Aug 24, 2012

Shepard Fairey - A Quick Look By Justin Clemons

Justin Clemons provided us with a little snapshot of what the famous street artist Shepard Fairey has been up to as of late. If you're unaware of what Shepard Fairey is most known for, if you've ever seen a sticker, shirt or poster in your city that says 'Obey' and features the face of old timey wrestler Andre the Giant, it's a project that launched him into street art godhood, among the likes of Banksy.This campaign went on to be one of the first viral propaganda campaigns in the pre-internet era, asking people to think for themselves, and it's still going strong about 23 years since it's debut as a sticker campaign.

His most recent campaign  is taking place in Dallas, featuring a variety of murals and how he never quite let go of his street roots, despite becoming a much more commercialized artist over the last few years. Thank you to Justin for the heads up about his latest, and check out his website for some excellent photography work as well!

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