Feb 13, 2013

Ghost in the Shell Gets The FPS Treatment

Earlier yesterday the first public trailer for Ghost in the Shell ARISE hit the web and with four fifty-minute episodes, it's certain to be quite a doozy (wow, that word pained me to type). As fans wait patiently to find out whether or not the new chief director, Kazuchika Kise will provide another amazing entry into the Ghost in the Shell universe, a second announcement will give them even more to chew on. During the Production I.G. presentation, South Korean developer, Nexon, announced it's work on an upcoming online FPS set in Masamune Shirow's universe. Whether or not this is actually good news is yet to be decided, but judging from Nexon's past work it could go either way.

I'll definitely be first to admit that I'm skeptical with Nexon, Ghost in the Shell is a tricky IP and I'm not quite sure Nexon will find the talent to do the series justice. With the half-assed F2P FPS Combat Arms it's hard to imagine this turning out well, but I'll hold my judgements. The game has been described to emphasize heavily on hacking and will allow players to customize their body, talk about vague.

Other than the fantastic concept art released, all we know is the game is set for an early 2014 release for Japan which means we'll most likely see this title localized never. For a few more pieces from the games announcement hit the jump, the art is definitely fantastic.

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