Aug 31, 2011

Viral Campaign: Resident Evil

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is proving to be the game people have asked for, considering it seems to be taking the multiplayer people wanted with Outbreak's style but with the mechanics of the games that have recently become so popular... The amazing Resident Evil 4 with the control for the not-so-great-but-still-a-pretty-ok-game Resident Evil 5 in a Marvel style "What-If?" during the events of Resident Evil 2/3. Still with me?

In his search to bring down the Umbrella Corporation, this guy is handing out clues to us to randomly give people who solve his puzzles prizes. I sure hope this means I'll get a shiny, flashy shirt. Or a free copy of the game.

Check out the site here. And if anyone asks, we are bringing down evil. It isn't about the free shirt, and never was about the free shirt.

Forza 4: Halo + Top Gear = Talk On Reality

Reality is boring. Why should I bother paying bills when I could be playing Halo whilst waiting for my electricity to run out because the bills haven't been paid? Reality is harsh, especially when Top Gear's own Jeremy Clarkson explains why the Warthog will never be a reality. But you could always try out the car on Forza 4.....I might just be, whilst waiting for my electricity to come back on.

Awesome Ghostbusters Art

By Ryan Callanan (Via)
With Ghostbusters 3 slated to release next year, we're getting pretty damn psyched.  If only this weren't a piece of tribute art, but a glimpse into the plot. All we know so far is that the original team will probably be taking a backseat to a fresh new team.  They ain't afraid of no ghost.

Gluttony By Chris Piotrowicz

Interesting concept with some pretty sweet execution. Chris Piotrowicz set out to capture the topic of consumption in the past, present and future. I kind of like how it spirals out of control over the course of the film, turning into a complete visual frenzy..Its a cool escalation over four minutes, with the perfect track accompaniment by Yck Fou.

Art Of Scott Benson

If you were to simply look at Scott Benson's illustration work, you'd see the work of a very talented illustrator with a whimsical style reminiscent of traditional childrens books from back in the day. However, I didn't realize that he could also translate his very unique style into beautiful 3d animation work. The addition of the dark themes to an otherwise playful theme is a nice contrast. Check out some of his illustrations after the break!

Author & Punisher: A Truly Unique Industrial Sound

Tristan Shone runs a one man band called Author & Punisher, with a sound that can be best described as dark industrial/metal. Using some hand made machines, controllers and speakers he's capable of generating a truly distorted, dark, brooding sound that is generated via physical force to create some legit industrial noise to accompany the metal tracks. It might not be everybody's cup of tea, but hell...I love this guys thinking. Check out a few tracks of Author & Punisher on their Sound Cloud.

George Lucas: The Idiot Strikes Again

Seeing that George Lucas doesn't have a damn clue how to leave things that aren't broken alone, he's gone ahead and made another change to the original movies that blew my mind so damn hard that it induced a  throbbing headache. For whatever reason, he decided to insert audio of Darth Vader doing that unintetionally hilarious 'Nooooooooooooooo' from Episode 3 into a key scene from the new Bluray edition of Return Of The Jedi.

The scene in question is when Vader turns on the Emperor to protect Luke Skywalker. Why? Seriously, why? His intentions weren't f***ing clear enough? Did Lucas feel the need to spell it out to the viewers about his actions? Is the movie supposed to be a comedy? Seriously, ban this moron from revisiting these classics,  he's ruined them enough. Maybe this is his painful, ongoing revenge on all of us for preferring the old trilogy. Seriously, how many directors do you know that revisit their previous movies to add petty, pointless sh** that distracts and adds nothing of value on what seems to be a monthly basis? F*** you, Lucas..Your hack level just hit 99 in my book.

Aug 30, 2011

DC Reboot: Zero Hour Is Upon Us

You say goodbye, I say hello!
Tonight, shops across the United States will open early for the release of the new DC Universe. This promises to be a great event, with different stores doing offers and other activities. Is your local store doing a midnight opening? Call your local comic-book store to find out.

What is to be released? Flashpoint #5 with 3 different covers, and Justice League #1 with 3 different covers (and a digital/print combo pack). You can check out the Justice League covers here.

I for one would like to say goodbye to the old adventures me and the DC heroes had, and I hope the new kids have adventures just as good as we have had since the last reboot.

Fully Immersive RC F-16

Somebody really went all out to create this absolutely amazing remote controlled specimen. Youtube user VRflyer spent $1500 on kitting out his already impressive RC F16 with an onboard camera(with rotating head), missiles that fire, a digital speedometer and a pimped out afterburner system. As a result he can experience the closest thing to flying a jet that costs ten of millions of dollars from the comfort of a seat on the ground. The micro camera, situated on the head of the faux pilot transmits to video goggles that the RC guy wears, and the addition of a gyroscope permits the pilot to rotate his head to look around the cabin. The addition of the Top Gun track is a nice touch.

We Want To Play Mario Portal

Oh man...Turns out that this is an actual project in development. Its not a clever parody, but an actual full game modification of Mario with a completely functional Portal gun. The creator, Jason Kottke plans to include multiplayer, a unique narrative for Mario Portal, and to release the source code for free so he doesn't get annihilated by Nintendo lawyers. Just from seeing him demo the possibilities, its pretty damn exciting to watch. Can't wait till this gets released.

Chatbot Vs. Chatbot

What might happen if you pit Cleverbot against Cleverbot?  Cornell University decided to find out.  Nonsensical argument ensues, including "I am not a robot, I am a unicorn."  Sure you are, guys. I was kind of worried that these guys would be able to carry out a proper conversation, but I was kind of glad to see the conversation spiral into gibberish so fast. The machines are not aware just yet.

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mix-Tape

It's okay, pal, she wasn't the right one for you anyway.
Its that time of the week again, where we feature the most happening cute pics from around the web, as well as images submitted by our users. If you have any cute pictures of your pets to share, we'll feature them! Drop me a line at with the subject of 'Cute Mix Tape.' Check out the rest of the images after the break!

Jedi Kittens

These two kittens go at it with lightsabers, briefly. There's no need for a narrative to be explained here, its all there for you to make whatever you want out of it. Its one of those videos that contains a taste of awesomeness, with all of 15 seconds of kitten on kitten Jedi action.

Aug 29, 2011

Tron 3 Confirmed?

Following the success of the recent Tron sequel, rumors about a third movie have been floating around about a possible third movie... but did Bruce Boxleitner (Tron/Alan Bradley) just let the cat out of the bag about Tron 3?

At D23, Bruce talked to a fan and said the 3rd film is in the works. While we won't know for sure if his statement is completely plausible, his statements seem to sync up with rumors that the third films is in the works, and would be released in 2013. It's something to be excited about, considering how much we loved the original and the remake.

What do you guys think? Would you watch a third Tron film?

Batman VS. John Wilkes Booth

I never watched that new Batman series known as the 'Bold And The Brave,' but now that its over and clips have been leaking online...Looks like I really missed out here. This clip features Batman, somehow present in 1865 defending Lincoln against a bizarro John Wilkes Booth assassination attempt. Unlike the original assassination attempt however, John turns out to actually be a giant steampunk robot intent on killing everyone. I'm not making this sh** up, its pretty damn amazing.

Eyeborg's Cyborgs: How close is the modern world to cyborg fiction?

This fascinating mini documentary about cyborgs, commissioned by Deus Ex creators to be released in correlation with the game covers the topic of augmentations and current day 'cyborgs.' The main protagonist of the documentary and filmmaker, Rob Spence lost an eye in a shotgun accident and now has an artificial eye with a camera embedded into it. Throughout the documentary he interviews various individuals with different conditions that require artificial limbs, and they cover how far off we are from seeing the type of technology present in the video game. Fascinating stuff.

Ferris Wheel Minus The Wheel

What better way to start off your Monday than with this trippy video, featuring levitating pods moving in a circular motion to the most upbeat music ever? Clever idea, awesome execution.

Azari & III: Manic


Azari & III has a sound that can be best described as, 'unique.' The Toronto based group, who specialize in creating some truly interesting tracks that I simply can't categorize into a genre. The distorted sound reminds me about how music sounds when I'm in the middle of a full blown migraine, but I think that's part of these guys' charm...Their unwillingness to create music without pushing some boundaries and experimenting. The first time I heard 'Manic,' I really wasn't sure what to think about it..But upon some repeated hearings the track has been growing on me. Check it out..I'd love to hear what you guys think.

Aug 28, 2011

Doctor Who: In 5 Minutes

60 years of history is a lot of ground to cover, I hear you. If you're anything like me, you might be a tad on the lazy side. It's why I have a Dachshund dog: I don't do effort. However, I've seen pretty much most of Dr. Who..If you're interested in Dr. Who and can't be bothered to watch 60 years worth of episodes, Then watch the show summed up in this 5 minutes. You won't miss much, apart from the entertainment of the episodes themselves.

Batman: Dolls Become Freakish & Realistic

Holy action figures, Batman! This thing looks just like the real thing.

The deluxe 1/6 scale figure treatment by Hot Toys features 2 new figures from the Batman series. Batman features Michael Keaton’s likeness, 30 points of articulation, 3 interchangeable faces, the patented Parallel Eyeball Rolling System, 7 interchangeable hands, cape, utility belt, batarang, grapple gun, light-up display stand and more. He'll cost you around $240.

But what about Jack Nicholson's Joker? Check him out after the break.

CBR bashes Marko Djurdjevic because they have nothing better to do

One of Marko's Covers (Via)

One of our favorite artists to feature on this site, Marko Djurdjevic of studio SixMoreVodka, recenty came under fire from CBR (Comic Book Resource) following his departure from Marvel.  They wrote him up as a an ungrateful jerk who was badmouthing Marvel and his former coworkers.  The rest of the "comic media" decided they woud paraphrase this article and smear Marko all over the net.  Luckily, the truth is coming out, and it's not nearly what CBR woud make it out to be.  A full explanation on CBR's yellow journalism after the jump!  

16 Bit: Dinosaurs

The electro group known as 16 Bit deliver their own signature take on Dubstep, and Kristofer Strom animated and directed this epileptic, trippy, psychedelic music video to accompany their latest track. Its the perfect audiovisual experience to accompany the type of mental state that people are usually in while browsing the net at around 5:30 am (Which is what I'm doing). Sick work....Just perfect for this track.

Retro Metroid Cosplay Is Spritelicious

Samus VS. A Chozo Statue (Via)
Oh hell yes...I can't believe that this hasn't  been done before. Chozoboy from Deviantart came up with the idea of printing out the sprite sheet of Samus from the classic Super Metroid title and cutting it up into pieces to wear. The suit debuted at PAX and people have been going nuts over it. Pro: It gives the illusion of your favorite sprites in an uncanny real setting. Con: This cosplay only works if viewed from the side. Kudos to these guys for thinking outside the box. Check out two more images after the break!


FreddieW, thank you for revisiting the most awesome, epic toy that every kid begged their parents for in the eighties. And he didn't do a simple tribute, he hired the damn Steel Panthers to cover the classic Crossfire song. If you're not familiar with the tabletop game called Crossfire, check this sh** out.

Thats right...Metal balls, an insanely over the top commercial and one of the most catchy product theme songs during that era. That theme got stuck in your head, and wouldn't let go. This product was an example of the genius of eighties marketing, because the game sucked complete ass in retrospect..But sold well thanks to the amazing advertising campaign which made it look irresistible. I learned that lesson the hard way.

Drill Pug Will Kill Your Family

Oh god....I thought the threat of Drill Cat was enough, but it looks like the canines have developed a similar weapon of their own. Drill Pugs burrow though flesh, bone and concrete with lethal accuracy, and the decision to adopt a flat faced dog allows for more surface area in the drilling process. Brb..Running for my damn life.

Aug 27, 2011

Deadman: The Series

Tv is
The CW needed a superhero show to fill the void of Smallville, and it looks like that void wont be around for long. Deadline revealed earlier today that a new show, based on Deadman by DC, is being developed as a potential series with Supernatural creator Eric Kripke taking on the role of writer and executive producer.

Mega64: Halo Anniversary Causes a Stir

The Halo Anniversary edition is the biggest release this year, but this news report from Mega64 shows the excitement of fans waiting in line for the game and asks one of the most important gaming questions of all time: Team Flood or Team Chief?

Out of Office

Ah, yes.  We all need a day like this from time to time.  A personal day where you do nothing but mess around, and see what kind of fun and trouble you can get yourself into.  Not a care in the world, except for figuring out ranks when playing war in the forest. Heck yes.

Deus Ex: Augmentations Gone Wild!

Stereotypical gamer augmentations. (Via)
As a fun contest to promote the game, Square Enix and the Somethingawful forums collaborated to create some uh...interesting applications of human augmentations. The contest is now over, and the winners got a copy of the game, and a ton of other swag. I even submitted my own entry (after the deadline to this contest, which you can see after the break. And by the way, have you played the damn game yet? Its absolutely amazing, on par with the original from 2000. Check out a ton more of these after the break!

Mellow Brick Road

We seriously love Pogo, and the mixes they do (We've covered Pogo at least a dozen times since the blog started).  Apparently, Pogo set up a music video competition, using his "Mellow Brick Road" mix (remixed tunes from 1939's "Wizard of Oz") as reference.  Animator and illustrator Reed Gauthier was the victor, and here we have his winning entry.  Awesome animation, and a sweet remix.

Robotic Kabuki

I'm all about cyborgs, robotics, and the progression of those technologies...A futurist. I sometimes wonder why there is such little interest in creating lifelike AI's, and progressing the field of robotics for the betterment of humanity. Following the depressing cancellation of the US shuttle program with no future programs in sight, I'm glad that Japan seems to be the only country actively investing in the field. This little bot isn't exactly a massive stride, but its noteworthy for its capability of performing a complex Kabuki routine fluidly. Pretty cool.

A.F. Vandervost's Creepy Art Installation

Art installations like this are generally created for giving the viewers nightmares and various forms of mental trauma. A scene like this would fit perfectly in the next Silent Hill game. Vandervost's installation involves a girl figure made out of wax melting down slowly, becoming one with the bed over the time. The installation was a dynamic sculpture that would eventually melt after two days of the candles burning through it. So damn creepy.

Aug 26, 2011


A really cool stop motion project featuring 21 triangles animated at a public spot...The result is pretty amazing, with a cyclical wave pattern making the triangles look like a green tide in public. This took 2 weeks to make...There really isn't any message here, the goal was to create an illusion which looked really cool. I think they hit it out of the park.

Kia Takes The WTF Route

I admire Kia for their uninhibited creativity, as well as the execution of this ad. I mean, Hamsters in parachute pants facing off against a mech army on a forsaken battlefield...While playing LMFAO. I guess the power of overplayed club music has a strange effect on those mechanical entities.

Painting 171 By Brad Wright

This image by Brad Wright, a concept artist from Ireland is pretty damn awesome, featuring the remains of an astronaut seemingly brought back to life. I love the lighting on this one, and the broken glass look that was captured. All these elements come together to really give this piece an incredibly unsettling feel. Yep, I'll be enjoying my nightmares tonight.

The Life of a Cat

I'm not sure what it is I need to do to secure myself as a cat in my next life.  But damn it, I'm going to find out!  Rolling around, finding random s**t to paw at, freaking out over lasers and lights... It all sounds pretty damn awesome to me.  Enjoy watching Rambo the cat.  (Yes, his name is Rambo.  Kinda badass for a cat, right?)

Japanese Pizza Hut Never Fails To Terrify Us

Oh wow. (Via)
Did they-- I mean-- What what what?!  Hot dogs? Mayonnaise? Limes? Hamburger Patties? Tempura shrimp?  On a pizza??  Japan really took the concept of pizza, crossbred it with a leftover casserole and ended up with these bizarre concoctions. Not sure if want, but they do look kind of awesome.

Aug 25, 2011

What Is This Future?

If this isn't an elaborate fan or tribute video, this looks like the start to a not so subtle viral campaign announcing the return of the Back To The Future franchise...Hell yes! Seeing that the Doc actually makes a cameo, I'm kind of relieved knowing that this won't be a remake...Again, if it isn't some elaborate fan made video featuring Christopher Lloyd. The video is even filmed with a grainy eighties camera, giving it that throwback feel. I'm excited for the future, in more ways than one.

Sonic CD Is Getting A HD Release

Sonic may have taken a turn for the worse over the last few years, but in his prime Sega's mascot had some amazing games. One of these gems was Sonic CD, possibly one of the best games I had a chance to play back in the day. Listening to the theme still gives me the chills, and makes me want to dig out my copy of the ultra rare CD version and reboot my Windows 95 PC to play. Well, not anymore.

The re-release features "enhanced widescreen graphics", Achievement points and PSN trophies, and will be enhanced especially for iOS devices.

I'll be downloading it for my PS3, 360 and every iOS system I own. I love this game more than you can imagine and if you have never played it, you'll soon understand what made it such a classic. I just hope this isn't my nostalgia speaking.

The Art Of Doctor Who

If you are a regular reader, you will know I am a huge Doctor Who fan. So ANY behind the scenes art I find I go crazy for. This stuff is the kind of thing that will make you go insane.

Peter McKinstry has some great concept art he created for Doctor Who. Peter has also created concept art for film projects such as Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 & 2 and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. He's pretty famous within the Doctor Who world, and has designed art for every single season so far.
Below is a selection of his Doctor Who art from the new seasons that I really enjoy, and I hope you enjoy them as much as me.

The Art Of Pavel

Pavel is an amazing concept artist I stumbled into recently, specializing in visual development for videogames. He's had the chance to work on titles including Bioshock and the in development Xcom at 2k Australia, and specializes in vibrant environmental work. I really love how he pushes his colors, and only paints just enough visual information to make things readable. Check out 4 more pieces from Pavel after the break!

Skrillex: First Of The Year

I know, I know..Its been a while since we posted dubstep. So without further ado, we present Skrillex's newest music video featuring a little girl delivering the most epic of ass kickings to a creeper using some badass telekinetic skills, edited in sync to the beats of the track. Its an epic narrative delivered in just about 3 minutes flat. They damn better make a movie out of this premise.

5 Toy Stories by Aled Lewis

 Mario seems kind of unimpressed. (Via)
This is a perfect example of how simplicity and understatement can really go far.  Aled Lewis has created a photo series called "Toy Stories", that are just that: Toys that tell a story...  Or at least a fun, quirky scenario. These are all pretty damn awesome.

Four more pictures after the break!

Dead Space 2: Blockified

Prepare to get ripped to shreds. (Via)
A badass, and incredibly dynamic Dead Space 2 tribute piece by another talented Lego fanatic, Arkov. By using a little piping to prop up Isaac, he created a pretty amazing zero g battle between him and a Necromorph. Oh god, the money I'd pay for a Mature rated Lego Dead Space game...I guess we can dream. Check out another angle after the break!

Aug 24, 2011

Harry Potter and The Mystery Of 'You Know Who'

Aaron McConnell has been in the comic business for quite sometime. Although, Aaron will generally be seen illustrating for comics of non-fiction nature, he still finds time to produce some great fictitious work as well. Above is a nice mixture of our beloved Harry Potter and the once popular Hardy Boys (to set the record straight, I f**king love the Hardy Boys). I totally have a raging clue right now. Aaron is brilliant at adding his own unique flare to well known pop-culture. Yes, that means Avatar: The Last Airbender goodness.

After the break I've put 4 more pop-culture filled pieces by Aaron McConnell to feast on.

Slow Magic: Corvette Cassette

Perfect for the mid week hump, a little bit of Slow Magic to keep the mood chill. Beautiful visuals and relaxing music that evoked a dream like state in me while I was listening to it. Lovely track...and if you haven't heard other work by Slow Magic, do it..I love these guys to death.

10 Zombie Stormtroopers

"So you liked Episode 1, huh?"
Its a no brainer....What's better than a Stormtrooper? A Zombie Stormtrooper, of course. Let these images of undead Stormtroopers serve as an allegory for the state of the Star Wars franchise in this day and age. A shambling mess, resurrected from the dead via the evil Necromancy of George Lucas to carry out an unnatural existence on a diet of way too much Green Screen and crappy CG. Check out 9 more zombie Troopers after the break!

Portal: No Escape

When I first saw this jaw dropping, amazing Portal tribute, dubbed as a 'fan film' by other blogs...It just seemed kind of ludicrous. I mean, holy hell...its an amazing tribute to Portal with top notch camera work, VFX and acting. But since when do fan films use RED cameras that cost $25,000 up?

After tracking the username of the Youtube channel, 'Dan Tracthtenberg' back to his website, it showcased an impressive resume of Commercial work for companies like Nike, Lexus, Coca Cola and other major players...Is this his attempt at getting Valve's attention for a feature based off of Portal, or did Valve put him up to it to get the attention of Hollywood? Check out this interesting tweet from his Twitter account:

A #PortalMovie hashtag? That's no coincidence. We look forward to seeing what comes out of this.

OK Go and The Muppets

OK Go has decided to delve into a little nostalgia, and bring us a revamped Muppet Show theme song.  Definitely not the recognizable vaudevillian tune that we all know and love, but pretty damn awesome nonetheless.  About halfway or so through the video, we have none other, than a TWIST!  Aha, the tables have been turned.

Aug 23, 2011

Green Lantern Makes Arkham City Fear Batman

Xbox 360 players are yellow with envy. (Via)
Another day, another Batman Arkham City DLC skin. I bet you are getting bored of them now. But what if I said this one involved Green Lantern? Now I have your attention.

'Justice League' #1 Scores More Than 200,000 Pre-Orders

Comics Are Fighting Back (Via)
'Comics are a dead medium!' Not so much.

Though digital sales numbers are a closely-guarded piece of information, Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's Justice League #1 has amassed more than 200,000 preorders and six other titles have topped 100,000. It's an emotional week as the first few comics have started to reach the wind down towards the final countdown before the massive reboot it's welcome to know that the medium is doing well. Considering how I love it so and at last month DC comic sales were at a all time low, with some issues selling pretty bad.

What Amazing Stop Motion You Have There... Wait A Minute...

Animation studio, 23lunes created this amazing short experiment, showcasing their incredible stop motion skills. It's really quite awesome to see something like this in action.

But wait, there's a twist!

The Art Of I Love Dust

 We miss you, Macho Man. (Via)
The UK based multimedia design outfit called ILoveDust has been cranking out some really amazing work on a more commercial scale, specializing in creating fresh designs for leading companies around the world. We're talking Nike, MTV, and all kinds of other brands.. The ILoveDust team consists of a team of in house artists, as well as a global pool of talent. The result is a wide range of visually striking projects. If you like variety, these guys deliver in spades. Check out a small selection of their portfolio after the break!

Adrift: Memories Of Bladerunner

Interesting trailer by the new French gaming studio called 'DONTNOD,' showcasing a very ambitious, epic looking concept art video, a mood target for the final game. The game will supposedly take place in NeoParis, 2084 and will focus around the concept of the extension of social media to an extreme level. Nothing is private any more, and memories are items that can be bought, sold and traded. In a way the setting reminds me of an alternate Bladerunner, and the premise kind of reminds me of Deus Ex: Human Revolution already (I just finished playing an hour or two following its midnight unlock on Steam).

 Lets hope that this newcomer studio can deliver something remotely close to the epic concept paintings. With a release date of Fall 2012, thats a pretty lofty goal if they haven't been working on this game for a few years. We'll wait and see, can't go wrong with some more sci fi titles on the market. Check out the amazing concept art after the break!

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mix-Tape!

"I sure do <3 cuddling with my momma." (Via)
Well, its that time again. The weekly cute mixtape has landed again, bringing plenty of cute pictures to make your day awesome. Check out four more cute images from our readers and around the web after the break!

Duck Tron: Aka How To Sell Duct Tape

This is how you sell some damn tape. Take a few rolls of duct tape, a few dozen hours of stop motion, and one of the cornerstones of early viral media: Tron Guy, and you get advertising gold. Seriously, this video deserves at least a few million more views for its amazing execution. The delivery of Tron Guy's lines are absolutely perfect. Off to go buy a few rolls of Duck Tape, brb.

The Best Wedding Photos...Ever?

Sometimes the best photos are candid shots of people in their normal activities.  Wait, who is that photo-bombing their background?  Photographer Amanda Rynda captured some very unique photos for fiances Ben and Juliana.  More than you bargained for after the break!

Aug 22, 2011

This Meta Spy Truly Is Meta

The name is Bond...Now turn around while I provide my ID....(Via)
This Team Fortress 2 Cosplay blew my mind. The proverbial spy playing a spy? James Bond, Team Fortress 2 style? He'll take his Martini stirred & not shaken. Be careful, Daniel Craig...There may be a Spy in MI5...

You'll Probably Never See A Darker Sketch Comedy Skit Than This (NSFW)

Earlier this month the UCB Midnight Show took us to an comfortable place with Siamese Twins, and it was completely worth it. This skit once again reaches the edges of comedy and begins to teeter into pure darkness, it's truly one of the darkest skits I've ever seen. With that being said, I goddamn love this skit, it really showcases the groups ability to continuously step over the boundaries of what's funny while maintaining the laughs.

Dear Internet, why don't you think about giving these guys more views? They're bloody brilliant.

Joy Ang's 'Little Red Cap'

This piece by artist, Joy Ang, is absolutely beautiful, no doubt about it. The subtleties in this picture are outstanding and really add to an amazing piece. Check out Joy's online portfolio here, there's loads of great work and even a few Street Fighter pieces hidden in there (she worked on the comic book series!).

Golden Age: Somewhwere

GOLDEN AGE - SOMEWHERE from Paul Nicholls on Vimeo.

If you've ever played games featuring player created content, like Second Life...This video will definitely hit home. Paul Nicholls' idea for this series was to explore the concept of downloadable architecture in the future, when we'll have the technology to fully immerse ourselves in different settings from the comfort of our own home, as well as accessorizing our homes with purchasable virtual items. I don't think its that far out of a notion...Look at what the Playstation Network pushed with their whole 'Home' platform..A virtual home which you could decorate with premium, real world brand items that cost money. Its an interesting take on the future of augmented reality, and the execution of his vision of what lies ahead in that field is pretty damn amazing.

Put Your Drink In A Warp Pipe

Novelty mugs are a great commodity, not only do you feel cool drinking your beverage, but you look cool too. This Warp Pipe mug from Fangamer is the perfect addition to your already enormous mug collection, but completely worth it when you consider the awesome coasters included. While $34 is a bit steep, the novelty of the cup seems just about worth it.

Above The Dust By Leo Zuckerman

Leo Zuckerman has been cranking out some amazing videos on his account as of late, and this one's no exception. Great choice of music, some really cool shots and some really slick presentation. Can't go wrong with that. This video will get your Monday off to a good start. If you liked this, check out another one of his more upbeat biking videos, "Dialed" after the break!

Taking Refuge From Monday

"I think if I stay here long enough, Monday will come and go, and I won't have to deal with it.  Although I am on this cold hard floor...  I reallllly didn't think this one through."

Aug 21, 2011

The Incredible Luigi

Luigi is a drunk, especially when exposed to radiation (Via)
Luigi has never had a chance in video games. The only time he's ever shown his bravery and heroism was when he had a vacuum on his back or had to solve maths to save his far more famous brother. This made him mad. You wouldn't like Luigi when he is mad.

I'm a huge fan of the artist, Dan Hipp. If you like this art you can purchase it at his site, supplied above. It's worth every Hulk-ed out penny.

Kitties In Bowls

The formula is simple: Put out several covered bowls.  Introduce a boatload of kittens.  At the right moment, uncover bowls.  Kitty primetime GOLD...Or as they'd say it, 'KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.'  Happy Sunday!

Little Big War

This short was created by studio Wolf Smoke, a Chinese animation studio that we covered a while back for their really fun short, 'Kung Fu Cooking Girls'...which was unfortunately removed by Youtube due to an idiotic complaint about there being mild nudity, which if you'd seen the short didn't warrant a complete removal. As a result, we'd like to feature this awesome work they did, featuring a pretty cool battle against a fever visualized as an all out brawl inside the victim's body.

Zelda: Showdown

This sweet Zelda tribute was created by Bjorn Hurri, showcasing a pretty dark showdown between Link and Ganon. Really awesome painterly style to this piece. Nintendo, time to outsource Zelda to Epic games.

FreddieW Gets A Bodycount

FreddieW just released this new video, featuring the usual gunplay....Except this time, he's doing a video to promo an upcoming Xbox Live title called Bodycount, a multiplayer only title with an emphasis on satisfying gunplay. We saw the game at E3, and are looking forward to hearing more about the game as the release date nears.. Check out the gameplay trailer after the break!

A QWOP Of Inspiration

QWOP may be one of the hardest flash games of all time, making your average gamer look like the most uncoordinated person to walk the earth. Luckily, an inspirational story has risen, showing that your average citizen can in fact, rise above the rest. Or maybe not...

Aug 20, 2011

Spider-Man Becomes Evil

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Spider-man EVER became evil? I imagine it would go a little something like this. Watch as Spider-man terrorizes citizens, journalists trying to get the scoop on the Avengers and helpless fast-food workers!

Dave Rapoza Is About 90% Done With The Ninja Turtles

Michelangelo (Via)
Having done some amazing work with the other Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle ensemble, which we covered here and here, the moment we've been waiting for has finally arrived...His take on the actual Turtles themselves. So far he's completed about 3 out of 4 turtles, Michelangelo, Leonardo and Donatello. The detail on these paintings is downright amazing, with some really amazing lighting and texture work. The only guy remaining is Raphael, and this project will finally reach completion. I can't wait to see which classic 80's series he tackles next. Check out Leo and Don after the break!

Be A Manwolf Today

Well, that was interesting...and awesome. Manwolf's are a skating outfit with a little more personality than your usual, DC and Monster Energy toting skaters of recent times. And hey, I can appreciate the hell out of these guys..They've got a ton of personality, their own style and really just don't give a sh** about what other people think. Can't go wrong with that, they're having a good time doing it.

Pup Confused Over His Water Dish

"What the heck?!  Why isn't this hot tub big enough for me?  And where are the jets?!  I'm gonna make myself fit, just gotta scoop out some of this water here... And... There!  Okay, this'll do."


Though no longer recognized by the medical community, hysteria was once believed to be a disorder exclusive to women. Some symptoms included faintness, nervousness, and insomnia.  The cure to such an ailment?  The Big O, naturally!  This seemingly fun and humorous film is about the invention of the vibrator.  Though the are a few O-faces in the trailer, it's still pretty SFW.

Aug 19, 2011

Mike Diva and CorridorDigital Presents: DUBSTEP GUNS

Awesome Robo favorites, Mike Diva and CorridorDigital, have taken it upon themselves to collaborate on the most advanced form of a gun duel to date. No longer are cool explosions and loud bangs an acceptable form of action, from here on in I expect to see Michael Bay and J.J. Abrams replacing all their sound effects with a slick dubstep track. It's what's in, right?

Ghost Rider: Spirit Of Vengeance Trailer Is Flaming Hot

Remember how much the Ghost Rider movie sucked? Well so did Marvel. Whilst this sequel does star Nicholas Cage the movie promises to be a completely different tale, with the movie getting good write ups from not only Comic-Con fans but the critics. This is the trailer that is trying to prove that bad films can have good sequels. Especially when it involves flaming gut bullets and burning pee.

The film is directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor and Screenplay by Scott M. Gimple, Seth Hoffman and David S. Goyer whilst promising to be one hell of a ride.

This Image Is Long, But It's Worth It

The punchlines been given, I can't make this anymore witty than it already is. Thank you Madéleine Flores.

The Mountain

Thanks to forum user Asinine for sharing this stunning timelapse. The photographer, Terje Sogjerd created this beautiful video atop El Teide, one of Spain's highest mountains. As well as being naturally pristine, El Teide at night has one of the most beautiful skies I've ever seen captured on video. It nearly looks surreal...Enjoy.

I Would Really Like To Play Guild Wars 2 Now

I can definitely appreciate Guild Wars for taking a more subtle approach to their trailers, and trying to emphasize the beauty, and epic scale of the world and all the beautiful art that went into making the game. Note to self: Orchestral music makes everything ten times more epic. I had a chance to try out the game in beta form a few months back, and in my opinion...It's got the potential to be the next big player in the MMO space. Keep an eye out on this one, and enjoy the five minute long trailer crammed with epic moments.

The Art Of Invisible Empire

Let the reign of the empty kingdom commence. (Via)
This visually striking photo series by Juna Helminen captures an unsettling portrait that really doesn't fail to creep the living hell out of me. But I digress, I think its absolutely beautiful work by the Helsinki based artist who goes by the name of Immanuel on Deviantart. There are some really subtle undertones in this series, including fanaticism and loss of individuality. The lighting in these photographs, as well as the compositions are pretty damn amazing as well...If you like the surreal movies of Tarsem or played any of the Silent Hill games..Or are just looking to be creeped out, you'll love the rest of the images from this series after the break.

Chromeo is baby inducing

Chromeo has managed to bring back electrofunk with a vengeance. Dave 1's sexy vocals and P-Thugg's synth and keyboard skills have little to compare to, but it's definitely baby making music, which this music video for When The Night Falls proves. Chromeo's newest album, Business Casual, is definitely something to check out and a fantastic album to end your summer on.

Take My Money Valve: The Deus Ex/Team Fortress 2 Incentive

Valve is one evil, evil company. I kind of realized today that I hadn't preordered Deux Ex: Human Revolution just yet, and was kind of pondering what system to get it on. That is, until I saw a link to a special Team Fortress 2 page on the official Deus Ex Facebook feed. Within two minutes of seeing this page with its dirty, dirty preorder incentives, I dropped $45 on the PC version, and I'm probably going to start playing Team Fortress 2 again. Two birds with one stone, Valve...You've done it again! Check out why I preordered Deus Ex with a few choice images after the break.

Aug 18, 2011

Dead Rising 2: Frank West Is Off & Back On The Case

When I first heard about Dead Rising 2: Off The Record I wasn't excited. I love the idea of alternate story lines (which is why I love the What If? series of comics from Marvel) but a full priced game for Dead Rising 2 with Frank's skin? At first I wasn't sold. But this trailer really has made me sit up and pay attention.

What if Frank sold out, became a sell-out but was thrown in the same situation that Chuck was in Dead Rising 2? Sounding good so far and if they fix the problems of the Case West DLC and make the photography more like the original game than a mediocre gameplay technique I'll buy this game day one.

Check out after the jump for another trailer that should make you smile!

Wildstar: Looking Quite Awesome

When I initially saw this trailer, I thought I was looking at a trailer for some kind of animated movie, or some sort of pilot for a TV show. But nope, this is actually NCSoft's newest foray into the MMO space with a colorful, stylized approach and characters brimming with personality. How will this trailer translate into the MMO? That remains to be seen, because gameplay footage is pretty much nonexistent at this point. Check out their website for screenshots, art and some tidbits about the classes.

Swarmanoid: Cute, Terrifying Robots

Now don't get me wrong, I think this is some amazing progress for the capabilities of robotic cooperation towards achieving a common goal...Using three different robots types, Handbot(Retrieval), Footbot(Transport) and Eyebot(Recon) the units coordinate together to retrieve a book in a calculated, planned out manner. Now here's what I want you to think about: Instead of targeting a book, replace that with humans..And instead of these machines being cute little things that fit in your living room, imagine these things a few dozen times bigger. And you've basically got the Terminator scenario.

The Swarmanoid project was coordinated by Marco Dorigo and funded by the EU...And have you guys heard of the actual satellites launched into space by the UK known as 'Skynet,' operated by Paradigm Secure Communication to provide strategic information to NATO and UK armies? I sh** you not, its only a matter of time before we'll be rendered extinct by the machines when they become aware. Prepare yourselves for the war between man and machine.

The Woman In Black Official Trailer

This movie looks exceptionally creepy.  I really hope they don't go for the obvious "boo" scare factor, and try a new way to elicit fear.  Based on the 1983 novel by Susan Hill, and later adapted into a stage play, "The Woman in Black" is a story about a lawyer who travels to a late woman's estate, only to encounters some scary s**t.  Daniel Radcliffe, good luck breaking away from that other role, I hope you can pull it off.

"Take Your Medicine" by Transfer Is Amazingly Original

Music videos continue to be my favorite form of video, it allows the director to interpret the song visually with whatever ideas pop into their head. Usually, these videos are great companions to the music, but rarely am I blown away. It's even rarer for me to watch a music video and think, "How the f**k did this come to be made?" With great success, Transfer's Take Your Medicine, has ignored anyone anyone comprehension I had for imagination and shat on it. This video is insane, but in every good way possible.

Director, Nader Husseini, has done something deeply original with this music video, something hard to do in an industry filled to the brim with some of the worlds most creative and artistic minds. The creature design is beautiful and the flow of the song fits unbelievably well with the video's tone. It definitely helps that I dig Transfer's sound.

7 Marvel Minimalist Posters by Marko Manev

Minimalistic movie posters are one thing, but minimalistic comic book posters are in a league of their own for me. Artist, Marko Manev, created this awesome set of posters for varying Marvel characters, using shapes and symbols in some pretty smart ways. For $18 you can pick up a print from Marko's website right here. I definitely plan to order a few.

Check out 6 more posters after the break!

Aug 17, 2011

Gears Of War: The Board Game

I want what these guys are smoking. Though not the first time a video game has been turned into a game reserved for a rainy day for blackout (as my Tomb Raider & Pac-Man board games will attest too) the Gears of War series seems the least likely to receive a cardboard transformation.

Personally, the draw of the series is the over-the-top uncaring nature of the series which I don't think this board game will capture. Though, I could be wrong and this thing could be a hit AND lots of fun.

The Tale Of Mr. Rêvus

Marius Herzog from University Of Applied Sciences created this outstanding animation for his graduation project. The storytelling is simply phenomenal and is truly inspiring to see such amazing work come from a single person. Accompanying Marius' well-crafted fantasy short, is composer, Simon Scharf orchestrated work which pushes this animation to it's limits. It's hard to believe that something with this kind quality came from one person, because the quality is incredible. Definitely take 10 minutes out of your day for this one, you won't be disappointed.

Plus, Mr. Rêvus' slug friend is freaking adorable.

The International DOTA 2 Championships

Yesterday a new trailer for DOTA 2 sprouted from the depths of the German trade fair, Gamescom. Today, we're finally getting a glimpse of gameplay, played by the worlds best DOTA. Even if you're not into DOTA, I highly suggest you give a few minutes of your time to watch the championships, I assure you, the commentators make it worth your while. With lines like, "and it looks like he's going to ca-AOOOOOOOOGMYGODDDDDDDOAAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHOH!", how can you say no?

Check out the championships here.

The Hollywood Megamercial: DC Pulls Out All The Stops

Even if I don't wear DC shoes, you cannot deny that this ad for Ken Block's clothing collection is unf***ing believable. They set the bar so high for high budget promotions that I'm kind of doubting this will ever be topped. This awesome ad was directed by the Zombieland director Ben Conrad on the Universal Studios tour lot, and its pretty damn exhilarating, showcasing just how amazing rally driver Ken Blocks' skills are in his little Ford Fiesta. We checked out Universal Studios during our trip to E3, so its pretty amazing watching this guy tear through the studio lots (Actually used for movies..and Youtube mealtime celebs). Watch this in its entirety, and try to keep your jaw in place.

6 Switched Heads By Ripke

Welp. (Via)
Well, this is what nightmares are made out of. Paul Ripke created this highly refined series of images showcasing head switches that are most commonly found in crude Photoshop threads. Isn't it kind of crazy that when kids are born, their head makes up 25% of their height? Top heavy stuff. Check out five other bizarre, and kind of hilarious head switches after the break!

Maru's Book!

The adored internet superstar has a book coming out on August 23rd!  Okay, yeah, it's his owner who is coming out with the book, whatever.  Though I told that the internet doesn't exactly have a shortage of cats (ahem), we can't wait to see more of the feline equivalent to Boo.  You can pre-order now at Amazon.

Mad's Guide To Videogame Cheats

Jorge Gutierez really nailed this ad on the head, with this humorous guide to cheats I kind of wish did exist in videogames. That Street Fighter finisher is nothing short of badass...And Sonic needs more Lebron James, I totally agree. Check it out.


Though I'm not usually a big candy person (chocolate, please!), every once in a while, my childhood comes calling.  A small box of Nerds is just what I need.  Comic artist Angie Melick delights in the correlation between colorful little candies, and how we ultimately are what we eat. Nerds.

Aug 16, 2011

Sony's New PSP E-1000: That's.....Something

Meet the PSP you never wanted. (Via)
During its Gamescom press conference, Sony talked a whole bunch about the PlayStation Vita but announced a rather strange PSP model. This new model is a Europe only release, this PSP promises to be compatible with the entire PSP catalog but will not have a Wi-Fi option and is apparently being released because of a resurgence of PSP sales within Europe. It'll set you back 99 Euros, but at a time when the Vita's release is around the corner and PSP's are already around that price point? Seems like an odd release.

The Artist Behind Bastion, Jen Zee

A few weeks ago the Xbox Live Arcade game, Bastion, hit the digital marketplace and it's goddamn amazing. While Ms. Splosion Man stole my heart for the best arcade game of 2011, Bastion comes close second. The narration is unlike anything I've seen or heard in a video game and makes for a truly original hack-and-slash RPG, but it's the art that truly hits home. With influences of classic JRPGS such as Tales of Phantasia and Shining Force, Bastion's art style is simply beautiful; filled to the brim with color and a hand-painted looking palette. 

Yes, I could sit here and ooze over how much I f**king love Bastion, I should also get the point of this post. Artist Jen Zee is the woman behind what you see in game, and she's absolutely brilliant. After spending a bit of time looking into Jen's career, I've dug up a few pieces that are just as incredibly as Jen's work on Bastion. Hit the break to check out 5 pieces by Jen Zee.

Thurston Roscoe Takes Us Back To Our Childhoods

Earth girls are easy. (Via)

I remember when my friends and I would chip in on a roll of Kodak film and take pictures of toys in different situations around the house. Thurston Roscoe is kind of doing the same thing, except with better cameras, compositions and lighting... and it looks like they're having a ton of fun doing it. I really loved looking at everything these guys have done so far, a total of five images. I was kind of concerned about them not having posted any new images in a while, but hey..Rest assured, after contacting them I was told they have more images in the works! Check out the other 4 images after the break...And seriously, consider buying a print to support these guys! For only $15, these images are a steal.

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mix-Tape

Hey mom, wait up! *hairball cough* Can't I just hold your paw? (Via)

Banksy's The Antics Roadshow

This awesome 4 part documentary created by Banksy chronicles the stories behind the most audacious pranksters and stunt perpetrators of the last few decades, covering everyone from the infamous Remi Gallard to guys like Michael Fagan to the Yes Men, who infiltrate corporate events and expose the hypocrisy behind these massive companies. Its a great look into their motivations, from pure boredom to legitimate political motives. As for the reasoning behind the show, Banksy stated: "Basically I just thought it was a good name for a TV programme and I've been working back from there." Awesome. Check out the other 3 parts after the break!

Super Mario Bros Stop Motion

Jeremiah Warren, a videographer and special effects guru, has reenacted the first level of the original Super Mario Bros., using paper stop motion.  Add in a symphony version of the all-too-familiar music, and you have a fun, geeky tribute.  Cool clip, thought the nitpicker in me wishes he would have made Mario slide down from the very top of the end pole.

DOTA 2 Trailer Rises; So Do Other Things

Oh, hell yes. It's been a long time coming, but we're finally getting glimpses of DOTA 2. We're all big fans of the original DOTA and League of Legends over at Awesome Robo, so it shouldn't be a surprise that we're foaming at the mouth for a chance to play this. This trailer is just a sexy sneak peek of what to expect from Valve's newest project.

Aug 15, 2011

Doctor Who Prepares To Kill Hitler

So have you been watching Season 6 of the new Doctor Who? If not, you're seriously missing out.

As a big British Doctor Who fan (as most British kids are, seeing that we're brought up with classic Doctor Who), I have to say this season has been one of the best since it's 2006 revival. Though you don't see any Hitler killing in this 1 minute prequel, with an episode title like, "Let's Kill Hitler" what have you got to lose? Tune in to BBC America to get in on the Dr. Who goodness!

Gotham City Impostors: Team Batness 2

The newest trailer for Gotham City Impostors proves one thing and one thing only; the game not only reads like Team Fortress 2, it looks like it too. Which, despite plenty of complaints from the internet comic-book hate machine, is actually a really good thing. The game looks silly and does look like the comic book version of Team Fortress 2 with bear traps, Kids in Joker make-up and Batman rip-offs but isn't that what we all truly want in this world? If not, I don't want to live in it much longer.

Gotham City Impostors is due out Winter 2012 on Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation Network and all Windows Platform computers.


This music video was created to visually narrate one of the key tracks of Matthew Dear's Black City albums...'Slowdance.' The director created a track that visualizes the 'disruption of memory, at it's visual core.' Its a pretty awesome piece, layered with all kinds of visual dissonance that just fits together. Check out more about Black City if you haven't heard of it on Matthew Dear's website.

Super IAM8BIT: Preview

Paul Robertson's Taito tribute piece. (Via)

The 5th popular, LA based IAM8BIT show, featuring tribute work to all retro games from various artists premiered last Thursday..Unfortunately we didn't have the chance to really head down to Sunset boulevard in LA to check it out, but we had a chance to see a preview from the guys on the Mechafetus Visublog, featuring the work of Paul Robertson and other artists. Check out 4 more pieces after the break, and beware the NSFW!

Power Rangers Man: Reunited With Childhood

There's something so uplifting about watching a guy get reunited with the childhood he never had. This guy basically got all the toys he only dreamed about having as a kid decades later as an unexpected birthday gift, and the reaction is pretty damn awesome. I can't mock this guy, I probably would have reacted the same way if somebody surprised me with a Power Rangers flavored blast to the past like that. I never had a chance to even own one of those damn figures.

Darth Tron

Charged up. (Via)
This awesome mashup between two iconic scifi series was created by Dracorubio. Darth Vader will be coming to derezz your ass if you don't get over your case of the Mondays.

Aug 14, 2011

Found On The Tape: New ARG

Have you heard about Found On The Tape? I bet you haven't. This quiet viral campaign has caught my attention, but not many others. It hasn't been picked up by many sites, has very few views but is creepy as f***. I stumbled upon it by accident and still haven't figured out what is being advertised or what the campaign is for. Given that Paranormal Activity 3's viral campaign has been revolving around a VHS transfer company I expect that a connection could be made.

Check out the other 2 videos after the jump and make up your mind. Just don't watch it in the dark.

Dog Vs. Lime

You know what's better than giving a dog peanut butter?  A nice, tame lime.  The soothing, mild flavor will calm his hyper butt right down.  Oh, it does the exact opposite?  Huh.  Well, color me surprised.