Sep 16, 2013

All RGB - A Truly Insane Pixel Challenge

All RGB is a pixel art initiative created to truly push the limits of pixel craftsmen: The goal? Creating absolutely staggering, massive images featuring one pixel of every single RGB color, totaling 16,777,216 pixels. No missing colors, no duplicates. As you can imagine these images are absolutely massive, and I can't even begin to wrap my head around how you could even accomplish this so I'll just point you guys to the allRGB website to truly view these images as they were meant to (The Argus' Skull, above is 26 megabytes at full resolution).

The skull above is just one of many community submitted specimens, pretty amazing project/challenge nonetheless. Even though it's been going on since 2008, only a few dozen submissions have been made since then, and you can probably understand why after seeing those parameters.

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