Jan 22, 2014

"Black Sails" Intro - Pirates, Pirates, Pirates

Just recently found out that the Starz Network is throwing their hat into the high budget TV show ring with their upcoming Black Sails, which will hopefully give the under-appreciated pirate genre some love. The folks at Imaginary Forces put together an awesome intro for the show, a stunning display of ornate ivory carvings from the period and figureheads, the statues placed on the front of boats that were once regarded as the spirit of a ship, used to placate the temperamental gods of the sea. I'm personally a little burnt out on the often retread themes of shows these days, so a showed based on the golden age of piracy actually stands out in a really good way. The show will be premiering on the 25th of January, keeping my fingers crossed that it'll be great.

It's 1715 and the golden age of piracy… a world where rebel pirates, collapsing shanty towns, whore houses, illegal treasure and the promise of the New World clash with the imperial forces of European civilization. Nothing less than a full-on art history mash-up of Baroque motifs, Gothic architecture and Rococo style could express this strange society, where outcasts and aristocrats alike vie for power. Using a sculptural language traditionally reserved for saints and kings, we depict a maverick society that is ultimately doomed. Beauty and death abound… as well as a skeleton

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