May 7, 2015

Digimon Returns With 'Digimon Adventure Tri'

While Pokémon may have won the animated monster war in the 90's, I've yet to meet a single person who doesn't agree that the Digimon animated series far surpassed the Pokémon animated series. While the monsters were what kept me coming back as a kid, the inclusion of a consistent story line and characters that actually developed through the course of the series was what continued my love to do this day.

It was announced earlier last year that a new Digimon series would be airing this Spring as a brand new followup to the original two seasons. Unfortunately, like every anime I fall in love with before it's release, the series was delayed. It wasn't until yesterday that an official trailer and release date was announced. Pushing the followup until November 21st of this year. 

What's more surprising is seeing the followup series switched to a 6-movie format, something that seems to be somewhat trending (a la Berserk and Ghost in the Shell Arise). I admit to being a bit bummed I'll have to wait until November to see the first entry, but the trailer has me fully hyped.

Seriously though, seeing Omnimon in full animated glory is something to shed a tear at.