Jan 21, 2014

A-ka's Amazing Gorillaz Fanart Collection

This is kind of curious. We recently stumbled into a Taiwanese artist called A-ka, who has a peculiar fascination with Jamie Hewlett's rich, colorful style created to visualize the Gorillaz. However, I don't think I can blame her for trying to emulate a style as strong as Hewlett's..I think any artist worth their salt would strive to develop a personal style that visually appealing. The entire Gorillaz franchise is one that we've only been given tiny tastes of, one of those rare series that never got developed into say, a standalone animated tv show or comic book. It's always left me wanting more, and guessing about 2D, Murdoc, Russel, Noodle and the recently added Cyborg Noodle.

A-ka has probably done a few hundred paintings and drawings of the Gorillaz so far, masterfully emulating Hewlett's distinct style and adding her own spin on his characters, much to our delight. While looking through her vast gallery I kept thinking about how emulation leads to innovation: Once A-ka decides to spin off into doing her own original series, I think she'll come up with something truly amazing. More of her awesome Gorillaz tribute work after the break!

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