May 31, 2013

The Curious Art Of Kaneoya Sachiko

What is it about Kaneoya Sachiko that captivated us so? Perhaps it was her unnerving subject matter, featuring a doe eyed protagonist (Her alter ego) and his strange adventures with supernatural entities, the strangely retro anime aesthetic that she employs, or the abstract hint of narrative tying all these images together, something personal to her.

Everything about the Tokyo based artists work screams late 80's/early 90's anime/manga, ranging from the brash, bold color palettes down to the stylization of the characters, who seem to follow anime design trends which were present decades ago. Mix that with dashes of Japanese folklore and classical woodcut artists, and the result is truly striking in my opinion, although perfectly in line with the retro revival that has seen a resurgence as of late. Check out more of the talented artists work after the break.

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