Dec 16, 2013


Director and animator Sam Barnett has spent the past 8 months working on Operator and damn does it show. The 7-minute sci-fi thriller holds the perfect blend of sound design, camera work, and animation in order to create one seriously disturbing short. I found myself wiping the sweat from my palms on more than one occasion as the dark sci-fi thriller creates tension many big-budget films fail to create.

While the character design can be a tad tough around the edges, it actually adds to the gritty reality Barnett has set out to create in Operator. 

With inspiration stemming from cordyceps mushrooms and cult-like oppressive regimes, it's apparent that Sam Barnett has more to show than just a few jump scares (and it truly shows). The mood and tension Operator creates is absolutely unreal for a stop-motion video, setting grand expectations for the future of Barnett's work.

In the end, while the imagery and camera work is fantastic, it all boils down to the sound and Operator uses it in an absolutely incredible way. 

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