Feb 14, 2013

James Blake - Retrogade

There are very few songs I can confidently say I wish were longer due to overall quality of composition, James Blake's newest single Retrogade is one of them. Honestly, I can't quite recall any other music I've listened to over the past week since the single's release, it's just far too mesmerizing. James Blake's distinct "post-dubstep" style vibrates your very existence with each and ever pulsating beat while accompanied by some of the most unique and hauntingly beautiful vocals in current-day music. Retrogade is a song that definitely digs it's way into your ear canal and refuses to leave, pushing you to listen to it "just one more time".

Accompanied by this newly released music video by director, Martin de Thurah, which follows a wandering biker/astronaut through a surreal backwoods "dance", this is definitely a single you don't want to miss.

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