Feb 13, 2013

The Vibrant Art Of Hiroyuki Takahashi : Visual Caffeine

Feeling a little dazed and confused today? Well take a gander at the bright, amazing art of Hiroyuki Takahashi (Aka 3Eyes-Taka and Slipper-Taka). The Osaka based artist's work explodes off the page with his choice of poppy, vibrant color schemes and his Harajuku in a blender fashion sense, derived from experiences with fashion design, music video conceptalization, street art and motion design work (That's deserving of a dedicated post itself, stay tuned) coming together to create a truly vibrant art style.

Personally, I definitely appreciate designers who can juggle and control this many elements on a page and keep the images harmonious, not an easy undertaking to say the least. With clients ranging from just about every artistic medium, Hiroyuki's strong style has definitely left it's mark in Japan. Prepare for a healthy infusion of visual stimuli after the break!

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