Apr 30, 2013

Get Back

We live in an era of seemingly endless technology.  I mean, where are you and I (reader and writer, respectively) right now?  With the many advantages and positives that come with any advancement to society, comes a price.  Though perhaps slightly exaggerated for effect, this short film illustrates that price when it comes to how connected a lot of us require to be.  And it's that hyper-connection that can somehow ironically have the opposite effect.  Written and directed by Eliot Rausch.

Empire Of The Sun - "Alive"

The wonderfully eclectic Aussie duo Empire of the Sun finally unleashed a new music video showing that they're around and as colorful as ever, kicking off a new narrative filled with strange deities, mystical moments and an upbeat sound. The synthpop flavored video follows Luke Steele and Nick Littlemore on a journey across various exotic settings in a quest for enlightenment, and it's a rather silly, pseudo-scifi affair, although we expected nothing less. This track has summer mixtape written all over it.

The track is from their upcoming album, 'Ice On The Dunes,' which is out June 18 on Astralwerks.

Dexter Meets Robotic Singularity in 'ABE'

Killer robots are a dime a dozen in modern day cinema, but not everyday do they show serial killer characteristics. Rob McLellan's ABE is a dark and haunting short featuring a an AI who has reached a level of self-awareness that results in some 'dark tendencies.' With subtle nuances to the film Silence of The Lambs and the popular Showtime series, Dexter, this short is a truly twisted tale that deserves to be expanded on.

With a budget of almost nothing, Rob McLellan not only wrote and directed this fantastic short, but also created the films CG animation himself. The entire short is an awesome feat for an up-and-coming director, but it's the films writing that really pulled me in. There's something inherently unsettling about a computerized voice explaining it's method for madness, especially when it sounds so comparable to other famous serial killers.

Pacific Rim - Not All Mechs Are Created Equal

Wondercon brings us a new glimpse at Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming giant robo epic, featuring an international team of Jaegers battling off alien lifeforms hellbent on extinguishing humanity. While the trailer was intended to only be shown at the convention, Guillermo was so impressed by the reaction that he opted to release it to the public, much to our delight. July 12 can't come fast enough.

When legions of monstrous creatures, known as Kaiju, started rising from the sea, a war began that would take millions of lives and consume humanity’s resources for years on end. To combat the giant Kaiju, a special type of weapon was devised: massive robots, called Jaegers, which are controlled simultaneously by two pilots whose minds are locked in a neural bridge. But even the Jaegers are proving nearly defenseless in the face of the relentless Kaiju.

On the verge of defeat, the forces defending mankind have no choice but to turn to two unlikely heroes–a washed up former pilot (Charlie Hunnam) and an untested trainee (Rinko Kikuchi)–who are teamed to drive a legendary but seemingly obsolete Jaeger from the past. Together, they stand as mankind’s last hope against the mounting apocalypse.

For a full lineup of all the currently revealed Jaegers, each with their own distinct look and attributes: Gypsy Danger (USA), Crimson Typhoon (China), Cherno Alpha (Russia), Coyote Tango (Japan) and Striker Eureka (Australia), check out all the promo images after the break! Here's to betting the toy tie ins for this movie are going to be face meltingly awesome.

The Illumiroom

This supposedly official video was just released last night, showing off a proof of concept system by Microsoft Research showcasing an alleged technology that would use projection mapping to augment the gameplay experience in correlation with the Kinect sensor using a variety of different methods. While the idea sounds novel, it's a duplicate of the same concept that Sony showed off back in late 2011 for Playstation Move.

Perhaps we'll be seeing a new breed of peripheral war once the next gen systems roll out this year, although I'm personally hoping that the Oculus Rift will take off and offer players the option of true augmented reality rather than visual gimmicks.

Musical Laser Forest and Company Is All Kinds of Awesome

Lasers are cool and if you disagree than I'm not really sure what's wrong with you. This video gives an in-depth look at the creative process for three of the coolest interactive displays I've seen to date. While the Musical Laser Forest acts as a giant instrument for visitors, the tech behind real-time projection mapping is absolutely mind-blowing.

We've showcased the work of Marshmellow Laser Feast in the past, but being able to see what drives the crew is an experience in itself.

Apr 29, 2013

Sundae Stroll

Student animator Christina Lu has a thing for classic cartoons, and she pulls it off awesomely with her short 'Sundae Stroll.'  Telling the story of a little pup named Bruce, who decides to treat himself to some ice cream. Because, hey, it's the little things in life we look forward to.  Sadly, poor Bruce has several obstacles thrown in his way.

Lu combined old-fashioned, silent-era cartoon, yet modern looking visuals with not so retro Nintendo-esque audio (well, relatively speaking, compared to the visuals).  Altogether it has a real light-hearted, and fun appeal.

15 Famous Movie Portraits By Mike Mitchell


Mondo has always been amazing at two things, finding incredibly talented illustrative artists and selling out of merchandise at lightning speeds. While I've never been able to get my hands on some of Mondo's limited edition posters, they've always been great at providing them online for me stare at longingly.

Mondo's newest series comes from artist Mike Mitchell, spanning over 30 films with a fantastic portrait from each. The gallery is currently being shown at the Mondo Gallery in Austin, Texas; so if you're in the area, I'm jealous. After the break I've provided 15 of the 30-ish portraits that can be seen at the Mondo Gallery where you can spend time wishing you had the money to buy each and everyone.

Titan By Al Jerrek Torijas

Created by self proclaimed pencil monkey Al Jerek Torrijas, Titan is an excellent one minute short created in the style of Studio Gainax and Madhouse, featuring an intergalactic punch off between a cyborg and a rather pissed off crimson creature. Featuring some truly fantastic FX animation and a contrasty style reminiscent of Takeshi Koike's REDLINE, this bite sized animated brawl definitely left us wanting more. Check out two promotional posters for Titan after the break!

The Art Of Goldcucco

GoldCucco is the alias for Greg Wright, a very talented up and coming illustrator with a heavily graphic style perfect for editorial work. Using a relatively subdued color palette, clean lineart and bold compositions, his pieces are all relatively pleasing to the eye. Among some of Greg's inspirations behind his style: Ukiyo-e (Japanese woodcut prints), Greek pottery and traditional Disney feature animation. I especially noticed the woodcut inspiration thanks to the flatness of some of the compositions and the color choices he made.

Greg is currently underway on a truly awesome set of illustrations for each of the 12 Zodiac signs, which we can't wait to purchase in print form. Check out more of his awesome art after the break, and keep track of his relatively rapid progress on his Tumblr!

Russ Chimes - "Turn Me Out"

Directed by Mathy & Fran, Russ Chimes' Turn Me Out is an excellent track to get your week going, featuring a fantastically uptempo sound consisting of retro-synth flecked dance. The excellently edited video embraces the concept of letting go of all inhibitions and simply having a good time, while flickering between four distinct protagonists and plenty of non-sequitur imagery. I've never enjoyed interpretative dance this much.

The Ice Man

There is something mesmerizing about watching an artist work away at their craft, in a sense the entire act is an artistic expression as they work towards their final product. My appeal for this video varied as time went on, at first it began as an inside look at the artist, Trevor Pearson's method of ice sculpting, but it quickly evolved into something more. I don't want to spoil how it all ends, but I will hint that it involves an interesting look at mankind interaction with art. Even if you're not somehow sucked in by Pearson's work, the end is an awesome payoff.

Apr 28, 2013

'Merica By Perin McLean

'Merica is a hilarious little animated short created by Perin McLean, a 4th year animation student over at Sheridian College. During their final year, students typically create a one minute thesis animation showcasing everything they've learned in the process.

Out of the bunch, 'Merica stood out as one of the best overall shorts this year, featuring a rather clumsy astronaut causing a rather disturbing accident with a flagpole. Channeling a little bit of John K (Of Ren & Stimpy fame) and some amazing scream voice acting, this short delivers on all accounts. Check out her blog here for some awesome art!

The Bureau : XCOM Declassified

Last we heard of this retro themed XCOM title was at E3 2011, where we attended a presentation behind closed doors that showed off a very polished, and rather exciting new chapter in the franchise (Check out our 2011 coverage). The game disappeared from public view shortly after, following a public outcry claiming that it wasn't canon with the franchise due to it's retro setting and departure from the turn based gameplay. As an avid XCOM fan, I was disappointed to see such a backlash at an attempt to evolve the franchise, mixing live action and turn based gameplay, as well as the fresh art direction and setting.

I was hoping to get an even more refined look at the game at E3 2012, but 2K opted to show us Firaxis' XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which offered a fun romp into familiar territory as a remake of the 1994 title that made the franchise famous. Fast forward to today, and a new teaser has surfaced to show that this particular iteration of XCOM is still alive and well, minus any form of gameplay, yet. However, the return of the monolithic, nearly abstract alien entities that made the original presentation so impressive, as well as a new piece of concept art showcasing the 'techno-organic' corruption used to terraform the earth and destroy organisms gives me hope that this title will see the light of day. Following a 7 year development hell spanning 3 companies, it's about time that this title got a release.

Apr 27, 2013

Teddy Has An Operation

Youtube user Ze Frank released this absolutely surreal medical operation, devised to uncover what's gone wrong with a certain teddy bear. In this operation you'll find out about the health of teddy's bon bons, play pouch, courage sack and other teddy-organs in this increasingly bizarre operation to bring love back to teddy.

The Art of Naiiadea

From the same stable of illustrators that brought the world of Ankama Studios' Wakfu to life comes the art of Naiiade, a French illustrator working under the tutelage of Xaxaxa, one of the main minds behind the look of Ankama's various franchises. Naiiade's work is vibrant, colorful and fluid, applying the same animation oriented design principles present in his character work to his environments.

Despite never having played the game myself, every time I've seen the art being generated for this franchise I find myself wondering why I haven't taken the plunge just yet (Do it). Check out more of Naiiade's awesome illustration work after the break!

Let's Check Out MONACO : What's Yours Is Mine

For the newest entry into our Let's Check Out series, Chris and I get to check out the top-down cooperative heist game, MONACO: What's Yours Is Mine. The game has been in development for over 4 years, and it's finally hit the market, giving one of the most engaging co-op experiences in our recent memories. Using a handful of different classes, up to 4-players devise a plan to sneak through a level and escape with a near limitless amount of possibilities.

Taste the rainbow.
It's always super refreshing to see an indie game hit the market with the amount of quality and charm that can be seen in MONACO. Pocketwatch Games has provided us with a labor of love that we can't help but recommend to everyone. Pick up MONACO: What's Yours Is Mine today on Steam or head over to the website and pick it up here. For more Let's Check Out and exclusive content, head over to our YouTube and subscribe right here!

Apr 26, 2013

Disney Transforms Spaceship Earth Into Mike Wazowski

It's not everyday Disney gets to celebrate the release of a new Pixar movie, but when that day comes you can bet your ass they'll pull out all the stops to promote it. For the newest campaign, Disney has transformed Epcot into a giant talking Mike Wazowski to promote Monsters University.

While I've been realatively sceptical for the film, the trailers have definitely been hinting at a quality Pixar film. When June 21st rolls around, the truth will be revealed but until then I'll be relatively hopeful that the movie turns out right.

Music Video Roundup : Wild Nothing, Man Tear, Young Wonder

Appetizer: Regardless of whether you were a child of the 80's or not, 'A Dancing Shell' from the Virginia/NY based dream pop band Wild Nothing carries and upbeat sound and cheerful retro visuals to kick off the weekend. With visuals provided by the eclectic Eric Shaw, whose main tools are comprised of gouache, ink and wildly psychedelic thoughts, the entire affair carries a rather pleasant Talking Heads vibe to it.

Entree: A dose of cosmic disco pop is in order from the debut track of the Stockholm based Man Tear, comprised of Axel Boman and Petter Nordkvist. Featuring a whimsical dose of bubbly beats and cheesy lyrics set to visuals of awkward international travel footage in low budget hotels, it's all in good fun. Amore means 'love' in Italian, fyi.

Dessert: Hailing from Cork in Ireland, Young Wonder offers us a haunting, mystical track featuring the incredible vocals of Darragh Nolan of the Sacred Animals. The onslaught of mountainous, natural imagery overlaid at a frenzied pace complements the wonderfully eclectic sound of the track. Keep your eyes out for this duo, they're going places. Directed by Brandon Canty of Feel Good Lost.

Underwater Art Exhibit Brings Culture To The Abyss

Do you like art? Do you like swimming? If you said yes to both, you're in luck because you might have the opportunity to partake in both! Andreas Franke has been a still-life photographer for over  twenty-years, placing models into surreal worlds in which every detail is planned with precision. While surreal photography is fantastic in itself Franke has stepped his game up and employed a unique spin on his displays. You see, Franke's newest gallery is a bit different than your average set-up, and landlubbers aren't invited.

To match the hauntingly surreal underwater scene's depicted in each of Franke's work, the entire gallery is being shown underwater. You read that correctly, if you want to see the work in person you're gonna have to strap on your scuba gear,  because it's waiting for you in the ocean (at least for now).

The entire concept of this makes a bit uncomfortable, as I have a pretty big fear of deep water, but I still find it unbelievably cool. The concept, titled, The Sinking World of Andreas Franke, has been in the works for quite sometime and after sitting on the ocean floor for months, the images have begun to take on a truly unique, organic overlaying filter, adding to the ghostly theme tying the imagery together.

The entire concept is cool as all hell and while I wouldn't go as far as diving down to see it, I'd love to see the photos in person. Hit the jump for a demonstration of part of the exhibit and a few more images, it's pretty damn amazing.

Tavistock 516 By Alberto Mielgo (NSFW)

For fans of illustrator Alberto Mielgo, best know for his work on Tron Uprising, the Harry Potter series, Corpse Bride, and the Beatles Rockband, come a series of amazing, yet distinctly NSFW shorts featuring the wonderfully appealing style of the now London based Spanish director.

Featuring the equivalent of moving paintings thanks to his distinct stroke laying technique (Fat and angular), applied frame by frame. Perhaps there's some use of rotoscoping involved, which might remind some folks of movies like Scanner Darkly, but that is Mielgo's secret to keep, bottom line is that as an entire package, these shorts are nothing short of amazing little bites of atmosphere. Check out another short created for Pinkman.TV after the break.

Apr 25, 2013


Featuring a badass female protagonist for a change, Hybrids is a proof of concept scifi short from animator turned director/writer Patrick Kalyn, who's worked on projects including Avatar, District 9 and other blockbusters at WETA digital, the Embassy and other VFX houses. Featuring an embattled protagonist getting payback on aliens who rid her of her loved one, the action oriented short centers around a few set pieces to sell it's concept. While the story isn't revolutionary in any sense, it's nice to see some directors re-embracing the concept of leading female heroines. If you think about it, where's this generations equivalent of the Ripley archetype?

These types of shorts are dependent on their viral pull to get the attention of the larger studios as viable concepts, (If you remember R'ha, we helped it get some attention for some notable studios after a successful viral campaign) so if you're interested in seeing Hybrids become a feature length reality, don't forget to share it.

Walt & Vervain - "Babe's Lair"

This dreamy music video was created to become the music video to Walt & Vervain's single 'Babe's Lair.' I absolutely loved the ethereal, dream-like atmosphere, and the silhouette style, obviously drawing some inspiration from the game Limbo.  The almost other-worldly track feels very modern, but with a touch of something that feels more vintage, and almost childlike.  There's a definite sense of adventure and mystery, and it's all very hypnotizing to take in.

Giant God Warrior Appears In Tokyo : Studio Ghibli's Live Action Foray And Evangelion 3.33

Studio Ghibli collaborated with Anno Hideaki (Director of Evangelion) on a rather uncharacteristic short for the typically 2D oriented studio, featuring a Kaiju (怪獣 'Strange beast) destroying Tokyo. Featuring a giant sized Kyoshinei creature from Nausicaa: Valley of the Wind, the short was premiered along with the theatrical release of the 3rd installment of the Rebuild of Evangelion series, 3.33. Based off what we know this sequence is a 1:1 recreation of the apocalypse as seen in the Nausicaa manga, which served as the introduction to the film. The Bluray/DVD was just released yesterday in Japanese territories, along with an awesome new trailer.

It has been confirmed that 'Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru (Giant God Warriors Appear in Tokyo,' a short Tokusatsu (special effects) movie created by Studio Ghibli and originally screened in theatres alongside 'Evangelion 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo' will be included on the 'Evangelion 3.33' Blu Ray/DVD released on 24 April 2013.

;Kyoshinhei Tokyo ni Arawaru' (Giant God Warriors Appear in Tokyo) is a short Tokusatsu (Live-action film or tv series that uses special effects) movie created as a promotional video for the special effects exhibition at the 'TOKUSATSU – Special Effects Museum,' curated by Anno Hideaki (Evangelion’s director) at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. The movie was shown with 'Evangelion 3.0' by Suzuki Toshio and Anno Hideaki.'

The WTF Is Off The Charts In 'The Adventures of Christopher Bosh In The Multiverse'

Wait, what the f*ck just happened? I was sitting here and I thought I was watching something, but my memory is a bit hazy. I feel like I just downed an entire bottle of Robitussin and tripped for an eternity, because I truly can't even describe what you're about to watch. Alright, maybe it's not that nuts, but it's definitely up there in terms of experimental animation and I could definitely see it making it's way onto the likes of Adult Swim.

This tripped-out animated short follows the life of the Miami Heat's Christopher Bosh but in a retelling that is absolutely nuts. Ronnie Rivera of Bleeding Palm describes the short as a story about "[basically] what everybody already knows about how Chris Bosh is a disgraced space prince from another reality who saved the human race from that evil space sorceress that one time".

If that isn't enough to perk your interests, you might find it even more insane that Chris Bosh's lawyers are now threatening to take legal action against the folks at Bleeding Palm for using Bosh's likeness. Jesus Christ you guys, can this get anymore insane?

Apr 24, 2013

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine Is Out Now On Steam!

It's been a long time coming, but Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine is finally out on Steam. Originally slated for a dual release on PC and XBLA, it looks like the XBLA game has been delayed but that's not stopping you from picking it up on PC right now!

If you're feeling charitable and have a bit of extra cash floating around, I suggest picking up the 4-pack for yourself and three friends. The co-op is an absolute blast and it's definitely something you're not going to want to skip over.

Music Video Roundup: Young Galaxy, Binary

Montreal's penta-outfit Young Galaxy switched up more pop-oriented sound to switch things up a little with 'Pretty Boy,' a track better suited for the dance floor crowd. Director Luke McCutcheon offers us a snapshot of a rather creepy relationship blooming between two walking simulacra, fitted with some rather unsettling, expressionless latex masks. The track is from their upcoming album Ultramarine.

The visuals of Binary's 'G.O.D.' perfectly compliment the industrial, grungy sound of the track, accented by cooling vovals of David Troster. The video delivers a message of breaking free from monotony, stagnation and frustration, a welcome one for overcoming that mid week work lull!

Michael Cera's Brazzaville Teen-Ager

Not everything that comes from the YouTube channel Jash is required to be a short sketch it seems. In this well-produced short film. Michael Cera plays the role of a young man who will stop at nothing to help better his sick father. Cera's obsession with helping his father leads him into an interesting obsession with life and death and how one out of the ordinary instance can change everything.

I was pretty damn impressed with the work put into this short, especially for something released through YouTube. It holds a very similar vibe to some of David Lynch's work along eery sound techniques really start to f*ck with your head. While it is a bit on the long side (20-minutes) I think you'll be pleasantly surprised with how well this turned out, so long as you're okay with Michael Cera's acting style and a story that makes little to no sense upon first viewing.

The Art Of Jnthed

Jnthed is a Tokyo based illustrator who caught our eye with his highly geometric, acid splashed paintings, mixing digital and analog techniques to explore his 'Geometric molding' style, as he puts it. Selectively colorful and violently angular at times, his pieces exhibit a certain raw, stream of conciousness quality to them, walking a fine line between readability and pure chaos.

Jnthed's works have been exhibited internationally, and he's contributed his more conceptual skills to over 12 years of Metal Gear entries, including the recent Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker and Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Check out more of his awesome work after the break!

Basilisk By Ami Thompson : Ghibli-Esque

Created as a 4th year film by Sheridian student Ami Thompson (An abbreviated version of Mami Uebayashi Thompson), Basilisk is one of the most incredible shorts we've seen created by one person in recent memory. Channeling her inner-Ghibli, this veritable visual treat about a treasure hunting lizard has some of the most fluid, appealing animation we've ever seen a student put out. You can tell she put her all into this one, and I'm sure she'll reap the rewards for her efforts. Truly stellar work, and it really makes me question why we don't have more feature length hand animated work in this style considering the type of talent popping up lately.

Check out her 2013 demo reel after the break!

The Hollywood Bleep-Bloop Supercut And Beyond

Created by the folks at Slacktory and Eclectic Method, these supercuts features an entire compilation of Hollywood's typically ridiculous, exaggerated treatments of people interacting with computers. Wouldn't it be annoying if your PC made sound effects every time you typed something or moved your mouse? As a bonus, similarly crafted odes to Mainframes and Hackers after the break!

Apr 23, 2013

The Mechanical Goodies Of Jparked

As a former Art Center alum, John Park has been impressing mech heads all around with his excellent industrial design skills, the probable outcome of being under the tutelage of industry greats like Scott Robertson. Mixing an impeccable understanding of perspective with a variety of techniques ranging from photobashing (Using photos to add detail to select areas in paintings) to hand sketching and 3D block outs, John's process is constantly evolving towards all new highs.

Currently employed by Adhesive Games, John's been contributing his mecha prowess to expanding the engrossing world of Hawken with some truly diverse designs. Check out more of his work after the break!

Braqueberry - "Blaque Won"

Braqueberry's 'Blaque Won' channels a hefty amount of vintage, remixed visuals as imagined by director Aleix Pitarch, who's direction entailed capturing a world in which: 'Having a Commodore Amiga is like having a Lamborghini or a Ferrari: Groupies appear around you by spontaneous generation.'

The director used footage from mind blowing games from back in the day like Another World and Flashback, which were famous for their rotoscoped, fluid visuals paired with the Toronto/Barcelona based producer's retro beats. Kickass.

Remember When : Nostalgia Bomb

On one hand it gets a bit tiresome to hear how great the 90s were, but on the other hand I completely agree and find myself crying in my bedroom listening to Eve 6 and Everclear on repeat. Yes, everyone enjoys reminiscing about their childhood, but there's something about the 90s that stands out above the rest, although that's probably because I'm a 90s kid myself.

With chiptunes by Anamanguchi's Peter Berkman and voice work by Heather Anne Campbell of Midnight Show fame, this is a match made in nostalgia heaven. Even the the pixel art is pretty damn awesome. Sure, there's a bit of cheese dripping from the corners, but isn't that what the 90s are all about?

The World Of Kairos Comes To Life

Studio La Cachette was formed by four Les Gobelins students, and unsurprisingly, their trailer 'Kairos' looks amazing.  This hand-drawn, 2D animation is a promo for the upcoming French comic of the same name. With a style somewhat influenced by Studio Ghibli and a feel reminiscent of a mix between Legend of Zelda and a Team Ico game, the trailer sent a pleasant chill down our spine.

There's something wonderfully old school about the entire premise, but the presentation is downright exciting, colorful and excellently animated, begging for a longer length animated treatment. Ankama has a history of creating elaborate promos for their upcoming comics, like 2011's absolutely kickass 'Teotl' mech series.

Images courtesy of Ankama publishing.
'The epic plot follows the story of Nills and his girlfriend, Anaëlle who harbors a deep, ancient secret which ultimately results in her capture by creatures from another world. In his quest to save his beloved, Nills ultimately embarks on an amazing journey into a fantastical world that will change his life forever.'

We were fortunate enough to receive a ten page preview of the comic (Realized by Ulysse Malassagne) as well, showing off the distinct style that got translated perfectly into an animated form by the talented folks at Ankama studios (Wakfu animated series), check it out after the break!

Sefuri ILC High School! Particle Accelerators And Anime Collide

A few times a year we receive videos that are so baffling that we're left in stunned silence afterwards, unable to comprehend what we just experienced. Sefuri High School falls into this category. While we initially thought it was a fun musical/anime mashup created to help students and the general public better understand how particle accelerators work, narrating the lives of a positron and electron high school student, we'd never heard of an 'ILC,' only the existing LHC (Large Hadron Collider).

The passion is palpable.
After a little bit of digging around we found out that the ILC (International Linear Collider) is a plan for a linear particle accelerator that is currently in development and being considered in three locations around the world: Japan (Sefuri), Europe (CERN) and the US (Fermilab). The difference between the LHC and IHC mainly consists of the paths that they use, with a linear pathed collider being capable of gauging particle collisions with little energy loss (Known as synchtron radiation) to offer an alternate way to study 'god' particles like the Higgs boson and dark matter. That's about as layman as I can get in terms of describing it.

The collider is set to be anywhere from 19-30 miles long, or ten times bigger than the longest existing particle accelerator currently situated as Stanford University. With a proposed completion date of 2026, it's still a long ways off but the location is set to be determined before the beginning of construction in 2015. Due to the Japanese government's willingness to pay for over half of the building costs (Currently estimated at $20-25 billion). If Sefuri does end up getting the bid, we demand a full high school anime drama series narrating the adventures of positron and electron in their quest to big bang...Wait a minute.

Apr 22, 2013

The Awesome Illustrations Of Jouey

As a self acclaimed illustrator/storyboarder/sketcher and adventurer, Anthony Wolf enjoys a little bit of everything to keep things fresh, a common trait shared by passionate artists. The French freelancer has been at it for years now pumping out fantastic working for clients in the videogame, publishing and advertising fields for clients and projects including Assassin's Creed, Coca-Cola, Cartier, Lipton, McDonalds, Sony, Star Wars, Toy Story and many others.

This art of post is entirely comprised of work from one project, Applibot's Galaxy Saga, an extremely successful IOS game in the style of Magic the Gathering with collectible cards. Well rounded doesn't even begin to describe his talent level. Check out more of his awesome illustrations after the break!

Dead Space: Chasm To Death is Live Action Awesomeness

The original Dead Space is by far one of my favorite original IPs from this generation. Not only did it provide a sense of horror that I originally thought the Alien franchise could provide, but it also provided some of the best third-person action out of any title up to that point. While the series may have deviated a bit from it's roots, I still hold a lot of respect for what it did for the survival-horror genre in video games.

This bad ass live action short does a pretty damn good job at recreating the sense of fear that the original created while putting a few original twists into the picture. I actually found it super cool to be able to see Isaac's eyes through his helmet, it somehow created a new level of intensity that the original game did not. I'd love to see more love-action shorts of this caliber in the future, it gives a quick snippet of what a game would be like in movie form without going off on a two hour unnecessary tangent (*cough*Resident Evil*cough*).

From The Future With Love : Security Isn't Free

This awesome scifi short by James Lawler Productions is one of the coolest dystopian scenarios we've seen in a while, based off the 'what if' concept of the privatization of security services in the future. If you thought that health insurance was bad in this day and age, imagine having to deal with coverage plans for law enforcement, including getting hustled to coverage from officers themselves.

Presented as a series of vignettes, the short features some rather diverse scenarios related to the 'security insurance' concept, futuristic identity theft and the inevitable outcome of privatized jurisdictions and territorial disputes. This proof of concept was directed and written by K-Michel Parandi, who really did an awesome job grounding this scifi concept with a dose of reality, especially considering the advent of for profit corporations calling for privatizing prisons and applying a monetary value to incarceration. A little unsettling to say the least, but I'd love to see this world get fleshed out more as a feature or series.

Some of the designs in this short were created by Ben Mauro, a concept artist at the famed New Zealand WETA workshop who has had the chance to work on projects including The Hobbit trilogy, Man of Steel, The Amazing Spider-Man as well as the upcoming science fiction movie Elysium. Check out his weapon designs after the break!

Daft Punk - "Get Lucky" (Michael Jackson Edit)

May 21 can't come fast enough. Following an 8 year hiatus after the release of 2005's Human After All, (Tron Legacy was a spinoff project) Daft Punk is returning with Random Access Memories, created in collaboration with Nile Rodgers, Paul Williams and Pharrell, among others.

Youtube user Maim Ixed imagined an alternate reality where Michael Jackson was still alive and decided to remix the new Get Lucky track into the ultimate team up of all time, and it works really damn well. Reddit user WhenDookieCalls put it best:

'I'd like to think that in an alternative universe somewhere, this is exactly what happened. Daft Punk chose Michael Jackson to do vocals for Get Lucky, setting in motion a chain of events culminating in MJ's long-awaited, massive comeback.'

Apr 21, 2013

The Art Of James Paick

James Paick is an LA based artist who's rather well known in the videogame and film industry thanks to his prolific freelancing career, which has allowed him to collaborate with dozens of studios over his 9 year career (And counting). The visual designer has pioneered some rather inteteresting techniques for concept production environments (Where time is typically crunched), incorporating photos into paintings to speed up process, a practice that has profilerated throughout the industry as development cycles have become more crunched.

Paick has worked on projects including The Last Of Us, Uncharted, Infamous 2, Guild Wars 2, Lost Planet 3, Magic The Gathering and many more. As both a teacher and a well established concept artist, he's a great example of what one can accomplish pursuing a career in that field. More of his work after the break!

Oblivion Graphics Montage (Spoiler Free)

Released by Bradley G. Munkowitz, (who goes by the monicker of 'Gmunk') a design director in the motion graphics industry with over one decade of experience in the motion graphics industry comes this awesome montage of graphics work done for the recently released Oblivion flick. Following Bradley's work visually designing all the interfaces, opening graphics and various visual flair for 2010's TRON: Legacy, director Joseph Kosinski invited him to work on Oblivion over at Lake Crate productions with  a veritable stable of graphic artists.

Their goal was to create a unified UI using similar visual language and color palettes to represent the modernized look of the TET mainframe in the film, the computer unifying all the various components that the characters used to interact with the world, be it a Bubble ship's HUD or computer interface. The amount of work that went into these elements, which most people typically treat as peripheral background visuals in movies was nothing short of astounding, so we really felt the need to draw some attention to the craftsmanship behind it. As Munkowitz put it himself:

'(We) established a consistent graphic language that rendered all the interfaces with a loverly cohesion rarely seen in them massive-budget Sci-Fi productions'

Check out his thought process on designing the Light Table, Bubbleship and general HUD graphics after the break!

Landshapes - "In Limbo"

This beautiful track comes courtesy of Ian Pons Jewell, offering us a colorful journey through the joyous moments of a very special indigenous Bolivian who doubles as a Fighting Cholita, an amazing group of female Lucha Libre wrestlers. Beautifully shot and paired well with the soothing sound of the British synth-pop group, it's a truly wonderful little glimpse into another culture that's horizon broadening and uplifting to say the least.

Apr 20, 2013

The Art Of HR-FM

Based out of Yokohama, HR-FM (Hirofumi Sugimoto) has been a rising star in the international illustration scene, especially thanks to his distinct style which he's dubbed as 'future fossil.' The style entails drawing familiar, recognizable silhouettes but filling them in with abstract colors, patterns and shapes to create some rather striking pieces.

Inspired by the a mix of eastern and western artists, including Syd Mead, Stan Winston, Moebius and Katsuhiro Otomo, his work walks a fine line between a slew of very distinct inspirations. Hirofumi has worked on a slew of projects internationally, including videogames, comic books, apparel and more. If you're interested in purchasing some prints of his work, head over here. Check out more of his work after the break!

The Super Rope Solution

Dutch animator Auke de Vries created this awesome tongue-in-cheek short called 'The Super Rope Solution.' Telling the story of a lazy man who orders a Rube Goldberg-type machine from a late night infomercial, he finds himself regretting his decision (as is probably the case with most late-night infomercial customers).

It's a fun, lighthearted way to poke fun at all of those useless devices that end up being more hassle than convenience.  The desaturated, crosshatch art-style reminds me of children's books from the 70's and 80's; Something similar to Shel Silverstein.  

Apr 19, 2013

Music Video Roundup : A-Trak & Tommy Trash, I Am Un Chien, Fitz & The Tantrums

Created for their now well circulated Tuna Melt track, A-Trak & Tommy Trash's collab just received an awesome new music video directed by Ryan Staake, featuring a mind boggling domino/rube goldberg chain reaction spanning an entire house to reveal a tasty treat at the end. Seemingly shot in one take, the music video is filled to the brim with some rather well done CG trickery. That overt saturation just gives it all away in parts, but it's ultimately an uplifting, fun experience.

French electro group I Am Un Chien's Humanity is a mesmerizing endeavor from their upcoming album, offering us a seamless splitscreen mimickry of the animal kingdom. I Am Un Chien have described themselves as 'Two human dogs playing with sounds,' so the music video couldn't be more fitting. Directed by Panteros666 of the Club Cheval collective.

The LA based soulful indie pop outfit embraced minimalism for their supremely relaxing 6AM track from their upcoming album (More Than Just A Dream). Featuring a synchronized neon heart, a callback to their band logo. For being a group that's wholeheartedly rejected the usage of any guitars, they've definitely nailed a rather awesome, retro tinged sound.

Let's Check Out : Loadout!

In this newest installment of our ongoing Let's Check Out, we got a chance to take Edge Of Reality's new IP for a spin: Loadout! This ridiculously over the top shooter takes some of the best elements from games including Team Fortress 2, Brink and Offensive Combat and rolls it up into a truly fun little package of free to play goodness. With a heavy emphasis on tiered weapon customization, the game offers you everything from trajectory control, delivery mechanicsms and ammo type to tinker with to craft your ideal loadout.

Following close to ten years of miscellaneous portsm collabs and outsource work for projects including the Mass Effect trilogy, Dragon Age and The Sims, it's been awesome to see the company spin up something of their own. We recently caught wind of the heavily refined beta at Austin's SXSW music/media festival, and set out to get ourselves into the beta since. Sign up for beta access over at the official Loadout website. If you're interested in following us on Youtube, subscribe to us over here.

The Art Of Eduard Visan

Eduard Visan has embraced the concept of flow in design and pushed it past it's breaking point, and the result is nothing short of awesome. Over the last few months I've really grown to appreciate artists that incorporate a great sense of movement to their work, and this Romanian illustrator truly takes it to the next level in his ultra-dynamic compositions, which also make great use of negative space. Limbs appear to literally break in order to stress the rule of 'every curve has a countercurve,' yet at the same time it works in Visan's extremely exaggerated style.

For anyone interested, Ben Caldwell really does an amazing job explaining this concept in his Action Cartooning book, which is under $10 on Amazon. Check out more of Visan's excellent work after the break!

The Concept Art of Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion

Tom Cruise has been on a bit of a sci-fi binge lately, and his newest entry Oblivion is out today which I've actually been looking forward to. Directed by Joseph Kosinski (Tron: Legacy), Oblivion follows Jack (Tom Cruise) who is sent on a mission to earth to extract remaining resources. The official trailer is absolutely fantastic and I'm expecting some impressive visual effects from Kosinski after his work on Tron: Legacy.

I recently stumbled on a collection of concept art for the film and as a celebration of sorts I've posted it for you after the break. The art alone gets me excited to take a trip to the theatre and I can't wait to see what else trickles out in the coming weeks for the film.

Star Wars Uncut 2: The Empire Strikes Back Trailer

Star Wars Uncut was an awesome project inspired by the entire 'sweding' movement, which spawned from Michel Gondry's cult 2008 flick Be Kind Rewind, featuring recreated pop-culture flicks using little to no budget. The movement has spawned countless swedings of famous movies, until Star Wars Uncut took the concept to the next level by setting out to recreate the entire feature length trilogy, done by breaking each movie up into hundreds of 15 second sequences to be completed by the community.

We posted the finished version of the first film in the series back in early 2012, and the same team and community is now at work wrapping up The Empire Strikes Back, due this May. There are still some scenes available, so gather up your friends and head on over to the official Star Wars Uncut website for a chance to be immortalized in this fan tribute.

Little Witch Acadamia (Full Short)

(Update: Video was removed, but it's back up now!

It looks like the anime gods are smiling down upon us, because Trigger is being kind enough to offer their entire short for free. Little Witch Acadamia originally released in theaters last month, but for those who don't have the ability to travel to Japan on a consistent basis this is the best possible outcome.

Directed by Yoh Yoshinari, Little Witch Acadamia follows the story of a young witch and her time in a witch academy (go figure). While the basis for the plot may sound a bit dry, the overall experience is pretty damn fantastic and really shows the amount of love Japan still holds for traditional animation. With strong Studio Ghibli vibes, the short embarks into an imaginative journey that you can't help but fall in love with.

If you have a spare 30-minutes, get to watching this (it's even subtitled!) and relax a little.

Apr 18, 2013

RoboGal's Cute Mixtape: The Slow Loris!

Found in South and Southeast Asia, this incredibly adorable little guy is called the Slow Loris, an adorable primate species related to lemurs. With markings that seem to give him a perma-worried expression, all you want to do is comfort and cuddle them. Yet there's a certain trait that Slow lorises possess which make them rather unique in the animal kingdom: Their poisonous bite, activated by the interesting mechanism of licking an arm gland to kickstart a potent toxin in their saliva. Nature always throws a catch in for those extra cute critters.

Yet while it's my dream of dreams to one day hang out with such an awesomely cute creature, we will adore from afar: These little fellows are known to be traded illegally internationally, and typically under rather dire conditions. Certainly not the way anyone, especially such a sweet-looking little fella, should be treated. Since having one should be a no-no, let's celebrate safely with a Cute Mixtape of the Slow loris! More after the break!

Pop Chart Labs' Mind Boggling Videogame Controller Tree

The fine folks over at Pop Chart Lab just released an extensive family tree chronicling the complete evolution of the videogame controller as we know it, with a massive chart (Click for fullsize) starring 179 species created over a total of seven decades worth of gaming, starting off with 1958's Tennis For Two, created on a Donner Model 30 analog computer with an oscilloscope display.

Now a fun fact about that Tennis For Two title was how incredibly advanced it was for it's time, featuring actual trajectory motion and collision for the ball when it hit the net, as well as simulated drag. This had to do with the fact that the inventor and physicist William Higinbotham used a device intended for calculating missile trajectories as his means of relieving boredom, assembling the microwave sized system over three weeks with the help of a friend. The game went on to inspire Pong, which ultimately kickstarted the game industry as we know it in 1972.

Monster Hunter Online Announced

I don't know about you guys, but while Monster Hunter refuses to change much with each iteration I still buy it because dammit, killing giant monsters with friends is fun. Whats always been surprising is that the franchise has completely neglected the majority of HD consoles, but luckily that's about to change.

Using CryEngine 3, Monster Hunter Online is finally hitting it out of the park with this entry. The game looks absolutely gorgeous and I absolutely cannot wait to get my hands on it. While no announcement for a North American release date has been made, I can promise you that I will fight my way through the game's language barrier if I have to.

Apr 17, 2013


Lovely with a stellar sense of adventure, 'Spacebound' tells the story of a boy and his dog having a blast out in space.  Even with the fear of danger (in this case, loss of oxygen), they focus not on the outcome of their journey, but the journey itself.  It's ambiguous ending left me wondering, but as the creators themselves point out, the ending doesn't matter.  The doe-eyed character designs was a  definite indication of innocence and wide-eyed wonder, and really drove the child-like quality home.  Absolutely charming!

Opale - "Sparkles And Wine" Teaser Is Mesmerizing

Before I start, I typically shy away from teaser for trailers and trailers for music videos, because it's a horrid trend that I wish would go away, but this particular teaser for the upcoming music video from French electro outfit Opale was too good to pass up thanks to it's unique visual treatment. Directed by Nacho Guzman, the music video focuses around the effect of lighting on a woman's face, creating an effect of transformation via playing with shadow and light.

The London based filmmaker shared some insight with us, stating that the music video was inspired by an unfinished 1964 film by controversial director Henri-Georges Clouzot known as 'L'enfer' ( Hell), which employed a similar technique to great effect. Check it out below, and stay tuned for the official release.

The Illustrations Of Betteo : Cubism And Beyond

Patricio Betteo is a prolific Mexican illustrator driven by a need to always mix things up, while maintaining his signature style, reminiscent of a modern form of cubism, a style comprised of taking objects, breaking them up and reassembling them in a semi-abstracted manner. As a mainly commercial illustrator, he's found a way to keep himself constantly challenged and diversified in his subject matter, a concious choice on his part to keep himself from ever stagnating. In a way he's the perfect example of a passionate artist, eager to broaden his horizons via his canvas rather than by other means.

In terms of illustrators we've featured, I think Betteo has one of the most varied portfolios I've seen in years, with hundreds of illustrations and regular updates. Check out a select few of his awesomely stylized pieces after the break!

Production IG's Kick-Heart Debut Trailer

Funded thanks to a successful Kickstarter that concluded late last year, Kick-Heart just got a fancy new trailer giving us our first taste of the hyper kinetic wrestling love story between a pro-wrestler and a nun. The style of the trailer definitely showcases the wild, over the top style of director Masaaki Yuasa, responsible for some truly bizarre, but endearing anime features including Cat Soup, Mind Game and some work on Genius Party. 

A good thing to note about this project is that it's an attempt to bring back the more creative, artistic driven projects that once dominated the anime scene back in the 80's and 90's. Due to the global economic crisis, any innovative projects have been labeled as 'risky,' resulting in a widespread creative stagnation across multiple industries over the last decade or so, with some exceptions. We can definitely appreciate this attempt to revitalize a more innovative approach, and look forward to supporting this project upon it's release.

Kick-Heart is a love story between Romeo, a successful pro-wrestler, and Juliet, a nun who lives a secret double-life as a female pro-wrestler. Romeo's secret is that he enjoys taking a beating in the ring, while Juliet feels invigorated when facing her opponents as a wrestler. When the two meet in the ring, the fireworks fly. Their story is set in the colorful backdrop of the professional wrestling world. Will Juliet reveal her true identity to the one she loves? Will Romeo be able to share his secret to the world?

OneyNG's Wingardium Leviosa 2 (NSFW)

After OneyNG's hilarious entry with the first Wingardium Leviosa, I can't remember a week where I haven't quoted it. Thankfully, the massive popularity of the first has warranted a sequel and this time things get a little less safe-for-work. Honestly though, I'm more than okay with the direction it's gone considering that amount of laughs I've had already.

Harry's face near the end will never leave my mind, in fact I'm pretty sure I've reached the point of it burning into my retinas.

Little People - Offal Waffle

Last year I was lucky enough to stumble upon Little People's music video Aldgate Patterns where I was quickly mesmerized by the incredible use of VFX and chill electronic ambiance. This year, Little People contacted me with his newest music video Offal Waffle, which continues the pleasant trend of chill synth beats. Unlike Aldgate Patterns, Offal Waffles avoids all post production VFX using in camera effects.

The video's director, Emmett Feldman states, "Offal Waffle is both ominous and playful. A rotational beauty. Something a kin to a diy tribal futuristic version, of the old metal and wood music boxes from the past . A prismatic loop of light and darkness. This video is about the relationship between music as tangible form, its ability to blossom life and the inevitable slowing down to silence. Everything was shot stop motion. All effects were in camera. The main structure was built with a laser cutter and controlled by a light pulley rig and a lazy susan."

The video really pulls off the chill atmosphere that Offal Waffle sets while showcasing some great visuals along the way. If you're in need of some relaxation, this is sure to provide.

Apr 16, 2013

Toh Kay - "With Any Sort Of Certainty"

Directed by the incredibly talented Scott Benson, Tomas Kalnoky's (Of Streetlight Manifesto) side project continues to impress with this track about not being ok, but trying to be from his upcoming album The Hand That Thieves. Paired with an direction utilizing a flat character design aesthetic with plenty of implied depth in the environments, it's an ultimately uplifting combination that definitely provided a much needed, mid week boost. Very cool.

The Man Who Was Afraid of Falling

Elderly gentleman Ivor lives by himself.  A series of events, beginning with a falling plant pot, turn poor Ivor into a paranoid worry-wart.  Although the fear of falling is probably not a completely unheard of concern for an elderly person, moving into a new home each time a situation 'presents' itself is maaaaybe a bit extreme.  Creator/director/animator Joseph Wallace created a really charming stop motion short, with a little animation thrown in here and there.  I really loved the understated, almost retro look and feel.

Blood Dragon: The Cyber War Should Probably Be A Feature Length Film

After leaking the the entirety of Blood Dragon (Far Cry 3's standalone DLC) Ubisoft has in been in full force with their marketing of the game. With the game's fantastic soundtrack, beautiful 80's visuals and it's overly self-aware levels of humor the game had me instantly sold, but this short by CorridorDigital is on an entirely different level.

I don't think I've wanted a short to be turned feature length this bad since Neil Blomkamp's Alive in Joburg. The props, visual effects and narrative are all perfectly in-sync for this 80's fueled beauty. While the 5 minute short was a fantastic introduction to the world of Blood Dragon, I want more, so much more. I don't care what you have to do jump this up an additional 2-hours, but I will pay for it multiple times over.

Tim & Eric's Go Pro Show: Episode 1 + 2

Leave it to Tim and Eric to completely deconstruct the capabilities of a Go Pro camera and put their own spin into it. The Go Pro Show is the first real show to come out of YouTube's Jash network and if you're a fan of Tim and Eric's anti-humor it's definitely worth a watch (even if you're not, I still recommend a go). The constructed awkwardness of the two trying to use the cameras is fantastic and some of the recurring gags had my sides hurting.

Hit the jump for the second episode and let us know what you think. Tim and Eric fan or not it's definitely worth checking out if only to see direction such a big YouTube channel is headed in.

The Incredible Worlds Of Gaxix

Parisian illustrator Gaxix (Guy-Pascal Vallez) surprised me with his incredible host of fantastical illustrations, thematically reminiscent of a world that would exist in the likes of a Guillermo Del Toro or Hayao Miyazaki film. His whimsical illustrations employ a delicate, wash driven style with a range of earthy, appealing colors to bring them to life.

With plenty of symbolism and a kaleidoscopic amount of activity and detail loaded in each image, there's a small adventure to be had exploring every nook and cranny of his wild pieces. Check out more of the talented illustrators works after the break!

Asura Online Animated By Wolf Smoke Studios

Created by Wolf Smoke studios, which we recently featured as one of China's best indie animation houses for their work on projects including Batman of Shanghai, Kung Fu Cooking Girls and Little Big War comes this awesome hand animated trailer for Asura Online, featuring a demigod unleashing hell on anyone to cross his path in this 2D/3D hybrid sequence.

Mind you, this isn't related to the Capcom title Asura's Wrath, and it's worth noting that the concept of Asura (Prevalent in Hindu and Buddhist mythology) is often used as a basis for Asian games and IP's as much as the 108 Stars Of Destiny (Suikoden) and Journey to the West (Dragonball) stories are.

Apr 15, 2013

Out Of This World : VW Meets Redline

Directed by Kaism Lim, 'Out of this World' is a pretty damn spectacular ad/short film created to virally promote the Volkswagen GTI in China. The production values behind this project are pretty mind blowing, employing a style reminiscent of a mixture between Takeshi Koike's hyperkinetic 'Redline' anime and the Wachowski brothers' recent take on the Speed Racer franchise. To put it lightly, it's a 4 minute visual feast that was a complete viral success in it's intended market back in late 2012.

The Beijing based director behind the project has gone on to work on even more high profile projects as of late, including a series of promos for the upcoming Ironman 3 flick. Check out the extensive two part making of feature after the break! Why can't we get advertising this awesome on our side of the pond?

I/O - "Wasted My Time"

The static tinged sound of I/O is straight from the mind of Ayo Olatunji, bringing us a laid back, yet trippy taste of what the Nigerian born artist has to offer. Featuring a narrative scrambled into a thousand pieces and reassembled again out of order, the BRTHR directed video presents a hazy, abstract series of events revolving around life, death and resurrection. The track is from I/O's 'Isolation' mixtape, released last year.

The Customized Play : A Glimpse Into Korea's Indie Animation Industry

Brian's Film is a Korean animated company that got their start working on an anime series called Geisters back in 1998, before embarking on to a few years of miscellaneous projects (Game development, architecture, web design and animation) to gain a footing as a company. With director Jin Sung Choi at the helm of the studio, the company retains a truly distinct house style reminiscent of Tekkon Kinkreet, utilizing a mixture of wonderfully rendered hand painted backgrounds and distinctly cel shaded 3d characters.

Following years of working for others, the company is currently at work on their own feature film called 'The Customized Play,' featuring an introspective story about an elderly man coming to grips with decisions made in his past. It looks absolutely stunning, to say the least and we can only hope that this movie gets some form of localization down the line.  Check out an uplifting music video they created called 'Memories of the Song' after the break.

The Art Of HJL

HJL is a concept artist from the Guangdong province of China who caught our eye thanks to his unique thematic subject matter in the majority his pieces, mimicking an alternate reality universe version of World War II. If anyone is familiar with Sega's highly rated and appealing Valkyria Chronicles franchise, this work will ring a bell or two.

Using a rather impressionist approach to his digital work, his pieces have a wonderfully painterly theme to them, relying more on implied detail rather than tight rendering to give his pieces their unique charm. Check out more of the artists awesome concepts after the break!

The Metroidvania Indie Title, Chasm Gets a Kickstarter

A few weeks ago we showed you the fantastic procedurally-generated Metroidvania inspired game, Chasm. While it looks like the developers have a nice foothold on the projects development, the dark side of game development has begun to stand in the teams way, because unfortunately people need money to live.  It's always sad news to see a game that oozes with love potentially be thrown away without ever reaching it's full potentially. Thankfully, this is why crowd funding is now more popular than ever.

With 26 days to go the game has reached about a third of it's initial goal, but with your help we can fully fund this gem. What's even better is the Kickstarter has a downloadable Alpha of the game for you to enjoy and decide if the game is worth donating to. Don't worry, your wallet will be out of your pocket in no time.

Head over to Discord Games' Kickstarter page and get to downloading and donating.

The "Back To The Camera" Supercut

Plot Point Productions created this awesome supercut to demonstrate a cinematic technique used to offer viewers a glance of the world through the eyes of the character on screen, typically employed during pivotal moments in movies. Featuring over one hundred movies, it's a truly inspiring collage of memorable moments, settings and characters extrapolated from four decades of cinema. Wonderful.

Apr 13, 2013

The Illustrations Of Thine

Thine (ざいん) is a female Japanese illustrator who caught our eye with her unique illustration style and subject matter, focusing on themes of societal detachment and disconnect. Despite the darker themes though, her pieces feature incredibly saturated, yet beautiful color palettes, offering an interesting contrast that sells the concept of being lost in a confusing, strange world.

The illustrators pieces really do a fantastic job telling a story, even though she dabbles in different, happier themes from time to time. Check out more of her excellent illustration work after the break.

The Circle Line

UK-based animator Adam Wells created an awesome, lively animated short with "The Circle Line." The bustling, monochromatic atmosphere plays really well of the sounds of the fiddle. A person (Woman? It doesn't matter) finds herself traversing through a busy shopping center, to find herself experiencing many different events (dancing, art, etc.). I love how simplistic, almost unimportant the character designs were, focusing instead on the stylized, eye-catching environments.

Worth Checking Out: Shovel Knight


With only about 6 hours (as of now) remaining, Shovel Knight has more than destroyed it's initial goal of $75,000 but I'd still recommend dropping a few dollars on this fantastic looking project.

Shovel Knight is basically Duck Tails (without the fantastic HD visuals of the newly announced remake) with similarities to Mega Man and Castlevania. It's absolutely brilliant looking and it's definitely a title I can't wait to pick up on my 3DS. Check out it and let us know what you think. It's definitely looking like a solid title

Apr 12, 2013

The Art Of Mr Dynamite

Nick Edwards would have made a killing as a toy designer in the 80's with his pulpy, fun art style, but instead he continues to pursue his path as an illustrator, comic book artist and freelancer in the UK. His colorful work reflects the type of 'keep it weird' mentality that artists like Pendleton Ward have mainstreamed via shows like Adventure Time, encouraging a whole slew of new artists to embrace the unhinged.

Nick just recently debuted his first comic book release called Dinopopulous, featuring an average UK teen called Nigel and his best friend Brian, a dinosaur with twin-mounted laser cannons on his back. You read that right. Get a glimpse into the mind of this talented up and comer after the break!