Aug 31, 2012

Grand Theft Auto IV To The Future

Modding is one of the greatest things to come out of the gaming scene: Gamers can create missions, characters and skins to allow creative control in any given game. In this case, we have a working time machine, a Marty McFly skin and a new mode that makes one big game even bigger. Using a number of different mods for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto IV, YouTube user seedyrom34 has turned the game into the ultimate tribute to Back To The Future.

The video shows him playing as Marty McFly in a fully working time-traveling Delorean. The time travel element really does add an extra element to the gameplay, and seems to be useful towards the getaway technique. Maybe this could be a good gameplay element to consider for a BTTF video game?

Although it seems odd that Marty uses military-grade weapons, it actually makes a lot of sense: I like to imagine this is a universe where he didn't save the Doc and went on a revenge spree. Given the sequels and reboots coming out over the next few years, it wouldn't surprise me if we saw that coming!

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