Feb 17, 2013

Bungie Unveils The World Of 'Destiny'

Bungie just unveiled the concept for Destiny, their upcoming 'shared world shooter,' and it looks like they've delivered on the hype they've built up around this project. Part sandbox, part shooter, part MMO and multiplatform in ways that have never quite been attempted.  The entire concept of this game is rather mind bending, but exciting for it's refusal to adhere to any particular genre.

Following a ten year narrative arc, the game will attempt to craft a persistent universe that will keep player constantly involved and immersed in a seamless gameplay experience with plenty of social media connection as well. The entire idea evokes memories of playing Journey, except with an infinitely grander scale and an engrossing scifi world. We're looking forward to hearing more about this one. Check out some awesome concept art from the Bungie folks after the break.

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