Jun 10, 2013

Official PlayStation Used Game Instructional Video - The PS4 Has Arrived

This definitely sums up the entire tone of the Playstation 4 announcement keynote that we witnessed a little bit ago. The folks at Sony did not hesitate to pull the daggers out at any type of anti-consumer practices that their competitor seemed to embrace (For now), and the result was pretty spectacular, with the crowds going completely wild. We may have just witnessed the initial salvo of an all new console war, ladies and gentlemen, and it feels kind of refreshing.

While we were all wary of Sony potentially backtracking on their promises to always be about the gamer and announce DRM features, we were absolutely blown away by how they literally did the exact opposite of the Xbox One, shunning activation fees for used games, DRM, allowing friends to borrow games and beyond, while whole heartedly embracing indie developers as the wave of the future. And when we thought the final blow was dealt, these words emerged from the Sony rep's lips: "$399," and the crowd went completely wild. Any form of bias aside, Sony truly killed it at this year's press conference, in a way that we haven't seen in years. Mark your calendars, 6/10 will be a day that will live on in infamy in the years to come.

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