Jan 31, 2011

Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon

Back in 2007, you probably didn't play Earth Defense Force 2017. Four years later, you're probably not going to play Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon. When it's 2017 and we're faced with an actual insect Armageddon, you probably won't be playing the third game in the series that will mysteriously come out six years after everyone stops caring.

But the question is, should you?  More after the jump!

Dead Craft (Dead Space AND Minecraft?!)

You KNOW we love Minecraft and Dead Space here at Awesome Robot. I one day dream of a world where the creators of Minecraft and Dead Space join together in perfect harmony. Well, as perfect as a space ship full of evil undead aliens can get.

 If you are on the same mind-wave as me, you should totally check out the video after the cut. If not, you should check it out anyway. It's that cool.

Possibly The Most Adorable Duo Ever

I've seen wolves take in humans, cats take in puppies, but an orangutan and a dog? ADORABLE!

Hungry Hungry Hippos

A new take on the classic kid's game, with a realistic spin.  I demand bloodshed, muahaha.  Via

Demon Cat

This demon cat speaks an ancient tongue, warning us of the impending apocalypse. The hell is with those crazy ass glowing eyes?

Toilet Paper Expressions

If you're having issues with your toilet paper, and feel like you just can't read it, please refer to the chart below.  I think it could really help give you some insight.

Marvel Needs More Variant Covers Like This

Artist R. Grampa made this awesome variant cover for Marvel. Personally, I rarely ever buy variant covers, mostly because they just aren't cool enough for the extra cash. Although, if more covers took the approach of giving The Incredible Hulk down-syndrome I'd be all over them.

Jan 30, 2011

The Evolution Of Doom

A pretty convincing mock up of what the next chapter of Doom is going to look like.  I never got over the fact that they hadn't figured out how to mount a damn flashlight to their guns in Doom 3.  Doom 4 will have ever dark technology.  I hope ID takes some notes.

Older Guy Busts a Move

I love, LOVE this guy.  He's having such a great time, it's awesome.  And I love how his signature move correlates with the "poker face" lyric.

Awesome Legend of Zelda 3DS!

Check this out: It's a Legend of Zelda 3DS! It's a shame, though. This thing isn't real, though it could have fooled me.

Wasa-bi-redux is an artist who mainly designs concept art for video game boxes that will never be released. Nintendo needs to hire this guy, because on his page I've seen at least 14 products that need to be exchanged for the green paper within my wallet

Go check out their DeviantART page for more awesome concepts that will never be released by Nintendo. I can dream.....

Doppelganger Good Times

Masturbation sure has gotten tricky.

Awesome Spare Tire

Got a flat?  Don't worry about having a standard spare handy, just grab whatever.  It's fine.

Jan 29, 2011

Totally Emo Compilation

Some people are just so, so dramatic and emo.  While you enjoy the ridiculousness, I'm going to watch 'Twilight'.  While cutting myself.

More emo frustration after the jump.

Baby Piece Of Candy

Reenactment of an awesome episode of Family Guy, the one that guest starred James Woods.  Now I know how to capture James Woods and babies.  My army of minions is starting to come together.

Evangelion Hotel: Faulty Tower's of Japan

Hahaha, references to classic British Comedies. ANYWAY, Evangelion is huge, and I love it. I already posted about Evangelion Suits you can buy, but now you can not only go to an amusement park with a Neon-Genesis Evangelion theme, but stay in an Evangelion Hotel room. Japan, I think I'm in love with you all over again. Check out more after the jump!

Its Showtime Compilation

Just another great example of hilariously overused phrases in movie.  Gotta love Hollywood.

Rage Girl

Damn, this girl's angry!  That, or there's something else going on.  Something more... sinister.  Yikes.  Via Awkward Family Photos

Jan 28, 2011

The Slasher Hunter: Episode 1

So here it is, Episode 1!
Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the rest of the episodes, and
Check out the official site here.
Good night folks...and sweet dreams.....

FreddieW Continues To Impress

There's a serious lack of talented YouTube partners nowadays, with nothing but jump cuts and unfunny dialogue it's sometimes hard to find an enjoyable YouTube director. Luckily there's diamonds in the rough like FreddieW that continue to make YouTube an impressive place. This was JUST released, and while it's not his best work it still manages to show some awesome editing skills. Check out more of his stuff here

Church Headbangers

This prankster couple just wants rock with the Lord.

Hilarious Way To Stop Credit Card Offers

Fed up with receiving credit card offers in the mail?  Do what this guy did.

The Office: Clash of Two Worlds

Say what you want about the declining quality of the Office as of lately, this is the scene you've all been waiting for. Watch Michael Meet David Brent, and skip the rest of the episode. Meta-fiction, fourth wall breaking action if you've ever seen it.

Edward Scissorhands Jr

Laments his moms choice of outfit.  Damn you mom.

Jan 27, 2011

Robot: Over The Top Just Doesn't Cut It

A new epic has appeared from the Indian Tamil region know in the west as Robot (Enthiran over there).  I've seen my fair share of over the top movies, but this extended clip seriously made my jaw drop.  I literally started skipping over it because I want to find myself a damn copy now.

The action scenes are insanely over the top, so over the top that Michael Bay will probably be catching the first flight over to India to figure out where this movie has been all his life.  I mean, holy sh** I was stunned by how creative they got with the action scenes.

Doctor Who Lego!

Well, kind of. Due to licensing issues (And Lego not wanting to make a large amount of money), Character Building line will release a specially commissioned Doctor Who set. Oh, I forgot to mention that it will work with real Lego. My 12 year old self is excited. My 21 year old self is writing this article. Check out more pictures after the jump!

Pixar's UP: Released 1965

I loved UP, but I love Pixar as a studio and everything they produce is pure gold. I love this video because it combines my love and nostalgia of classic 1960's film with one of the best films of the last 10 years. Either way, enjoy this video and wonder what could have been!

Batman Short Film

An extremely well done short film based within the Batman universe (pause at 4:56 to see an extremely attractive Batman face). If only The Riddler was in The Dark Knight Rises.


Readers of Awesome Robot may or may not be familiar with my band Baby Giraffes. Like Rezz, I didn't really want to use this blog as a personal hype box, but I'm actually in need of a little bit of help!

We're writing a new song and I'm kind of out of ideas lyrically, so if you guys could send me some suggestions or something that'd be awesome! It'd also help if you'd forward this to your lyrically inclined friends so they could help me out too!

I basically just want to include as many fan suggestions in the same song as I can, I guess you could call it "fan service."

If you haven't already heard our stuff, you can check us out HERE!

You can leave your suggestions on this blog entry, send them to @BBYGRFZ on twitter, or find us on facebook.

I'm also attaching an awkward supplementary video after the break!

Anti-Piracy Done Right

Kudos to BBC for making an enjoyable anti-piracy ad, one that gets its humor outside of being hilariously bad (needed an IT Crowd plug somewhere on here). I wouldn't mind seeing more ads like this before my DVDs, especially considering I'm not a criminal.

15 WTF Frozen Foods

Digiorno recently announced their ridiculous Pizza+Cookies combination for the frozen aisle.  This led us to research the strangest, most wtf frozen food ideas thought up by food companies in the last few years.

Obama Fingers: 
Nothing like cashing in on popular people and trends with a lazy ass product like this.  I'd recommend Palin Yukon potatoes as an accompaniment to Obama Fingers.

Eggo Breakfast Pizza:
Eggo though the best way to start your day would be with a simulated 'breakfast' pizza. The toppings? Yogurt, granola and freeze dried berries. The result? A soggy mess.

More bizarre specimens after the jump!

Derezzed In Street Fighter

Even if the new Tron wasn't as great as we were hoping, mixing Street Fighter characters and the electric coloring of the Tron universe looks awesome! Check out BossLogic's deviantART for more.

The Rings Of Saturn: A Prototype Thrill Ride

So Tom Casey invented this new thrill ride known as the rings of Saturn involving various concentric circles spinning around each other.  The easiest way to describe it would be as a cross between a merry go round and rollercoaster.

Thing is, am I the only one concerned about the possibilities of interdimensional portals here?  Lets not forget what happened to the Event Horizon guys. :<

Followup: Thundercats First Look

A newer image of the updated Thundercats just popped up online.  Overall, not bad..not bad at all.  They really stayed pretty close to the original designs.  Lion-o is looking younger, Cheetara is still sexy, Tygra has a sweet new uniform and Panthro was actually redesigned to look more badass and feral looking.

If there's one thing I really hope they stay faithful to, its going to have to be the theme song.  If you haven't heard it, do yourself a favor and hit up Youtube.  In my book its one of the best theme songs from the eighties.  Badass.

Jan 26, 2011

Batman: Arkham City Multiplayer Trailer Leaked?? UPDATE

This hasn't been confirmed. It could just be a very awesome Mod. That being said, this thing is Batpoop insane. I was a huge fan of the first game, and as well as being a big comic fan, I'm a fanatic Batman fan. Batman: Arkham Asylum was the Comic Book game I had been waiting for. Could Batman: Arkham City be the Video Game I've been waiting for?

With all that said and in mind, here is the as-of-yet not confirmed official new leaked Trailer for Arkham City.

DANIEL'S EDIT 27/01/10: The trailer has been taken down, my apologies, and I can't find a back-up. But if you missed it, you missed an awesome Mod of Batman and the Joker working together to fight a group of criminals. Sorry, I'll try and find it again for you guys!

How NOT To Market Your Game

The upcoming japanese title Catherine has created a lot of buzz the past couple of months. With the Persona Team taking it's first big leap into the realm of HD with  sexy cover girl Catherine, it's no surprise why a lot of Atlus fans are frothing at the mouth. Beginning with teaser images, fans avidly waited for the next batch of info for the game's mechanics. Unfortunately Atlus decided to go about this reveal in a manner many found deceiving, setting themselves up for a huge wave of disappointment.

Hit the jump to read on!

Rubber: A New Breed Of Terror

Every once in a while a movie so bizarre comes out that it challenges everything we know about what to expect from new films.

Rubber is a new film by Quentin Dupieux, dealing with a tire that becomes aware and starts a killing spree after realizing that it has head exploding telepathic abilities.

It sounds crazy, and fake, but let the trailer is concrete proof that this movie is happening.  This sounds like a day one for me..The movie industry really needs to step out and take more chances with original ideas like this.  

Looking forward to it.  Check out the trailer and the website!


Zelda Meets littlebigplanet 2. I must admit, it does look pretty cool!

David Bowie and Wolves

These set of photos of David Bowie are the perfect combo of badass, awesome, and sexy.  Bowie's a f***ing boss!

Real Life Aquaman: Badass Deep Sea Hunter

This Indonesian undersea diver and hunter shows off his unbelievable skills underwater.  Capable of holding his breath while under pressure for over 5 minutes while calmly hunting for his prey is unbelievable.  This is insanely badass, and shows off the versatility of the human body.  Amazing.

Thundercats Cartoon: First Look!

The first image of the new Thundercats from the upcoming 2011 cartoon show has been snapped by a participant at the London toy fair! The designs seem to have been slightly anime-fied, but we're glad they've mostly stuck to the series' roots.

The series will be arriving this year on Cartoon Network.  People seem to be crazy excited about the show because its probably the last great show to get a reboot.  I'm a tad on the concerned side after living through the terrifying bad Masters of the Universe reboot.

As a final note, rumors circulating on the net about the new series speculate that the new show will have a simplified take on the mythology with all the classic cast. The only thing I'm left wonder is, where the eff is Snarf???

Jan 25, 2011

Quality Animation: A Tumblr Blog You've Got To Follow.

Recently I found a blog on Tumblr that specializes in taking awkward screenshots at the wrong moments in your favorite anime and cartoon episodes. I can't tell if they're real or manipulated, but just about every image cracks me up either way.

Check 'em out here!

Diddy Vs Prince: Ultimate Showdown

When Diddy the Cat and Prince the Pomeranian go at it...Get ready for blood to be shed, and Killer Instinct voice announcers to step in.  This video is pretty much good till the one minute mark, at which point it turns into a 'SUBSCRIBE TO ME' fest.

Dead Space 2: Plasma Cutter for MEN

The Plasma Cutter that came with Dead Space 2's Special Edition was cool, as my friend Ted shows. But whilst it may be cool, it's Small. And Plastic. What if I really wanted to feel like I was in a spaceship with the Necromorph's, or cosplay as Isaac (UNLIKELY, but still)? Some people just want more. Well, we here at Awesome Robot have you covered.

The Slasher Hunter: Awesome Robot Exclusive Wallpaper!!

Designed by....well, me for the campaign, this wallpaper is exclusively available on Awesome Robot! Based on the Disk Art I designed for the movie, this Wallpaper is something I think you'll enjoy.


Check it out, and buy the DVD here.
But come here on Friday for the first episode! I hope you can't wait, I'm hyped.

Spirited Away Never Looked So Great

Artist Matt Needle created this amazing poster for Spirited Away over at Needle Design. I've been on a huge custom poster binge lately and I must admit, this is probably in my top five favorite posters for the year.

Proper Use of Toilet Paper

Hey guys, listen up:  Don't be using toilet paper for the wrong reasons.  I mean, come on.  Get with it.  Also, Engrish anyone?

My Shameless Plug Of The Busted Pixel

After promising myself I wouldn't shamelessly plug The Busted Pixel (a video game sketch comedy group I take part in), I decided to break that promise. In this recently released skit we teach you how to avoid a troubled relationship, Fallout style.

What If Christopher Nolan And Jim Henson Teamed Up?

While this short film is full of amazing, it only makes me wonder, what if Christopher Nolan took the reins of the TMNT series?

As ridiculous and unlikely as it sounds, I'm a firm believer that this could be amazing. The original comics are full of a lot of dark content that Nolan could take full of advantage of. Although puppeteering is probably a little too juvenile for Nolan's career the idea makes me wet myself. Although Nolan's tendency to rationalize everything may get in the way of what makes the turtles so fun, his ability to create a believable world would create an absolutely outstanding place for the pizza eating teenagers to live.

If you're reading this Mr. Nolan, get on it. (Also props on the video guys!)

Bonecraft Trailer

This effing bizzare trailer just surfaced featuring a hilariously bad adult parody of what looks to be a mix of World of Warcraft, Starcraft and a hell of a lot of bizarre foreplay.  Ear stroking??  Seriously?  This looks so bad it just might be good.


3 Victorian Star Wars Portraits

I do say Chewbacca, that is a splendid monocle. Boba fett, Chewbacca and C3PO get the vintage treatment. More after the jump!

Japanese Kids Are Too Excited

Since when is LSD legal in Japan?  The Happy Meal toys drive these kids into a blood frenzy.

Baby Harry Potter

All together now: Awwww!  Luckily the parents of this kid didn't go all the way with this costume, and give him a zig-zag scar on his forehead.  Wow, how messed up would that be?  And how messed up am I to even think of that?  Go figure.

Jan 24, 2011

The Slasher Hunter: The Tease Begins!

Steve Rudzinski, acclaimed indie film and Friend of many of us here on Awesome Robot has a new Movie out. Titled The Slasher Hunter, the movie is a parody of the Slasher Genre, and a film I've been waiting for. It's something ALL of us have been waiting for.

Wherever there's an asshole killer in a mask, he'll be there. Whenever dumb kids go to a cabin with no phone reception, he'll be there. THE SLASHER HUNTER is here to save your dumb ass from a ragtag gang of the most notorious slashers. Led by the cold-hearted Frank, they are determined to obtain one teen’s seemingly endless supply of the Survivor Gene, which grants immunity to slasher attacks. Five slashers. One Slasher Hunter. They’re going to need more slashers.
Check it out, and buy the DVD here.

But come here on Friday for the first episode! I hope you can't wait, I'm hyped.

AwesomeRobo, Now On Youtube!

We just opened up our Youtube channel, so please come find us over at Awesome Robo!

Our first video focuses on a compilation of disasters that occurred while Robogal and I were attempting to play Donkey Kong Country Returns, world 4.  Retro studios did an awesome job on capturing the essence of Donkey Kong Country in the sequel, while adding in some retro difficulty to boot.  Despite my raging in the video, I still think an awesome game(DAMN YOU LEVEL 4-3 DESIGNER!!). 

An Argument For Linearity In RPGs.

Let me start this off by saying that I dip into western and eastern RPGs as equally as I can, I'm a huge fan of both Dragon Age and Final Fantasy, as opposite spectrum as those might seem.

Over the last ten years we've seen a rapid decline in the amount of eastern RPGs coming out in America, and on the opposite side of the coin western RPGs are finally coming to the forefront of console gaming. Games like Dragon Age and Mass Effect are making the western RPG more and more accessible with every new incarnation.

What people really seem to appreciate about these games is the vast number of choices they allow us to make. Whereas the eastern RPG sends you along a predestined path and you're more or less just along for the ride, the western RPG puts you in almost full control of the events surrounding your character.

Personally though, I feel like I'm in the small minority that's no longer impressed by the parlor trick that is "choice" in the RPG. I'll admit that I was initially blown away by Heavy Rain, Dragon Age and just about every other title in recent years that has allowed you to choose your character's path.

Batman: Attack Of The Memes

This awesome set of images by Collegehumor shows off some sweet covers of retro Batman(who always dealt with the campiest of sh**)  facing off against present day stale memes that refuse to die.  These are done so well, they did an awesome job capturing   My favorite is forever alone Batman.

Batman VS Longcat

Many more meme covers after the jump!

Sidepork Pandemonium : Swedish Dinner TIme

AKA: How to make a meal like a damn man. These Swedish guys set out to teach us how to create a meal in a style that would make their Nordic ancestors proud. Raw bacon eating, mayonnaise guzzling, butter smashing chaos results in a fine plate of...Bacon Mac and cheese?

The Inception Jokes

They never get old.

Most F***ed Channels On Youtube Part 2

Part 2 of The Most F***ed Channels on Youtube will be focusing on DanielRadcliffe777's channel of unadulterated insanity.  You want crazy?  Well this guy delivers this sh** in spades.

So you'd assume its a Harry Potter themed channel seeing that its based off of the actor that plays Harry in the insanely popular fantasy series.  Well, kind of...but in a very abstract way.  YOU ARE NOT PREPARED.  Continue at your own peril.  Here are some sample videos from his channel.

"No Idea"

"Korean Robocop Exorcist Rape"

The downward spiral continues after the jump.

Jan 23, 2011

Powdered Tiger

Alright, who ate all the Mexican wedding cookies?!  Okay, that was a slightly obscure reference, but it's the first thing that came to mind.  My oh my, are they good though... Mmm...  On a side note, something about this pic just freaks the hell out of me.  I think it's those eyes.

Robobrain edit: Reminds me of cocaine bear.  Any relation?

RIDICULOUS Steadycam Shot

While watching this I was under the impression the cameraman must have been floating to get such a smooth, never ending shot like that.  When the rehearsal shot shows that its two damn guys on foot your jaw will drop.  I need a rig like that. *Looks at steadicam prices* $15,000!?!?  Never mind, f*** that.

Metal Gear Solid Looking To Get The HD Treatment

There's not much in terms of Metal Gear Solid that I'd pass up, actually I wouldn't pass up anything Metal Gear Solid related. Over at 1UP a rumor for an HD remake of the first three entries has risen. If this rumor is true, which it may be considering the recent HD collections Sony has released, then f*** the f*** yes.

Spiderman You Idiot

So all I've learned from this video is that retro Spiderman was the clumsiest, stupidest superhero ever.  How hard is it to get a clue, Spiderman?  I thought your enemies spelling it out of you would have been sufficient.  BOINK!

Sorry Mario

But your princess is in another freeway.  Continue driving.

Greatest Minigolf Shot Of All Time

The fact that this very one in a million series of minigolf events were captured on video make me glad that Youtube exists.  That was one impressive, lucky shot.

Seriously, what were the odds of that happening?

Xbox Bento

It is what it is.  Delicious and geeky.  I see grilled spam, plenty o'rice, soft cheese and plenty o' fruits and veggies.  Part of a complete Xbox gamers lunch.

Jan 22, 2011

Scary Viral From The Past!

What is this? Watch it full screened (especially at night, like it is for me) in pitch black, and find out more about it after the jump. If you can make it, that is.

Back To The Future Paintings

These paintings of Marty and the Doc were made by talented artist Richard Pellegrino. Love the colors.

GTA Minus Friction

Never turn off the friction in GTA or else you'll end up simulating a complete carpocalypse.  Watch Nico crap his pants as every car in Liberty city turns into an unguided missile of metallic death.

Always Bet On Duke: My Duke Nukem Love Story

A new trailer just popped up for Duke Nukem Forever, a game that to many was a thing of legend.  Vaporware.  There was even a website dedicated to tracking everything that had happened since the game was announced back in April, 1997.  Found here, btw.

Free Hugs for Hippies

Of course they're free.  Everyone knows hippies don't believe in money.  Earning money would be giving in to The Man.  Damn hippies....

Capturing Planets Is So Much Better Than Destroying Them

Apparently when you break open a Pok├ęBall more space emerges.

Disco Dancing FROM HELL!

Remember the 1970's? Disco? Disco Dancing? Vampires and creatures from beyond the crypt?
Am I remembering it wrong? More than likely. But according to this 70's horror epic, my memory is correct. The vampire and demon hunters had afros, and there were more black vampires than just Blacula. More after the jump

Dog Brow Fortuna

This video is a piece about pain, tragedy, and fake dog eyebrows set to a beautiful orchestral score at the 15 second mark.  You will experience a wide range of emotions while watching this touching video.

Lion Stroll

Have you ever seen someone take their cat out for a walk, on a leash?  It's weird, right?  This is nothing like that.

Jan 21, 2011

The Transformer

"I say, let us defeat those tallywacker Decepticons!"
A long lost silent film about the origins of the Autobots, circa 1911.  This rare video was recently declassified.

Matt And Kim Basically Kill Each Other In Their New Music Video

Weird review thing after the jump!

What Would Megaman Look Like From The Inside?

Probably not like this. If you look closely you'll also see Optimus Prime, Darth Vader, a TMNT, Pikachu, another Megaman, and what looks to be Kif from Futurama. Once again, more art I'd like hang on my wall that I'll never be able to afford.

If you like this, check out samanpwbb's Flickr!

Wakfu: The Animated Series

Wakfu is an MMO and TV series developed by French Studio Ankama.  If you've ever heard of Dofus, this sequel takes place 1,000 years after the fact.  The game hasn't been released just yet, but seems to have a beautiful art style and addictive turn based gameplay.

The clip above is from season 1 of the TV series of Wakfu, released in 2008.  Why haven't we heard about it till now?!  The animation is insanely well done, mimicking the game style near to perfectly.  The series enjoys a large following in Europe, but is relatively unknown in North America.  An Xbox release of 'Isles of Wakfu' in the near future might remedy that issue.

Manliest Ramen Eating Skills

Behold: Instructions to eat ramen like the most pimpin' of men.

Telltale Games Might Have More Awesome Up Their Sleeve, Walking Dead

Oh f*** yes. According to 1Up, Telltale sent out invitations to an event(thanks for the invite guys...) where they will be announcing five brand-spanking-new multi-platform games. One of these games in particular is, "based on a just-launched property from the TV and comic book world whose popularity is changing life as some know it."

While The Walking Dead seems to be the only logical solution, perhaps Telltale has something else up it's sleeve. Either way, if the game ends up looking as promising as their upcoming Jurassic Park game Telltale may be stealing quite a bit of money from me this year.

Downgrade To Kick Some Ass

Artsits Valere Amirault, Sarah Laufer, Jean Delaunay, and Bejamin Mattern created this amazing short film, 8Bits for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival. 8Bits follows an 8-bit super hero in his quest for vengeance against the impending high-def generation. Whether you prefer retro games, or big budget blockbusters, this flick is amazing and I suggest you watch it. Now.

If you want some more information on the team head over to 8bitsmovies.com.

365 Days of Beard

Ricky Coates grew out his beard for one year, and documented the growth for our viewing pleasure.  It's an awesome video, but the only question I have, is why did he need to have his buddy shave it off for him?  Maybe as a girl I just don't understand such matters.  Anyhow, enjoy!

I Feel Like I'm Being Tested

I live in an ordinary Neighbourhood. Nothing really ever happens around here. I walk the same way everyday, and see nothing that ever catches my eye. So last night, I watch Exit Through The Gift Shop, the Banksy funded Street Art Documentary (And if you haven't seen it, it makes for an amazing watch).

Today, I walk the same old route I do everyday and notice something that hadn't been there the day before. I love the Street art Movement, but whether it had been there and I had never noticed it, or it had just been put there is a question I will never know. But today was different because I saw an awesome piece of street art in a place I thought I would never see it. What makes it all the better? It's Video game inspired. Check it out after the jump.