Nov 30, 2011


In a trippy, funny and cartoony video the guys at Nike are able to explain almost every big move they've made over the past 30 + years in this video called, "Tales From The Kitchen." The whole idea of presenting this new sneaker tech, known as the "Hyperfusion" in a Tales from the Crypt/Dexter's lab style is something to give them props about.

Add the music, featuring Shuggie Otis at his finest, and you get one of Nike's geekiest and smartest advertisements they've released in a while. You can check out Shuggie Otis' track, Strawberry Letter 23 after the break!

Tim & Eric's Billion Dollar Teaser

A teaser for a teaser? This first, severely wtf look at the feature film supposedly will revolve around Tim&Eric trying to get a million dollars to make a film. From this first glance, it seems like their very distinct brand of humor will be center stage. While I don't think it will do well with mainstream audiences, the rest of us will be eagerly awaiting to see if Pep pep makes it on the big screen. This is going to be one hell of an interesting movie.

Joining Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim in this feature will be the likes of: Will Ferrell, John C. Reilly, Zach Galifianakis, Jeff Goldblum, Robert Loggia, Will Forte, Erica Durance, William Atherton, Ray Wise, Mark Cuban and Costas Mandylor. It'll be available via video on demand starting January 27th, 2012 and will hit theaters (Probably very briefly) on March 2nd.

Little Printer: Your Awesome Little Desktop Companion

Little Printer is an awesome little gadget that will be arriving sometime in 2012, to give your online experience a slightly more analog feel. The concept is simple, and fun. Depending on what type of subscriptions you have on your phone, you'll receive a daily feed of news, puzzles, to do lists, trivia, reminders and messages from friends in a mini newspaper format. Who knows what this thing will cost, but I find myself strangely compelled by this retro futuristic little device. You can find out more about it here.

Nero: Reaching Out

I absolutely love, love, love this music video. The concept might be obscure to some, but its basically a recreation of the opening of the classic eighties series, Miami Vice with bits and pieces of other TV shows from that era. Its got that distinct look that defined the eighties, with its opulence, distinct fashions, transitions, fonts and VHS like feel. Fantastic idea executed in a way that exceeds the actual source material.

The Art Of 非

Untitled (Via)
非, also referred to as YDK Monroe is a Tokyo based digital artist who creates some truly haunting imagery mainly focusing around some profoundly damaged looking male subjects. She pulls off a sense of confusion, despair and loss in all her images, with a reoccurring theme of mouths scarred with an 'X' shape. There's a definite sense that all of her subjects are simply falling apart or scarred in some way or the other. Her pieces feel deeply personal, and I can't help but wonder what they truly mean to her..Despite a lot of digging, her pieces are on the most part untitled and she also barely shares any personal information about herself. Check out 7 more pieces after the break.


What happens when you realize that your world as you know it is completely artificial? You break out and explore whats truly out there, a collection of bizarre worlds. This creative video project gets truly meta towards the end, looping back to the start in a pretty unexpected manner.

Improv Everywhere: Mall Musical

Flash Mob videos are something that make me instantly smile.  I have yet to encounter one in person (boo), but I hope to at least once.  Hell, maybe I should try to find a local one, and join?  Hmm... Theatrical endeavors aside, the group Improv Everywhere have recently debuted their Christmas-themed bit, Mall Santa.  Because, you know, you're never too old to sit on Santa's lap.

Nov 29, 2011

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time

Ever wanted to play within the Doctor Who universe with a bunch of 12 year olds hurling abuse at you? Well this may be the closest you will ever get.

Doctor Who: Worlds in Time is a browser-based online game set in the universe of Doctor Who. Players are time travellers helping the Doctor solve a mystery that threatens the very fabric of the time stream. What mystery? Who, what & where? Who knows, but the game will include monsters from both the original and new series which pleases me as a Doctor Who fan.

If you're interested you can try out for the beta here. I'm sure it's not going to be the most amazing game ever but it's free and aimed at kids so I hardly think my opinion matters. Plus I'm more excited than those silly candy eating children.

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mixtape

If you're still digesting all of the Thanksgiving goodness and subsequent leftovers, never fear.  This week's Cute Mixtape is here to entertain and soothe you.  Let the fluff and "squee!" guide you through the week.  Four more after the jump!

Maschinen Blitz

Kitten sold separately.
Maschinen Krieger is a line of scale models kits based on the universe created by Kow Yokoyama, Hiroshi Ichimura and Kunitaka Imai in the 80's.

With aesthetics that probably went on to inspire the works of Junji Okubo, Krieger presents a retro space look that seems borrowed from early space science fiction movies, The series has a solid fan base that collects and share designs interpretations from all over the world ( mostly in Germany and Japan) like this site, that really takes things into a whole different level.

There seems to be no coherent storyline and some data overlaps with older documents and stories but it doesn't really matter, as the models look awesome anyway. Check out a few more images of cool Krieger kits after the break!

DUST 514: A Taste Of The Vehicles To Come

The Caldari Gunnlogi Tank (Via)

CCP, the Iceland based studio has been hard at work on a FPS ground expansion of their popular space sim, EVE online for a few years now. These are the first vehicle concepts to be released, courtesy of Kemp Remillard from Massive Black and William Chen of Supalette (Who's painterly style reminds me a lot of Craig Mullins). Very cool concepts showcasing just a small handful of vehicles that will be present in the final product. You can read more about the roles of these vehicles on the Playstation Blog.

The Gallente Prometheus Transport

Gallente Limbus Logistics Vehicle

The Night We Were Kings

This incredible little animated short was created by a group of students who go by the name of the 'Cube Creative' at Les Gobelins. Its a fantastic short about a moment most people end up having and remembering for years, an evening spent aimlessly wandering yet somehow full of incredible experiences. Its crazy to think that this was created by the class of 2013, but at the end of the day we're always stunned at the quality of work that Les Gobelins puts out.

Nov 28, 2011

Ken Russell Was The Pinball Wizard

Unfortunately the film director Ken Russell passed away today. For those who are unaware of his work, Russell was a famous English film director who was considered a pioneer in both television and film industrie. His trademark flamboyant and controversial style earned him a spot in English pop culture history.

He also directed one of my favourite films of all time, "Tommy." The film came out in 1975 and was a musical based upon The Who's 1969 rock opera album musical by the name of well, "Tommy." The film revolves around a psychosomatically deaf, dumb and blind boy who becomes a master pinball player and the object of a religious cult because of it. It's a masterpiece and if you haven't watched it put in on your Netflix right now! Rest in peace Ken Russell, and thank you for one of the coolest films I've ever seen. The above is a sample from the film, the song Pinball Wizard with the one and only Elton John.

But before we go a quick fun Awesome-Robo trivia track! The film Tommy was actually filmed in my hometown of Portsmouth and burnt down the pier during production. The city museum also has some original memorabilia from the film inside so remind me to take you next time you're down.

The New John Carter Poster Is...Interesting

Looks like a 60's novel cover. (Via)
This John Carter poster is a bold move for Disney. In terms of marketing, many people still haven't even heard of the film, but despite that they're pushing for an avant garde poster style. It reminds me of the Prince of Persia posters (but with much more effort put in) with a unique, Mars flavored twist. That being said, doesn't John look out of place? Also why don't they put the Mars back into the title? I hate to admit it but most movie goers will look at this poster and be completely confused out of their minds. It makes a good discussion point, but it's a risky move to go this bold. Also, what the hell is up with John Carter's proportions? Oversized head, stubby arms, inflated legs..How did this get greenlit?

Kalle Mattson - Thick As Thieves

We always love coming across really cool, homemade projects like this.  A group of friends spent 6 months making this stop-motion music video using fabric and paper.  It's a pretty fun animation chronicling the history of the world, from the age of dinosaurs to present day.

Bi-Sports By Je Suis Bien Content

These fun mini ads were created by a French animation group known as 'Je Suis Bien Content' (I'm really happy) to promote fictional combo sports that would actually be pretty hilarious, if not completely impractical. Check out two more of these bi-sports after the break!

Cup Noodle Bot

As a celebration of Cup Noodles 40th Year Anniversary, the company is releasing a special edition Cup Noodle Bot that doubles as an awesome cooking timer. Despite me swearing off the stuff after four years of college spent eating it, I'd absolutely reconsider buying an industrial sized pack of Cup Noodles if they offered this bot as an incentive outside of Japan. Who wouldn't want an army of these guys?

Santani's Creations

My Little Dragon: Pearl (Via)
These cute critters were created by the Moscow based artist/doll maker known as Santani. I literally confused this image when I first ran into it for some sort of CG piece, until I tracked it back to the gallery where I realized its handmade. Santani uses clay, faux fur and intricate hand painting to create some truly unique and adorable looking creatures. Check out more of his work after the break!

McBess And Nissan Team Up

A cool ad collab between Matthieu Bessudo (AKA McBess) and Nissan to promote the unfortunately named Nissan 'Qashqai' vehicle. The ad features the Nissan bringing life to a mundane world via the colorful, stylized work of the highly celebrated urban artist. Enjoy.

Nov 26, 2011

50 Heroes And 50 Villains By Robert Ball

50 heroes. Click for fullsize. (Via)
Very cool series by Robert Ball, showcasing 50 memorable movie heroes and the flip side, 50 movie villains in a poster format. Check out the villains after the break!

Taku Obata B-Boyizm

This awesome collection of wood sculptures was created to celebrate B-Boy culture in Japan, specifically the group known as Unity Selections based out of Saitama, Japan. These wooden creations encompass all the kinetic energy present in this form of dance, which takes on many flavors depending on the region. Check out a half dozen more colorful B-Boyizm sculptures after the break!

Epic Geek Time: Nintendo MeatSHROOM

While still in a bit of a Thanksgiving food stupor, I came across this video from these guys in Montreal.  Taking a most excellent take on Epic Meal Time, is Epic Geek Time.  This episode?  A Nintendo meat-mushroom hybrid (lovingly dubbed the "meatSHROOM") consisting of pork chops, bacon, mushrooms, and... Jack Daniel's?

Nov 25, 2011

John Carter On Mars Gets Amazing Creature Shot

Science Fiction done the Conan Way (Via)
This is a new creature photo from the movie 'John Carter Of Mars' posted by Entertainment Weekly. We've posted about this film before and I'm pretty damn excited to see how the movie turns out. If feels like it should be getting more love, considering the rather tepid response the trailers have generated. Some people I know who are working on the flick have said it is going to be one heck of a ride. Considering how popular the book is I'm glad I didn't judge the creatures on the very strange shot they added with the trailer. Check out the link above for an interesting interview with the Director, Andrew Stanton.
The movie hits hits March 9, 2012.


Ormie is an adorable pink pig.  He's just walking by, happily minding his own business... when he across the delicious aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookies.  How can he go against his nature?  This little piggy must have his tasty treat.  Poor guy has some difficulty though.  Watch him never stop trying to reach the unreachable. 

Awesome Ride Prank

I can imagine that an amusement park ride operator's job would probably get a bit boring towards the end of the day.  So why not mix things up a bit, and play a [safe] prank on an unsuspecting rider?  Maybe say something along the lines of "the harness isn't working" right before launching his ride?  The reaction is priceless, and I'm surprised he didn't s*it his pants.

Modeselektor & Thom Yorke: "Shipwreck"

Very interesting collab between Modeselektor featuring the very distinct vocals of Thom Yorke of Radiohead. This moody music video features similar themes to M83's Midnight City, with its use of super powered children wandering post apocalyptic landscapes. Despite those minor similarities, it has a different enough sound and mood for it be a complete non issue.


This guy started it all
It's been a while since any Aliens movie has been created. The saga didn't fare that well with half hearted sequels that ranged from good to plain awful.

But Mr Scott in a bold move, is going revitalize the franchise with a sort of prequel that is not really a prequel but a story that happens in the same Aliens universe.

It all revolves around one of the most intriguing figures in science fiction films, the space jockey. This massive lifeform stands in the middle of what seems to be a control chamber in the spaceship found in the first movie, in what is the most memorable scene i can recall of the whole saga.

The space jockey was kind of a mystery, nobody knew much about him and there are a bunch of theories on the web about his relevance on Aliens universe.

Prometheus, the greek myth, is the metaphor that will expand the mythos of the saga, driving the story on a more ''Lovecraftian'' way and will eventually, resolve all the questions that linger over the Mala'kak.

The film is already being filmed, and will be done with a low dose of cgi.

Some of the few new images of the film, here

Nov 24, 2011

Underwater Death Icicle

Sometimes real life has more magic than any work of fiction.  A finger of ice climbs down through the warm sea to kill everything it touches below.

Phantom Cocktails

This amazing intro was created using a Phantom, a series of cameras specialized for slow mo capture. In order to get such ridiculously fluid shots the cameras need to shoot at 5000+ frames per second, which is nothing short of over the top ridiculous. The opening sequence was created by Ty Migota using leftovers from a shoot for Nik Perleros "How To Get Laid." Fantastic soundtrack by the Beastie Boys.

Alain Delorme's CHINESE TOTEMS

Totem 4 (Via)
Alain Delorme's photo manipulation series called 'Chinese Totems' is the result of a practice usually observed in poorer areas and third world countries. This involves being efficient when transporting goods by comically overloading vehicles to save time on trips. Its a fine act balancing a few hundred boxes, tires or other good on top of a simple cart or bicycle. Alain Delorme interpreted these displays symbolically as a form of totem, perhaps of industry or commerce? Either way, Alain found a way to present these in a really cool manner as a set, with a little bit of photomanipulation. Check out a few more of his totems after the break!

Epic Meal Time: Turbaconepicentipede

So in honor of Thanksgiving (If you celebrate it, that is), its time for some Epic Meal Time. They've outdone themselves so much with this terrifying new monstrosity that its kind of scary, topping out at 800,000 calories. Ten turkeys, stuffed with duck, chicken, cornish hen, quail, bacon and stuffing...Covered in bacon, stuffed into ten seperate pigs. And lets not forget the side of Baconators. So yeah, Happy Thanksgiving! If you've still got any appetite after watching this bizarre, and slightly grotesque feast unfold. Check out their 2010 entry, the TurBaconEpic after the break!

Emma Stone Has Poor Balance

Emma Stone made an appearance on Sesame Street recently.  It was her duty to teach the youngin's all about balance (the letter of the day being 'B').  Sadly, her balance is just... off.  Luckily, adorable little Abby Cadabby comes along to bestow her magic on poor, struggling Emma. Props to Emma for having such a good sense of humor.

Nov 23, 2011


This movie showcases the message of internet bullying through facebook. EVERYNONE created this anti-bullying video in a very well filmed collage of portraits any which could be someone you know in school today.

Team Fortress 2 Hat Is Top Notch

And so it begins.....the end of my social life. (Via)
Team Fortress 2 is notorious for being a hat war simulator. So the newest released hats are always a big discussion point. The new hat has caused a lot of talk because it makes you look like a total square. The hat, the "Top Notch" is made to resemble Markus Alexej Persson (commonly known as "Notch") avatar in the artistic style of Minecraft.. Notch is the creator of Minecraft. Minecraft and Team Fortress 2 are two of the most played games on my laptop, and the two combined? YES PLEASE. But I have some sad news. The mask is a one of a kind exclusive to be given to Notch. That's right, you see this mask and you are actually playing with Notch, one of the biggest developers in the gaming world right now.

Shame, I would have brought 10 of the things because they look so darn cool AND cute! It's pretty cute as well and I would love one for each of the class. Alas I'll have to stick with Minecraft Team Fortress 2 skins. Notch, if you read this, I envy you so much!

Fantastic Four #600 Has A Red Hot Secret

What will become of the Future Foundation?
In the pages of Marvel's Fantastic Four #600, the 50th anniversary issue, the series is brought back with a secret that might surprise you. If you're savvy to how comics work though, you probably saw it coming from a mile away. What is this secret? Find out after the jump.

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mixtape

Soak in the waaarrrmmmthh (Via)
My weekly cute-mixtape is back!  I bring you fluffy and otherwise adorable offerings to help you finish off your workday before tomorrow's holiday here in the US.  Unless you are one of the few who do, in fact, work tomorrow.  In that case, may my list be my thank you!  Four more after the jump!

Warriors Of Goja

This group of badass Punjab dudes appeared on a South Indian talent show called 'Adhurs: The Ultimate Talent Show' and proceeded to unleash a complete cyclone of destruction on the set. Lightbulbs were eaten, bricks were smashed on heads, and countless tons of balsa wood and pottery shattered. In a way its kind of like seeing an entire season of Jackass stunts performed in 7 minutes, with the addition of some absolutely hilarious judge reaction shots. These guys went on to win with their over the top performance, winning about 300,000 non Zelda rupees($3500).


Risque (via)
Vania is the Russian artist that comes to my mind  when i think of the way Vogue magazine would have looked like if it had been illustrated in the 18th century.

With a style that resembles the works of Yoshitaka Amano and occult books of the 18th century, her themes gravitate around Victorian fashions and thin, pale, vampire like females posing semi nude for a fashion photographer of the era. A more traditional description of her opus can be found on the link above.

More images after the break!


Kagemu is a hybrid style consisting choreographed live action and projected video interacting together as a fluid mixture. The performance was created as a collaboration between Orientarythm and Nobuyuki Hanabusa, who drew influence from traditional Japanese theater (like Kabuki), and martial arts. The folks at Kagemu have evolved their performance multiple times since their debut in 2007, refining it into a truly unique experience.

Nov 22, 2011


Rainbow blood. (Via)
Nook (aka Raccoonnook), is a 25 year old Brooklyn based artist with a very distinct style that mixes Japanese manga with ligne claire (Think Tintin).

With a consistent body of work, Nook always manages to bring eerie atmospheres, beautiful, vibrant color palettes and intriguing characters into his work. Check out more of his work after the jump!

Follow Up on the Nintendo Real Life Karts

Following up on the awesome pictures released from the 2011 LA Auto Show here we see the Nintendo Karts that were released at the LA Auto Show in 2011. Showcasing the wonderful work of West Coast Customs and what every single 10 year old kid dreams his car would looks like. I wonder if it will let on to a Pimp-My-Kart reality show.

Freddie W's Minecraft Massacre

With Minecraft becoming one of the worlds most popular indie games this year, many players have experienced the love/hate relationship that is playing it. One of the most commonly known is meeting a creeper after having worked hard to gather diamonds only to see it blown up in a second by one of these explosive creatures. FreddieW shows off his awesome video FX skills and brings too life a visual rendition of what goes through our collective minds when a creeper gets too close.

Jeff Wayne's War Of The Worlds Is Almost As Big As Liam Neeson

I have my tickets. I have every release of the musical and although when I heard that the part of the Journalist was being replace (originally played by Richard Burton), I was upset. Having heard his voice for as long as I could remember the news came to me like nails on a chalkboard. When I heard who was replacing him? I was relieved. Liam Neeson is the perfect replacement. Check out more of my reasoning after the break!

DC Comic Fans Rejoice As Booster Gold Series Is Ordered

Well, I was sold on the word "Booster" (Via)
Syfy is looking to bring Booster Gold, one of the most beloved DC characters, to life on the small screen. The project has Greg Berlanti (Brothers & Sisters, No Ordinary Family, Green Lantern) as an executive producer. Fringe's Andrew Kreisberg, who collaborated with Berlanti on ABC's Eli Stone, is on board to pen the script and executive produce.

The Shrine Feat. Fleet Foxes

This awesome music video was created by Grandchildren, an animation studio run by Sean Pecknold (His brother, Robin is the front man for Fleet Foxes) and his friends. This 8 minute video mashes up elements of Bambi, pure nightmares and lovely warm light to create an unsettling, trippy journey through a very fantastical landscape.

Seoul Sessions: Making Anime In Korea

I'm really looking forward to seeing this upcoming documentary by LeSean Thomas, a Bronx based illustrator who managed to infiltrate the Korean animation industry. He's worked on a slew of animated projects including the Boondock Saints, Avatar (Not Cameron, the anime) and the fantastic Black Dynamite pilot we covered a while back. Over the years I've had a chance to see a ton of amazing behind the scenes from overseas studios like Ghibli, Gainax and a few others..But Korean animation studios are uncharted territory. Stay tuned for the full release! In the meanwhile, check out LeSean Thomas' website to see some of his amazing work!

The Loner By FLA

This 4 minute short stars a depressed loner who eventually finds happiness when he finally realizes how much joy his unlikely companion brings him. Its a cool short presented in an isometric fashion, with simple and appealing cel shaded characters and a chill track by The Freaks.

5 Awesome Movember Ads

I had my doubts. (Via)
In case you haven't heard about Movember, its a movement which has been gathering steam over the last few years with a relatively simple goal: Growing a mustache to raise funds for male health issues during November. The thing about mustaches in this day and age? They're not exactly what would be considered 'in.' We're living in a decade of beards, goatees and other variants of facial hair because society as a whole is going through a phase where bearing a mustache is the equivalent of marking yourself as some sort of deviant.

This clever set of ads by Bensimon Bryne seeks to point out that Movember is not about facial hair based stereotypes, but about defying social norms for a good cause. Check out five more of these Movember ads after the break!

Blind Kitty Gets A Second Chance

Sweet little Oskar the blind kitty has just been made so happy.  He has been given his first toys, including a little ball with a bell in it.  It really made me d'aww to watch this sweet little guy.  I was due for a good cry, anyway.  While you may also shed a few tears while watching this, at least be comforted in knowing they're happy tears. 

Nov 21, 2011

The Dark Knight Rises All Over Empire

One last time....(Via)
As an Empire subscriber, I get all sorts of cool movie promo items through the magazine. This month? I got a special edition cover that blew me away, and an article which gave an exclusive look at the new Batman film with all kinds of new information, details and confirmations. Want to know why Bane has the mask? I won't spoil it just yet, so go pick up an issue. I'm going to frame this special edition and hang it on my wall.

A Sneak Peek at Game of Thrones: Season Two

Winter is coming. But after winter, comes spring.  Next spring, April to be exact, season 2 of HBO's Game of Thrones will debut.  It may be hard to believe that I'm becoming a true Game of Thrones fan, considering that I'm still working on book 1.  Unless I'm waiting at the airport or the laundromat, I have a hard time sitting down to a book.  Which is a drastic change from my younger self, but I digress.  Here we have a sneak peek into season 2, currently in production.  I can't wait for April, and will do my best to avoid spoilers online.  Enjoy!

Art Of Njoo

Saladin (Via)
Andrew Hou, aka nJoo is a professional concept artist from South Korea with a very cool graphic style that really reminds me of Matt Rhodes. When designing characters, he's got a very distinct knack for creating some very unique silhouettes from character to character which helps him stand out from the crowd. Check out more of his work and illustrations, including his badass biker Akuma tribute after the break!

Address Is Approximate

A very creative stop motion short using Google maps street view as a major starting point. A toy escapes its grim reality as a neglected desk novelty by embarking on a cross country road trip to the Pacific via Google's service. Fantastic work by Tom Jenkins of Theoryfilms, who produced, animated, filmed, lit and edited the film.

Infra By Richard Mosse

Vintage violence. (Via)
 These ridiculously striking images by Richard Mosse were captured in the Congo using a special film called Aerochrome, which is typically intended for aerial infrared photography. The result of using this film results in 'false color,' resulting in the pink and red vegetation seen in the images from this set. A very cool, unorthodox approach by Richard Mosse to get a truly unique look. Check out 6 more images from this set after the break!

Straight Outta Console: The Nintendo Thumb Mixtape

Straight Outta Console? I see what you did there. Clever girl. (Via)
Heath McNease and his crew released the Nintendo Thumb Mixtape just a few short months back, but why not bring it back up for a fresh crowd? Using old school crunchy beats as the foundation for their clever rhymes, this entire mixtape is a love letter to an 8bit generation and embracing your inner nerd.

I absolutely loved the sh** out of this mixtape, which is being offered at a name your own price to boot. These guys deserve some love. Check out a fine sampling of the entire mixtape below.

And on a side note, Heath McNease just recently debuted his newest project..A tribute to the WuTang Clan by the name of 'Wed White And Wu,' which is equally excellent. Check it out here!

Nov 20, 2011

Sachin Teng Returns

Zero getting wrecked. (Via)
We featured Sachin Teng a few months back, but we recently found out that the prolific artist has been at it recently, creating some new pieces that were too awesome to pass up. The above image features Zero from Megaman glitching out. Sachin is planning to create a whole series of these featuring various characters from Marvel Vs. Capcom 3, which kind of begs the question..Prints please? Give this guy a like on Facebook!

Check out 2 more awesome videogame flavored pieces by Sachin after the break!

Making Of Evangelion 2.22

If there's anything I love more than watching a movie or anime, its seeing the making of or behind the scenes. This fantastic video shows a step by step rmaking of and remastering of the EVA 2.22 release, including their usage of 3d, compositing and step by step visual presentations showcasing the layering of effects, models and lighting to create the final product. 

Its really awesome to see the process for creating such a beautifully animated series. I'm usually pretty reserved when people use 3d extensively in Anime seeing that its usually considered a cost saving factor, but in this case considering the quality of the animation I can definitely see the reasoning. If you haven't picked it up, its only 17 bucks on Amazon. Check out part 2 after the break!

Other : Science Gone Terribly Wrong

I found this awesome indie movie trailer while digging through some dark corners of Vimeo, and with less than a thousand views..I kind of knew this needs a lot more love. This 15 minute short features Patrick, a brilliant scientist in a desperate race against time to alter a grim diagnosis. In the course of doing so via a series of increasingly bizarre and unsafe experiments on himself, he makes a startling discovery that changes his life forever. This awesome short film will only be screening in select cities, so check out if you're one of the lucky ones. The fact that the short deals with a genius scientist and experiments gone awry really gives me distinct "The Fly" vibes.

LA Auto Show Showcasing Life-Sized Mario Karts

The LA Auto Show, which started November 18 and will run until November 27, is displaying two life-size Mario Kart 7 vehicles.  One is Mario's bright red go kart, and the other Luigi's yellow go kart, and were built by West Coast Customs, the auto body shop seen in Pimp My Ride.  I actually broke out my Super NES Mario Kart the other day, albeit briefly.  I'm a little rusty, but I now have a bit of inspiration to go at it again.

3 more pics after the jump!

Nov 19, 2011

Expendables 2 Poster Looks Photoshopped

A, B, C and D grade celebrities present in this image.
They said that we couldn't talk about Fight Club. But this poster for The Expendables 2 proves that Fight Club is worth talking about, especially with some of the biggest action stars from the past few decades. There's something about seeing Chuck Norris so front and center that just seems so wrong, but right.  This leaked poster proves this film is in the works, and that IMDB wasn't just teasing us about this unlikely sequel.

Personally I liked the first film, despite how cheesy the idea was and I can't wait for more. Time to start counting down the days till 8/17/2012.

Ça Ça Mirlaquerr Feat. Mr. Coo

Awesome music video by Nacho Rodriguez (ha) with poppy, frantic animation and a really cool style created for the Barcelona based experimental Rock group, Lo:Mueso. The music video features his signature character, Mr. Coo trapped inside a bizarre golem of dirt, bugs and other creepy crawlers.

Custom Bikes Of Poland

A really cool featurette about some truly awesome custom made bikes+models originating from Poland set to the excellent track by Kavinsky, Night Drive. Excellent eye candy with some stellar presentation and super slick editing. Love it.

Race: Girl vs. Camel

Of all places to see a girl race against a camel, I probably wouldn't have suspected Arizona.  But YouTuber Alex (also known as "camelsandfriends") lives on a farm in a remote part of Arizona.  Part of that farm includes two camels, Baby and Nessie.  Here, Alex decides to run a race against Nessie, with her very curious run and all.  With limbs like that flailing so closely to me, I'd probably let her win as well.

I, Borg By Jesse Philips: Behind The Scenes

Metallic limited edition, 80 prints. (Via)
Mondo recently released this new limited edition poster dedicated to one of the most iconic villains that the Strek Universe ever faced, the hive minded Borg. The poster sold out within minutes after being put on sale at a random time yesterday, as Mondo posters usually do. The cool thing about this print is that the artist put up a few images of his process online, including thumbnails. You can check them out after the break! And by the way, one or two of these posters are on eBay, for those inclined to spend a little more.

6 Synth Cats

Making music is soooo tiring.
Sometimes we just come across some of the most specific, niche things on the net.  I mean, very niche.  An entire website devoted to kitties with synthesizers?  Because we here at AwesomeRobo absolutely adore kitties, all I could possibly say was, "YES PLEASSSSSE!".  Check out 5 more musically-inclined kitties after the jump!

Nov 18, 2011

Minecraft 1.0 Becomes Reality

Today at Minecon (the Minecraft convention happening now in Las Vegas) Notch pulled a massive Minecraft themed switch which coincided with the super-secret release of Minecraft 1.0, the first full version of the game. What better way to follow this announcement? Have some of the most famous faces in gaming make you a video. Mega64 got the exclusive play test of 1.0 and an exclusive interview with Notch. Apparantly this video went down extremely well at the con , and I think you can appreciate that Mega64 really understands the true secrets behind Minecraft. But now you can experience Minecraft 1.0!

Also check out the awesome Minecraft 360 debut trailer, and the historical intro to Minecon after the break!

The Art Of Mingzhu Yang

Erosion (Via)
I recently ran into the portfolio of Mingzhu Yang, a Chinese illustrator from the Hubei province capital of Wuhan. His fantasy work is truly striking, incorporating unorthodox shapes, colors and tones that give his body of work a truly unique feel. I especially love the mood and atmosphere some of his work evokes, as he definitely pays attention to conveying emotion through his work, like in 'Erosion,' above. He did an amazing job capturing an introspective moment. Check out a few more samples from his portfolio after the break!

Portrait Of A Sword Maker

A very cool, 4 minute look at the art of Katana crafting from the perspective of one of the 30 masters currently doing it for a living. Its awesome to see what this craft means to them on a personal level, and their emphasis on tradition. The fact that this man spent 40 years trying to master creating just one sword is pretty awe inspiring.

AJ Fosik's Beer Sweaters

The holy grail of high level hipsters. (Via)
Remember AJ Fosik, the guy behind those amazing wooden sculptures we featured a week back? Well guess what? Turns out that he's also spent quite a bit of time collecting and rescuing some truly one of a kind sweaters from the 70's and 80's, with a very common theme. Check out 7 more knitted blasts from the past after the break!

Sepalcure: Pencil Pimp

Sepalcure is comprised of Travis Stewart and Praveen Sharma, two typically solo bass artists coming together to create a brand new hybrid sound. The bass driven-track is accompanied by a pretty abstract and symbolism laden music video, directed by Thor Brenne. Great track for a cloudy day. The group will be debuting their LP, "Sepalcure' on the 21st via Hotflush.

Nov 17, 2011

Laura Shigihara: Cube Land

Laura Shigihara, the voice behind the Plants Vs Zombies game has created a very cute and addictive song for Minecraft. And VERY good timing considering the iOS Minecraft game just got released. Both games have been incredible time sinks for me due to their insanely addictive gameplay, so give them a go because at this point you no longer have an excuse!

You can get the song here for free, and be sure to check out her Plants Vs Zombie video too.

Penny-Arcade And Nintendo Team Up, Zelda Style

I'm falllliiinnnggg. (Via)
I'm looking forward to one of the most anticipated Nintendo releases of the year; Zelda: Skyward Sword coming out tomorrow. I'm so excited I'm going to unearth my Wii from the mound of dust that's accumulated on it after 6 months of non-use. But something that gets me more excited? Nintendo commissioned the awesome folks at Penny-Arcade to create a special mini series comic in order to celebrate the arrival of this highly rated new entry to the franchise.

The comic will be released weekly in five installments on a special website that Nintendo setup here. Next frame should be out in a few days time!

Kittywood Studios

I'm crushed.  Absolutely... astonished.  I thought all the internet kitty videos were homemade, and real.  But no, they're creations of Kittywood Studios.  They aren't even always real cats, for goodness sake!  NO REAL CATS.  I haven't been this disappointed since I found out Santa wasn't real.  At least I still have the Easter Bunny.

Bacon Apple Pie. Yes, please!

Awesomeness courtesy of Karen at Tastey Trials (Via)
This isn't the first time we've brought you some sort of crazy food hybrid, usually involving bacon.  But this may be the first time that I haven't second guessed such a creation.  Upon first glance of this heavenly dish, I knew I was in love, with its layering of thick cut bacon and deliciously gooey apple filling.  I think I know what kind of pie I'm making for Thanksgiving right now.  More luscious bacon goodness after the jump!

Una Pieza Mas (A Piece More)

A really cool music video featuring the unique illustrative style of Luis Safa. The track, which stands for "A Piece More" is a simple, but relaxing tune by Marian Ruzzi and Senio Amable (Mr. Kind). Enjoy.

My Bloody Lad: Wizzprod

What I wouldn't do for a pet Frankenstein to do all my evil bidding. This awesome animated short features a young boy going on a rampage after receiving his own pet minion as a gift, until his rough housing back fires on him. The short was created for Wizzprod, a French production company for film production, motion graphics by a group of four interns in their bloody FIRST year at the incredible Les Gobelins animation school, who go by the monicker of 'DeadWalter.'

Jim Murray's Dota 2 Comic: A Thing Of Beauty

As part of Valve's awesome way of introducing lore to players interested in their upcoming free to play timesink from hell, they announced a comic that would introduce some plot elements in a free comic called, "Are We Heroes Yet." A few weeks after said announcement, the comic has finally been published to its completion online, with painterly work by one of the newest artists at Valve, Jim Murray.

His pedigree includes nearly a decade of freelance fantasy illustration, and even a brief stint at Eidos Montreal before heading to Bellevue, Washington to be an in house artist at Valve. Check out a few more wallpaper worthy images, and a few drool inducing sample pages from the full comic after the break!

Nov 16, 2011

Justice League Meet Darkseid. Darkseid, Justice League.

Big, bad and considered a God. (Via)
If you've even read issue 1 of the new Justice League comic this doesn't come as a surprise. But the official DC blog has released the first image of the rebooted Darkseid, one of the biggest and baddest villains in the DC Universe. He also doesn't look very pleased so I guess the Justice League might have the giant battle that will cause the formation of the group. Or just Darkseid complaining about another prank phone call he's received: I haven't read the comic yet folks!

Justice League #4 will be on sale December 21.

How to Spot A Cat Person's Home

As someone who has never had a cat, I'm going to assume this is accurate.  Not much unlike that of a house inhabited by a dog, I must say.  With the exception of the f**ked up mini blinds.  Call me slow, but I always wondered why some people had completely broken mini blinds.  Are they rough-housing like no other, or something?  No, they probably just have kitties.  Window treatment destroying kittehs.  This isn't the first time we've posted stuff from Cat versus Human, so don't forget to check out the rest of Yasmine's stuff on her blog!

Brave, the Full Trailer!

Back in June, we presented you with the teaser trailer for Pixar's Brave.  Set to be released in theaters next June, we now have the full trailer.  It was awesome to get a better look at the art, which is beautiful.  But I wonder how original this story is going to be, based solely on the trailer?  Only time will tell, and we'll be at the theater when this is released.  Also, bonus: did you recognize the voice of Princess Merida?  If watch as much Boardwalk Empire as we do, you'll notice that it belongs to Kelly MacDonald, aka "Margaret Schroeder".

Bruno Catalano: Filling In The Blanks

French sculptor Bruno Catalano works in bronze sculpture, with a reoccuring motif. His figures are always lacking mid sections, and seem to be eerily suspended in mid air. Each of his sculptures feature somebody with a suitcase in hand, usually with an introspective or uncertain expression. The lack of midsection represents Bruno Catalano's invitation to viewers of his works to simply fill in the blanks. Lovely use of negative space and a masterful use of bronze working. Check out more of his unique works after the break!


Video loops synchronized to beats make for some incredibly compelling music videos. This is one of the coolest music video concepts we've seen in a while, and its incredibly mesmerizing (Reminds me of the music video for Chemical Brothers' "Star Guitar" from back in the day). The Italian duo known as M+A deliver some truly unique, upbeat electropop tracks peppered with some truly interesting instrumental flairs. Check out their website for a sampling of some other tracks from their newest release, "Things.Yes."

7 Super Hero Alter Ego Posters By Danny

Snikt (Via)
These awesome print posters were created by the artist known as 'Danny,' showcasing the different sides of various DC and Marvel comic book legends in a simple and very graphic 2 faced format. Check out 6 more of these designs after the break!

Pogo Covers AI: Davyd

Pogo applies his distinct audio visual mashup techniques to Spielberg's 2001 scifi epic, AI. This one's a little more mellow than his usual work, but it fits the overall tone that the movie had. I actually just had a chance to sit down and finally watch the movie, and was kind of surprised by how dark and complex of a story Spielberg managed to weave, drawing inspiration from the works Kubrick and even E.T. If you haven't had a chance to see it, I'd say its definitely worth a shot..Although I can already tell that its one of those 'love it or hate it' films.

Nov 15, 2011

The AwesomeRobo Battlefield 3 Contest!

Hilariously rare Rolling Stone poster not included.

We recently got our hands on a spare copy of Battlefield 3: Limited Edition for PC here at AwesomeRobo HQ. We were going to have a giveaway, but we decided to spice things up a bit this time. You see, our AwesomeRobo mascot has been nameless since his debut with the website sometime in February. So! We're looking for YOU to give our fine robotic mascot (Pictured on top of this website) a name that will echo in eternity.

In return, the winner as chosen by the Awesome-Robo team (We're looking for more team  members, btw), will receive the game pictured above and eternal gratitude.

-This contest is open to anyone worldwide! The only caveat is that if you're outside the US, you will only receive the game activation code via email due to legal issues our nonexistent lawyers can't handle. The physical game will be shipped to you if you're in the US.
-Only one entry per person! Make it count.
-Be sure to include a valid email if guest posting using our comment system. Your email address will be invisible to everyone but the comment moderators.
-Contest ends 11/20, 12:01 am PST, winner will be announced on 11/22. Contest has ended! Thanks to everyone who participated.  We are judging the entries now, and will announce the winner on 11/22.

Good luck and godspeed! And while you're at it, why not give us a like on Facebook?

Happy Birthday Xbox!

This day in history (at least in the great USA) saw the release of the console EVERYONE (including me) scoffed at when first announced; The original Xbox.

The console may have been chunky, and the controllers may have been a weapon of mass destruction (Seriously, those things were massive and sharp!) but they were the start of a great gaming console revolution, and today in 2001 saw the release of the 360 console that would shape things to come. I still use my Crystal Xbox as a stand for my TV because the console is too beautiful to destroy.

Happy Birthday Xbox! It still works and the ads for the 360 are no longer as strange! Sony took that role.

Denver Musem Of Science Gets Playful With "Dino"

Look at the graceful dinosaur, dancing across a wintry landscape.  This majestic beast moves with the beauty of a prima ballerina.  With the holidays and showings of the Nutcracker Ballet just around the corner, I think we may have a new star in our midst.  Ah, if only.  The Denver Museum of Science has come up with a pretty awesome way to advertise their dinosaur fossil exhibit.

Rosa: Bringing Life To A Shattered World

ROSA is a short animated film which has been garnering some pretty significant attention on the international film festival circuits. This ten minute animated short follows the exploits of a cyborg called ROSA, awakened in a post apocalyptic world to carry out her prime directive: Restoring life to a dead world. However, the heroine finds out that she's not the only entity at work in this world, and all hell breaks loose. The short had certain scenes and shots that brought back memories of Ghost In The Shell, and even some of the heavily choreographed cinematic fight scenes from Metal Gear Solid 4.

This project was incredibly impressive for the fact that it was supposedly only created by one person, Jesus Orellana over the course of one year with no budget. The success of this short film, which was officially completed on February 28, 2011 got the attention of Hollywood and according to his bio on his website, he's now at work on his first feature film. That's pretty damn inspiring.

The Art Of Emmanuel Malin

Alice: Return To Madness (Via)
Emmanuel Malin is an incredibly talented French artist with one of the most distinct art styles I've seen in quite a while. He's graphic, colorful, expressionist, abstract at times and most of all..diverse. He's worked as a freelance illustrator for press and various editorials, created concept art for various videogames and MMO's, and even worked on a few short comics. I just absolutely love the dreamy, playful atmosphere he captures in every piece he creates. Check out a few more beautiful pieces from his vast portfolio after the break!

Hunger Games: Dystopian Bloodsport

It appears I have been out of the loop for quite a while.  The new Hunger Games trailer has been recently released, and I'm quite intrigued by this cinematic adaptation of the famous book by Suzanne Collins.  Now that the Harry Potter series has wrapped up, it's time for a new set of films to look forward to.  A futuristic tale of fight-to-the-death games set in a dystopian version of the US?  Based on everything I'm hearing about the books, this movie could be just what I've been needing.

Check out the movie poster after the break!

Nov 14, 2011


This lovely stop motion short was created by Constantine Konovalov in order to illustrate a simple, yet powerful idea. The short features a stop motion short from the perspective of someone looking down, and celebrates the ability to affect your environment rather than being affected by it. In a way its a tip of the hat to everyone who's been able to create or build something that left a mark on this realm. Check out the making of on Constantine's blog, Teeter-Tammer-Tam!

Doctor Who Gets It's Third Big Screen Attempt

Move along, nothing to see here.
Variety recently reported that the Harry Potter director (David Yates) is currently at work developing a feature film version of Dr. Who with BBC's Jane Tranter. But guess what, this has been attempted quite a few times..As a matter of fact, third times the charm.

I'm a HUGE Doctor Who fan. But I really don't think this will work, my reasoning as to why after the break!

Absolutely WTF Movie Trailers From Ghana

So yeah, I guess Ridley Scott just recently outsourced his newest Aliens movie to some truly aspiring 'film makers' in Ghana. This trailer features an Alien that has a gun built into his chest, copious amounts of thrown motorcycles, Terminators kicking? A Youtube channel known as 'Ghallywood' just recently starting dumping these gems online. Check out the hilarious 'Devil May Cry' film (Yes, supposedly based off the videogames) after the break!

The Wood Sculptures Of AJ Fosik

Mastodon Cover (Via)
AJ Fosik's visually striking wood sculptures draw inspiration from colorful wood carvings typical in Indonesian culture, and applies a fully westernized twist to the medium. Instead of demons and deities, his main symbols mainly consist of wolves and bulls. Check out 7 more unique wood carvings by AJ after the break!

Keep Drawing By Studio Shelter

An awesome tribute by the South Korean studio known as Studio Shelter to all the artists out there struggling to get better...Just keep drawing guys. Each frame of this animation pretty much contains a unique character, selling the point that with time and persistence you'll only see improvement. This video could be applied to just about any skill, including blogging (ha).

Blu: Doinnothin' Feat. Ugod

Blu is an incredibly talented MC from LA with a sound that's both forward thinking as much as its plain out nostalgic. This track is an awesome collab featuring lyrics by Blu, an underlying Flying Lotus track (As well as a psychedelic visual treatment from the Lotus crew), and featuring a few choice lyrics by U-God of the former Wu-Tang Clan. You can snag the awesome indie hip hop album "No York!" for free here.

Nov 13, 2011

iPhone 4 Cases Become Much More Handy

A giant finger to Apple (Via)
I have a cassette tape iPhone case. It works well for where I work since I can leave it on my desk and people think its an antique musical storage device. This? This is the kind of iPhone case Hannibal Lector would use.

The Dokkiri Hand Case is a iPhone 4S/4 case that is exactly what it says on the label; an iPhone case in the shape of a hand. A very realistic hand. Why? In the words of the creator: "Yeah, I am asking myself the same thing." This bizarre import will run you a mere $65, and the respect of your peers.

Sparky (NSFW)

Aside from the suggestive and at times super WTF imagery, I think it's the music that really makes this video.  This classic all-American song, a happy and seemingly innocent tune, is the soundtrack to a video involving a strange set of circumstances: A group of firefighters, and their, erm, "pet."  Is there some sort of metaphor here? Care to venture a guess?  Leave your thoughts in the comments!

Fleeting Moments By Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck

A fashion photographer and a professional animator came together to create these beautiful little animations based off of real life photos. On a first glance you might think that these are simply gifs, which use a sequence of stills extracted from video. However, the technique these guys used involves isolating a small part of a photo sequence and making it seems animated while everything else stands still. The technique is relatively new and has been dubbed as a, "Cinemagraph." Check out 11 more of these moments frozen in time after the break!

The Mini Boss

The guys at Corridor Digital return with a brand new run and gun sequence, which thankfully stands out from the sea of imitators with its use of an unorthodox 3rd person camera. Mini Boss attempts to recreate video games in the same vein as Splinter Cell and Metal Gear, with plenty of quick time events to boot, and some pretty tight choreography. Pretty sweet.

Deadvlei's Winter Dream

This video was born as an international collaboration on Vimeo, spearheaded by the filmmaker Ivan Vania. This surreal landscape was captured in Namibia & South Africa, and edited/sound designed/scored/color graded in Italy and Columbia. Overall its a haunting narrative of a beautiful natural landscape filled with all forms of life, with absolutely beautiful cinematography.

Nov 12, 2011

Carson Mauthe Covers Sonic The Hedgehog 3's Ice Cap Zone Pantless

Carson Mauthe is the kind of musician I always wanted to be. For one he can play an instrument. Secondly he makes rock covers of popular video game soundtracks. This time he has covered Ice Cap Zone from Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and has shown us how to ski downhill without a shirt or trousers. It's how most artists do it these days.

Like the cover? Download it here. You can also check out more of his material over at his site, Server Crashers, but we don't want you overloading the server. His band, Against Belief, have a full title album coming out early 2012, so you'll certainly want to stay tuned for that!