Aug 27, 2012

Offensive Combat - Beta Key Giveaway!

It's been a while since our last beta giveaway, but let's make up for that with a new giveaway courtesy of the awesome folks over at U4IA games, founded by former Call Of Duty vets Chris Archer and Dusty Welch, as well as a wealth of other industry talent.

What makes Offensive Combat so special? The fact that it runs in your browser, features tight shooter gameplay and has a TON of customization to appeal to any tastes out there. The way I'd look at this title is as a return to form to the good old days when Unreal Tournament was actually good, and had a ton of personality to it. The browser part is what left me in disbelief though, as I found myself playing a title with console graphics from my Chrome browser with little to no loading time. That's the beauty of Unity, an engine created to bring these types of experiences to you without the need of a client or large installation time.

If you're looking for a fluid FPS experience with some pretty enormous potential, just leave a comment as to why you think this game is awesome and be sure to include your email address in the Disqus account (Only we can see that). Keys will be mailed out this Friday! Check out more details on the official Offensive Combat website!

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