Mar 28, 2014

Pedro Conti's Pirate Sculpting Timelapse

We really need to feature more 3D work on AwesomeRobo. Between the explosion of the 3D printing scene and the massive strides with sculpting and rendering packages, it's as accessible as it'll ever be in this day and age. Pedro Conti, a Brazilian based 3D generalist who brought us the amazingly colorful One More Beer short last year returns with a multi-hour timelapse of a pirate sculpt in Pixologic's Zbrush.

The final result was an incredibly high quality render done in what I'm guessing looks like Marmoset, which allows artists to create cinematic renders of their work for just over $100. Just a few years ago software like this would have cost a casual user a few thousand dollars for a license. That's the best kind of progress.

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