Aug 14, 2012

The Beep - Eijo

This nostalgia bomb of a music video by the German electro artist known as 'The Beep' was painstakingly put together over a year, pixel by pixel to fit within the hardware limitations of the 8bit 'Brick' Gameboy. As the Beep but it himself:

'This video features real Game Boy resolution and colors and has been painstakingly put together pixel by pixel over a whole year by myself. Most sites are actually real and even the tags can be found around my city. I loved my Game Boy and Super Mario when i was a young kid and my dad used to snatch it to play Tetris (and beating me all the time). This is my tribute to both.'

The track, taken from 'Secondhands Vol. 2' is available via Bandcamp for digital download.

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