Feb 28, 2011

Dogstep: The Next Generation Of Electronic Music

The true next generation of bwoms.

Ted's Caving Page

Mentioned on one of the Original Mega64 Podcasts, Ted's Caving story is a creepy horror hyperfiction tale dating from 2001. The Diary is Ted's, an amateur cave explorer who makes an online diary after he discovers a very small hole in the cave which seemingly leads to a unexplored location, and all the paranormal happenings he experiences as he tries to get into the unknown. I can't do the story justice, it's creepy, scary and worth the read, if you dare....

Check it out here and check out one of the first true Viral pages the internet ever provided and a brilliant example of how a simple idea can create one of the creepiest stories you will ever read....

Snack Attack! Episode 2: Kap Kek, Stix, Pizza Crackers

In episode 2 of our Snack Attack series, RoboGal and I sit down to try some exotic new delicacies from abroad. In this episode we review:

Halk Kap Kek: A Turkish..cupcake? The best part about eating this dry muffin posing as a cupcake was how it got smashed to oblivion.  Pretty tasty despite the awful presentation.

Halk Pizza:  I find it criminal that they even thought this tasted anything like a Pizza.  A fucking cracker covered in sesame seeds is not something I'd consider pizza.  We got ripped off hard on these.

Ketchup Stix:  A middle eastern brand of dried french fry snacks..Overall not bad, despite being a little on the overly tangy/salty side.  Robogal hated these with a passion.

Join us next week around the same time for more dubious snack products purchased from shady vendors in third world countries.  Check out Episode 1 if you haven't already!

Your Robotic Desk Overlords Have Arrived

Behold!  These new crumb destroying robots have just arrived to store shelves.  You'd be a fool to not pickup your own personal army of helpers to make sure your desk is free of any foreign agents.  Hair and debris will get sucked into oblivion.  No particle will be spared.  At only $15 a pop, now is the time to fulfill your fantasy of commanding an army of robo minions. Go forth and head to the Amazon.com! Your destiny as a defacto Dr. Wily awaits.

Hog Wild Robo Vacuum

Just Another Monday

This pretty much sums up Monday for me.  

Get Job: DJ's Birthday Wish

Click for the full size version!
It's DJ's (Get Job's other half) birthday today and we'll be celebrating later. Hopefully not like this but it has been discussed on multiple occasions. The Bieb train keeps on a rollin'!

Also DJ will also be up in Seattle at the Emerald City Comic Con from March 4th through the 6th selling prints of his work and representing Get Job so be sure to stop by his booth and say hi. I think we even have a few stickers left to hand out.

Happy Birthday DJ,

Did you laugh? Do you crave more? Then check out or site Get Job for more of these classic moments!

War of the Green Lanterns Teaser

The Last couple of years have been good for the Green Lantern. Not only has the popularity of the series increased due to an amazing reboot from the extraordinary Geoff Johns, he's also been given two spin-off comics and some of the best Comic Arcs within DC right now, including two Cross-Over Serials that spanned across the DC Universe. Now we get to see the entire Corps go to hell in the next Comic, War of the Green Lanterns. S**t will be going down, and you can see the preview after the Jump.

Anime Jiggle Compilation (NWS)

In light of the massive amounts of dramatic hilarity that has befallen our Biggest Loser: Otaku Edition article, I dedicate this post to all the internet trolls that just wouldn't, and couldn't give up.  Cheers.

Cat Trippiness

A beautiful piece focusing on the angst of making it in the real world upon losing the ones closest to you.  The bewilderment on the blue dressed cat just echoes the bewilderment we feel upon being cast out onto the world to fend for ourselves.  The fatherly figure looks down, like a nod that he will always be by her side.  This modern masterpiece, in my opinion is simply stunning.  I might be overanalyzing this image.

Feb 27, 2011

Thank Goodness For New Pac-Man Pasta

There's something incredibly wrong about Baby Pac-Man commenting on how similar she is to the food before taking an enormous bite. Seriously though, chicken flavored? Hell yeah!

Hearts Flowers

Is spring around the corner?  HELL YES IT IS!!!

Kevin Smith Launches SMODcast Radio Channel

Love him or Hate him, Kevin Smith has managed to build an entire network based around his Podcasts. And I love them all, and it's a great example of a social media empire and how a simple idea (talking and joking with friends) can become a venture for just about anyone in this day and age.

Now, Kevin Smith is Planning on expanding his network to a full time internet channel. Does this sound good? Then you must listen to Smodcast. More information after the jump!

Spider-Man Cooks Up Some Trouble!

Well, the Fantastic Four did hire a new Chef....
C.B. Cebulski, Marvel's Senior Vice President of Creator & Content Development and lover of gourmet food commissioning a Comic called Spider-Man: A Meal To Die For, a free short story that combines his two loves by putting Spidey into an adventure in the middle of a gourmet cooking competition? That doesn't sound silly. Now Spider-Man teaming up with Eli Kirshtein, who many will recognize as a former contestant on Bravo's hugely popular Top Chef is silly. But who can you complain? It's another free comic, and it's available after the jump.

The Ash Citadel

Part of an art installation by Yang Yongliang.  I love how he made something so destructive look so beautiful.  The cigarette ashes were created by layering thousands of value coded collages of different buildings from photos.  Considering the scale of the installation, its a pretty impressive feat.

Thundercats Remake: Trailer

This sneak peek footage was just recently shown on Cartoon Network, showcasing a little bit of the animation style and world, as well as a slew of unseen characters. The new series looks like it will focus on the world of Thundera before the events of the 1980's series, which focused on the Thundercats escaping their dying world due to a cataclysm and everything after that.

All the classic characters return, in a much darker style than the original series. The animation looks great courtesy of Studio 4°C, a Japanese studio that brought us titles like the Animatrix and Tekkon Kinkreet. We're looking forward to seeing how this turns out. I'm personally glad we get a glimpse of Snarf in the trailer.

The original Thundercats pilot after the jump!

Bulletstorm Dialogue

Don't get me wrong, Bulletstorm was a game created to be a tongue in cheek, light hearted shooter about frags, combos and skill kills. But it seems like the f word and b word were filtered out for the new star, the dick word. Son of a dick? What the dick? Sushi dick? Fascinating stuff, Epic.

Feb 26, 2011

Obey The Swan

If you start to see these popping up around your neighborhood, remember that its not the 'Obey Andre the Giant' street art movement by Shepard Fairey.  More like a really cool Black Swan tribute by a fan, Phil Jones.  Ballet is serious business.

Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery EP

S:S&S EP is a video game collaboration between Toronto musician Jim Guthrie and developer Capy (Critter Crunch, Might & Magic DS). For those of us who have been following along, we've been waiting for its release quite some time, and it finally looks as if its arrival is almost here. The video above is a fun, self-aware twist on the conventions found in video game trailers. It perfectly sets the tone for what I imagine the game will be like: slick, funny, bizarre and all kinds of intelligent. The game will be available on Apple's App Store for the iPad at launch, preceding the iPhone and iTouch versions.

See gameplay footage and more information after the jump!

The Truth Behind Charlie Sheen

If you haven't heard what has happened with Charlie Sheen.....where have you been? In a new twist outside of the Drug-Induced Sex Porn Mansion (do your research, it's all true sirs), turns out calling your executive producer a "piece of s**t" might not be a great call.

Sheen had been conducting several interviews where he was making some pretty notable statements about the decision by CBS, Warner Bros. and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre to temporarily (at the time) shut down production this season due to Sheen's ongoing substance abuse problems and the associated legal and medical scenarios surrounding him.

You can hear the interview here. Also, in a new moment of bad choices, he wrote an open letter aimed at Chuck Lorre for not putting Two And A Half men back into production this season, he used a few....choice words. I really don't think the show has long to live.

So, all of us here at Awesome Robo talked to some sources, and we managed to get the leak of the last episode, leaked for your pleasure:

We love you, Mr Sheen.

Real Steel: Best Movie Premise Ever

This seems too good to be true. I'm guessing that some Hollywood writer, bored of writing reboots of eighties movies recently went to the Toy Store with his son and found a dusty box of Rock Em Sock Em Robots tucked away behind Pokemon Monopoly and experienced divine script inspiration.

Spoilers: Pretty much the movie in a nutshell.
The premised of the movie is absolutely hilarious, starring Hugh Jackman as a washed up fighter who trains a scrappy junkyard bot to be a champion.  I mean, how many drugs was Hugh Jackman on to sign up for this?  Either way, I'm still going to drop money into watching a film adaptation of a game I used to play as a kid.  You've won me over, Real Steel.

Mass Effect 3 Fanart Makes The Wait Less Painful

The wait for Mass Effect 3 is killer. Whilst waiting for one of the most anticipated games of this year, this amazing fan-art will do. This guy would be home amongst professionals, and makes the wait for the end of the year that less painful. I would buy and hang these in a second.

Check for more after the jump.

Walmart Shopping List

An alleged shopping list found discarded in a Walmart.  In your disbelief your mind will tell try to rationalize it in the simplest way possible:  "Oh, how cute...a list written by a 2nd grader who likes junk food."  But alas, wait till you read the last item on the list to confirm your worst fears.  We need more cedar cheese. (Via)

Feb 25, 2011

Ke$ha Video Is Hype

Every now and again, mainstream pop artists end up in a perfect artistic marriage with a music video director, delivering something a truly unforgettable and unique. Today, Ke$ha released a video for her song Blow, a whiskey-coated club track that does little to dissuade her trashy image. Director Chris Marrs Piliero (who has directed several videos for The Black Keys in the past) starts things off as a simple unicorn-filled, Lynchian take on the traditional hyper-sexualized pop genre, and it slowly transitions into something totally inspired.

Without spoiling much, the video hits the perfect balance of unicorns, lasers, rainbows, sketchy acting and James Van Der Beek. For the attention deficient among you, skip to 2:40, that's when things turn the hell up.

The Running Man

Perhaps one of the most complete-story shorts of the then-modern anime and ridiculously infamous for not being elaborated on.

This six minute short established a plot I found incredibly intriguing with an amazing look that hasn't been replicated since.  I found the plot of this tiny short more intriguing than dozens of movies I've seen in the last few years.  Anime in the eighties had a very gritty, realistic cyberpunk style that is seldom found anymore.  I remember reading about a follow-up film/book expansion called "Season of an Id" back in the late 90's but nothing ever came of it.   Its a pity.

Best Cookware Ever

Wanna know how to make this bad boy?  The best cooking product EVER will be revealed after the jump!

The Biggest Loser: Otaku Edition

Editor's note: This article was co-written by Nathan Evers and Rezz.

Here at Awesome-Robo we've remained relatively neutral in all levels of nerdom and geekery, even for fans of the otaku culture. However, I have stumbled upon something so truly awful it must be shared: America's Greatest Otaku. With something as unbearably awkward as this I'd normally recommend to give it a watch, but that would be similar to handing you a bag of dog shit and telling you to take a bite and then another, and then another for the next 40 minutes.

Fortunately, I've taken it upon myself to watch this filth so you don't have to. Hit the jump to begin the first entry of many more comprehensive recaps to come!

Mutated Japanese Dogs

This just isn't normal.  It just doesn't make sense..Whats wrong with this cluster of dogs?  Going absolutely nuts over a pile of Cabbage?  Sinister things are afoot in the land of the rising sun.

Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Disappearance

Ezio will embark on a relentless quest in the new downloadable content Assassin's Creed Brotherhood: The Da Vinci Disappearance.

After the fall of the Borgias in Rome, Leonardo Da Vinci is kidnapped by the Hermeticists, an underground cult dedicated to transforming mankind. Ezio will embark on a relentless quest to recover stolen paintings in order to find Leo before it is too late, discovering two new locations and two new gameplay features along the way in The Da Vinci Disappearence. Nether of these features have been described by Ubisoft.  Trailer after the jump.

Libyan Pitbull

A protester in Libya holds up an awesome sign saying 'Dog for sale' regarding the pretty unpopular dictator of 42 years and counting, Gaddafi.  We hope they get their revolution.  Sure its a great message, but did anyone else notice that this guy has quite a knack for drawing Anime?

Feb 24, 2011

Cats Have Thumbs Now

Our species is finished.

Sega Genesis Classic Collection Puts Dreamcast Collection to Shame.

The Sega Mega Drive, or as you yanks call it the Sega Genesis, was one of the first consoles I ever owned. It's a beautiful machine with some classic games. Maybe you've got a few downloaded on PSN or XBLA, or on your PSP. Perhaps you would like the classic games in one place. It's happening, so throw every other copy away because this collection will make you extremely happy. Being released in Four Volumes, some of the greatest Sega games of all time, including Golden Axe, Sonic 1/2/3 and the Streets of Rage series are being released in these disks. With this much entertainment, it feels like I should be giving Sega something.

Oh, Right. I'm giving them my money. Never mind.

For the full list and more details, click after the jump.

Ubisoft wants you to Swing

Words.....can't.....describe.....this video game.......

Words really can't. You have to watch it:

Banksy Hits Hollywod

Banksy, possibly the most well known street artist has set his sights on Hollywood recently. One of his most impressive (and my opinion awesome) is this billboard that was hit up on Sunset Boulevard a few days ago. Banksy has always had a tendency to use mice and rats for his pieces, so it's not a surprise to see Mickey and Minnie touched on. [via: WoosterCollective]

Banksy has two more Hollywood pieces after the jump.

Awesome Robot Covering Kapow! Comic-Con!

That's right! It's just been confirmed that I will be covering Kapow! Comic-Con, the convention Mark Millar is launching, which is supposedly London’s answer to San Diego Comic-Con. The con will also play host to the first ever Stan Lee Awards. The event will also contain the premiere screening of Millar’s directorial debut, Miracle Park. Guests include John Romita Jr., Andy Diggle, Jock, Steve Dillon, Duncan Fegredo, David Hine, Simon Furman, John McCrea and Kieron Gillen, Frank Quitely, Lenil Francis Yu, Dave Gibbons, and of course Mark Millar. Check out the Official Site.

What would you like to see covered? This coverage is all about you! Take a look at the official site, and as a journalist I will try my best to cover what you want. You can discuss it on this thread in the forums, drop me an email (subject title Kapow!), or reply to this post!

Kapow! Comic Con takes place at London’s Business Design Centre in Islington on April 9th & 10th, 2011. I will be covering the event on the 10th.

Kapow! Comic Con Trailer from kapowcomiccon on Vimeo.

Oh, The Cat Man!

David Silis made a short to show us that when we are at odds with each other, that crazy cat man will show up and bring us back together. Cat man will shake up your life when you least expect it, a symbol of chaos that is not in our control. Or I might be reading way too much into this.

Submitted by Davis Silis

The Art of the Dance

There is an art to a good fight entrance -- a particular set of swaggering skills. You simultaneously express your personality, your style; hype the crowd in/against your favor; and put the fear of God into your opponent. The message is clear: You don't want to fuck with me, holmes. Entrances can be somber, suspenseful affairs such as Kane's in the WWE. Or as intimidating as Mike Tyson. Or as goddamn catchy as Kelly Kelly's entrance music. What we see here is a culmination of all these elements. Without spoiling the result, I can safely say that his exit is the perfect capstone to an otherwise miraculous entrance.

Browncoats, Make Some Noise!

This week, it was announced that Firefly would be rerun on TV, in HD. Entertainment Weekly spoke to Nathan Fillion, who plays the main character Mal Reynolds, after the announcement. They asked if he'd ever reprise his role as Mal, naturally he said yes and added this little tidbit: "If I got $300 million from the California Lottery, the first thing I would do is buy the rights to Firefly, make it own my own, and distribute it on the Internet."

This being the same internet where you can campaign for a Robocop statue to be built in Detroit, you can now help Nathan Fillion Buy Firefly. How? Why? After the Jump.

Doctor Who and the u r doin it wrong

Ahhh, Daleks. All British Children cowered in fear at the sight of them during childhood whilst watching Doctor Who, it's a passage of rights for our entire country. But what makes them so scary? I still can't figure it out. But as this costume proves, even when they are made in a silly cosplay tribute, they look pretty silly.

Sent to Us from Dalton Lane.

30 WTF Canned Foods

Nothing like soggy wheat bread to get my day started right.
In honor of the crazy ass things we put in cans because we're too lazy to prepare them ourselves, we present our newest list... 30 WTF Canned Foods!

Daft Punk Cola

Coca Cola just revealed a new collab between themselves and Daft Punk, which will result in a France-only limited edition box set that will be offered only in exclusive clubs and the French store known as Colette.  The gold and silver bottles reflect the color of the duo's helmets.  Interesting stuff, but what about the rest of us?  Expect exorbitant prices, coming march 2011.

Some music from the upcoming campaign after the jump!

Alice in Wonderland: Choose Your Drug

My oh my!  It's like being at a buffet: Where to begin?!  Take the narcotic tour after the jump!  Via The Sarcasm Society

Photo Opportunities

Artist Corinne Vionnet has created these beautiful pictures of landmarks around the world by superimposing hundreds of tourist-taken photographs together. The outcome are blurred, ethereal images that Vionnet says are, "intrinsically linked to the people who took these pictures." While she doesn't immediately choose to condemn the act of tourist photography (or, as Susan Sontag proposes, "photograph-trophies") -- a position I have no problem defending in our social networking-dependent culture -- she instead chooses to focus on the phenomena of collective memory related to picture taking.

More images after the jump.

Feb 23, 2011

Movie Critic Cat Tells It Like It Is

With such a simple statement, this cat has legitimized itself as an authority of the cat critic world.  Critic Cat appears. (Via)

Get Your Beaver Hair Out Of Here

I honestly have no words after watching this. Just watch it and hope any Spanish lessons you may have taken will not affect your enjoyment of the video (if you understand Spanish, just pretend you don't). Also keep in mind, grills and fixies don't mix.

Bad Robot!

What's a Bad Robot? That's the name of J. J. Abram's production company. This awesome 10" figure is based on the Digital Model, and is limited to 1000. It's also only $89.99, if you have the money to throw down, and is available over at this site. It's still pretty to look at though, and the Slusho bottle did make me laugh!

Mirai Mizue

Earlier this morning, we posted a short film featuring hand-drawn animation by Headless Studio; I'd like to introduce another hand-drawn animator: Mirai Mizue. Recently, this Japanese artist has completed an animation-a-day project called Timbre A-Z, each video is a 30-second vignette showcasing Mizue's distinct abstract style and sensibilities.

Mizue's explosive minimalist animations create psychedelic, complex patterns with overlapping cell-like creatures. With very simple forms and sounds he creates an overwhelming euphony (sometimes cacophony) of stimuli. I adore Mizue's clever use of color, movement and space to keep his animations engaging despite a limited visual and sound palate to work from.

Check out the video above, and more after the break.

Spider Anatomy

Looks about right to me. Death to these nasty little buggers.  Via Cracked

Classic Animation Is Not Dead

Just when I thought that classic animation would never come back, somebody comes along and does a project that shows off that hand drawn animation can still look fantastic, and relevant in this day and age.  The Barcelona based team at Headless Productions did an amazing job creating some incredibly fluid animation, with appealing design aesthetics that remind me of Pixar somewhat.  Hope this pilot for "I'm A Monster" gets picked up.

Check out their studio reel after the jump!

Batman Inc. Figures (Season 1) include Knight & Squire?!

Man Of Bats? Knight & Squire? We were told these figures were the most unlikely figures we would ever see. But yet the first Series of figures from Grant Morrison's hit series includes these characters, as well as Damian (The current Robin and Bruce's Son) and the Big Bad Bat himself Bruce Wayne in his Batman Inc Suit.

These figures will be hitting the shelves on the 6th of June this year, and you can see a close-up of the figures after the cut.

R.I.P. Nicholas Courtney 1929-2011

It is with great sadness we bring you the news that actor Nicholas Courtney has passed away, aged 81. Who is he? Well, one of my childhood (and modern) heroes. He played the classic Character Brigadier, who is one of the most famous Doctor Who characters in it's entire run.

Courtney played a huge part in classic-era Doctor Who, starring in over 100 episodes between 1965-1989. His first appearance was with the first Doctor William Hartnell in The Daleks’ Master Plan.
Courtney returned to the show in 1968 this time playing Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, a character who would go on to battle monsters alongside five incarnations of the Doctor. No mean feat.
Courtney reprised the role one last in time in 2008, when he helped his old friend Sarah Jane in The Sarah Jane Adventures story Enemy of the Bane.
Sadly, the Brigadier never got the chance to meet a modern-era Doctor, although the character was referenced a couple of times.

Rest in peace Nicholas Courtney, a true Doctor Who legend, and one of my heroes. You will be missed.

Slippers For Your Pug

This is only adorable when pugs do it. I'm sure someone is going to attempt to sell customized slippers with your own face on them after they see this. You hear that slipper makers? You've been handed a genius idea. Credit where credit's due.

Infinite Waterfall

This project will ruin your mind and make you believe in perpetual motion for a minute or two.  Wait for it.  Projects like this are awesome, yet ultimately end up working from only one angle.  An awesome illusion.

Detroit Getting A Robocop Statue: A Preview

After the internet united to get Detroit its Robocop statue to bring the city some hope, the goal was met..And exceeded by nearly $10,000 within just a few short weeks!  These images show the first production shots of the statue.  If there was a cause that needed to be won recently, this is it.  It gives me hope for the future.

Feb 22, 2011

Nicolas Cage, Coming from Where the Sun Don't Shine

In 'Ghost Rider', Nic Cage plays the part of a soldier of hell come back to life. What do you get if you combine this with his other amazing role as a master car thief from 'Gone in 60 Seconds'? Nicolas Cage is still sporting his long greasy locks, and this time HE'S ANGRY!

That's the PG trailer, for a true look at how amazing this movie will be, check out the NSFW trailer after the jump!

Not Quite Toad Slavery: I Hear They Get Payed Minimum wage

This animated GIF, created by the deviantart user Popo-licious, is "inspired by a mini-game in Mario Party II....There are two teams, with two players on each side and two sets of conveyor belts, one with cakes and the other with strawberries. The goal is for the teammates to bring their cakes and strawberries together in the center of the factory and create a completed cake. It's really cute."

That it is. I'm in love with it, and I could stare at it for hours. It does tempt me, making me want some cake....

Dammit. My Diet was going so well.

Holy Sh**: 25 Years Of Zelda

Well, Zelda fan art doesn't get much better than this. If I could fill all of Awesome-Robo with this scroll I would, but for now you'll have to visit the link. With a little digging a webpage for the artist can be found here. Unfortunately you'll have to do the translating yourself, my three years of Japanese doesn't seem to be doing much. 

Mass Effect 2: The Arrival UPDATE


The Mass Effect series is one of my personal favourite games series of this generation, maybe of all time. Anything that will keep me playing the game is good news. But through an update of the PS3 game we have discovered more news about the DLC that was announced after the last batch. BEWARE, Spoilers for ME2, and possibly the DLC, after the Jump. You have been warned.

Incept Your Room With An Awesome Poster

All of these awesome alternative movie posters are starting to take over my room. Unfortunately my wallet can't keep up, so instead of buying these amazing posters I only get to look at them as the mock my bank account. You may remember Matt Needle's work from a Spirited Away piece I showed a while back, unfortunately I never got to show anymore of Needle's work. 

Lucky you, I have more posters after the jump!

Guess What I Found In My Backyard?

Time to signal 60's Batman, gang!  (Via)

Turbo Justice

This French animation was done in order to promote a French comic book called Zblu Cops.  All this to promote one issue.  Not bad, huh?  (Take notes, Marvel and DC)  Really reminds me of Viewtiful Joe in that over the top, awesome way. 

Gangsta 'Roo

Yo, what up mate?

The Japanese Art Of Seduction

During spring, Japanese females sometimes have to assume the feared 'pink armadillo ball' form in order to attract mates.  This documentary clip captures the rare footage of this ritual.

Feb 21, 2011

Public Transit Simulator

A magical thing happened earlier this afternoon. I was taking a lavender bubble bath in an ivory bathtub up in my tower of pretension when a courier hawk flew in and dropped a nuclear bomb of hot gaming news into my lap. Without further adieu, hit the jump to see the video which simulates the operation of a double-decker omnibus to painstaking technical detail:

Tiny Wings Is Adorably Addicting

I'm a huge fan of finding new Apps for my iTouch (that's right I don't have an iPhone). Sifting through loads of App Store shit is half the fun, especially when you stumble upon something amazing. That's were Tiny Wings comes into play. This game is goddamn addicting, seriously -- get it now! (And it has birds for you Angry Birds enthusiasts.)

Instead of repeating what the video shows I'll sum it up: you play as a bird with tiny wings, wings so small you're worthless and can't fly. Instead, you slide down Dr. Seuss-inspired hills to launch yourself into the sky, only to painfully fall back to the ground, ultimately breaking your tiny bird legs.

The game is a blast and it's only $0.99. I've already put a couple hours into the game and it hasn't become a bore, especially with the continually-changing scenery.

A Guide To The Fantasy World

I'm impressed. Dan Meth managed to get the majority of popular fantasy worlds all onto one realistic map. He even got Where The Wild Things Are, Hyrule, and Land of The Lost! Dan Meth has a huge slew of other pop culture-inspired charts over on his website, but you can also check out more after the jump! (The Trilogy Meter remains my favorite.)

I May Be Wrong (But I Doubt It)

If you're a freak like me, you watched the NBA All-Star game last night. The East (which mostly just consisted of Celtics and Heat starters) was narrowly defeated by the West, despite a huge 4th quarter rally. If you're wondering -- no -- this year's All-Star circus wasn't at all different from any other All-Star game; players, as usual, stood around watching their adversaries dunk on them while the audience's patience grew more and more thin.

 As the coaches both awkwardly fumbled around trying to distribute time to all the players, we were treated to a highfalutin display of athleticism and aerobatics. The result more resembled NBA Jam than an actual professional basketball game (I may be wrong, but I doubt it). Nevertheless, the weekend was a roller coaster of highs and lows for basketball fans, and one of those highs was this music video gem starring Charles Barkley (who celebrated his 48th Sunday).

The music video above is directed by Spike Lee who gets his Tim and Eric on, directing the lovable trash-talking teddy bear, Charles Barkley. It's an odd smorgasbord of memes and pseudo pop culture references, based upon the Cool-N-Dre remix and T-mobile commercial of similar ilk. Lee and Barkley don't take themselves too seriously in this video, and I respect that lightheartedness. In the comments below, tell us what you thought of the All-Star weekend and what references you can spot in the video!


The greatest feature of the Pokemon Anime is back in the Dub: Who's That Pokemon! It's been off the show, apparently, for a few seasons, and now it's back. I used to know all 151 Pokemon by heart, then 251, then some of the 386, and a then a few of the 493, and now hardly any of the 649. So many Pokemon, so little time.

Check it out, and be like me: trying to guess random Pokemon names because I have no idea what that pigeon-shaped thing is.

Presidents' Day PunchOut

Because everyone wants to see this go down. It's a special Get Job for two of our Presidential heroes. Check out this and more at Get Job.

Minecraft IOS: AKA Goodbye Free Time

Well, the little free time I had. Minecraft creator Markus Persson told Gamasutra that a new Mojang employee, Aron Neiminen, is working on the port with a release targeted for 2011.
The unofficial version may have been taken down faster than a Creeper blowing up hours of work, but it will be replaced with an Official App.

No word on Multiplayer or if it will hit Android. Persson also said that not every update for the PC/Mac beta will be implemented in the iOS version, but that instead Mojang will curate the feature set based on what "makes sense" for the iPhone and iPad controls.  Well, time to go change my pants.