Apr 15, 2013

Out Of This World : VW Meets Redline

Directed by Kaism Lim, 'Out of this World' is a pretty damn spectacular ad/short film created to virally promote the Volkswagen GTI in China. The production values behind this project are pretty mind blowing, employing a style reminiscent of a mixture between Takeshi Koike's hyperkinetic 'Redline' anime and the Wachowski brothers' recent take on the Speed Racer franchise. To put it lightly, it's a 4 minute visual feast that was a complete viral success in it's intended market back in late 2012.

The Beijing based director behind the project has gone on to work on even more high profile projects as of late, including a series of promos for the upcoming Ironman 3 flick. Check out the extensive two part making of feature after the break! Why can't we get advertising this awesome on our side of the pond?

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