Aug 15, 2012

DRONE Trailer - Another Cyborg Becomes Aware

I'm a little baffled at this point. There's been a glut of studios all tackling the same concept lately, all regarding bio-mechanical soldiers/drones becoming aware and questioning their motives. We've covered them all so far: Andrew Will's 'Prototype' movie we posted back in June, Aaron Sims' 'Archetype,' which got greenlit for production and now DRONE, created for this Youtube 'network.' Which application of the concept will do it best? You'll need to stay tuned till sometime in 2013 to figure that out.

As for DRONE, the series will premiere on August 30th and play episodically every Thursday. Some talented artists worked on it, including Ben Mauro and Long Ouyang of WETA digital, and freelance modeler Mike Nash.Check out the first teaser trailer and a recently released concept 3D sculpt of the drone after the break!

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