Jan 22, 2014

Max Gilardi Unearths A Lost Episode of Invader Zim (NSFW)

Hot Topic's favorite Nickelodeon mascot is back thanks to love and detail put in by animator Max Gilardi. Invader Zim has been the staple of "lol random" humor for nearly a decade, spawning a generation of waffle and pizza loving pre-teens, something which Max expertly picks apart in his newest animation. While I found Invader Zim a refreshing change for Nickelodeon's prime time lineup, Max shows us the true backbone for the cartoons style of humor. 

Max Gilardi has an awesome knack for abstract humor and  animation, pulling heavy inspiration from the great John Kricfalusi (best know for Ren and Stimpy fame). While some might be a little hard pressed to find humor in something so blatantly dry, you can't argue that it doesn't hit the nail on the head for the show's Hot Topic marketed humor. For more of Max's work check out his website over here, the PONY.MOV series is definitely a fantastic place to start. 

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