Aug 27, 2012

Music Video Roundup - Major Lazer And Ice Choir

We featured Major Lazer's track back in April, which featured the 'Major' giving off a very introspective vibe in the type of animated music video we've come to expect from the group. The track, which definitely carries a strong message about perseverance just recently received a new music video featuring the slice of life Jamaican people that inspired the song, people trying to make a living and survive. It's a beautiful track that definitely hit home with many, and is personally one of my favorite tracks of the year so far.

Ice Choir's newest music video is a serious ode to Web 1.0, retro futuristic visuals and 80's technopop melded together so seamlessly that your memory might trick you into thinking you saw it decades ago on MTV. Rather than feeding off nostalgia, the track seems to highlight the progressive nature of music during the eighties and nineties. The mesmerizing track is part of the 'Afar' LP, which you can get over on Underwater Peoples.

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