Aug 21, 2012

State Of Decay - A Zombie MMO On A Console?

While many people have been fixated on the Arma II 'DayZ' mod phenomenon, the folks at the Seattle based Undead Labs have finally released the first gameplay trailer for their upcoming console MMO title, which hopes to capture that same kind of crowd on the Xbox.

The Arma II mod, which succeeded in simulating the experience of a dynamic, persistent open world zombie invasion and has now been picked up for a full release by Bohemia Interactive (The Arma folks), so how will State of Decay carve out it's own niche? The studio hasn't released much in terms of details just yet, but a console MMO on the Xbox 360 would be a first, if this title turns out to be just that. For folks still looking for a fresh zombie survival fix, this might be a title worth keeping tabs on.

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