Sep 16, 2013

Kim Jung Gi's Incredible Freehand Drawing Timelapse

If you're not aware of Kim Jung Gi's (Aka Superani) work just yet, man oh man..You're in for a treat. The South Korean artist, born in 1975 with a few art degrees under his belt is what you'd call a 'Rakuga-king' (Coined by Katsuya Terada), a term used to describe someone who 'draws wherever, whatever, whenever.' This man can create masterpieces out of thin air, with a visual library in his head so advanced that he can just get going on a whim with his pens, and never stop.

As an artist myself, It's nothing short of f***ing mind blowing to watch this man work. It all comes so easily to him, and this recent demo of a 'drawing show' done in the city of Pohang (포항) is a testament to just how prodigious his drawing skill is. If you look at his body of work, including his 'recalls' of scenes from real life, created in painstaking detail, it's clear that he probably has the gift of eidetic memory. also referred to as photographic memory. Considering that most people typically use construction techniques for their drawings, his style is incredibly unorthodox, nearly machine-like in it's quality. Check out a few of his sketchbook pages after the break (Click for full size).

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