Jun 10, 2013

Bungie's Destiny Gameplay Trailer - Massive Worlds, Familiar Gameplay

The folks at Bungie premiered their gameplay trailer for their amazing and ambitious Destiny, which plans on being a game that will unfold and evolve over the course of multiple years. Aside from looking absolutely gorgeous on the next gen hardware it was shown on. Featuring an example of the squad based cooperative gameplay and a taste of the absolutely massive worlds, there were some truly jaw dropping moments to be had.

Featuring a Hunter and Warlock class, the fluid gameplay reminded us of a mix between Borderlands and Halo, with it's familiar shooting mechanics and loot based gameplay, with a persistent MMO aspect which will be familiar to people who have played games like Guild Wars 2. My favorite moment revolved around an open world event towards the end of the presentation which featured the squad fluidly transitioning into a battle against a massive spider mech called a 'Devil Walker.' Check out the full 12 minute live gameplay playthrough above.

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