Apr 30, 2011

Portal 2 ARG: Potato To You Too

After the jump, GLaDOS has a surprise for you...

Domino's Shows Us The Dark Underbelly Of Advertising

What...the...f***. Is this what we've come down to as a race? 150 people to get a few seconds of somebody pulling a slice of pizza with cheese strands? I can't even fathom how much Domino's probably spent on creating such a shot, let alone what ridiculous lengths these guys go to in order to get so little. Now don't get me wrong, Its fascinating to see the behind the scenes, but the reality of it is just way overthought and overcomplicated. A cheese sorter? A pizza screwer? A cheese puller? At the end of this behind the scenes that one Domino's chef then proceeds to claim that they do no such thing, and just show it 'as is.' I don't buy it. Why? Check out this older video that they posted featuring that same guy, featuring an obviously dolled up pizza using the same techniques featured in this video.  Go figure.

Calvin And Hobbes: The Adult Years

Sigh. This made me depressed and happy. Time to dig out my old Calvin And Hobbes books and laugh.

Crysis Frog Space Adventures

A few years after its release, people have finally discovered the secret of the frog race in Crysis and how to unlock their true potential. Mind blown, jaw dropped, tears of joy.  Farewell, space frog.

The Rabbi's Cat

This upcoming French animated feature based off the artist known as Joann Sfar is looking really awesome, featuring a very unique hand animated style.  The plot is rather hard to decipher from this teaser, but from what I can tell it involves the adventures of a Rabbi, his cat and his daughter from the cats perspecitve. The art style reminds me a little of Tintin by Herge.  Hopefully we'll get to see an English translated, or subbed release Stateside on a small scale.

Slow Mo Jello Is Strangely Soothing

Ah...If only I knew Jello could be so damn relaxing to watch.  Its also oh so inspiring, watching it fall so dramatically, but rebound in such a violent manner. I'm also delirious after a long day and probably reading way too much into this. The video could use a little bit of that music from Chris' amazing post earlier about Fat Cat.

Blinged Ladybug

Photographer Jens Kolk captured a really beautiful shot: A ladybug on a flower, both covered by dew.  With the morning light shining through, it appears to be jeweled.  You can find some more oh Kolk's gorgeous nature shots on his blog.

Apr 29, 2011

God Has Learned How To Keep Up With That New Fangled Rap Thang

Keeping up with the times is tough when you know all instances of time, it gets a bit confusing. Luckily, God has understood what the "new thang" is and has endowed this talented young man with the the ability to bust some sick rhymes in the least awkward way possible. The dance at 1:33 seals the deal of just how understanding God and this fine young man are with this new thang, I can feel the power flow through his sick rhymes. I look forward to his inevitable dubstep debut.

FreddieW Better Watch His Back

This amazing trailer for CorridorDigital's short film Prism is some amazing stuff. I'm more excited for this than a majority of Hollywood action flicks. That may or may not be connected to the fact that I instantly recognized the Nerf gun used in the trailer. Check out the trailer, it's pretty impressive.

Jay And Silent Bob Get Royal Married

I'm British. So I'm watching the royal wedding. I also love Jay and Silent Bob (Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes), and man are they making the royal wedding more f***ing bearable. Now before I get sent away for treason by the secret Royal internet police, watch the live commentary these guys are doing for the royal wedding because it's prettty funny.

Kwi Chang: Lego Master? More Like Lego God

I recently stumbled into a mind blowing gallery of lego pieces by a Flickr user called Kwi Chang.  I've seen a ton of cool Lego work in my time, but my god...This man is insane.  His mastery of using the medium is beyond anything I've ever seen.  Mixing standard Lego with Technic, he creates work that while looking at his gallery, could be confused with a model kit due to how seamlessly put together it is.  A ton of his work after the jump! Who wants to pick up Legos as a hobby again all of a sudden?

Industrial Dance At LAX

As a tribute to these fluid, nearly mechanical entities dancing in front of one of the worst airports of all time(imo), I wrote a Haiku:

The dark industrials,
Dancing over airport sign,
Out of place.

Hooray For Earth: True Loves

Hooray For Earth - True Loves

Having followed these guys for a few months now and being a fan of their sound, I was blown out of the water to see their new single get an amazing music video as the cherry on top. I absolutely love this. The music video tells a self enclosed tale with some really cool visuals..A man obviously out of place trying to run away from a force determined to end him. It does a great job of selling his sense of bewilderment as he encounters one odd situation after the other. If you like iTunes, get the track here!

The Batman Complex

Here we have a trailer for a yet to be released movie called "The Batman Complex".  A schizophrenic man has delusions of being Batman, but along comes a new treatment utilizing dreams.  Ah, if only it were a real movie.  This is one of the best mashup mock trailers I've seen in a while.

Vaseline, The Product of Caring Dads

Pedobear might be able to offer his fluffy cuteness, but Pedodad offers smooth ease and comfort.  And not only that, but they buy in bulk.  Gotta respect a man who knows how to shop.

Apr 28, 2011

A cat owner's desperate attempt to help their cat lose weight is sexier than I would have wanted

I have never heard a more perfect track for cat workouts. That cat is huge, yet the soft sensualities of the song make everything better. I just want to hold the cat in my arms and kiss it, letting it know everything will be okay. 

That song might have affected me more than I had hoped.

Truth Behind Sony's Playstation Network Leaked

Well, by now you must have heard what happened with the Playstation Network. If not, where have you been? You missed one of the biggest data breaches in history, and it only took 9 days for Sony to respond.

How did this happen? Server Crashers has the answers, and it's as shiny, big and red as you would think.

Beautiful Destruction

Orelha Negra - M.I.R.I.A.M. X Vhils aka Alexandre Farto

This music video by Orelha Nega called M.I.R.I.A.M. X Vhils aka Alexandre Farto (Mouthful) is chill in sound while presenting something wonderful being created violently.  Deeply relaxing.

15 Last Suppers

Inmate #1:  KFC 5 piece chicken, fries, chili, chocolate milk.
This series was created seperately by photographer James Reynolds and the Brooklyn based Chef/Artist
Julia Ziegler Haynes respectively (Her website is currently down).  At different points in time they decided to recreate the last meals of various death row inmates from around the nation and photograph them as a series. Its a tad on the morbid side, but its really curious to see how inmates handled this last request....A chance to eat anything they wanted, a last chance to enjoy something they probably hadn't had in years.

More final meals after the jump.

A Computer for the Ladies

Finally!  I have been eagerly, anxiously waiting for such a machine.  And the way the horse-lady Patricia sells it, I want to pick up three now.  My sister and mother will be so thankful.  Now we won't have to leave our kitchens, and you boys will never go without a sandwich again.  It's a win-win situation.

Tyler Stout's Limited Edition Akira Poster

Click to check it out in its fullsize glory.

Tyler Stout, the artist who has been creating posters for the Austin based Alamo Drafthouse, which I want to go like its nobody's business just recently created an ultra limited poster(180 in total) for a mystery screening which turned out to be Akira. I've wanted a Tyler Stout piece for a while, but never this badly. If only I had $1,500 to buy one of these from some a-hole scalper on eBay. Nonetheless, its an amazing piece by Tyler stout embodying everything that made the classic anime awesome.

400,000 Views And Counting

As a small update, I present our team as Kenshiro from First of the North Star, beating the sh** out of all previous expectations that we might have had for how well this blog would do.  Just 2-3 months ago we set some lofty goals that seemed unlikely, but hell...We're doing pretty well for being 2 months old as a new website.  Onwards!  A big thank you to all our readers from the team here at Awesome-Robo. Let's keep kicking ass.


Apr 27, 2011

Beastie Boys' 'Make Some Noise' Provides An All-Star Cast

While Hot Sauce Committee Part 2 doesn't release until May 3rd, we're still treated with one of the best music videos of all time. If this all-star lineup doesn't tickle your private parts, hopefully Elijah Wood's awkward charm does. I found myself constantly surprised every time a new celebrity showed up. Spoilers, but Ted Dansen makes a fantastic appearance (like always).

Joe Quesada's variant for Death of Spider-Man Makes Me Cry

The Ultimate universe Marvel was flawed. It started as a way for readers to jump into comics without having years of storyline behind them, and became exactly what it was trying to prevent. But I loved the Ultimate Spider-man series, because despite it's flaws Spider-Man is one of my favourte comics, and I'll love him in any form.

Ultimate Spider-Man #160 is the final issue for the Death of Spider-Man saga, and what looks like the end of Peter Parker as Spider-man within the Ultimate Universe. Marvel has revealed the Joe Quesada variant cover, both full color and Sketch Variant. And they are f***ing beautiful.
Though Ultimate Spider-man will continue with another character under the helm, and a whole new pretty cool costume, I won't be reading the series. There is only one Spider-man (Excluding the clone saga, fools) and it will always be Peter Parker. I'll be buying all 3 covers, and maybe extras because of the damage the tears rolling down my face will cause. I remember when this series first started, and checking out the first issue whilst hanging out at the comic-book store I was at as a kid. Seeing it end is emotional. Death is final in the Ultimate universe.

“Ultimate Spider-Man” #160 goes on sale June 22. Expect a review soon after. Click past the cut for the sketch variant cover.

Custom Made Portal Turret Will Melt Your Heart Before Shooting Your Body

I loved Portal 2, the game was worth every penny I had. This custom made Turret cuddly toy reacts just like an in-game turret would because it has fancy motion-sensing capabilities. Though no warning laser, but this still is the cutest thing I've ever seen.
It won't defend your baby, though. Or shoot bullets.

Apple Needs To Get A Sense Of Humor

Steve, meet Carbonite.
This iPhone case by the guys over at Society6 had been on sale for nearly a month, until word started spreading about it.  A fun poke at Apple, the case featured Steve Jobs in carbonite:  A measure I could see Apple and Lucas collaborating on to keep the visionary behind the success of Apple alive for decades to come. Within a few hours of the post getting some recognition from websites like Wired, the cease and desists started flying and the product was taken down.  Bummer.

There's Always Bigger Fish In The Sea

Just when I thought that this spider had bested an unsuspecting ant with its ninja like reflexes, we are treated to a twist that would make M. Night Shyamalan proud.  It goes to show you how unpredictable nature is, and how glad I am to not be on the lower tier of the food chain.

One Baby Polar Bear Isn't Enough

"My name is Mr. Flufferson, and this is my cousin, Mr. Cuddlesome.  Together, we are a happiness-bringing duo to assist you with the mid-week hump.  You're very welcome."

The Brink Get Smart: Series

As the release of Brink closes in on us, Splash Damage was courteous enough to start trickling out a few videos of their 'Get Smart' series, to showcase the basic mechanics of the game.  I'm pretty excited about the seamless jump in/jump out cooperative multiplayer experience they're showcasing and the exciting new world they've created.

Lets not forget the vastly customizable characters, which they'll probably monetize on pretty heavily with DLC. After having played a smattering of Call Of Duty games, I'm ready to play something fresh..And Brink just might be it.  Get your preorder on at Amazon if you haven't already!

Danny McBride Is A Badass


Curly mullet?  Check.  Cheesy 90's color scheme and print?  Check.  A naughty, enticing name for a jet ski?  Check.  A badass, "my s**t-don't-stink" expression?  Oh lordy, CHECK!  RoboBrain, I think we must break up; I have found me a new man.  Danny McBride in character as "Kenny Powers" in the awesome HBO series Eastbound & Down.

Immortals Trailer

Hmm..I've loved the more surreal work of Tarsiem (The Cell, The Fall), but after watching this trailer the movie comes off as a '300 with Gods' mashup. And a cheesy one at that. Whenever a movies claim to fame is that it was made by some odd staff member from a well known movie, its typically a red flag for me. They're not shy about it in the trailer, claiming that its made by the 'Producers of 300.' So lets see, slow mo fighting followed by sudden speed ups?  Check! Everything filmed on a green screen? Check! Hopefully Tarsem will have enough say to make this something a little more memorable than 300.  How do you guys feel about the trailer?

Hacker Type For Beginners

Awwwwww yeahh.  All in 5 seconds.
Ever wanted to hack effortlessly by smashing your fingers into a keyboard furiously at random like in those hilarious Hollywood movies? Well some kind soul has made hacking easy as pie, and in various languages to boot!  Check out the insta-hack, over at Duiker.tk.  Type at random and watch all the hack language flow oh so seamlessly onto the screen. I felt badass for all of 5 seconds.

Apr 26, 2011

The Avengers: Filming Commences

Thor, The Hulk, Captain America and Iron Man and others..On the same screen? Holy.
Just awesome. Every single comic book fan squeals with glee (even the non-Marvel fans) at the possibilities and hope for the future.

Joss Whedon has just confirmed that filming for next summers major event, the Avengers feature has begun today. And boy am I excited, because this release could make or break the superhero genre.

We shall see. Avengers.....ASSEMBLE!

Fast Food Lasagna: So Wrong Its Right

The guys over at Epic Mealtime have probably created their biggest monstrosity yet, featuring 45 burgers from 3 different joints (Wendy's Baconators, McD's Big Macs and A&M Burgers), a liter of Big Mac secret sauce, a few dozen pounds of bacon and a few orders of onion rings. All crafted into a terrifying sodium and fat monument of a lasagna.  They've outdone themselves again. I couldn't look away.

Marwencol: A Documentary Worth Checking Out

Marwencol is a documentary dealing with the fantasy world of Mark Hogencamp, a man who suffered unspeakable trauma but found a very special way to deal with it after the fact. After being beaten into a coma by five strangers on a fateful day and suffering brain damage, he emerged with no memories of his past and set out to reconstruct it with the help of a 1/6th scale WW2 era town that he built in his backyard. In this town he placed avatars of himself, his friends, his family and set out to build a society in which he could deal with his psychological scars and frustrations.

Not Actual Size

I knew IKEA had good deals, but damn, this would have been a steal!  Stupid disclaimers, ruining my giant hot dog fantasies. 

Llama Ninja

Despite being deadly, I knew their natural grazing instinct would be their crippling weakness.  This awesome comic was created by HellCorpCEO on Deviantart.  I WANT MORE!

Fire Ant Raft

Fire ants sure are stubborn little bastards.  Not even a pair of tweezers can push this team down.  Be very afraid.

Apr 25, 2011

Flexible Cat Is Flexible

Good evening everyone.  Breathe in, breathe out.  We'll start off with backwards facing cat.  Breathe the good energy in, and the bad out.  Yes, that's it...

Deathmetal Arts & Crafts: Hessian Hobbies

Even death metal guys occasionally have to spend some quality time with their daughters.  This single father just wants to make sure his daughter learns something brutal with every project.  Check out the original video that started this family down its dark crafts ridden path after the jump!


Mondays have been deemed unconstitutional by the kitty council. Go back to sleep.

16 Awesome Stadium Foods

As various sports seasons are ramping up across the US, we decided to take a look at some of the more interesting offerings from stadiums across the country.  We scoured major league, little league, and minor league stadiums for people trying to leave a mark with both their teams and their food.  So without further ado:

Baltimore Orioles Birdland Dog:  As over the top as it gets, this hotdog is covered with charcoal grilled beef,  potato hash, pepperoni, onion rings and tomato relish.  This Hotdog is about 3 courses in one.

15 additional unique stadium offerings after the jump!

AZO: Outtakes

Azo, the awesome guy who got nicknamed 'the coolest guy in the world' due to his near infinite acrobatic and stunt capabilities recently released a few videos of his outtakes. I had a chance to meet Azo a few months back while visiting Uber Entertainment (He's a very talented animator on Monday Night Combat) and he's a genuinely nice guy with a heck of a hobby.  Check out his 2010 stunt reel that we posted a while back here.

NES Lunchbox

This retro lunchbox was made by the Etsy user known as Sealcouch.  Using a gutted NES and attaching a rather fancy handle for portability, a geeky food apparatus was born.  I would have picked up one myself, but this lunchbox was snatched up rather quickly.

Opening To Limitless

I haven't seen this thriller just yet, but somebody posted the amazing opening to the movie (No spoilers, it just looks really cool). The movie has to do with the main protagonist, Eddie Mora (Bradley Cooper) finding a top secret drug that gives him super human abilities. Once he reaches the top, he comes to realize that his powers come at a price. The movie has been out for a while, but this opening piqued my interest again.

Apr 24, 2011

You da bunny


You know, bunnies are cute.  They're friggin' ADORABLE.  All they need are their big ears, and soft little bunny tails, and they're set.  Therefore I see no possible need to pimp one out.  Who would honestly buy this?  Anyways, Happy Easter from the Awesome-Robo team!  

Check Your Ears Regularly

A grandfather who was tormented by the 'screaming in his ears' as a result of chronic tinnitus shot himself in the head. Roy Sullivan's medical condition, where sufferers hear a constant ringing in their ear, had been getting progressively worse.
The 74-year-old was found with gunshot wounds by his wife at their home in Essex when she returned from visiting their grandson on his 14th birthday in January.

I have a ringing in my ears. I should really get that checked out one day. But ending your life because of it? I blame the evil brain slug he secretly had in his head.

Mortal Kombat 9 Fatalities

After a few misguided attempts by the now ill fated Midway to breathe new life into the Mortal Kombat series, including the rather awful MK Vs. DC crossover, I'm glad to see that the series has gone back to its roots.  This compilation of fatalities just goes to show that they thankfully decided to go back to the incredibly gory roots of the first few releases.  Some of these were literally hard to watch, but at the same time gave me a good feeling that the series is now in good hands.  Nether Realms, as a new studio just proved themselves to be a solid company to house such a well known IP.  

Every Iron Chef Secret Ingredient Ever

If you're familiar with the cheese-tastic American version of Iron Chef, you're probably aware that the 'chairman' of the tourney always announces the secret ingredients that the chefs have to work with.  Unlike the chairman of the Japanese show, the American counterpart decided to take things a little farther with hilariously over the top announcements.  This is a compilation of every secret ingredient announced so far.  My favorite is definitely beer.

Poke Items

Poke-burger & Fries
David Schwen took everyday items and added just a little Pokemon flavor to all of them by applying the iconic Pokeball graphic motif to them.  4 more examples of his cool project after the jump!

Ace Ryder!

Harry Partridge provides us with another short, but this time in live action.  Harry Partridge was the guy behind the animated Akira movie parody, among other great  animated shorts.  He's got a knack for over the top American accents, considering that he's a British fellow. 

Big Dog, Little Dog

I wouldn't be surprised if big dog crapped turds that out-sized little dog.  He could end him in one fell swoop if he wanted to.  But he wouldn't, of course.  I mean, LOOK AT THAT FACE!

Apr 23, 2011

Death Defied

Two lv. 99 French skiers, Matt Giraud and Stefan Laude defy death by parachuting off a cliff edge to escape an avalanche hot on their tail.  I cannot even imagine the heart exploding adrenaline rush these guys must have experienced while running for their lives.  This is pretty intense to watch. The footage was captured by using the amazing little GoPro HD's, which I highly recommend if you have a sporty side.

The Art Of Kilian Eng

Kilian Eng is an illustrator who creates work that really gives off strong retrofuturistic vibes that were rather common back in the late 70's and early 80's.  Artists back in the day would create pieces of art representing their take on what the future would be like while staying withing the confines of the aesthetics of that era.  Fantastic use of texture to give it that vintage look. He's currently working on an animated project featuring his work, below.

Marchmounts trailer from Kilian  Eng on Vimeo.

More samples of his amazing work after the jump!

Khoda By Reza Dolatabadi


Khoda is a visually striking psychological thriller created by Reza Dolatabadi as a senior project using over 6,000 paintings. The idea behind the project was to create a video piece that if paused, would present a painting every time for the viewer to look at.  This was probably a painstaking process that he himself noted, "Other students considered impossible." I admire his ability to overcome what people deal with from others a lot, doubt. The result paid off in a big way, and got international acclaim.

Doctor Who Tonight! Silence Will Fall

Silence will fall! As well as your cereal bowl. What a creepy way to start the day.

Doctor Who Series 6 will air tonight across the world; 6PM in the UK, and check your local listings for the USA. It will air on BBC 1 and BBC America.

Yay, It's The Weekend!

We're looking forward to a relaxing, fun weekend.  We hope yours is the same, and you're just as excited.  OMG, no alarm clock!  I will be refusing consciousness until at least noon tomorrow.  Come drop by our forums if you're up late!

Steampunk Ironman Is One Of A Kind

Indie sculptor and kitbasher Jonathan Kriscak just put this awesome, one of a kind steampunk Ironman on eBay.  The piece represents an exploration of what a Victorian era Tony Stark would have come up with, and this beast would be hand forged of materials from the era.  Copper, steel, and brass.

Instead of an arc reactor, this Iron Man features a chest full of light up combustion engine to power the mechanical monstrosity. As of when this was posted, the figure is currently up to a $350 bid..So if you're a fan of Ironman and have some cash to spare, go for it.  Kickass.  A ton of images and closeups of the figure after the jump!

Freddie W: Mr. Toots

Freddie Wong returns with this informative new short detailing the dangers of free unicorns. Be very afraid.

Apr 22, 2011

Portal 2 ARG: For Science

I'm currently playing through Portal 2. Amazing game, and the viral campaign before release was so much fun. But is there more Portal 2 coming our way? It looks like the answer is yes, and I'll be in the front row. You know, for science.

Zombies Ate My Neighbors Shouldn't Be Your Manual For Zombie Survival

Busted Pixel is back, and this time we're kicking it old school with the Super Nintendo game Zombies Ate My Neighbors. Who knew the premise of the game could hold up so well in real life? We sure didn't.

Pogo Does It Again: Living Island

Pogo, the artist who gained fame from sampling and remixing snippets of Disney movies into musical pieces just released this new piece. This time around it seems Pogo set himself on something a little more obscure, the World of H.R. PufnStuf(which I frankly find slightly nightmarish) by NBC. Despite the crazy 70's visuals, this is still an engaging audiovisual experience.

Foo Fighters Played At My House

This just gets the Foo Fighters that many more points in my book. They held an old school 'we'll play at your house' style competition and a pizza delivery guy won.  The only place he had for them to play at was his garage, and unlike other artists who would scoff at such a thing, the Foo Fighters agreed and put their all and more into it.  Its kind of surreal, and kind of awesome.  They rock out hard, no matter where the venue.

A Minecraft Inspired House

Naturally, my assumption is be that this fine fortress home was inspired by Minecraft.  I couldn't possibly think of another explanation.  Nope, not one, Minecraft makes the most sense.  Then again, I do only see things in blocks at this point, so go figure.

Robobrain Edit: I see lots of anti zombie potential here as well.

Cardboard: An Animation

Fantastic stop motion about a bunch of cardboard monsters doing their thing by Dutch artist Sjors Vervoot. Considering the scale of some of these cardboard monsters, its a pretty impressive feat. Check out more work on his website!

Just How Many Kitties?

Oh look, it's a kitty spooning a kitty.  Who's also spooning a kitty.  I can only imagine that there are dreams of cardboard boxes times three.  INCEPTION.

Apr 21, 2011

Purp Scurp

While 4/20 may have been yesterday, it's never too late to make fun of stoner culture. I wish this man was real, I would befriend him and record him everyday.

I'm Not Quite Sure What I Watched, But I think They Were Sea Creatures

Vimeo user, chichirick, creates some of those most abstract hand-drawn animations I have ever seen, though, there is something incredibly charming about each and every animation(even when not on drugs). This particular video, Gurg, does an amazing job of melding lo-fi electronic with over 1600 hand drawn sea creatures. It's really fun, in a disorienting "what the f***" kind of way.

Cosfail #1: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly.

Cosplay: I think it's fantastic. A way to express one's self through the creation of costumes of characters that are loved and beheld by many. It's something I highly support.

But sometimes Cosplay can go wrong, and I present to you a selection of photos and tidbits I found over the years that I thought were pretty funny. I present Cosfail.

Walking Dead Demo Reel

"The Walking Dead" Demo Reel

Despite the show receiving some mixed reviews and inconsistent writing(The entire writing staff was fired after season 1)..Its amazing to see how much CG they used when I thought it was all practical.  This is kind of the reverse of George Lucas, it all looked a little too convincing.  This is a fascinating look into professional compositing, and how a little CG work can make your world that much more believable.  This studio did an amazing job with their work on the show.

The Purest Form Of Reverse Psychology

You see, I used to think that this form of reverse psychology only worked in cartoons.  I guess kids are a little more susceptible.

Starcraft 2 Siege tank

More Lego madness, this time featuring a fully deployable and remote controlled Terran Siege Tank from Starcraft 2. And it even has the legit sound effects! Another amazing tribute by masterclass Lego builders.

Is this Bert IRL? Oh Dear.

A freaky interpretation of what Bert from Sesame Street would look like in real life.  It can't be unseen, and I'm sorry. :(

Apr 20, 2011

Hey baby, you got the time?

"Why yes, sugar t*ts, I do have the time."  With the holidays only 8 months away, I'd suggest picking up one of these gems ASAP.  Come now, hop to it!  Like the ad says, "It's the greatest conversation piece you'll ever own."  


It's Hot.....How Hot Is It?

I'm enjoying one of the hottest and sunniest days in years (England, at least). After a few months of winter, what should be spring has turned into a blistering summer with between 18-24°C(About 70 degrees Fahrenheit) of warm weather blasting down on my fully clothed body.

These dogs really are appropriate, and represent how me and my friends look right now.

Happy early global warming summer, everyone!

Nuit Blanche (White Night)

Nuit Blanche

This short by French director Arev Manoukian does a wonderful job of capturing a moment of undeniable magnetism between two strangers.  I loved the noir look and surreal imagery in this short.  Check out the making of here!

How Not To Discourage Piracy

If I was a big company, this is exactly how I wouldn't go about discouraging such a practice.  This is just a laughably bad ad created by people who couldn't be more out of touch with the way the internet reacts to videos like this (Peruse the comments on the video for a good laugh).  Piracy probably just spiked up by about 45,000% as a result of this video.  We don't endorse downloading stuff, but we sure know when something is going to backfire terribly.  Yarrrr.

Meanwhile In Japan

A Japanese local in the Sendai province goes about his day with a little extra protection.  Life goes on.

How To Properly Erase A CD

Using tesla coils to delete some data?  Not overkill.  Awesome.

Now This Is A Manly Beard

Gentlemen, take note:  What you have in front of you is an honest, brimming-with-testosterone MANBEARD.

(Also, I searched long and hard for the image source, but came up empty handed.  If you know the savant responsible for this lovely depiction of manhood, leave a comment below!)

Apr 19, 2011

Check Out The Best Batmobile Redesigns!

I love comics. And we all love Batman. I found some awesome redesigns for a competition online, and I thought I would share some with you guys! Check them out after the jump!

RIP: Elisabeth Sladen Of Dr. Who

It is my sad duty to report that Elisabeth Sladen, one of the Doctor Who’s longest serving companions and star of The Sarah Jane Adventures and one of my personal heroes, has died aged 63.

Portal 2 Makes Amazing Marketing Move

PC gamers have booted up their copies of Portal 2 this morning to discover a cool suprise. What was it? Find out after the jump! (Beware, spoilers for this awesome extra will be below!)

Golden Age Captain America Cosplayer

Golden Age cosplay or just a clever photoshop? Either way, this photo is charming in every way and a great way to start the day.

The Best Grey Fox Cosplay Yet

This is probably the best Metal Gear themed cosplay I've ever seen. If you guys played the first Metal Gear Solid back in the day, or the Gamecube remake, you'll recognize this ninja as Grey Fox. The highly memorable cyber ninja is captured in full by this professional Japanese cosplayer known as OMI. Anyone notice that all the best Metal Gear ninja cosplays are pulled off by females?  Plenty of pics of her awesome suit after the jump! (Via)

Miniature Crossbow Will Bring Swift Death To Your Foes

If your Nerf gun isn't doing it for you anymore in an office setting, its time to upgrade. For being so small, this thing packs a terrifying punch. And with three separate types of ammunition, you'll be prepared for any situation. On a craftsmanship note, this thing is made out of 22k silver, and gold to boot. This guy is not messing around.

Mario Propaganda

A bunch of really cool Mario flavored propaganda posters.  The best part about these is the angle they take, portraying Bowser's army of infinitely expendable troops as the guys under threat from Mario and his goons.  You can buy these posters by clicking through the link at $20 a pop!  (Via)

Amazing Lego Lifecycle

This is a video of pure Lego mastery, an intricately weaved web of timing, robotics, and rube goldberg-ish craft.  This kind of shows how far some people will go to master their hobby. I saw about at least a few thousand dollars worth of Lego Mindstorm devices in this setup.  This thing probably took a few months, if not years to put together.

The Governator Likely To Have Humor

About two weeks ago the news broke for Arnold Schwarzenegger's next project, The Governator. While some people(mostly me) weren't all too thrilled for Arnold's animated debut, the news of Steven Banks(Spongebob and Jimmy Neutron) leading the writing team brings hope. While I doubt Banks will be the show's saving grace, I do have hopes that there will be some great gags.

While I love the idea of having an animated Arnold Schwarzenegger series, I feel as if the team is going about this the wrong way. Rather than being a tongue-in-cheek cartoon based on 80's-90's cartoons, it seems to be following a more serious route, a route that I want no part in. I would love to see a more adult oriented series, but that seem very unlikely at this point. (via)

Apr 18, 2011

Kapow! Super Review

Editors Note: My apologies for Kapow! Coverage being late. But due to a family emergency I have been away from my notes and computers, though I can now confirm I am an Uncle. No pressure on me I guess!

When the organizers of Kapow! announced "Movie-X", hopes were high. Rumours (fed by not only the organizers but the promoters involved) mislead and warped the hopes of people. Thor, X-men, Captain America and Green Lantern were franchises brought up as people pationtly waited in queue for up to 2 hours. When it wasn't any of these films, people were upset. The next 5 minutes, however, changed the minds and hearts of audiences. Groans turned into laughter and cheers.

Super will be one of the best films you will see in 2011. Click after the jump, and you'll find out why.

Get Job: Neckligence

We're back in full force this Monday with a brand new Get Job. We were both afflicted by a plague and DJ pretty much busted his neck as well. I hope you enjoy. Check out this comic and more at our Get Job blog!

RIP Encyclopedia Dramatica, Ohello Internet

In a bold move the creator of Encyclopedia Dramatica, Sherrod DeGrippo, shut down the site and replaced it with a new internet 2.0 website. This site, which certainly isn't a kid friendly watered down version of the original internet hate machine, is still a staple amongst large amounts of readers and has certainly taken the internet by storm.

DeGrippio's reasoning for the change in pace was that "Shock for shock’s sake is old at this point and we're looking forward to the future and how things are evolving... when you put user experience first, the language becomes highly important and that's what we’ve done." That's something I can agree with, though plenty of fans of the original site see it in a different light.

My opinion is that I don't really mind. I visited Encyclopedia Dramatica every once in a while but got really annoyed when the whole thing got logged down by personal drama. It was good for a laugh here and there. But Oh Internet is online and here to stay, and I'll keep my eye on the thing. Who knows what could happen?

Inspired By Iceland (NWS)

Now this is how you market your country.  A high energy tribute to everything that makes Iceland awesome. From the people to the beautiful scenery, Iceland is stepping up their game to let the world know they have plenty to offer. We're so going there for an Awesome-Robo field trip. Who wants to go?  Mildly not work safe due to brief shots of (lovely) Icelandic butts at 1:14.

You Broke More Than One Record, Rebecca Black

Success is a double edged sword.  All I've learned from this whole affair is that being awful is the new way to get successful.  Take notes.

Tron Legacy Skating

This overseen Tron Legacy premiere event occurred in Melbourne around the time of the premiere. Using an Ipod and a special app, the skater known as ENESS skated on an awesome ramp that reacted to his tricks and altitude to trigger graphics on the specially made ramp.  The result is a Tron themed exercise in awesome.

We Made Pizza The Other Night

Oh god.
And it was f***ing delicious!  This is how RoboBrain and I looked and felt afterwards.  Ugh.

Amazing Justin Bieber Troll

This is both hilarious, and terrifying.  Some guy dressed up as Justin Bieber decided to troll the hell out of a bunch of fans from the roof of a building close to a Zurich event involving the artist.  The result is an ever increasing shrill screeching of thousands of rabid fans.

Apr 17, 2011

Your Childhood Dies With This Post

I loved bouncy castles as a kid. Now, I view them as a bouncy inflatable funhouses of death.
A dust devil (a strong, well-formed, and relatively long-lived whirlwind) blew a bouncy castle 15 feet into the air, over a fence and into the middle of a busy highway - with the children still inside it.

Tanya Ali, nine, and Saif Akram, ten, had been playing inside the castle at a children's festival in Tucson, Arizona, when a whirlwind built up behind them.  Tanya underwent a five-hour operation to treat a broken shoulder, leg and several fractures to her face.
You can read more here, but it might just put you off having fun. Bouncing just seems unnatural from this point on.

DeVito Meets The Aquabats


The Aquabats and Danny DeVito at a recent gig in Coachella. This image speaks for itself, because it's f***ing awesome, and I only wish to have been there or have some footage. But whilst the band were battling Atreyu from the '80s fantasy film "The Never Ending Story" during the song "Lucky Dragon Lady", the actor hopped onstage before the final chorus came around, decked out in shorts, a hat and black shades.

No words can be used to describe how awesome this sounds.