Aug 31, 2012

DC Unveils Their Minimalist Poster Series!

I recently bought a number of fan comic prints from a number of sites. I'm in the middle of redecorating and I wanted to have some unique wall candy based around comic books I liked. Had I known DC were going to produce a unique art series, I might have waited and given my money directly to the source. The company recently announced a line of collectible posters that truly surprised me with their sheer variety, yet they all shared a similar, minimalist theme.

Available in 12x18" ($19.95) and 24x36" ($34.95) varieties the posters hone in on DC's most prominent characters and themes, including iconic location posters (including Crime Ally) and a number of storyline-centric designs based around vehicles, locations, heroes and villains. Check out the full collection after the break!

Erica Wexler is Online

This has to be the most bizarre yet original mockumentaries that I've seen in a long time. Doron Max Hagay created this mockumentary short about a girl named Erica Wexler, who tragically dies at a young age. Problem is, she still hops onto Facebook every now and then and chats with friends and family. The short touches on a few different scenarios that could explain the apparent communication from the dead, but ultimately the folks interviewed resign themselves and accept it, thinking that she's somehow influencing their lives. Yeah, real important influence, such as (and I'm paraphrasing) "Friend: Hey, should I get bangs? Erica: Yeah, totally". It's subtle, understated humor in a very original way.

Grand Theft Auto IV To The Future

Modding is one of the greatest things to come out of the gaming scene: Gamers can create missions, characters and skins to allow creative control in any given game. In this case, we have a working time machine, a Marty McFly skin and a new mode that makes one big game even bigger. Using a number of different mods for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, YouTube user seedyrom34 has turned the game into the ultimate tribute to Back To The Future.

The video shows him playing as Marty McFly in a fully working time-traveling Delorean. The time travel element really does add an extra element to the gameplay, and seems to be useful towards the getaway technique. Maybe this could be a good gameplay element to consider for a BTTF video game?

Although it seems odd that Marty uses military-grade weapons, it actually makes a lot of sense: I like to imagine this is a universe where he didn't save the Doc and went on a revenge spree. Given the sequels and reboots coming out over the next few years, it wouldn't surprise me if we saw that coming!

Stanley Kubrick's One-Point Perspective

In this compilation of famed director Stanley Kubrick's most notable films (including The Shining, Eyes Wide Shut, Full Metal Jacket, and so forth...), we see a rather interesting edit showcasing his filming technique. As one commenter suggested, the sense of symmetry creates a sense of discomfort and unease, which is arguably a Kubrick trademark. Even when nothing bad is happening, the scene creates a sense of dread in the viewer. As a film tactic, it definitely accomplishes it's psychological purpose.

Ballpit by Kyle Mowat

Continuing on with their Student Animation Festival, Cartoon Brew recently showcased Kyle Mowat's animated short Ballpit. Using bright colors and a variety of shapes, Mowat put together an interesting a vivid abstract piece, that appears to evolve over the course of the short. With a storyline damn-near absent, this short is more about the visuals than anything else. I'd recommend watching this while super tired, or um, otherwise. Check out the rest of Mowat's work on his blog!

Awesome-Robo : Podcast 12 RESURRECTION

Following a hiatus that nearly lasted 2 months, we're back with the 12th installment of the AwesomeRobo podcast! Things are going well, and we're excited. Our Kickstarter is close to 200% funded as of this post! Thank you to all our supporters and readers for helping us reach our goals, we couldn't be more grateful.

In this post we explain where we've been, go into some of the recent developments at the blog, like our Kickstarter and talk about movies including Total Recall, Judge Dredd 3D, The Dark Knight Rises and also discuss the Apple Vs Samsung trial verdict, among other choice topics. Enjoy.

Aug 30, 2012

Tag by Andre Avillanoza

Canadian animator Andre Avillanoza is the dude who we credit today's awesome animated short with. Tag is the colorful, whimsical story of two preschool/kindergarten-ish age kids playing with a variety of shapes. Well, fighting over them is more like it. The ending is a bit on the bizarre side, but it definitely comes around full circle. I especially enjoyed the childlike influences, such as crayon and colored pencil. Even with the bright colors and variety of shapes, there's something about it that seems somewhat understated. It pops without being overbearing.

Sachin Teng - Redux

The New York based illustrator has been up to quite a bit since we last checked out his work over a year ago, booting up a 30 day challenge, and providing work for magazines including the New Yorker, High Fructose and a slew of other publications. The artist brings a surreal take on pop culture aspects with an abundant use of symbolic imagery in his work, his means of expressing how art is the perfect form of propaganda.

Check out more fresh work after the break, and be sure to follow his Tumblr for his ongoing 30 day art challenge. If you like his work, you can also buy a framed print over at Society6 for a pretty reasonable amount.

Music Video Roundup - C2C, Bombay Bicycle Club

C2C's Arcade track is a smattering of quick firing geometric shapes, mirrored kaleidoscopic imagery, free falling, baroque flavored samples and a heavy emphasis on scratch.

The French electro/hip-hop group first got their start in 1998 as a collective of 4 DJ's who took the original approach of all using turntables in harmony, with each member utilizing their turntables as individual instruments. 'Arcades' represents their tightest work yet, in my opinion.

Bombay Bicycle Club's 'Lights Out, Words Gone' isn't a new track, but I've seen at least a half dozen takes on a music video at this point, all with a relatively similar, chill feel. The latest take comes in the form of an 'against the wall' concept directed by Rob&Rob, with an emphasis on capturing the feel of summer. The UK indie rockers track definitely has some staying power, if it's managed to inspire this many people to create music videos for it over the last year or os.

Aug 29, 2012

The Master - Final Trailer

It's kind of funny, but I honestly can't think of any movie that's come out this year so far as 'Oscar caliber.' This might be the first wide release movie (Excluding indie films here) to have the potential to actually garner a few nominations, just judging off Paul Thomas Anderson's previous work. I'm hoping that Hollywood has a few other movies up their sleeve for the holiday season, or else we might finally have the honor of seeing The Avengers get nominated for best picture this year.

The movie already has a healthy amount of buzz revolving around it, especially Joaquin Phoenix's performance as a disillusioned sailor falling into the trap of a charismatic, cult-like figure (Philip Seymour Hoffman). The Master is coming out on September 21, so mark your calendars.

Jirat Patradoon's Die And Be Forgotten

Jirat Patradoon recently had a one night show (Actually called 'D!3 4ND B3 F0R9O773N') in Sydney featuring a new set of amazing pieces, centered around his love for cyberpunk and surrealism. These pieces evoke memories of Bladerunner, Akira and all the other cyberpunk films from back in the day which truly defined the genre. Cyborgs, replicants and fluorescent color schemes just go hand in hand.

Each of these pieces were presented on old CRT TV's, with the exception of the four armed retropunk leather jacket sculpture. Check out some more awesome animated goodness from the series after the break!

Cop Dog - The Long Paw Of The LAw

High5Toons' awesome animated short about Cop Dog, pretty much just a dog with sunglasses features just about every good cop/bad cop cliche, Scooby Doo references and even more madness within the span of just under 3 minutes.

The relatively new High5Toons guys (Tyson Meany & Sam Johnson), who hail from Australia have been outputting some awesome animation since joining Youtube last summer, so I'd highly recommend giving them a sub. Check out two more of their awesome animated sketches: Pikachu On Acid and Bongo Time Travel after the break!

John Carpenter's The Thing 1982 Toy Promo

Turns out it was way too good to be true. This faux ad for a ' The Thing' toy line perfectly captures the cheesy, but loveable feel of Mattel/Hasbro commercials from the eighties and nineties, when rated R movies typically got toy lines intended for kids under 10. Youtube user Arlox also emulated that entire worn VHS tape look, which perfectly compliments the awesome narration.

Life By A Thread

If there was ever a day where we really needed a silly cartoon, today might be that day. Today's amusing animated short comes courtesy of Jim Sugrue, and is about a poor alley cat who just can't seem to catch a break. Just when he thinks he might have struck alley cat gold (i.e. a warm sweater), several circumstances seem to get in his way. With an f**k you attitude to everything (and everyone) that stands in our way, this is definitely what I'd call an inspirational clip. Of sorts.

Aug 28, 2012

Terry Crews' Old Spice Music Jam

Terry Crews' ongoing collaboration with Old Spice has yet to be topped in terms of marketing brilliance (Spawning an entire clone army of wannabes) and this most recent video/interactive promo just took it to a whole new level of weird awesomeness . If you thought the concepts behind previous commercials were nuts, this electro stimulated musical muscle session might cause your head to explode. And after you watch the video, you are kindly invited to punch your keyboard  to make a Terry Crews muscle jam session. Creativity at the service of consumption.

Deconstructing Deadmau5 : Ghosts And Stuff

Using two turntables, DJ A-Trak demonstrates a full deconstruction and reconstruction of Deadmau5's 'Ghosts And Stuff' while also throwing some of his personal building blocks to the mix. The tools of the trade? Two turntables, a mixer, 2 hands adept at scratching and 5 fancy-ass costumes.

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mixtape

It's only Tuesday, and yet it feels like it should be at least Thursday. Because my time machine isn't quite operational just yet, I'm going to have to settle for a little brain ease by way of adorable little animals. Welcome to the Weekly Cute Mixtape! Enjoy your stay, because in a few minutes you're going to have to get back to work.

More after the break!

Natural Selection 2 Gets Exosuits

If you haven't had a chance to play Unknown Worlds' excellent RTS/FPS hybrid yet, let me ask you..What are you waiting for at this point? I've been playing the game since early beta (The game is following a Minecraft-esque development cycle), and the feature creep has been nothing short of awe inspiring. In a nutshell, the game pits two assymetrical, yet balanced sides against each other (Aliens and Marines) in a conquest mode based around resource points. Capturing and holding these points allow a designated commander (Who sees the game in an RTS mode) on each side to research new tech, unlock new unit types and build structures during the course of a game.

With the addition of the exosuit, the marine side gains it's equivalent of the Onos (The alien behemoth in the trailer). The game is ridiculously fun, unlike any other FPS out there, and it boasts an excellent community through which I've made a couple of new friends. If you're looking for a fresh new experience, look no further. Get the game via their website!

Aug 27, 2012

First Base

Are you a sucker for romantic stuff? Or how about silly stuff? The 40 minute compilation First Base can give you both! This mega compilation showcases some of the most memorable, corniest, and sometimes downright silly (The Naked Gun, FTW) kissing scenes in film. If you manage to make it through the entire video (with skipping through, you cheaters you!), I guarantee one of two things: You'll either want to find someone to lay a big smooch on, or you'll want to go punch something. Or both. My advice is to go for the former.

Music Video Roundup - Major Lazer And Ice Choir

We featured Major Lazer's track back in April, which featured the 'Major' giving off a very introspective vibe in the type of animated music video we've come to expect from the group. The track, which definitely carries a strong message about perseverance just recently received a new music video featuring the slice of life Jamaican people that inspired the song, people trying to make a living and survive. It's a beautiful track that definitely hit home with many, and is personally one of my favorite tracks of the year so far.

Ice Choir's newest music video is a serious ode to Web 1.0, retro futuristic visuals and 80's technopop melded together so seamlessly that your memory might trick you into thinking you saw it decades ago on MTV. Rather than feeding off nostalgia, the track seems to highlight the progressive nature of music during the eighties and nineties. The mesmerizing track is part of the 'Afar' LP, which you can get over on Underwater Peoples.


That which is crooked cannot be made straight; and that which is wanting cannot be numbered." Ecclesiastes:1,15

This is the quote that inspired Tim Razumovsky and Eyal Oren to create this surreal short about a man choosing to leave reality and venture through his society with eyes unclouded. The short is definitely left open for interpretation, but the slow paced journey definitely does carry some commentary about seeing the true underbelly of a society that the artists don't quite see as perfect. The haunting, somber score by Gil Landau & Yaeli Cohen is absolutely perfect, giving the short a dreamy, modern-day western feel.

Offensive Combat - Beta Key Giveaway!

It's been a while since our last beta giveaway, but let's make up for that with a new giveaway courtesy of the awesome folks over at U4IA games, founded by former Call Of Duty vets Chris Archer and Dusty Welch, as well as a wealth of other industry talent.

What makes Offensive Combat so special? The fact that it runs in your browser, features tight shooter gameplay and has a TON of customization to appeal to any tastes out there. The way I'd look at this title is as a return to form to the good old days when Unreal Tournament was actually good, and had a ton of personality to it. The browser part is what left me in disbelief though, as I found myself playing a title with console graphics from my Chrome browser with little to no loading time. That's the beauty of Unity, an engine created to bring these types of experiences to you without the need of a client or large installation time.

If you're looking for a fluid FPS experience with some pretty enormous potential, just leave a comment as to why you think this game is awesome and be sure to include your email address in the Disqus account (Only we can see that). Keys will be mailed out this Friday! Check out more details on the official Offensive Combat website!

Aug 26, 2012

Tim Laing's Black & White illustrations

Tim Laing Is an Australian based freelance illustrator whose black and white, pencil drawings and illustrations have been featured in the NYT,  Wallpaper magazine, and The Folio Society. His pencil-centric style emphasizes solid values, form and a touch of surrealism, which comes from him getting most of his inspiration from short stories and various non-fiction.

You can check out a few more samples from Mr. Laing's portfolio after the break! Enjoy.

The Custom Avengers S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier RC Model

I'm a BIG toy guy. Since the Avengers came out back in May I've wanted the Helicarrier toy, but with the official toy being 46 inches long I decided that my limited storage space couldn't hold such a beast. Seeing that it also couldn't fly (Go figure) I decided against a rather expensive purchase. But Russian YouTube user Native118 decided that the toy was not good enough and took things into his own hands. The man built a fully flying, remote-controlled Helicarrier model with water to air liftoff capabilities.

There are many reasons why this toy will never be released, including price, health & safety or the fact it would be impractical to manufacture but the idea of this amazing custom brings out the jealous 12 year old inside me. Check it out!

Chasing Bones - The Making Of An Urban Vinyl Toy

This awesome little video goes into the making of a limited edition vinyl toy by the UK artist who goes under the name of 'Pahnl.' Pretty interesting to see hwo much work goes into creating a 4" figure, as well as of the tools that the artist uses to go from initial sculpt to mold, and so on. The entire process is presented from a top down perspective, featuring the chill music of Niels Nielsen.

Eclectic Method - Input Output

Eclectic Method's Input Output is a ridiculously awesome 17 minute mashup of movies, music and more spanning a few decades. It's an amazing piece reminiscent of what Smash TV did a few months ago with Skinemax (Which spanned a full hour), although that compilation had more emphasis on cinematic pop culture.

Nonetheless, you have to appreciate the insane amount of work that went into creating these mega mashups, although at this point it's probably second nature to the folks at EM, who have been at it with their audio/visual remixing since 2001.


Having a rather late start this morning, I couldn't have found a better cartoon to wake me up than Breadwinners. This animated short, that could really be turned into a series, is about two airheaded, party-loving dudes who deliver bread in a rocket powered van. With reckless abandon their main forté, these guys find themselves in a pickle totally awesome dance party when they decide to let the inexperienced one fly the van. This short has all the crazy, energized wackiness that we come to expect from our silly cartoons. Created by Gary Doodles and Steve Borst!

Aug 25, 2012

The Art Of Jordan Grimmer

Jordan Grimmer is a UK based concept artist with a very impressive portfolio, which will cure any scifi imagery craving you might have. As in most of this cases, Jordan is a fan of the sames fields he works in, with video games and concept art being two of the most important inspirational sources for him, which definitely shows in his portfolio. I'm completely blown away by his more retro futuristic designs, which seem right out of the B-sides of some Blade Runner art book that never got released.

After the break, a small sample of Jordan portfolio, showcasing everything from tight illustrations to more experimental pieces showcasing his learning process. Enjoy!

The Dude - The Real Big Lebowski

I've watched the Coen brothers film at least a half dozen times in the last decade or so, but in that time I never figured out that there was a real guy behind the character, who's gone on to become an icon and a cult figure in certain circles. Turns out that the real 'dude' is a fellow who goes by the name of Jeff Dowd, a true real life character who ended up crossing paths with the Coens and ultimately inspiring the movie with his odd mannerisms and style.

It also turns out that the 'dude' was a strong Anti-Vietnam war movement leader in Seattle (Part of the 'Seattle Seven,' mentioned in the movie) as well as one of the founders of the Sundance group, which contributed to the Coen brothers actually getting their work out there, starting with 1984's 'Blood Simple.' Jeff Feurzeig's mini documentary is a fascinating look at the movement Jeff Dowd ultimately ended up spawning, concluding with his participation at Lebowskifest, a White Russian drenched event celebrating the idea of being 'the dude.' Definitely worth a watch.

The Colors of Evil

In this awesome animated short by student animators Phillip Simon and Alyse Miller of the Ringling College of Art and Design, a bullied young girl sets out for revenge against her stereotypical "popular girl" aggressor. Dabbling in dark witchcraft (or sorcery? I dunno...), the bullied girl summons a demon to do her bidding. Trouble is, she ends up summoning a rather adorable and harmless demon instead. With powers like bubble blowing instead of fire breathing, he's a rather tame beast. Will our underdog ever get her day of justice?

Mann Vs Machine - Robot Defense Simulator

Source Filmmaker fanatic and long time contributor to the TF2 animation scene 'Dr. Face' just created a new video perfectly breaking down the typical experience of participating in a Mann Vs Machine match. From the laggy pyro to the self destructive soldier, I've seen it all in the last few weeks of playing the awesome new game mode. Now if they could add a video also incorporating the typical queue time to get into a Mann Vs Machine match, that will cover all the bases.

Aug 24, 2012

Diplo - Set It Off (Feat. Lazerdisk)

A pole ascends into the heavens, littered with the bodies of various dancers in an odd state of limbo. Ryan Staake's video answers the question you've probably pondered since the day you were born: Just how many strippers it takes to reach the stars? The track is from his latest EP, Express Yourself which dropped in mid June.

Rain by Christine Chen

Student animator Christine Chen created a really awesome, inspiring short for her school thesis. A young man, trudging alone life, his smacked by a gloomy rain cloud. The metaphorical drops keep coming down harder and harder, trying to bring him down and remind him that he's worthless. Instead of making the sun come out in some cliche way, he improvises: He just becomes stronger and more hopeful. For those of us who struggle with who we are from time to time (yeah, that's probably all of us), this is an especially amazing little reminder that sometimes, you just have to say, "SCREW YOU, RAIN!" Or something like that.

Primal Carnage - Dinosaurs Versus Humans

We featured Primal Carnage sometime last September, and reveled at the attempt to create a multiplayer experience that pitted dinosaurs versus humans. Lukewarm Software's game is shaping up to have some serious potential, especially by tapping a niche (Jurrasic Park much?) that has never really received the love it deserved. Featuring 5 classes on dinosaurs and human hunters, the game will feature what appears to be a Left 4 Dead style gameplay system, with players working together to achieve objectives while making sure they don't turn into the prey. With the beta honing in, I'd highly recommend signing up for a chance to get in early and give this game a run.

The addition of the Jurassic Park era dino Sound FX gave me goosebumps, so please take my money and let's get this indie game/gem released already. Check out the first character showcase after the break for a glimpse at night combat and some of the other classes!

Shepard Fairey - A Quick Look By Justin Clemons

Justin Clemons provided us with a little snapshot of what the famous street artist Shepard Fairey has been up to as of late. If you're unaware of what Shepard Fairey is most known for, if you've ever seen a sticker, shirt or poster in your city that says 'Obey' and features the face of old timey wrestler Andre the Giant, it's a project that launched him into street art godhood, among the likes of Banksy.This campaign went on to be one of the first viral propaganda campaigns in the pre-internet era, asking people to think for themselves, and it's still going strong about 23 years since it's debut as a sticker campaign.

His most recent campaign  is taking place in Dallas, featuring a variety of murals and how he never quite let go of his street roots, despite becoming a much more commercialized artist over the last few years. Thank you to Justin for the heads up about his latest, and check out his website for some excellent photography work as well!

Aug 23, 2012

The Temper Tantrum Supercut

This supercut was edited together by Zach Prewitt, showcasing some of the most famous movie outburst performances captured on film. People reaching the end of their rope, losing it, snapping and taking it out on inanimate objects. There's a certain stress release you get from simply watching others explode, so here's to hoping that some of you guys find this cathartic.

Aesop Rock - Cycles To Gehenna

Aesop Rock's newest music video turns it's attention towards the world of ballet, if it took place int eh same universe as 'The Warriors.' Body paint, ripped clothing and smoky locales turn an eye on the rawer side of a medium typically regarded as elegant. Cycles Of Gehenna is from Aesop's latest album, 'Skelethon,' which dropped on July 12. Definitely worth a listen, if you haven't already.

The Art Of Jim Madsen

Smoke Signal. (Via)
Jim Madsen truly blew my mind with the range of work that he's produced over the last 15 years. Whilst most people (myself included) would initially confuse him for somebody who probably works in the animation industry, he's actually been working as a fulltime freelance book illustrator, contributing to over 75 books and counting over the course of his ongoing career. His grasp on color is pretty stunning, especially for someone that took the self taught route on the most part.

Check out more of his work after the break, and you can find over 60 additional pieces of his work over on his agents website.

Mulvar is Correct Candidate!

It's an election year in the US, and that means time for silly candidate endorsement commercials. Well, you know who's not silly? Mulvar the beaver chipmunk woodland creature. Not only is he not silly, he's CORRECT CANDIDATE. This awesome Engrish-laden animated super short showcases all of the qualities that us voters desire in a candidate: He understands woes, he smiles "most time", he's "floating device". If you haven't registered yet, you need to get on it. This country's future is in your hands.

Aug 22, 2012

ParaNorman: Review

We've been pretty stoked to see this Laika stop animation/CG film for quite some time now. In case you haven't already heard of it, it's about the story of a kid named Norman, who has the ability to speak with ghosts. An old curse comes along, and our underdog Norman is the only one who can save the day. It was rather adorable, and surprisingly funny film, that was actually more involved than I would have guessed it to have been.

For more, check out after the break! BEWARE, there be possible spoilers (and opinions) ahead.

Sick Leave

Jake Fried's Sick Leave is a wild, intense ride into a world filled with ever evolving, modern tribal art created using a mixture of additive and subtractive mediums (Ink and white out). Coupled with the dissonant sound treatment, it's an unsettling, chaotic piece that is more 'moving painting' than animation. You can see more of his work over on his website, Inkwood.

The Art Of Looking Up By Sime

Welcome back. (Via)
I recently caught myself looking down recently on a beautiful, sunny day. I was deep in thought about something, until my head all of a sudden jerked up and was met with a wonderful blue sky and warm sunlight. I kind of realized then, that with all the trials and tribulations that a lot of us face on a daily basis, we often forget to appreciate the truly beautiful things about us, or take them for granted. It might seem stupid, or trivial, sure..But sometimes you just go through those periods and lose track of what's truly important.

Sime, a female Japanese illustrator that popped up during one of our content trawls really struck me with her work, which seemed to embody this mindset that I'd lost track of till recently. Her characters in her illustrations seem at peace, staring off into the distant cosmos and full of hope. In an age where cynicism is at an all time high, isn't it nice to get an artist that focuses on the big picture, the 'Things will work out somehow' approach? If anything, the talented illustrator definitely encouraged me to keep that chin up, and hope for the best. I hope she can do that for you too, if you happen to be going through a similar period. More of her beautiful, thought provoking illustrations after the break!

Hunkin' By Nathan Barnatt Is Beautifully Awkward

Nathan Barnatt, best known for playing Keith Apicary in 'Talking Classics,' getting kicked out of a few conventions and busting some serious dance moves in Madeon's Pop Culture isn't afraid to show off just how uh..Hunking he is. Sporting some fine leopard print pants, a seriously epic Tiger shirt (Ladies) and one of the best do's to grace a man's scalp, this video is a barrage of awkward hilarity that will collide with the pleasure and discomfort cortexes of your brain simultaneously. If you can't handle the hotness, this video might make your head explode

And if that wasn't enough awkwardness for you, one of the members of the 'Hunkin' crew uploaded a full video of some of his attempts at interaction in the wild, clad in some seriously smoking 70's creeper apparel. Gotta love the beige!

The Saga of Rex by Michel Gagné

I just spent a weekend playing Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, an amazing little title reminiscent of Castlevania/Metroid from the mind of Canadian Illustrator/jack of all trades Michel Gagné. During my time in college I was fortunate enough to meet Mr. Gagné, a man who's worked on movies over the last few decades ranging from the Iron Giant to Pixar's latest, Brave.

This little animation test released by Gagné features an animated promo for his followup to the excellent illustrated book from 2002 called 'The Story Of Rex: Quest For Meaning.' The original book illustrated the adventure of a little fox called Rex, and chronicled his descent into darkness and return to light, a tale about maintaining one's innocence and finding beauty in everything around us. Despite it's cute protagonist and somewhat lighthearted illustrations, it carried a message that resonated with readers of all ages. The followup, 'Saga Of Rex' follows his abduction and epic journey into the universe. You can pick up a copy here.

Aug 21, 2012

Sola Rosa - Spinning Top

Sola Rosa's latest LP is a joy to watch and unwind to, featuring the chill, dulcet vocals of LA Mitchell and Andrew Spraggon's smooth composition. The video is nothing short of mind bending, utilizing some of the same techniques featured in 2008's Supergrass : Bad Blood. The trick is achieved by using post, or specialized rigs to maintain the same orientation on the subject while they pull off flips and other stunts, giving them a sense of weightlessness, mixed with mirroring effects that will make your head spin. Awesome.

State Of Decay - A Zombie MMO On A Console?

While many people have been fixated on the Arma II 'DayZ' mod phenomenon, the folks at the Seattle based Undead Labs have finally released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming console MMO title, which hopes to capture that same kind of crowd on the Xbox.

The Arma II mod, which succeeded in simulating the experience of a dynamic, persistent open world zombie invasion and has now been picked up for a full release by Bohemia Interactive (The Arma folks), so how will State of Decay carve out it's own niche? The studio hasn't released much in terms of details just yet, but a console MMO on the Xbox 360 would be a first, if this title turns out to be just that. For folks still looking for a fresh zombie survival fix, this might be a title worth keeping tabs on.

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mixtape

Yoga kitty! (Via)
Take a break, and celebrate everything that the cute and fluffy animal world has to offer. We here at Awesome-Robo HQ have even more reason to celebrate: Our Kickstarter made it's goal within a few days!! We still have until 9/14 until it ends, and have added one stretch goal so far, with more to come! In the meantime, enjoy my weekly offering of adorableness.

Silence Television - The Art Of Gianmarco Magnani

Gianmarco Magnani's work definitely hits all the right notes for me: Gorgeous femmes, vintage motorcycles, mixers and synthesizers, deconstructed machinery and more reoccurring motifs. All of the Spanish artists highly graphic, line-centric art is combined with some truly excellent typography that all comes together into some truly jaw dropping combinations.

Gianmarco, who goes under the monicker of 'Silence Television' mentioned that one of his main influences was the ridiculously detailed work of Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira), the man who truly brought Anime to a wider, Western audience. It definitely shows! As a bonuse note, all of Magnani's illustrations are available in print form on Society 6, so be sure to check them out! More amazing work from Gianmarco after the break!

China's Robot Noodle Chef

Awesome. A Chinese restaurateur/entrepreneur decided to bring his dream of a robotic noodle slicing army to reality, with the help of rudimenary robotics and a desire to save restaurants money and introduce novelty at the same time. The best part about these bots was the creators borrowing of Ultraman design motifs and the addition of the crazy blinking lights, which really serve no purpose whatsoever in the kitchen setting. Despite that, for $2000 a pop these little contraptions definitely seem to be doing the trick for rural businesses and saving money long term for the owners. And I'm guessing they won't pose much of a threat if they ever become aware either, so that's a definite plus.

Aug 20, 2012

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight

In this super simple yet awesome animated by Felix Massie, it tells the story of a man named Keith Reynolds and the series of events that unfold in one fateful day. Mr. Reynolds is a person, like many other people, who just want to succeed in life: He wants to move up in his career, and he wants to land his dream girl. Unfortunately, destiny is not on his side, which sadly makes him chose the wrong path. This is one of those stories where you just have to find out what happens next, in a gossipy "Oh yeah? Then what?!" sort of way. Check out the rest of Mr. Massie's work here!

A Reflection

In this inspirational short, a Polish man briefly speaks about how he lost his career, but instead found inner peace instead. Taking the time to perfect his talent on the violin, he plays underneath a bridge daily, to an "audience" of thousands. What started out as filming for a commercial, became a side project with a lot more meaning. As the creators of the short say themselves, "...his outlook furthered our belief that contentment through self acceptance trumps societal approval." We here at Awesome-Robo try to adopt that very same mindset, and seeing this clip just further reminds us where we want to be.

Picnic By Paul Vester

Paul Vester absolutely nailed the retro aesthetic he was going for with 'Picnic,' an unsettling series of bizarre series of surreal vignettes juxtaposed with disturbing imagery, pixelated storms and post-apocalyptic landscapes. Despite the dark imagery, I found it really hard to look away. The best thing I could equate this animation piece to is a deranged, extended version of an early 90's MTV ident.

Viva - A Trip Through Spain

Marco Prestini of Flash Factory and 5 of his friends embarked on an awesome ten day trip through Spain, crossing through Barcelona, Tarifa, Valencia, Alicante, Montenegro, Cadaqués and a few other locales. The trip was chronicled and distilled into a stylish 3 minute clip featuring the awesome music of Sun Glitters (Too Much To Lose). Kind of makes you crave a vacation, doesn't it? A blast to watch, especially on a dreary Monday morning.

Three Loco - We Are Farmers (Feat. Diplo)

This mind blowing collab between Riff Raff, Andy Milonakis (The kid who never grew up) and Dirt Nasty quite possibly features the first commercial sample: The State Farm insurance jingle as the foundation of this ridiculous, fun track. The video has already been taken down on Youtube multiple times, probably due to the fact that State Farm has absolutely no sense of humor. Nonetheless it's an undeniably catchy, 'so bad it's good' track featuring Diplo's rap debut on a handset TV. So random, yet so awesome.

Aug 19, 2012

The Vivid Portraits Of Francoise Nielly

Francoise Nielly is a French painter that specializes in bright, neon color portraits with a definite street art vibe. Her incredible range of work also serves as a sort of documentary on her evolution in technique and color development. Francoise's paintings are done with a palette knife and oil on canvas, so none of the images displayed here are digitally manufactured in any way or form. What I really enjoyed the most about her work is the energy her paints irradiate, reminiscent of graffiti and high level street art work that I suppose has to do with the vivid color combinations she uses.

After the break, a small batch of the impressive works Madame Nielly has created over the years in the form of oil over canvas. Enjoy!

Computers Want Me Dead - Little Steps

This solid, retrofuturistic electro-synth pop piece from the 2 man New Zealand outfit comprised of Sam Harvey & Damien Daniels just dropped, and it's a joy to hear, especially on a hung over Sunday afternoon. The music video features a cube heading off on a cosmic journey into all new abstract universes and realms, directed by Simon Ward.  The group first made their splash back in 2009 with their crunchy, bit filled 'We Walk In Circles.' Give the duo a like on Facebook if you like what you hear!

Epic Tea Time With Alan Rickman

I'm going to go out on a limb, and say that any time with Alan Rickman, is an epic time. For David Michalek's Portraits in Dramatic Time, he had Mr. Rickman do a quick bit where he prepares himself a cup of tea and then lose his sh*t. Except when done in super-mega slow-mo, with some Inception soundtrack thrown in to the mix, it because even more powerful. And, of course, epic. One thing's for sure: Don't mess with Alan Rickman's tea. Better yet, don't mess with Alan Rickman, period. Thanks to Jay for sending us this awesome clip!

Japanese McDonald's Commercials: 1977-2000

One hour. This video of Japanese McDonald's commercials spanning 1977-2000 is one hour long. A compilation of this magnitude can't be ignored. Even though this commercial is from a different culture and language than my own, I still feel somewhat have that nostalgic feeling. Somehow these commercials are just a little more involved than the ones I grew up with, but that seems to be the Japanese way: Taking everything just the one little extra step. I don't even eat at Mickey D's anymore, and I'm hungry. I especially want to try the melon milkshake at the 33:58 mark.

Aug 18, 2012

Get Well Soon - Roland I Feel You

This awesome music video comes courtesy of Animal Collective, featuring a faux retro treatment reminiscent of amazing retro Spaghetti Westerns. The addition of them coming up with an actual title, 'La Bestia Scarlattata Con Sette Teste' (The Scarlet Beast With Seve Heads) is just the icing on the cake. Enjoy the Apocalypso-beat of this awesomely directed little cinematic experience.

Ken Reid's Creepy Creations

We just came across this awesome retro monster characters, created in the 70's by the late British comic artist, Ken Reid. This series is all about the grotesque, yet cartoon-y things that just might possibly go bump in the night. Reid captured a real sense of personality in each of his terribly awesome "abominations". I don't know about you, but these would make badass trading cards!

More after the break! Also, check out the rest of the series here.

My Little Friend

Today's animated short brings us the story of a man, digging through an alley dumpster. The poor guy just wants a little bit of food. A sweet little bird comes along, hoping for a piece of that hypothetical pie, and being the decent fellow that he is, the man gives him a piece. Cue gluttony and greed. I enjoyed this for it's simplicity, charm, and cuteness. Check out the rest of Eric Prah's work on his blog!

Aug 17, 2012

Daredevil Sizzle Reels Show What Could Have Been

Comic book movie rights are very tricky things, especially when Marvel doesn't own the rights of a number of franchises. Some of you might not be aware of this but back in the 1980's, Marvel decided to sell the rights of a variety of their franchises to Fox because the idea of self producing films was a dream, especially something as huge as the Avengers. These franchises included Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, Blade & Daredevil which is the subject we will be discussing today. Marvel & Fox had been fighting over the rights for the franchise for the last few months; with the original contract dictating that if a film based off the franchise is not put into production after a certain amount of time, Fox loses the rights and they revert to Marvel. It's why we got the somewhat unnecessary Amazing Spider-Man this summer, and why we got the awful Roger Corman Fantastic Four film in the 1990's that never officially got released: Let's just put it like this, Fox doesn't want to lose the rights to anything that could potentially make them some money.

In regards to Daredevil, the talks fell through and the rights for Daredevil have now reverted back to Marvel. Yet before this issue went down, Fox was actually working on a second take at the Daredevil franchise. Desperate to start production before they lost the rights, they approached director Joe Carnahan who wrote a draft and made two sizzle reels (depending on where Fox wanted to go with the franchise). The director released the sizzle reels (a demo reel or proof of concept intended to demonstrate a potential movie/show/project ahead of its creation), which use a number of pieces of other movies, motion comics takes on classic Daredevil artwork and a somewhat retro score.

Perhaps this Daredevil would have been a great adaptation, but like Superman Lives we may never know. Take a peek at what would have been with the PG reel above and the PG13 reel after the break!

Gum by Noam Sussman (NSFW?)

Animator Noam Sussman has a real knack for the bizarre and an absolute WTF factor.  The next selection in Cartoon Brew's Student Animation Festival, Sussman created this strange short about a woman who swallows a piece of gum. And then becomes pregnant with a, uh, gum baby. Or something. It's grotesque, politically incorrect (not that we've taken issue with that before), and difficult to NOT watch. I'm sufficiently weirded out, which is the point. So, good job! Tagged as possibly NSFW. Check out more of Sussman's work on his blog!

The DOTA 2 Documentary

Follwong Gametrailers' long anticipated interview and inside look at current happenings at Valve, it was widely speculated that something would be announced. Come today and we've received word that the announcement is an interesting documentary revolving around the lives of various pro level DOTA 2 players from America, China, Singapore, Denmark and Ukraine competing in last year's DOTA 2 international, a massive event with a prize pool that ended up reaching the million dollar range. The teaser showed an intimate side of these players, dealing with societies rejection of such a profession, parental disapproval and other issues plaguing their personal lives.

It was kind of a pleasant surprise to hear that Valve's newest project was film related, so I look forward to seeing how the documentary pans out considering the studios reputation for quality. No release date has been confirmed just yet but I wouldn't be surprised if we get one around this year's PAX, when the next major DOTA 2 tourney goes down.

Tobi - The Art Of Japanese Construction Wear

On first glance, the pair above might look like they could be mech pilots or characters in a scifi film, but it turns out that this photo series by the clothing company known as 'Tobi' is simply covering modern Japanese construction workers. Tobi is in reference to tobi pants, a type of baggy pants typically worn by 'Tobi Shokunin,' high altitude construction workers in Japan.

The photo series was created by a clothing company specializing in premium Japanese construction wear, seeing that these construction crews take great pride in their profession, as reflected by their heavily customized and personalized clothing. Have you ever seen construction workers look this badass, or so full of personality? This photo series is an incredible look into a subculture I'd never heard about before, with a visual style that's unlike anything I've witnessed in 5 years of trawling for interesting fashion reference online. For somebody who works in the entertainment industry, I can say that this series is a veritable goldmine for anyone looking for clothing that would fit perfectly in a scifi setting. Check out a dozen more incredible photos of 'Tobi Shokunin' after the break!

DIY Powertool Cooking

The relatively unknown Youtube channel known as DIYHacks blew our minds recently by simply showing us just how many ways a cordless drill could be modified for unorthodox uses. The video above simply goes into how the drill can be used for kitchen usage alone, showcasing hacking it into a grater, grinder, whisker, and scrubber with little to no effort. You have to appreciate the out of box thinking guys like these apply to save consumers hundreds of dollars in appliances, so these guys definitely earned my subscription for that. On a side note, please let me know if this article read like a pitch for a late night paid commercial product.

Paranorman - This Little Light And Other Goodies

Paranorman is finally out! May I recommend skipping out on catching that screening of Expendables 2 and instead opting to support Laika's latest animated entry? While I initially assumed that Paranorman was CG, I recently learned that the entire feature was created in old fashioned stop motion, which entailed an insane amount of work by a huge crew of artists, miniature makers and more.

The above video simply goes into the making of one lamp. A lamp that shows up as a background element in a scene, which is downright incredible. I get the feeling that Laika is definitely creating their movies as a true 'labor of love,' the same feeling I got during the lead up to Aardman's Pirates: Band Of Misfits. I want to see the stop motion medium prosper so these guys can continue doing what they're doing, because it's nothing short of amazing. Check out a slew of other behind the scenes content after the break, and if you haven't seen it yet, head here for the theatrical trailer!

Aug 16, 2012

Mulberry Takes Us To Where The Wild Things Are

English luxury fashion brand Mulberry's new photo shoot definitely took me back to Maurice Sendak's classic series, with the exception of the high fashion model adorned in some seriously expensive clothing.

Mulberry: 'Our Autumn Winter 2012 campaign is a beautiful and evocative series of images shot by renowned British photographer Tim Walker. The story plays on the romance and darkness of children’s fairytales, inspired by Creative Director Emma Hill’s visions of explorers, mysterious stories and fantasy travels. It features Lindsey Wixson in her third campaign for us, travelling deep into the woods and meeting two giant furry forest creatures.'

Check out more images from the shoot after the break!

World Of Warcraft - Mists Of Pandaria Cinematic

Even if you're not playing World of Warcraft anymore, there's no denying that Blizzard has never dropped the ball when it comes to releasing absolutely beautiful cinematics. The upcoming Mists Of Pandaria expansion is the fourth in the series, shining a light on the Pandaren race and their hidden continent.

From what I've seen, most people aren't very happy with this more lighthearted direction (Many calling it 'The Kung Fu Panda' expansion) but honestly, how on earth would you follow up or attempt to top an expansion which entails the world being completely shattered? Nonetheless, enjoy the eye candy from the Blizzard cinematics team, featuring a Brewmaster showing an Orc and Human the ropes in battle.

The Retro-Tinged Art Of Posuka

The best way I've found to  describe the art of Posuka is deceptively simple. On first glance, the Tokyo based illustrators art appears to be relatively simple, with a sketchy style that might appear unrefined from a distance, but at a closer glance you'll notice an incredible amount of attention to detail, and a fantastic understanding of composition and color. In thumbnail form, the motorcycle image above appeared to be pretty simple, but upon clicking for a full size version I was met with an amazing reveal of a submerged city lurking in the depths.

There's something a little old school about Posuka's work, in a sense that his aesthetics take me back to the early nineties, years in which the likes of Akira Toriyama ruled supreme. Looking at his work just makes me want to dust off the SNES and plug in a retro RPG, perhaps a little Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy III? If you're looking for a potentially nostalgia inducing experience, there's a lot more awesome work from the artist after the break!

Chicken With Plums - Theatrical Trailer

The French drama Chicken with Plums (based off the novel, 'Poulet aux prunes') is the story about a celebrated Iranian violinist who settles down with a wife and child, but finds himself in crisis mode when his beloved violin is destroyed. Unable to find joy in life, he resigns himself to death and descends into a surreal state of introspection. The trailer gave off an eclectic, dreamy feel, one very similar to Tarsem's The Fall, which sparked our imagination with it's colorful imagery and landscapes. Released in Europe last autumn, this beautiful looking film made it's way over to the US just a few months ago via the film festival route, so we're hoping for a limited release.

This is Marjane Satrapi's second directorial release, following 2007's thought provoking Perspepolis. The Iranian born female director has brought a wealth of different perspectives in her films, and we're looking forward to seeing what she does next. Keep your eyes peeled for this one.

MYPET - "Pays to Know"

Looking for a dark music video? You're in luck. LA-based MYPET's video for their single 'Pays To Know' was just recently released, with a feel that somewhat reminds me of Purity Ring's video for Belispeak (in terms of the WTF factor), but still with a flavor all it's own. It's set in a dark, moody forest inhabited by a slew of insect like creatures and other eyebrow raising, abstract and symbolic imagery. Let's just say it's not that subtle in terms of reproductive themes.

MYPET is on Luv Luv Luv Records, who will be releasing the single 'Pays to Know' on August 20th. Check them out on Facebook to stay tuned for updates!

Aug 15, 2012

Team Fortress 2 - Mann Vs Machine 'Pay 2 Play' Confusion (Mann Up Internet!)

Literally. (Via)
Today was a dark day as the internet readied the unwarranted pitchforks and torches. Mann Vs Machine is a new game mode for Team Fortress 2 and we, the Awesome-Robo team, have been pretty hyped about it. We posted about the first update on Monday (which was received pretty well) though today's announcement has made the internet pretty angry, and you wouldn't like the internet when it gets angry. It was announced today that certain features within the game would involve a type of microtransaction pay model which, quite frankly Valve worded pretty poorly, resulting in a lot of confusion. So I decided to post a short explanation to clear things up! It's time for 'Breaking It Down with Daniel©!'

The controversy started with the announcement of a ticket that will be purchased within the game. This ticket will let you play on dedicated 'Mann Co.' servers, unlocking a mode called Tour of Duty, which is only playable through buying a ticket for Mann Up Mode, costing $0.99. A ticket is for single use, but if you disconnect in anyway that doesn't involve completing the mission you keep the ticket. A Squad Surplus Voucher is the exact same concept, but basically costs $1.99 and allows all players in a single party to play Mann Up mode. The Mann Vs Machine game mode is free, and always will be. The missions are available for all players. Paying will let you access items at the end of the game, and keep track of the missions you have completed. Valve isn't restricting your ability to play with a transaction model, they are restricting the drops to ticket holders. It's no different than paying for a virtual hat or item in the store, and not all Valve servers will be 'Mann Up' dedicated. Basically: If you don't want to pay, you can still play everything the mode has to offer, you just won't get a hat.

Now that's over, can't we be excited Valve has given us a game mode that most other companies would have forgotten and deactivated a long time ago? This October Team Fortress 2 will be 5 years old, and it's still as loved now as it was when the game was being hyped. Personally, I'll be playing this mode all night and have a smile on my face whilst I do it. Won't you all join me as we face down the true enemy....our hat-wearing robot overlords?

Matheus Lopes Castro's Illustrations

Mr. Lopes is a Brazilian illustrator with a prolific portfolio and some very cool prints on Threadless to boot. Mixed media and photoshop are his tools of the trade, producing ecletic visuals and some cool, hand drawn, retro looking illustrations. His usage of watercolor and negative space at times turn his silhouettes into a peek at a different, starry, dreamlike dimension.

Check out a few more of his beautiful illustrations after the break.

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mixtape

Wow, it's already Wednesday, and I just realized that I haven't put up the Weekly Cute Mixtape! So, this week's list will be dedicated to Hump Day. I don't know about you, but I'm in definite need of some cute and fluffy little things.

More after the break!

DRONE Trailer - Another Cyborg Becomes Aware

I'm a little baffled at this point. There's been a glut of studios all tackling the same concept lately, all regarding bio-mechanical soldiers/drones becoming aware and questioning their motives. We've covered them all so far: Andrew Will's 'Prototype' movie we posted back in June, Aaron Sims' 'Archetype,' which got greenlit for production and now DRONE, created for this Youtube 'network.' Which application of the concept will do it best? You'll need to stay tuned till sometime in 2013 to figure that out.

As for DRONE, the series will premiere on August 30th and play episodically every Thursday. Some talented artists worked on it, including Ben Mauro and Long Ouyang of WETA digital, and freelance modeler Mike Nash.Check out the first teaser trailer and a recently released concept 3D sculpt of the drone after the break!

Tap To Retry

Neta Cohen's graduation piece for the Bezalel Academy of Art and Design truly turned out incredible, with an amazingly clever take on narrating the current internet culture of Schadenfreude, the concept of deriving pleasure from the misfortune of others. We all find ourselves looking at these videos to uplift ourselves in this day and age, a simple and quick fix of: 'At least I'm not that guy/girl.'

Despite not being quite obvious at first, as the sketches progress and the not so subtle 'SHARE, REBLOG, TELL A FRIEND' notifications, reminiscent of in your face viral video providers start to take their toll. The awesomely boxy art style mixed with the retro, glitchy sound treatment made this one of the coolest shorts I've seen in recent memory, with a poignant and very relevant message to boot.

Ryan Hemsworth - Charly Wingate

Ryan Hemsworth's premiere video caught me off guard with it's carefully crafted layercake of samples coming together to produce a beautifully cohesive whole. The downtempo track is impressive for that fact, showcasing the prowess of Hemsworth in looping and reeling all the pieces into a thought provoking piece like this.

Hector de la Valee and Octave Abaji's music video for the track captures the essence of the video, with plenty of abstract imagery accompanying the sound wonderfully. The track is from his upcoming 'Last Words' EP coming out August 21, as a part of his new collaboration with the WEDIDIT producer collective. Mark the date.

Aug 14, 2012

Capcom And DontNod Announce Remember Me

If you guys haven't been following the blog for a long time, we posted a proof of concept trailer for a BladeRunner-esque title last August called 'Adrift,' which has finally resurfaced as a highly cinematic looking experience with the new title of 'Remember Me.'

The premise follows a heroine with the ability to recode people's memories who ends up getting the tables turned on her, resulting in her own memory getting wiped and her quest to find out the truth. With a fantastic looking scifi setting and potential for an interesting narrative, this is shaping up to be a title worth getting excited about. The title is slated for a May 2013 release date, so stay tuned for updates! Check out a small taste of the memory remixing gameplay after the break!

The Beep - Eijo

This nostalgia bomb of a music video by the German electro artist known as 'The Beep' was painstakingly put together over a year, pixel by pixel to fit within the hardware limitations of the 8bit 'Brick' Gameboy. As the Beep but it himself:

'This video features real Game Boy resolution and colors and has been painstakingly put together pixel by pixel over a whole year by myself. Most sites are actually real and even the tags can be found around my city. I loved my Game Boy and Super Mario when i was a young kid and my dad used to snatch it to play Tetris (and beating me all the time). This is my tribute to both.'

The track, taken from 'Secondhands Vol. 2' is available via Bandcamp for digital download.

Aug 13, 2012

The Art of Jirat Patradoon

Heavy Music Festival Were-badass (Via)
Whenever I hear or read the word ''rad'', my brain almost instinctively visualizes leather jackets, tattooed girls, beat up boots, cafe racer bikes and illustrations by J.J. Patradoon. James is an Australian illustrator with a consistently awesome portfolio; Just plain out 99 level awesomeness, and he also documents his process for some works, from first sketch to final output. What I like the most about his work though is the reocurring themes in Patradoon illustrations: Awesomely 80's color schemes, masks and leather, back alley antiheroes and undead punk rock monsters, among others.

After the break,  a small batch of fantastically retro images from James' portfolio. Enjoy!

Team Fortress 2 - Mann Vs Machine Day One

Things have gotten weird in the world of Team Fortress 2. Another ARG  just recently started involving the long forgotten Capacitors, and strange tanks started to appear in the background on key maps. The hints have been in the game since the 'Meet The Engineer' update, where a robotic head is in the background. It's taken 3 years of teasing but it's finally here. Mann vs. Machine is a new co-operative game for Team Fortress 2 that lets you and five friends wage a desperate battle to stop a lethal horde of robots from deploying a bomb in one of Mann Co.’s many strongholds. These robots have forced Mann Co. to shut down, and both Red & Blue teams have nothing better to do but seek revenge on these mechanical giants. These robots are in the form of the characters from the game, and each have a unique skill they bring to the clockwork table.

The game mode lets you take advantage of breaks between waves to upgrade your abilities and weapons and gives you items, including hats and weapons, upon completing missions and surviving waves. The game mode launches August 15th, and as usual is a FREE UPDATE! You can read more about it through the official site, but we have the first look at the waves of enemies you will be encountering after the break! We will keep you updated as more information is revealed, but until then the hype machine is in motion! Until then watch this amazing video and take a quick peak at the awesome robot designs after the jump! Thank you for the neverending awesome, Valve.

Pig Goat Banana Mantis!

The main characters of this animated trailer for a mew years ago are right there in the title: A pig, a goat, a banana, and a praying mantis.  Created as a pilot a few years ago, this unused animated show came from the creative minds of comic artists Dave Cooper and Johnny Ryan, as well as animator Nick Cross.  It's too bad that this show didn't come to fruition, it looks pretty awesome.  I wonder, though, if it would better suited for Cartoon Network or Nickelodeon.  My guess is leaning towards the latter.

Funky Lia Popping In Seoul

Let's head overseas to observe the fine popping of Funky Lia (Insane Brain Crew) to Onra's 'Mechanical,' who first killed it on Youtube back in June of last year in Beijing with her take on Archenemesis' 'Hard Days' for Keep On Dacing (KOD). The perfect type of music to get a slow Monday into full gear and a brief look at everyday life in South Korea simultaneously. Check out her 2011 video after the break!

Astronaut Dinosaur - The Paintings Of Scott Litsfield

The Coke Machine (Via)
I really resonated with Scott Litsfield's 'Astronaut Dinsoaur' work, a series featuring an astronaut wandering through barren, typically urban landscapes cluttered with pop culture references, corporate logos and other abstract imagery. The way I would best describe the journey of this astronaut is as one through our pop culture subconcious, bloated with nostalgic imagery implanted into our minds from years of exposure.

Scott mentioned that this series came out of his disillusionment with the way he saw the future as a child versus how it panned out, something I suffer from too. If there's one thing that proved to be a double edged sword about growing up in the eighties and nineties, it was the overwhelming sense of wonder about the future conveyed in movies and TV, where we would have flying cars, colonize distant planets and all diseases would be cured, with the 'future' always being touted as the year 2000. We're halfway through 2012 now, let's just say things didn't quite pan out the way I'd come to expect.

Scott ended up creating these pieces as a form of catharsis, a way to still live out and convey to the world the way he had always imagined the future would be. His usage of pop culture symbols and logos was his way of conveying the true 'modern urban landscape,' that we currently live in. You can check out more of his surreal, thought provoking work after the break. Pick up a print at Society6 while you're at it.

Aug 12, 2012

The Animated St. Trinian's!

This is a project I'm very much excited for! St Trinian's is a fictional girls' boarding school that was created by English cartoonist Ronald Searle, that later became the subject of a popular series of comedy films in the 1950's. You may know the famous remakes from the last couple of years staring Hollywood darling Russell Brand. The boarding school for girls is often well armed, well stocked and well....just generally naughty. As a British person, I was brought up with the original movies (which are worth watching as the movies could be used as an example of what could never be done with movies in this modern era), though this video really has me excited.

There have been many attempts to try and emulate Ronald Searle's style as animation and until now most have simply crashed and burned. But in 2010, animator and artist Uli Meyer was granted permission by Ronald Searle to make an animated film with his iconic characters. This short animation test was approved by the genius, and although he sadly passed away the footage has come back to life in the last few days. Uli Meyer will be booting up a Kickstarter account to create this animated series and it's worth submitting too, especially if you like non-politically correct (but non-offensive) ideals that were never meant to be taken too seriously, especially as every girl I know as a kid wanted to graduate from St.Trillian's School. We will have more as it comes but you can follow the official campaign here!


Remember (Via)
Marion Bolognesi is a New York based illustrator who spends her time between fashion/accessory design and her passion for watercolor painting, which truly shows in her body of work. What I like the most about Marion's portraits is her use of negative space, rendering out only striking features combined with lush, bleeding colors that represent exotic make up. 

That aspect alone is strong enough to convey completeness and character to the faces depicted, the mind fills in the rest of the face. After the break, check out a small collection of Bolognesi's watercolor portraits. Enjoy!

Gotye - Save Me

I wouldn't be surprised if you're sick of hearing Gotye at this point, considering the amount of air time his breakout album, 'Making Mirrors' has been getting, but you have to admit that he accomplished on hell of a feat. The Aussie jack of all spades instrumentalist, vocalist and writer captured the international scene with his collab track starring Kimbra, 'Somebody That I Used To Know' and I'm hoping he'll be able to retain his creativity and versatility despite the awesome success he's accomplished.

One thing that I've loved is his approach to his music videos, which take me back to the highly experimental early 80's late 90's, especially his recently released video for 'Save Me,' which captures a retro feel that I can't quite put my finger on. The video perfectly accompanies the chill, uplifting track following an abstract entity making itself whole again. His 'Easy Way Out' video featured a more retro anime feel akin to Robotech, and his downtempo 'Don't Worry, We'll Be Watching' was beautifully hazy and smoky whereas 'State Of The Art' went a lot more campy and retrofutristic. Each music video has been a treat in itself, always pushing the envelope. As a bonus, he also put together a compilation video featuring dozens, if not hundreds of people covering 'Somebody That I Used To Know.' (Check it out after the break!)