Apr 29, 2014

The Mega Plush - Episode II

Remember The Mega Plush? Back in late 2013 Matt Burniston put out an action packed short revolving around a fluffy teddy bear showing a gang of sock monkeys who owns the block. The followup, simply dubbed Episode II focuses around a different corner of this seedy underbelly, and one pissed off tiger.

The tension in the city is high as the SOC’s manhunt for the vigilante group, The Mega Plush, wages on. With the promise of a handsome sum of money dangled before them, many business owners have joined forces with the SOC cramping The Mega Plush’s extracurricular activities. Armed with his two trusty knives and an I don't give a stitch! attitude, Mega Tiger welcomes any foe who dares to interrupt his hunt for booze and broads.

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