Apr 29, 2014

Support AwesomeRobo Update #1 - A Thank You To Our Patreons

We'd like to dedicate a post to our Patreons, who have decided to donate $1 or more to support the future of Awesome-Robo. As of now we've reached a total of $20 a month thanks to the help of six loyal readers. We're incredibly grateful for the readers that have pitched in, and look forward to keeping the supporter list growing.

The reason we setup a Patreon is due to the influx of Adblock users that has wittled our ad revenue down by over 80%, all we're asking is for $1 a month to offer us an alternate way to cover our costs. We're in this for the long run, and the price of one soda or pack of gum will help us keep going and motivated monthly.

Our first stretch goal is $100 a month, which will also allow us to host a forum dedicated to art and animation discussion for our readers. It will also serve as an alternate area to submit content and discuss it, and we'll be there to chat with our readers regularly. So please, support Awesome-Robo and be part of the movement that will take this site to the next level!

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