Expo, editing the recent Rapturecast, and taking care of other projects and work I've been doing I've been playing a lot of L.A. Noire, and I can say this is how my brain has started to function.

The Morning After

After a long night of blogging, drinking and researching...We've got coffee on our mind. Really cool art by Hiddenmoves over on Deviantart. Time to take a nap.

Starcraft 2: Heart Of The Swarm Teaser Leaked

In case you haven't finished Starcraft 2, just a fair warning, spoilers after this sentence ends. We're not sure if this was an intentional leak, but this new Starcraft 2 teaser indicates that we're going to be seeing a lot of the newly deinfested Kerrigan, who is probably still being hunted down by various empire groups much to Jim Raynor's dismay. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Kerrigan, she was a Terran Ghost that got abandoned in a fight against the Zerg, who turned her into a Zerg/Human hybrid queen that has power to control the Zerg hordes, aka the 'swarm.'  Its looking as gorgeous as always, and I look forward to seeing what new things this Zerg centric campaign will bring once it comes out.

Is Tropical: The Greeks

Take mere childs play, add a ton of hand animated FX and gore, and you get an amazing music video for Is Tropical's new single, The Greeks. This is probably what we all saw in our head as kids when we fought each other with Nerf guns. You can get the single for free here!

Super Cat World Vs Electric Prairie Dog Harassment

Oh dear. This is kind of hard to describe, so let me break it down. The video starts off with a cat singing the Super Mario World Lv. 1-1 song, before some gophers interrupt and start trolling her with classical opera and a rendition of Danger! High Voltage. Speaking of which, have you guys seen the absolutely bizarre, slightly NSFW 2006 music video for the song by Electric Six? Check it out after the break.

Whats Better Than One Delorean?

I think I would pass out from the sheer concentration of awesome if I was the photographer. And just as an FYI, the DeLorean is going to be part of the future AwesomeRobo vehicle fleet, when we make our first million bucks.

Shop Dog

Oh, it's just Mrs. Pupperson on her weekly trip to the grocery store.  Gathering all the fixin's to make Mr. Pupperson a fine, fine meal.

May 28, 2011

Justice Returns With Civilization

JUSTICE - CIVILIZATION directed by Edouard Salier

After a few years of being absent Gaspard Auge and Xavier De Rosnay, the guys behind Justice have returned. Their debut album and only release "Cross" was huge back in 2007, with just about every track blasting fresh and bold new sounds. They turned the genre on its head, choosing to opt for an acid house direction with a lot of gritty, noisy tracks. Some people said they lacked substance, but heck...I enjoyed the cheap thrills they delivered.

This newest track, which I heard a while back just got elevated to a new high with this awesome music video that sets the stage for something way bigger. I loved the scale and surreal feel that director Edouard Salier managed to capture and how well he visually narrated the fall of civilization and the birth of something new. Their timing was great, as the music video seems relevant to the state of current civilizations right now, teetering towards chaos ever more. I can only hope for a follow up to this awesome music video to accompany the new album. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Tron Legacy Mural Process

Tron Legacy : Aerosol Mural from End of the line on Vimeo.

Oh boy..This London mural turned out pretty damn epic. Despite Tron being a few months old now, this time lapse covering the process of creating it was released just recently. This timelapse was originally filmed as a 3d piece using two Canon 5d's and a custom rig, but seeing that most people haven't adopted that tech just yet...Here's the 2d footage. The final result is a mix of graffiti, light painting and installation.

Leonard Nimoy Is Lazy

This is by far the most random, unexpected cameo I would have expected in a bloody Bruno Mars track...but hey, its happened. Hell has frozen over: Leonard Nimoy in a bathrobe, playing with nunchuks, peeing in a sink, smoking a good one and just being as lazy as possible for Bruno Mars' aptly titled track, "Lazy Song." He's just an awesome human being at this point, he's paid his dues and just doesn't have to care anymore. Its a perfect Saturday morning watch.  Let it inspire you to achieve new heights of laziness.

Look At Me, Boo!

That Boo, always such a heartbreaker.  You only want poor Mario when he doesn't want you.  Boo, please let me give you some advice: Don't take what you have for granted.

Come On Lady, It's Saturday!

We here at Awesome-Robo! have an important PSA for you:  It's Saturday, a day to sleep in.  Please don't be an a**hat and force someone to wake up when they aren't ready. And if you're on the receiving end of a forced awakening, do as this freaking adorable pup, and just fall back into bed.

May 27, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday, Maru!

In honor of Youtube's most famous cat's third birthday, his owner has put together the purrfect (heh) compilation.  Maru is the ideal combo of cute, fluffy, and playful, and if I didn't have this horrid cat allergy, I'd get myself a kitty just as precious.  Hell, I might even risk said allergies for my own fur-ball of "awww....".  Maybe.  Happy 3rd Birthday Maru, and happy weekend everyone else!

Pip Boy 3000


Etsy is fast becoming the site to find amazing home made items. Such is this piece, which sold out faster than karma points going down by setting off that darn nuclear bomb in Fallout 3.

This is a Prop Replica Pip-Boy 3000 as worn in Fallout 3. It is made almost entirely out of cardboard and has been designed to fit a iPhone 4. There is an iphone app for the geiger counter clicks, along with a localised real time apocalypse map so if you wanted to use if for Cosplay it would be perfect.  Or just use it as a phone holder, and a conversation piece at parties. It will sure make the coming apocalypse in October so much easier. The wasteland will be your b****. Shame that the only one sold.
See more after the jump!


"Synesthesia: A sensation in one modality when a stimulus is applied to another modality, as when the hearing of a certain sound induces the visualization of a color." I honestly wish this type of Synesthesia was possible.


Pop your collar, brosef. (Via)
Your move, bro. I heard somebody referring to his friend as a 'Brobocop,' which is slang for a bro that always checks on you and makes sure you follow the bro code. This art was made by the talented Sir Mitchell!

Kaydara: An Impressive Fan Made Matrix Sequel

I've always approached fan made tribute movies/sequels with some severely lowered expectations...But this movie is the exception. The movie has some pretty damn impressive production values, and a well thought out story that fits well into the established timeline. This French made Matrix sequel/sidestory follows the story of a bounty hunter who works seperately from the human resistance that was prevalent in the first 3 movies, and believes the 'One' to be a threat to man becoming self aware again. The full feature movie, clocking in at 55 minutes is embedded after the break!

Batman Live!

Unlike the ongoing disaster that has been Spiderman: Turn Off The Dark, this actually looks like it has a damn good chance of actually happening, and U2 will not be involved in any shape or form. The show will involve a condensed coming of age story, featuring Batman and Robin learning to overcome fear before facing just about every classic villain in the roster. The show will be making its first appearance in the UK on July 19th (Hopefully) before continuing as a world tour. The trailer seems to indicate that the production values are high, which is a plus. Lets see if this one takes off. Check out the official website, Batman Live! for more details.

Salad Fingers Returns In All His Glory

It has been three long years since we last saw Salad Fingers 8 (check it out here if you haven't seen it). Now, David Firth, has decided to treat us to Salad Fingers 9 in all it's f***ed up glory. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for something better, this is pure beauty at it's finest--- in the most demented way possible of course. It's possible this addition to the series has pushed the series to it's most uncomfortable point yet, and I love it.

The Truth

Sometimes you just have to take people on their word...

May 26, 2011

16 Awesome Sprites By Andy Heimz

Ghostbusters: Taking care of Slimer. (Via)
I recently ran into an awesome Tumblr called OkTotally featuring original sprite animation tributes to classic movies and videogames done by the artist Andy Heimz. All his sprites feature memorable moments and characters recreated in his very own style. It kind of reminds me of Sword and Sorcery, with a little dash of Atari 5200. Everything from Jurassic Park to Legend of Zelda done in this style after the jump!

Is It A Bird? Is It A Plane?

No! It's the cutest little Superhero you'll ever see!

Sh** Robot: Take Em Up

Shit Robot - Take Em Up

This music video made my day. The retro electro pop and the chill sound just make for an amazing, relaxing music video. The fact that they paid tribute to all kinds of retro visual effects that were so novel back in the eighties, like ghosting and bright neon colors just makes this an excellent tribute to both the sound and the visuals from back in the day. This track really deserves a lot more love.

These Knuckledusters Are Quite Posh

If I was a rich man, I'd carry these around and save them for just the right person. With porcelain knuckles, you have to make that punch really count, but that punch will land in style and class. These porcelain knuckles are made out of recycled China and you can have them on your person for $13 a pop via Etsy! I've ordered a crate to keep handy for gentlemanly beat downs.

Data Raps About His Cat

Data, you are a true OG when it comes to your cat.  Drop them rhymes, f**k b****es, get money.  At least I think that's the correct order.  Either way, this has solicited a solid head bop.

2fort by Kuroi Tsuki


Kuroi Tsuki from deviant art created this awesome tribute to the infuriatingly symmetrical classic Team Fortress 2 map. Every time I play this map, if the teams are balanced it turns into an hour long, chaotic, neverending meat grinder stalemate. Map design sure has come a long way since 1999. But anyways, awesome art by Kuroi!  Check out more of his work on his Deviantart page.

Minecraft Universe

Wow. Using the crude scripting language of Minecraft, Redstone. Eric Fullerton created an amazing music video mainly composed in game... That is, until the one minute mark, at which point stuff goes absolutely crazy and psychedelic. Brace yourself.

May 25, 2011

MCM Expo 2011: London Comic Con 27th-29th May

Now in its tenth year, MCM Expo is London’s comic con, covering movies, comics, games, anime, television and more. The UK’s premier gathering for all things pop culture, the show is the ideal venue to showcase such a highly anticipated movie with roots in comic books.
Both Green Lantern and GameSpot UK, the leading source of information, entertainment and community for UK gamers, will be the official title sponsor of the MCM Expo.

The London MCM Expo attracts major game developers from EA Games to Ubisoft and Capcom to Nintendo, giving the event’s 50,000+ visitors the chance to get hands-on with the hottest new titles and upcoming releases.

I'll be covering the 28th (Saturday). If you see me there, don't be afraid to say hello, your picture may even appear on the website!

For more on Green Lantern, visit the Green Lantern site.
For more on the London MCM Expo, visit the official site.
For tickets to the London MCM Expo, visit: the official store.
To stay up-to-date with Expo news, follow the official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Minecraft Mobile Is A Reality!

We all love Minecraft on this site, but I wanted to carry it around, play it on the bus and onthe way to work. But until now that was a dream.
Not any more. Minecraft Mobile is a reality!

Minecraft is the indie-developed block-building game that’s taken the PC and Mac gaming world by storm. A “sandbox” game which lets you build whatever you can think of out of textured cubes, Minecraft is finally making its way to the mobile device market. But you'll be surprised on what device it has been announced for.

Finally, A Proper Gray Fox Figurine

Hideo Kojima just recently posted some images on his Twitter (Now in English!) about Yoji Shinkawa, the designer behind all the Metal Gear solid games supervising the production of a Gray Fox Play Arts figure. I've been waiting about 12 years for the iconic character to get a proper figurine. The figurine is 1/6th scale, seems to have plenty of articulation and a very detailed sculpt. No release date has been set, but I'll be eagerly awaiting in line to get my hands on one of these. 5 more images of the WIP figure after the jump!

Red Letter Media Reviews Something Awful

The awesome guys over at Red Letter Media sit down to review a new 'parody' trailer of a fictional movie called Zookeeper, featuring that guy from Mall Cop. This clever review just goes to show that Hollywood sometimes greenlights some unspeakably awful movies for the lowest common denominator. Adam Sandler and his awful movie company are cranking out the type of sh** that make me believe that we are growing dumber by the day.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Poster

For the past 10 years, we have been delighted with the magical adventures of a boy with a zig-zag forehead scar.  Come July of this year, the 'Harry Potter' story will be coming to an end on film.  I'm sure a lot of you have grown up with our brave boy wizard, making this ending even more significant.  Hell, I was in high school when the first movie came out, and even I feel a sense of sadness in the finality of it all.

But of course, all good things must come to an end (or whatever, blah blah).  The thing I found most interesting about this series, is how dark each film became, one by one.  It started off quite light and kid-friendly, yet over time the plot became darker, and more twisted.  As sad as I am to see it end, I can't wait for the summertime release.  This, in my opinion, is probably one of the most significant and important film series of the past decade.  It will surely become a classic, to be remembered always.

One Shot Featuring Eliza Dushku

This newest gun-centric FreddieW video just made me feel that him and his crew don't have much longer until they're working on feature films as consultants or simply on their own movies. One Shot reminded me of a scene straight out of a Bourne movie, with its fast paced, long shot cinematography and gunplay. Looking forward to seeing what these guys do next.

Dean's Face Acting: Part Deux

Dean returns with another 40 hilariously bad video game voice acting sequences all acted out. My favorite by far are the Castlevania (WHAT IS A MAN??) imitations. Didn't see the first part we posted last week? Check it out right here!

Ocarina Of Time 3ds Trailer Brings Insane Nostalgia

My 3ds has been gathering dust for nearly 2 months now, due to the incredible lack of titles by Nintendo...The curse of Nintendo early hardware adoption strikes again!  However, this trailer took all my regrets away. This rerelease is looking jaw droppingly good, and that music...Oh god that music brings back so many memories. I'll finally be able to finish the game I abandoned years ago after encountering that infamous water temple on a 2 week N64 rental, with a graphical facelift, in 3d, and with a remastered soundtrack. The game will be released June 16th in Japan, and Nintendo recently announced a June 30 US release date. What are you waiting for? Get your preorder on!

May 24, 2011

Animals Recreate The Bodyguard

"You're the new bodyguard aren't you."
"What do you know about it? "
"I'm a raccoon."

The World Will Now End On My Birthday

Harold Camping; not quite the Da-Vinci Code, not quite National Treasure.
Hey, you know how I said that no more rapture jokes would be made? I lied. Harold Camping, who announced the Rapture would occur Saturday, has had another revelation: The world will now end on October 21. Camping says that he was scamming people and guessed a random date God held off Saturday out of mercy: He did not want man to suffer for five months, but he was here on earth, spiritually. Read more after the jump.

Dead Island: First Look

Hey, remember Dead Island, that game with the amazing, beautiful prerendered trailer that hit the internet by storm? Sure you do, we reported about it here. Well, get hyped because now we have the first look at the gameplay.

The game looks like a cross between Dead Rising and Left 4 Dead. Looks pretty impressive, and I'm hopeful this will be a good game. The open world aspect is a fresh, and much needed addition for the genre. The final game should hopefully be up to the level of a Fallout style gameplay experience.  We're keeping our fingers crossed.

12 Videogames Meet Real Life

Bowser enjoying the surf. (Via)

We've seen this idea done before in single images or sets, but artist Aled Lewis took it to the next level with his set of memorable video game characters placed in reality. 11 more after the jump!

Carrot Vs Ninja

The Mill Visual Effects Studio

Well, damn...that came out of nowhere. This latest short from the Mills VFX studio starts off pretty normal, just a guy trying to hunt down his carrot chomping prey. Then sh** starts to get really, really weird. I really have to commend these guys, I really did not see that coming. Awesome editing and compositing in this short.

Corgi + Thor Helmet = Thorgi

The iron will of an Asgard legend, the soft nose and stubby legged demeanor of a Corgi. On a related note, its been about two weeks since the Thor launch.  What were your guys' impressions about the movie?

GoPro To The Stratosphere

Back in October of last year we covered a father and sons successful attempt to send an iPhone to space using a weather balloon and parachute system.  This time around, we've got an even cooler, more HD attempt by a bunch of guys using a slightly less sophisticated system (No GPS tracking this time around). They strapped a GoPro HD to a weather balloon and sent it up, not knowing whether it would come back down. Fortunately, their rig reached 100,000 feet before exploding and plummeting back to Earth safely thanks to a parachute system. The footage is pretty damn amazing, and I nearly find myself tempted to get the equipment together to try an even more elaborate version of this.


The childhood I never had, in one picture.
Serving spaghetti can be so boring.  Not anymore, with the Pastasaurus pasta serving utensil! (Read those lines in an old-school Nickelodeon commercial voice.  It helps.)  This is pretty awesome, and I would welcome such an adorable item in my kitchen.  Not that spaghetti is bad on it's own (because it's f***ing delicious), but this just makes it that much better.  Rawr!  You can order one online at Perpetual Kid for only $7.99.

Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8

Yes! The first trailer for Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 8. It's about time the funniest show on TV (imo) came back, and I can't wait. The last episode, titled “Seinfeld,” aired Nov. 22, 2009. The next, title unknown, airs July 10, 2011.

May 23, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Trailer Released!

Its here.  We don't know if it was an intentional leak by Activision or an employee related one, but the trailer has just landed for the new Modern Warfare 3 game, dubbed as 'MW3.' The scale looks absolutely amazing, with the conflicts now spanning New York, Germany, France and England...My question is, who are we going to be fighting in this next installment?  The set pieces look as over the top as ever..and after having felt a little underwhelmed by Black Ops, I'm looking forward to the next big installment all over again, November 8th.

Choices, Mario. Choices.

Mario is such a player.....or should I say Jumpman!

I Have Few Objections For A Possible Ace Attorney Movie

While Takashi Miike is known for ultra violent films such as Ichi the Killer, Audtion, and most recently Hara-Kiri: Death of a Samurai it's rumored that he'll be working on something in a much different vein.

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Takashi Miike makes mentions that he is "filming now, a court drama, based on a video game, the Nintendo game DS". A Nintendo DS game based in a court room? That doesn't sound like Ace Attorney at all, nope.

With a live action musical in Japan, it isn't much of a stretch for a live action film, especially with the recent push of Capcom films. Although, I am skeptical on how the film would adapt into a movie with entertainment values equal to the DS games.

Last Rapture Joke, We Swear

In response to the billboards Family Radio posted around the world ("21st of May, Rapture is Coming!"), Atheists and non-crazy Christians have their say, and use the same bible that proved the supposed date of the end of the world to prove the fabricated word of Family Radio wrong, again.

Harold Camping said he was "flabbergasted" that his May 21 Rapture prediction did not occur, adding that he would speak more on the topic when he returns to work Monday. He was a no-show at his Family Radio office in Oakland, Calif., this monday morning. The millions of dollars he stole raised from people also happens to be M.I.A.

Goldfish: We Come Together

I just discovered Goldfish recently, and am completely in love with their really unique sound. The group consists of two guys from Cape Town, Dominic Peter and Dave Poole who deliver music that I'd classify as Jazz house with a sprinkle of lyrics. Its been a while since I've heard something that was this fresh and different, so it made my day.

Now as for the music video, it really gives me Paul Robertson vibes (Of Pirate Baby Cabana Battle fame) with its low bit, retro game console look and barrage of pop culture/videogame references. Its absolutely awesome. I'll be investing in a custom Kitty Stormtrooper helmet soon. Check out the making of the music video after the jump!

Astray Gunframe IV Custom

This is an amazing paint job/kitbash of the Gundam known as Astray Red Frame Kai by the Turkish model kit enthusiast Volkan over at Deviant art. Two more images of this awesome mech after the jump!

Pup Tries To Bite Air

You silly dog, you can't bite your owner-lady's breath.  Try mightily if you want.  Video bonus: Hot chick.  Cue the "she can blow on me, heh" jokes in three, two...

Bad Advertising

Sometimes, I think people should think about the advertising they place out there for the public to see.

What Is A Playback Artist?

SGU Playback // Justin Kohse from Justin Kohse on Vimeo.

I was watching Jurassic Park recently and kind of found myself wondering, who is in charge of creating all those simulated computer graphics that litter those sequences in which guys are interacting with fictional software? Whats the official title of somebody that does this type of stuff for a living? After a little searching, I found the video above about a 'Playback artist.' The video was made by one of these artists, Justin Kohse to shed light on this niche profession that is usually taken for granted. If you think about it, there are hundreds of shows that need to employ guys like these, especially in scifi genres. This is a cool look at what would classify as a portfolio piece for somebody who holds such a position. The series is Stargate: Universe.

Stalking Cat Stop Motion

This cat's animal instincts make it a well oiled stalking machine. A machine of stealth, silence, and death. And cute.

May 22, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises: Catwoman Reveal?

Take this with a grain of salt, but Aintitcool just posted this image of Catwoman. Personally, I feel it looks WAY to fake and unprofessional compared to the Bane Picture, and is a really amateur costume. So I'm 100% sure it is fake. But I'm not the fashion police, so I thought I would post it here out of interest. If this is the official reveal, they've gone more towards her modern costume which is fantastic, compared to the Catgirl costume.

But if the dust settles, and this is the official do you feel about Selina Kyle's costume? Will Anne Hathaway make a good Catwoman?

Korean Starcraft Intros Are Serious Business


I sometimes forget about how big of a deal Starcraft is in South Korea, but today I got a reminder in the form of a link to the page of a Korean editor called Bibic01, who seems to specialize in doing slick intros for the cream of the crop players and leagues in the playing at a professional level. We're talking guys that train up to 13 hours plus a day in pure Starcraft, who gauge their performance via APM (Actions per minute) ..Imagine yourself issuing 200-300 keyboard commands a minute while also juggling mouse commands. These intros are slick, and go to show how big of a cultural component Starcraft has become in the country. The above intro for a 2007 event is simply one of the slickest ones that Bibic made in my opinion, but I've selected a few more for you guys to peruse, as well as a video showcasing what a few hundred actions per minute look like.

Fight Fair, Indiana Jones

A pretty spot on recreation of the Raiders Of The Lost Ark scene in which Kahl the mechanic gets caught off guard by an airplane propeller going full speed. Never saw it coming.

Moths : Summer

Moths // Summer

Your Sunday dose of chill audio and visuals. If you're familiar with the Boards Of Canada, you might want to check out more of Moths music for free on their Sound Cloud. Relaxing music to soothe your mind.

The Dark Knight Rises: Bane

The Dark Knight Rises viral campaign begins, and we at Awesome-Robo will be on top of it, with all of us communing to play. But here is the first picture of Tom Hardy as Bane. Excuse me whilst I clean myself off.

Pixar's Cars 2 Trailer: Presented In Lego

I have no idea what drove Patrick Bovin to recreate the Cars 2 trailer entirely out of Lego. Was he paid to do so? Is it part of a viral effort? Was he so impressed with the trailer that he felt driven to painstakingly recreate it in stop motion? We have no idea, but it sure as hell turned out awesome..A carbon copy of the original with some slightly blockier edges. Check out the real trailer after the jump for comparisons sake!

Gimme Your Bacon!

 "Oh hai, I see you got bacon.  I really want me some of that bacon.  Push it on over to me, friend!  Please, oh pretty please?!  I will pay you back in smoosh faced kisses! Enh."

May 21, 2011

Awesome-Robo Presents: Rapturecast

The rapture billboards obviously speak the truth.
The world is supposed to end on Saturday, so why not watch it in style! We'll be recording a podcast with special guests and members of this site, talking about the inevitable (*cough*) end of the world and just shooting the conversations that should make us (and you) laugh.

We'll be broadcasting Saturday (21st of May).
Check us out here, or watch it live at said times below, after the jump. Can't join us? We'll have it uploaded sometime during the week.....if we survive.

Either way, join us. What have you got to lose, apart from missing the last few moments of a non-hell type existence?

Mr. Takei's take On Today's Events

"We just had to many scheduling difficulties this time around" The universal CEO was quoted as saying. "just bit off more than we could chew in this economy. We'll make up for all of this mess in 2012."

New Green Lantern Trailer Brings Us Up To Speed

If you're considering watching the new Pirates Of The Carribean : On Stranger Tides, you'll be treated to a brand new Green Lantern trailer during the previews in 3D. This trailer is a little more extensive, covering the planet of Oa, Parallax and the basic plot of how the Green Lantern corps came to be. The movie is shaping up to be another solid entry into the summer comic book hero blockbuster line. Get ready for the June 17th release!

Grand Moff Tarkin By Jordu Schell

Click for higher res. (Via)
In case you were wondering, this is not a 3d render. This bust of the infamous Moff Tarkin from Star Wars Episode IV of Star Wars was lovingly, and meticulously sculpted by a master of his craft, Jordu Schell. Specializing in hyper realistic sculpture, he worked on this amazing bust using silicone and a pair of glass eyes custom made to capture that stoic look and bring a real lifelike quality to the bust. Each hair was individually punched in. Insane.

King Of The Hill: Bloodsport

I have no idea what this game is, but I sure as hell love the concept. No holds barred, free for all king of the hill insanity. The rules seem a little vague, but the basic gist is to beat the crap out of the other team and tear down their 'king of the castle,' elevated above the mass of teammates protecting him. This sport should catch on, along with major league dodgeball imo.

A Girl's Best Friend

I will freely admit this: I'm a girly-girl who's a sucker for all things "awww".  Wanna make my heart melt?  Show me s**t like this.  A girl and her bovine friend, in a sweet and genuine moment.  Makes me almost want to give up steak.  Almost.

May 20, 2011

China Takes The Minecraft Route Of Demolishing A Building

Demolishing something from the top up makes sense in Minecraft, but in real life? Now that's just looks silly.

LittleBigPlanet 2 3D FPS Gameplay Makes Me Feel Dumb

Holy s***. This is actual LittleBigPlanet 2 gameplay footage. The creator says it is just "a cinematic game play trailer for an upcoming project." So, bigger things are in store. But I have no clue as to how he managed to make this. I can barely make a level without getting bored, quitting and playing other people's creation. How long did it take to create? Who knows but I'm impressed.

The Real Life Portal Turret You Could Have Owned

The search for the ultimate fan made object is over. Prepare yourself, because you may just fall in love. This life sized Portal turret, made by Ryan Palser, includes soundbites from the game and the Portal theme song. Gears of War mastermind, Cliff Bleszinski, already tweeted about how he bought one of only two units ever made.

One day I'll be that rich. Or maybe we'll get one for the Awesome-Robo studios. You wouldn't want to mess with us then.

Adventure Drums: ET Drum Cover

Adventure Drums is a channel everyone should check out at some point. This guy just coined the term 'troll drummer.' In this cover he spends a few minutes pointing out how unimaginative and simple the drum beat in the Katy Perry track is without saying a word, then proceeding to destroy the song with his own take on what the beat should have been like. He's badass, and kind of looks like our very own editor, Unicorn. Show this guy some love by checking out the other videos on his Youtube channel.

JellyFish Lake

 Sarosh Jacob

Found in the Republic of Palau, Jellyfish Lake is inhabited during certain parts of the year by millions of Golden Jellyfish, which much to my relief can't do much harm to humans. The photographer, Sarosh Jacob decided to take a little dive and see what the fuss was about.

Ninja Turtles Reimagined : Part 2

Slash (Via)
Dave Rapoza, the awesome freelance concept artist who we recently covered for  his gritty TMNT tribute art returns with a new set of concepts based off some of the bad guys and more minor characters. Characters including Baxter to the absolutely badass Metalhead after the jump!

Guild Wars 2 Gets A Dedicated Engineer Class

I was kind of on the fence about Guild Wars 2 until today's amazing reveal about a dedicated Engineer class. Having grown tired of every damn MMO producing the same cookie cutter classes over and over again, its nice to see a dedicated utility class. I have no idea what it is about engineer style classes, but I just love the idea of relying on my equipment instead of my brute force or magical powers to annihilate foes. The coolest part about the trailer was the fact that your equipment determines what types of skills you can use. You'll see everything from a grenadier, to a shield and rifle engineer, to a turret and mine engineer. If this doesn't get you excited for Guild Wars 2, what will?

What English Sounds Like To Non-English Speakers

I've always kinda wondered what English sounds like to those who don't speak it.  I recently came across this amazing video, and I think my question was answered.  There is no real language spoken here, it's all gibberish.  But when I listen, and not really pay too much attention, my brain starts to think "yeah, yeah, I hear it!"  With my knowledge of other languages limited (unfortunately), I'm not really too sure what I'd compare this too.  What do you hear?

Language tricks aside, this is such a rad video.  The tune is super catchy, and the choreography is awesome! Got me doing a little shoulder bounce (which is saying something, because it's late, and I'm tired as f**k).  Plus, there's no denying that special 70's charm.

May 19, 2011

Cloudy With A Chance Of Rapture

In honor of the incoming apocalypse on Saturday, I bring you the weather report for the next few days. Lead lined umbrellas will be needed.

Portal 2: GlaDOS surprise

Even GlaDOS can't help fall in love with certain Meme's, and using them for torturing Chell. Though, this better make a bonus level on multiplayer/dlc, I would play the sh** out of it.

Bionic Arm

After severely damaging one of his hands in an electric accident, 24 year old Patrick of Austria decided to get his disabled arm removed and replaced with a prototype bionic arm. The arm simulates basic feeling, pressure and a wide range of motion. Sometimes I forget how long we've come..This is pretty inspiring stuff, especially for amputees who will no longer have to give up doing every day tasks, like opening a bottle or tying shoelaces.

Breakfast Interrupted

BSS | Breakfast Interrupted

This just reminds me of life.  Sometimes cozy, comfortable, relaxing. But every once in a while, the uncontrollable forces of chaos just step in to stir things up a little and bring change. A fun idea executed really well, and now I'm severely craving some eggs benedict. This was shot with a Phantom Gold camera, which can run up to $150,000 a pop. Check out the behind the scenes after the jump!

Gameboy Memories

Trading cards and mummified gum product! 
Somebody saved their Gameboy Bubble Gum system, which they used to sell at Toys R Us back in the day...Actually, they might have saved it a little too well from what it looks like. Not sure I'd take a risk on eating that slightly green tinged 20 year old gum there champ. Good memories.


Eclectic Method - The Apocamix

In celebration of the upcoming end of the world (according to some), Eclectic Method put this audio/visual mashup together to get believers and non believers alike in that apocalyptic mood..And its quite awesome. Get the MP3 for free via Eclectic Method's soundcloud and blast it on the 21st while escaping various world ending events.

Parkour Fail

To be honest, I'm not a big fan of parkour.  It's a "sport" where you have everything to lose, and nothing to gain (sorry, I don't think it's badass).  There are plenty of parkour fail videos out there (for obvious reasons), and this one is definitely no exception.  Just watching it gave me a headache. 


An awesome image by Polish photographer Marcin Kalinski. It does a great job describing how we're feeling about the blog's progress over the last few months. Couldn't have done it without you guys. We've just surpassed 777,777 views today and are looking forward to our first million views in just 2-3 months! We never expected things to go this fast.


May 18, 2011

Portal 2: Rated E for Everybody... Except for Orphans

Portal 2 is apparently educational, insensitive and E for everybody (E10+). Jokes, what are they Fatty fatty no parents?

It's a puzzle game for a wide range of different audiences with nothing offensive in the material matter. The fact of the matter is the joke was taken out of context; the joke was that Wheatley's attempt at insult was so pathetic (which GLaDOS clarifies), but of course isn't aired.
But alas, I'm still holding onto my copy, I'm not adopted. Though I am human, so I find just about every human joke offensive. Valve, please rectify this and make all the jokes more human friendly.

Don't you just LOVE it when news stations do research on the subject matter?

Pokemon Just Can't Escape Racism

Meet Lenora, the second Gym Leader in Pokemon Black and White, who holds the candle as the first major Black character in the Pokemon franchise. The shot above is the original Japanese art, which was apparently racist enough to warrant a change within both the game and the anime. What is this change? Check it out after the jump.

Lingodroid Robots Develop Their Own Language, Quietly Begin Plotting Against Mankind

Robot's learning English, Japanese, or any other language that we humans have already mastered is not a new concept. A pair of robot who can create there own language? The science world has started s***ing bricks.

Someone Forgot To Tell Him It Was Blacktie

This is how I plan to turn up to every event from now on, my puppy can wear a suit, I'm taking the Arthur Dent route.

A Look At The Art Of APB

True story, about 2 and a half years ago I was considering the possibility of heading to Glasgow, Scotland to join the APB (All Points Bulletin) team at the now defunct Real Time Worlds as a concept artist. Despite the awesome art style they created, the game was not well marketed and ended up being a complete flash in the pan, despite the amazing technology the game contained for character customization. We've compiled 14 additional images of some of the amazing concept art that artist Arnold Tsang created during his time working for them after the jump!

Red Fang: Wires

These guys know how to spend five grand in style. The music video is full of milk, explosions, and the beardy Red Fang guys rocking out without a care in the world. This is honest music, with +10 hobo beards all around. Its lofi, raw metal with a well placed emphasis on riff. If you like the sound, get more info about this Portland based group on their website!


Oh god I couldn't agree more. If this doesn't give you a huge smile, I don't know what will.