Jun 10, 2013

Square Enix Announces Kingdom Hearts 3 For PS4

As well as the reveal of Final Fantasy Versus XIII XV, Square also dropped the bomb of a title teased for years now: A proper sequel to the Kingdom Hearts franchise, the result of a dream team collaboration between Square and Disney. The franchise has languished as a result of countless spinoffs that ultimately ended up diluting and overly convoluting a decent story that was relatively straight forward.

The initial teaser offers us a glimpse of the series original protagonist, Sora facing a wave of the series' key antagonists: The heartless. The next, proper installment of the series will be released exclusively on the Playstation 4 sometime next year. Following the steps taken with Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn and XV, here's to hoping that the folks at Square Enix are once again headed down the right path.

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