Aug 13, 2012

The Art of Jirat Patradoon

Heavy Music Festival Were-badass (Via)
Whenever I hear or read the word ''rad'', my brain almost instinctively visualizes leather jackets, tattooed girls, beat up boots, cafe racer bikes and illustrations by J.J. Patradoon. James is an Australian illustrator with a consistently awesome portfolio; Just plain out 99 level awesomeness, and he also documents his process for some works, from first sketch to final output. What I like the most about his work though is the reocurring themes in Patradoon illustrations: Awesomely 80's color schemes, masks and leather, back alley antiheroes and undead punk rock monsters, among others.

After the break,  a small batch of fantastically retro images from James' portfolio. Enjoy!

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