Sep 15, 2013

The Art Of Machine56 - Art, Fashion And Beyond

Machine56 is following the same type of path that I would imagine put people like Ashley Wood in their current predicament, as both an artist and hawker of premium products based off his work. Whereas Ashley went down the route of incredible (And expensive) toys with his 3A line, I get the feeling that Machine (Rajaya Yogaswara) has similar plans in a more apparel oriented direction.

Inspired by the Designers Republic (The same folks behind the awesome graphic design for the Wipeout franchise), scifi and a love for clean vector art, you can see the groundwork being laid for something big to come later. Most of the art he's created with his group of like minded friends eventually ties in to some form of limited edition apparel that's sold in his Machine56 store, the type of practice that leads to a cult following and day one sold out releases. Keep an eye out for this one, I can see the potential bubbling up. More of his awesome art, typographic and graphic design after the break.

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