Aug 22, 2012

ParaNorman: Review

We've been pretty stoked to see this Laika stop animation/CG film for quite some time now. In case you haven't already heard of it, it's about the story of a kid named Norman, who has the ability to speak with ghosts. An old curse comes along, and our underdog Norman is the only one who can save the day. It was rather adorable, and surprisingly funny film, that was actually more involved than I would have guessed it to have been.

For more, check out after the break! BEWARE, there be possible spoilers (and opinions) ahead.

Sadly, this film doesn't appear to be doing so well money-wise after it's US opening last Friday (the 17th). The only reason that I can think of? It wasn't marketed well. A lot of people I've spoken to, haven't really heard of this movie. And some of those who have, went in with some very wrong preconceived notions. Though it is a family film, I really wouldn't recommend it for young ones, or kids who scare really easily (it has some admittedly mild creepy moments). You'd think the PG rating for "scary action and images, thematic elements, some rude humor and language" might be a clue, but apparently not.

There's a great message: Sometimes people won't understand us. Sometimes they'll even be scared of us. Maybe to the point where they do bad things to us. Norman is ostracized because of his claims (though true) that he can speak with ghosts. Even his own family has a difficult time accepting him. As he's called upon his estranged uncle to continue warding off a witch's curse that was placed centuries ago, he finds himself thrown into a situation that parallels his own. Coming face to face with the "witch", Norman finds that her story is very similar to his own: A young girl, persecuted for being a little different.

Overall, it was funny and entertaining. It was surprisingly funny, with several laugh out loud moments (geez, that sounds like such a cliche movie review phrase...). What most surprised me was how creepy it could be at times. Especially towards the end, when Norman faces off with the witch, aka Agatha (Aggie). Kids can be creepy, that's no surprise. But in a family-ish animated film? Dang, Laika did a good job with that. I really hope that more people turn out for this somewhat underrated movie, it's DEFINITELY worth a watch.

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