Aug 17, 2012

The DOTA 2 Documentary

Follwong Gametrailers' long anticipated interview and inside look at current happenings at Valve, it was widely speculated that something would be announced. Come today and we've received word that the announcement is an interesting documentary revolving around the lives of various pro level DOTA 2 players from America, China, Singapore, Denmark and Ukraine competing in last year's DOTA 2 international, a massive event with a prize pool that ended up reaching the million dollar range. The teaser showed an intimate side of these players, dealing with societies rejection of such a profession, parental disapproval and other issues plaguing their personal lives.

It was kind of a pleasant surprise to hear that Valve's newest project was film related, so I look forward to seeing how the documentary pans out considering the studios reputation for quality. No release date has been confirmed just yet but I wouldn't be surprised if we get one around this year's PAX, when the next major DOTA 2 tourney goes down.

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