Feb 13, 2013

RoboGal's Weekly Cute Mixtape 2.0! All Alpaca Edition!

I took a quick break last week, but I'm back with another edition of the revamped Cute Mixtape! After some adorable inspiration from a recent VICE video, I've added another member to my list of cute and funny creatures: the alpaca.

Not to be confused with the llama, though both are native to South America, the alpaca is smaller and is typically bred for their fuzzy warm wool (commonly known as 'fiber'), whereas llamas are typically bred as pack-carrying animals. Fun fact: You can crossbreed the two, to create the fuzzier, less tasty cousin of chorizo, the 'Huarizo.' Unlike most hybrids in nature, the Huarizo is a breedable, sustainable mix.

Deal with it.
I think there's a code out there somewhere that states that doe-eyes, long eye-lashes and a slightly derpy face are one of the pinnacle trifectas of the awesomely adorable cute factor. Unlike llamas, which are fairly large and therefore menacing, alpacas look like the sweet pocket sized version. And lest we forget, anything pocket size is cute by default.

The alpaca has also brought us to another amazingly cute, if imaginary, animal, the Arpakasso. Mind-blowingly cute, to the point of being unbearable, this awesome stuffed little guy can be found online, so that you may too find your sheepish looking friend. More alpacas, huarizo's and Arkapasso goodness after the break!

Alpaca wool has a +90 static stat (Via)
The alpaca 'shag top' wool style. Tres chic. (Via)
Wind swept coat for the ladies. (Via)
They are just that docile. (Via)
One on the left = Mutated chipmunk. (Via)
Lion alpaca is fierce. (Via)

And here is a small taste of the type of happiness that Arpakasso plushes can bring to your life. Look at those little faces. Look at their little hats and accessories. Oh my god they're adorable.

And lest I forget, Arpakasso has his own ongoing cooking show, courtesy of Deerstalker Pictures. Its just..too..

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