Jul 25, 2013

The Art Of Sukabu - Cybernetic Overload

Sukabu isn't shy about showing off his affinity for cyberpunk, having crafted an entire universe ins his mind comprised of more stylized Ghost In The Shell style cyborg heroines, in various stages of enhancement, tinkering about with various black market technologies to achieve their true potential.

Despite the seemingly simplistic, cookie cutter anime style on the surface, replete with plenty of school girls and vocaloids, on a closer glance his work also exemplifies a deep love of industrial design and scifi that offer some rather interesting visual contrast between simple and detailed shapes. This mix of themes is just plain fun to look at, offering us a look into a strange futuristic world full of augmentations and cybernetic clutter. Check out more of Sukabu's realm of cybernetic protagonists after the break!

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