Oct 31, 2014

Flying Lotus - Ready Err Not

The latest music video from Flying Lotus' You're Dead! is here just in the time for Halloween. Directed and animated courtesy of David Firth, the ingeniously demented mind behind the mental scar-inducing Salad Fingers series, Ready Err Not takes us into the decapitated mind of Flylo himself; complete with writhing hellspawn, quasimodo axe-men, eye spiders, and mischievous elf children straddling the line of androgyny. Imagine 'Waking Life' as more of a waking nightmare.

Oct 2, 2014

Steambot Studios Launches Urbance Kickstarter

We covered Urbance way back when the story of these gender-bending street warriors was little more than a hyper-stylish proof-of-concept trailer. Look how much a year changes things! Steambot Studios finally launched a kickstarter page for Urbance late last month and the response since then has been staggeringly positive.

"A mash-up of Jet Set Radio and The Warriors"

With over a third of the project's initial funding goal reached and already garnering cosigns from fellow animators such as LeSean Thomas (Black Dynamite) Thomas Romain (Code Lyoko) and Hiroshi Shimizu (Princess Mononoke), Urbance seems poised to break out into the world in full force. I sincerely hope this project reaches its four-hundred dollar stretch goal; I need a full length episode of this!

Interstellar's Final Trailer Slings Us To The Farthest Corners Of The Universe

Christopher Nolan's Interstellar sci-fi odyssey is looking phenomenal. The promotional material and each subsequent trailer leading up to the film's November release date never fail to ramp up the stakes and make the anticipation of waiting increasingly more unbearable. Interstellar's latest trailer shows us glimpses of a world caught in the grip of a global dust storm, crop-dusting predator drones and futuristic robots skirting across snow-capped planetscapes.

While I could jokingly call this "The Farmer Astronaut 2", I am genuinely pumped to see this when it comes out in theaters. I've been starved for an awesome sci-fi epic lately and from the looks of it Nolan is clearly delivering on that. November 7th can't come soon enough.

Flying Lotus - Never Catch Me (feat. Kendrick Lamar)

The video for Flying Lotus' latest single 'Never Catch Me' is equal parts somber and celebratory. Beautiful transitional shots of an empty morgue humming with ambiance segue seamlessly into a church chapel packed with parishioners.The camera pans to the bodies of two young children cut down in the prime of their life. Just as the song ramps up in intensity, the children leap up out their coffin beds in a phantasmagoric display of dance and acrobatics.

Featuring the directorial talents of Hiro Murai, known for his equally bizarre yet beautiful work with Earl Sweatshirt and Queens of the Stone AgeNever Catch Me is true to the song's sentiment that though life is short, death is only the beginning.

Don Hertzfeldt's Simpsons Opening Is Completely Insane

I'm partially kicking myself for having not posted this sooner, but after watching Don Hertzfeldt's mind-shattering opening for the Simpsons' season premiere last Sunday, I needed a couple of days to put my head back together. In his attempt to correct his accidental aging, Homer inadvertently speeds up time and reality to a terrifying alien future of amorphous amoeba-like existence fueled only by capitalism. Sound familiar?

Can't wait to see a David Cronenberg Couch Gag.

Remaining true to his legacy of juxtaposing dark humor and stick figure simplicity, Hertzfeldt's couch gag is a meta-commentary on the once venerable sitcom's longevity and whether anything good can truly last 26 seasons. My question is, how the hell did this make it on the air!?