Jun 10, 2013

Santa Monica and Ready at Dawn's The Order 1886 Has Zombies AND Steampunk

Edit: Mistakenly posted this as a Naughty Dog game instead of Santa Monica, sorry about that!

It's not everyday I get to spend my time watching announcement after announcement for the upcoming next-generation, but this week I've been given the opportunity and it's making me feel all giddy inside. While the Xbox One brought some fantastic looking games to the table at their press conference, Sony definitely didn't sit back and let them steal the show. With an announcements of 12 original IPs currently in development, Sony showcased The Order 1886, which features some incredible in-game visuals.

Co-developed by Naughty Dog and Ready at Dawn, the game has players take the role of a knight of an ancient order. While the game seems to focus on a steampunk style alternative-universe (a seemingly popular route reent games have been taking) I can't help but be excited to see what the two studios have up their sleeve. After all of thethe fantastic God of War entries, The Order 1886 is a title no future PS4 owner should lose track of. 

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