Aug 17, 2012

Paranorman - This Little Light And Other Goodies

Paranorman is finally out! May I recommend skipping out on catching that screening of Expendables 2 and instead opting to support Laika's latest animated entry? While I initially assumed that Paranorman was CG, I recently learned that the entire feature was created in old fashioned stop motion, which entailed an insane amount of work by a huge crew of artists, miniature makers and more.

The above video simply goes into the making of one lamp. A lamp that shows up as a background element in a scene, which is downright incredible. I get the feeling that Laika is definitely creating their movies as a true 'labor of love,' the same feeling I got during the lead up to Aardman's Pirates: Band Of Misfits. I want to see the stop motion medium prosper so these guys can continue doing what they're doing, because it's nothing short of amazing. Check out a slew of other behind the scenes content after the break, and if you haven't seen it yet, head here for the theatrical trailer!

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