Oct 27, 2009

Puppyrito! Awww..

Oct 25, 2009

Eggs 2.0

Big WTF factor on this fake egg loaf.  Whats next??

Oct 24, 2009

Mid Air Meditation

A moment of peace.

Oct 22, 2009

Japanese Windows 7 Whopper!

Oh..my..god.  7 patties for 777($7.77) yen for the Windows 7 launch.  Prepare to die.

Nerd Awesome

Once awesome, always awesome.


Oct 21, 2009

Robocop Stupidity

Poor murphy.

Unfortunate Placement: Pumpkin

Unfortunate placement at its best.

Red Bull Race Japan

Now with more shark.

Oct 20, 2009

Norm Gets Mad Remix!

Fat man remix, courtesy of Tronovich.  A fellow Robo.

Reusable Protest Sign!

Oct 19, 2009

Beast Master 2 In 3 Minutes!

As eighties as it gets folks.

We'll Deep Fry Anything!

Deep fried Pepsi? Oh god.

Oct 18, 2009

Cat Found!

Not your typical cat :3

Oct 17, 2009

RL Mario Piranha Plants

That dog seems pleased to see that plant. :)

Oct 16, 2009

Mega64: Resident Evil 4 Prank

Oct 15, 2009

Lobster Kitty

Best Fighting Game EVER!

Move over Street Fighter IV, a new contender appears.

Evil Driver Splashes Kids! (AWESOME)

Max Gets A Batman Costume


Japanese Sniper Prank TV Show!

Only legal in Japan!

Real Life Firefox! Cute!

Oct 14, 2009

Ass Cream Vendor? News Blooper

Team Fortress 2 Gentlemen Heaven!

Fun Mashup featuring Spy from Team Fortress 2

Will Eat For Food! And Neckbeards.

Look At This Dog!

Awful Creepy Ad: Tabasco Pepperoni Faces

Ew.  Ew.  Ew.

Oct 13, 2009

The Perfect Wedding Gift

Really Now?

Plastic Alligator VS Dog!

Gorbachev Fights the Zombies Music Video! (wtf)

Coming To Alderaan: Ahaaaaa!

Noodles: Now With 90% More Stormtrooper Flavor!

What Cats Are Really Thinking

Oct 12, 2009

Fat Kid Street Fighter 2: Who Will Win?

Mario's True Nature Revealed

Sleepy Communist Dog >:3

Who Thought This Was A Good Idea?

Pirates of the Carribean: Before and After!

3 Kitty Burritos!

Winnie the Pooh EXTREME

Cat Shower 2! To Drink Or Not To Drink

McDonalds Abuse

Yacht Crash. Ouch!

Oct 11, 2009

Well That Explains It!

Grape Lady Falls

Meet Vaders New Girlfriend