Jun 10, 2013

Square Enix Drops Jaws With Surprise Final Fantasy XV Announcement

We were all stunned to learn the true fate of Final Fantasy Versus XIII, a title that many had assumed had fallen prey to development hell. At the PS4 conference jaws dropped when Square dropped this trailer on us with the original pre-intro by Tetsuya Nomura from the original PS4 announce where he apologetically mentioned that they weren't ready to show what they were working on: An epic tease. What followed was an absolutely stunning trailer for an all new game that looks like it will walk away from the sins that it's predecessor committed.

Featuring a much more action oriented gameplay style on first glance, potentially the result of having a good chunk of the Kingdom Hearts team working on the new title, Final Fantasy XV will hopefully turn out to be a step in the right direction for the embattled company. I'm personally just happy to have relatable characters and settings once again. The title will come out as a Playstation 4 launch title at an as of yet undetermined date.

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