Mar 30, 2013

The Art Of Bioshock Infinite : To Columbia And Beyond

As fellow editor Chris Riley put it best, 'This entire generation has lead up to Bioshock Infinite,' which isn't far from the truth. The third installment in the Bioshock series, developed by Irrational Games over a period of five years is truly an astounding achievement in game development, delivering a fantastic setting and story based off of real world issues. Delving deep into the concept of American exceptionalism gone too far and xenophobia, the game touches upon issues that other developers wouldn't dare to risk approaching. I can appreciate Irrational for trying to reinvent their franchises and established IP's constantly, and can only hope that other developers will take note of what Infinite accomplished.

With it's fantastically executed turn of the century look and it's interesting exploration of a dystopian utopia, the game truly captured an atmosphere that many games have strived for, but seldom accomplished. In this rather interesting Art Of post, we've gathered all the concept art we could find, as well as dedicating an entire section to some of the fantastic propaganda posters lining the walls of the floating city of Columbia. Check it all out after the break. In terms of concept artists who worked on the project, both directly and indirectly (Including the amazing fanart piece by Alex Garner, above) : Jorge Lacera, Robb Waters, Ben Lo and Chelsea Douglas.

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