Aug 16, 2012

The Retro-Tinged Art Of Posuka

The best way I've found to  describe the art of Posuka is deceptively simple. On first glance, the Tokyo based illustrators art appears to be relatively simple, with a sketchy style that might appear unrefined from a distance, but at a closer glance you'll notice an incredible amount of attention to detail, and a fantastic understanding of composition and color. In thumbnail form, the motorcycle image above appeared to be pretty simple, but upon clicking for a full size version I was met with an amazing reveal of a submerged city lurking in the depths.

There's something a little old school about Posuka's work, in a sense that his aesthetics take me back to the early nineties, years in which the likes of Akira Toriyama ruled supreme. Looking at his work just makes me want to dust off the SNES and plug in a retro RPG, perhaps a little Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy III? If you're looking for a potentially nostalgia inducing experience, there's a lot more awesome work from the artist after the break!

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